Startup Weekend Coimbatore 2019

It is my fourth edition of  Startup Weekend Coimbatore. Full of energy and learnings. This is small report of #SWTVM

76 aspiring entrepreneurs(50 non-student and 26 students) took part in the 54-hour startup marathon. Startup Weekend is an adrenaline rush of epic levels from the first pitch through to the last presentation. Coming in alone with an idea on Friday night and leaving on Sunday evening with a startup company, and a bag full of new network contacts is a unique experience only found at a Startup Weekend.

The weekend was hosted at Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore. around 75 aspiring entrepreneurs turning up for the weekend. With the attendance levels, we anticipate between 14 “mini startup companies” formed.

The 4th edition of Startup Weekend  Coimbatore started with Ebin Ephrem Elavathingal, Cofounder Trip Jodi, the facilitator briefing the participants about startup and entrepreneurship. The event which is a part of a global initiative powered by Techstars and Google for Startups, aimed at giving the participants a glimpse of the starting up in 54 hours.

The participants then pitched their ideas, leading to about 40 ideas in total from which the final 14 ideas were selected. The teams were formed and their agendas set at the end of the first day.

The second day started off with the teams working towards building their product as well as validating their business model. Their work was supported by mentors who were domain experts in multiple fields.

Prizes were Distributed to the winning teams by judges

Google for Startups, dotCo were the global partners for the event.
Servercake, Jayavilla, WRKPOD, Simplicity Coimbatore, AIC-IIIT Kottayam were the local partners for the event
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