Welcome Startup Weekend Copenhagen Finance 2016!

Startup Weekend Copenhagen is proud to announce another Finance edition on 4th of March 2016. Together with our main partners CFIR and Finansforbundet we are aiming to ignite the Danish finance industry. Read more about the event here.

Many startups have emerged in the Nordic region in the last few years and are shaping the industry. New ways of borrowing, saving money, paying for services and sending/buying currencies are already shaping our daily life.

Startup Weekend Copenhagen, CFIR and  Finansforbundet in collaboration with the local partners such as  Københavns Kommune, DJØF, Finansrådet, NETS, Saxo Bank, BEC and TRYG are focusing on bringing together developers, designers, marketers, financiers and anyone who has a passion for finance and innovation.

We have a special treat for you! Limited Super Early Bird tickets:

5 tickets for 180 DKK if you use the discount code: “SuperEarlyCPHSW

5 tickets for 220 DKK if you use “EarlyCPHSW” code
*If the discount codes are not working, it’s because they are gone and used already. Hurry up!

You still have time until February 8th to claim early bird ticket for 250 DKK. After that you can only purchase full price ticket for 450 DKK (in case if you are a student you can get a ticket for 375 DKK).

Got an idea? Have 54 hours? Then join us on March 4th at Finansforbundet in beautiful Christianshavn.

Follow Startup Weekend Copenhagen for latest updates on Facebook, Twitter @cphSW and Instagram @cphsw. Follow #CPHSW hashtag on Twitter for latest SW Finance updates during the event!

Join us at the Startup Weekend Finance pre-event on February 22nd in Copenhagen [link]. The event is FREE of charge where you will learn more about the workshop, have a chance to ask questions and meet other participants.

Remember, you need to buy tickets to attend Startup Weekend!

You can buy tickets here!

In May 2015 we had a great chapter of SW Copenhagen Finance. See the recap of SW Finance CPH 2015.

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Further resources on FinTech:

– Don’t miss Christian Gabriel’s blog post on Medium about Danish FinTech landscape. Very great resource to have an overview in finance industry.

– If you want to know what is happening in FinTech in European context, definitely read the article that maps out all FinTech players.

Business in the good life

Inspirational challenge from Nordea Liv & Pension


How can Nordea Liv & Pension improve the health of our customers?


The Good & Healthy Life

Health is an important matter in regard to pension and insurance. Today people live longer than they used to – and therefore they need more savings since their senior life may last until 100 years or more.

For an insurance company it is profitable to help customers remain healthy – both mentally and physically – as healthy people use their insurance solutions less than people falling ill.

Therefore, Nordea Liv & Pension is interested in business ideas that will better lives of customers in ways that positively reflects back on the company’s bottom line figures.

Business of Nordea Liv & Pension

We care for our customers. We want them to live a long and healthy life. Every year we pay out millions of kroner to people that either get  sick (mentally or physically) or unfortunately die. Encouraging people to adopt healthier behaviors in multiple aspects of their lives is really good business – for them, us and society! We think, that using technology is the key – but how? Help us to help our customers!


Watch the short film
Be inspired to create new business ideas, products and services for Nordea Liv & Pension by watching the short film introducing the idea of an app keeping track of all daily activities – making it possible realising dreams and personal ambitions.

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Facts about Nordea Liv & Pension
Nordea Liv & Pension is one of the largest life insurance companies in Denmark offering insurance and pensions saving solutions based on the best investment funds in the market. The company serves approximately 300,000 customers on the best ways saving up for retirement and choosing relevant insurances.

Guest Blog: Mette Maria, Winner Startup Weekend Copenhagen Nov14

To get everybody fired up about the upcoming Startup Weekend Copenhagen Health, we have a guest post from a previous attendee, and a winner of Startup Weekend Copenhagen in November 2014.

You can read how Mette Maria, Founder of TreatMeNow, experienced her first Startup Weekend and how it helped her with her startup.

Mette Maria Terp


Hi, I’m Mette Maria and I participated in Startup weekend November 2014. It was such an amazing experience and I want to tell you why! (and why I think you should attend as well!).

To be honest, I had never heard about Startup Weekend until 4 days before the actual event. I heard about the event from a friend of mine who was going to attend, she was super excited to go and since she knew I was working on this business idea, she encouraged me to attend as well. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and I really wanted to test my business idea, so without hesitation I signed up for the event without really knowing what the event was all about.

I soon found out that I had to prepare a pitch. The preparation of the pitch itself wasn’t that hard, I was more nervous about doing the actual pitch. I was so keen on getting my business idea out there and actually have people finding the idea as good as I thought I was (aka AWESOME!), so I wanted to practice as much as possible. That meant I had to pretend it was “the real thing” and pitch in front of people (myself in the mirror didn’t count). I figured I might as well just go out and find random people I could pitch to. And so I did. It was actually a lot of fun! I pitched to my neighbour, to the waiter at Sticks&Sushi, to the sales assistant at a very cool store, to a cute guy on the street…I even pitched to a homeless person (he didn’t really get the idea, but he liked my enthusiasm). All that pitching made me feel very confident whenever I actually had to do “the real pitch” and luckily I wasn’t the only one who thought the idea was great!

Eight other people thought the idea was great and we quickly started working on the idea. We changed the business model several times during the weekend, but finally we landed on a business model we felt confident about (actually it was the same idea we initially were going with on Friday night, but yeah, all I can say is that so many creative minds at the same time invite chaos 😉

I could write several more pages about the working process, but let me just give you the short version: We worked really hard during and weekend and then pitched the idea to the four judges and we (freaking!!) won! I was super super happy but also a little overwhelmed since I didn’t even know what Startup Weekend was just 5 days ago and here I was- standing as a winner of the entire thing. Pretty awesome.

Startup Weekend was truly an amazing experience for me. Not only because I won, but really because of the experience.

It has also been a great steppingstone for my business since I continued to work on the idea after the weekend and now it is finally a reality!

We are going to launch in January, so go check it out! -> www.treatmenow.dk


Now you heard about my experience and now I want to tell you why I think you should attend!

1: Test your idea: If you have a business idea but not sure whether it will work, this is your chance to test it! And don’t be afraid that anyone might steal your idea. Because nobody won’t. Some people are so afraid that someone might steal their idea and therefore keep the idea all by themselves, which is the worse thing to do ever. It is very rare that people will have the same passion (and most times also knowledge) to succeed with the idea as much as you do. So don’t you worry about that. At all.

2: Meet awesome people: I can’t underline enough how awesome people are at startup weekend. The energy, the kindness, the diversity, the willingness to help..it is truly amazing. And you will have so much fun!

3: Meet a potential co-founder: Not only do you meet awesome people, but it is also your chance to meet a potential co-founder. Startup Weekend is all about team working, so you really get to experience working with different people.

4: Learn something new: People have so diverse backgrounds, so it is guaranteed you’ll learn something new. If you are new to entrepreneurship you will get a lot of valuable knowledge on starting a business. And you will learn some fancy words, such as “validating, scaling and lean startup”.

5: Win awesome prizes: Of course Startup Weekend is (after all) a competition itself, but during the weekend you can also win some prices. I won a mini ghetto blaster, which I still use on a daily basis (I don’t really throw huge parties, so the low volume of the loudspeakers works just fine for me..yeah, I’m that boring).

6: Challenge your stress-level: Startup weekend is SO intense. You barely sleep the entire weekend and your brain thinks non-stop. Recommendation: Take a day off after participating.

In short: If you are up for an amazing experience (and perhaps a little bit interested in entrepreneurship)- this is the event for you!!

Thank you to Mette Maria for sharing her story and experience with Startup Weekend.

If you, like Mette Maria, has participated in Startup Weekend Copenhagen and have a great story to share, please do contact us with it. We would love to also share your experience at Startup Weekend.

Email us at copenhagen@startupweekend.org



Ensuring welfare for elderly in Copenhagen

By 2025, there will be 12,000 more elderly people, and with an accelerated pace of treatment, more patients are being discharged earlier from hospital. One in three of Copenhagen’s inhabitants suffer from a chronic illness like diabetes, COPD, osteoporosis or some kind of musculoskeletal disorder. Welfare technology is part of the solution for these challenges, and it is constantly opening up new possibilities.
The Municipality of Copenhagen is ambitious to break new ground in the development and use of welfare technology and it aims to find solutions to real problems and needs. A precondition for both meeting the challenges and exploiting the opportunities presented by welfare technology is for the Health and Care Administration to first develop and test the best solutions with the help of citizens, employees, businesses and knowledge institutions, who are invited to contribute with any ideas, challenges and new welfare technology solutions.

So what is welfare technology? Welfare technology is a type of emerging technology that focuses on supporting a person’s daily life and the daily work of the employees who use it. In the field of health care and elder care, welfare technology is aimed at:

  • Senior citizens, people with a chronic illness etc., where welfare technology is a vehicle for allowing people to recapture and expand their way of life.
  • Employees, where welfare technology represents an avenue for freeing up resources and executing work tasks in an easier and smarter way.

In the course of following a programme titled The 2025 Plan – Innovating for health and care, the Health and Care Administration has selected three focus areas for the use of welfare technology.

1: The use of technologies to create a rich and stimulating living environment in care centres. These are solutions that will promote new experiences and a safe environment, and engage the residents of the community. For instance:

  • Call systems – making it possible for people to contact employees
  • Digitally supported mental training – for the training and rehabilitation of everyday activities and general cognitive capacities

2: Mobile communications and information solutions that can connect residents, relatives and staff with each other both locally and in the health care system. These solutions must contribute to a greater sense of freedom and security and support the residents’ desire and ability for mobility, such as through the use of telecommunications solutions which facilitate easy communication with all the actors in the health care system. For instance:

  • Smart-home technology – making a home both intelligent and accessible
  • Social IT and robot technology – supporting communication, social networks and interaction

3: Better working environments through the use of welfare technology.

Inspirational Question: How can you maintain the citizens need for freedom and dignity in the development of welfare technology that seeks to increase safety? For instance in the case of people with Alzheimer’s , who tends to get lost.

60 seconds to convince people of your idea

In less than 2 weeks Startup Weekend Health in happening in Copenhagen. If you have an idea that is related to health and you are going to pitch, here are our some suggestions for reading up the techniques and what to cover in just 60 seconds.

You are also invited to join us on 4th of November for an introduction night about Startup Weekend, where we will answer any questions, that you might have.

Follow the link to our facebook event and click join.

Here is a list of various short introduction to 60 seconds pitch:







Last, but not least from our a Startup Weekend organiser:


Join the event on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, you can always see what we are doing in Copenhagen with #cphsw


First hand impression from Lesbos

Guest Post from Anton Willemann:

Hi! My name is Anton Willemann. I’m 27 years old, I was born and raised in Copenhagen and I work full time as a Communication Consultant at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at The University of Copenhagen. In the middle of July this year I boarded an airplane with the destination on the picture perfect island of Lesbos in Greece. It was going to be a trip that I will not forget. Even though I sometimes would like to.

I was there for 7 days with a friend. Our main task was to help out the refugees. In the morning and in the night we would report about our experiences to the Danish radio station Radio 24syv. We were from the first hour on the island busy from 5.30 in the morning and until we could not stand on our legs in the middle of the night. We handed out food and water when refugee boats came on to the shore. We drove women and children across the island so they did not have to walk the infamous 60 kilometers to the nearest registration center. We arranged busses when possible. I feel that we did everything we were able to do. Worst thing is that it was just a drop in the ocean.

I took a lot of photos while working on the beaches and in the refugee camps. I would like to go through some of the challenges that we met during our brief, but busy stay. There were the psychical challenges and the mental ones. Some of the pictures can be fairly gross to look at. But, it’s the reality, and it’s important.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.54.05

Early morning, first day of work. This is my friend Loui and in the background Eric Kempson, a very active local Englishman who spends all his time helping out. We got out of bed a bit past 5 am and spend every morning on this hill top where we could spot any activity on the shore between Lesbos and Turkey. No mornings were quiet. Often, it would just be me, Loui and Eric. Red Cross? UNHCR? Forget about it. We never saw them. If anything happened, if a boat when down near the shore, it would be me, Loui and Eric. I still do not get this. I would lie awake in the night thinking about this.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.54.16

This is the first family we met, three sweet people from Kabul in Afghanistan. They still had around 50 kilometers to walk. They had already been walking for 24 hours, they told us. You could tell by the smell and the dust in their hair. There is a lot of debate going on whether it is legal or not to drive the refugees across the island. After giving this family a lift we decided that we did not want to give a shit about those rules. It was simply not possible for us not to pick them up from the dusty mountain roads. Anything else than helping this struggling souls would be inhumane, we agreed. Call me a trafficker, it’s fine.

It was a great challenge to get people into the car. Most of these people are wealthy people coming especially from Damaskus and Kabul. They were too proud to say yes to us. The father told me, ”we are waiting for a taxi, don’t worry”. It was devastating to tell him that they weren’t allowed to go in a taxi. They are refugees. They have no rights. Secondly, when we opened the doors to the car people were flocking around us. Suddenly, everybody wanted a seat. Often, we would have to drag men out of the car. ”We only drive women and children”, we would tell them again and again. One women asked if she could put her baby boy into the back of the car. I did not answer her question.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.54.29

I really don’t like this picture. It makes me upset. But it happens all the time, and that’s why I took it. Small babies and their parents arriving on small, fragile dinghies. How old is this baby? A couple of months or less? We got them into our car and drove them to the nearest check point where a bus would pick them up. We had a small car and did not have space for much food or water or even pampers. This is a huge need. The basic needs like soap, water, pampers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.54.39

This is the main refugee camp on Lesbos called Kara Tepe. A couple of thousands stay here all the time. I hope I will never see anything like it again. It’s an old parking lot, but it’s not big enough, so many refugees stay on the hills around the parking lot. There is human shit everywhere. Litter everywhere. No organised food. No cleaning. Couple of showers. Couple of toilets.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.54.53

And the toilets looks like this. That’s why no one use them, instead people use the surroundings. You want a good shower when you leave this place. We tried to hand out food and water in the camp, but it ended up being really difficult, because (again) people would be flocking around us. Suddenly, everybody wants our food and water.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.55.05

We found these and guys around 50 other Syrians and Afghanis hours away from the main road. They were dehydrated and many said that they had not been sleeping for two or three days. My friend drove women and children to the main road and I started walking with the rest of the group. It was around 35 degrees and we were running short of water. One small boy decided to go for water at a goat farm. These are the moments where reality hits you. This is serious. This is happening. Some of the guys were exchausted and would sit down to have a rest every fifth minute. I would keep telling them to keep walking.

I was walking on a road in a European EU country telling people not to sit down, otherwise they would never make it. How can this happen?

The guy in the middle of this picture used to be a father. They had been at a checkpoint with their bus in Turkey three days before we met them. The bus stopped for a short break. Everyone got out of the bus. The guy’s son went out as well to play with another child. It was pitch black darkness. A car came towards the two children. It did not see them and the father couldn’t stop them. The two children were hit by the car and fell down a steep cliff. Both children died. They turned around the bus and went back to Izmir to burry the two children. That’s the kind of stories you hear when you meet these people.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.55.24

We got these people a bus from Doctors Without Borders. There was one bus on the island driving refugees. Everyday, around 500-1000 would be arriving on dinghies. It was heartbreaking to see these people drive away. You become friends with these women, men and children really quickly in these extreme situations. You play with the kids. You carry them when they are too tired. You cheer up the parents, you explain the situation. You share water, food and cigarettes.

You act of humane instinct in these situations. But, when you sit down at night things starts to come together. You start reflecting on the situation.

I really did not want to leave the island on our last day. I thought about all the boats on the water. Who will be there to help them? I wanted to keep working, keep helping. It’s a humane instinct, I believe.

In the end of July this year the situation heated up. More refugees started arriving, the horrible pictures of the dead babies swarmed the news. The brutal scenes from Hungary, the truck full of dead bodies in Austria. I had a hard time watching the news. I would break down from time to time. A month after getting back I still could not get a grasp on what we had seen and witnessed. I would drift away to the dusty Greek roads when I was sitting in meetings at work.

But, I believe it’s important to share these stories. I hope this introduction shows some of the challenges we met during our stay.

All credit to Anton Willemann for sharing his story and photos with us. 

Winner of CPHSW Health 2013 on WHY you should attend next SW Copenhagen

Read about Mette`s Startup Weekend experience, and her recommendation about why you should attend the next ‪#‎CPHSW‬ on November 13th in Copenhagen.

Mette Bentzen
Organisational Psychologist, Winner of Startup Weekend Copenhagen Health 2013

“Participating in Startup Weekend Health in 2013 was not an easy choice – it was my 50th birthday that Friday. However, it was very much worth it. It was an amazing experience with lots of friendly and helpful people, almost no sleep, lots of creative work, discussions and pitching ideas among us.

Winning the whole thing only made it even better. We got in touch with very knowledgeable people and we expect to launch commercially with StressMind within 4 months.

Startup Weekends do not remove the hassle of going to market – but it makes everything easier by putting you in touch with some of the right people – and it gives you some of the stamina, that you really need to achieve your goals.”


(photocredit: Mads Johansen)

You will have a chance to meet Mette during the weekend of 13-15th of November at Copenhagen Startup Weekend Health. You should ask her about your idea during the weekend. She has many great inputs and experience on how to bring your idea to next level. This time Mette will be in a role of an organizer.

See who signed up so far: https://www.facebook.com/events/933171286759426/

Check some nice photos (photocredit: Mads Johansen) from 2013 to get a feeling about the event:

And please share this if you think that some of your friends should experience Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend Copenhagen Team

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @cphSW and Instagram @startupweekendcph


Meet Mads from Nova Founders Capital

Meet one of our judges for the final presentation on Sunday, his name is Mads Faurholt-Jørgensen. Mads is the managing partner at Nova Founders Capital, which he also founded, they invest in internet businesses within the financial sector.

Have a look at Mads’ TEDx Talk

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Mads’ resume tells an impressive story:

  • Founding and managing partner at Nova Founders Capital, currently.
  • Global partner and managing director at Rocket Internet
  • Managing diretor at Groupon Asia
  • Expert advisor on web entrepreneurship to the EU Commission

He also holds a MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and has been named as one of the top talents in Denmark.

You can meet Mads at Startup Weekend Finance and pitch for him on Sunday.

Meet Zenia from Founders House

Sunday in the weekend is a hectic day, everybody is running around busy with products and pitches. To calm the nerves before the pitches we have Zenia, a very experienced pitch trainer among others, she will give feedback on the initial pitch and help the teams improved for before the final.

Catch up on some hints before the weekend by Zenia:

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Zenia Francker serves as the General Manager at Founders House in Startup Village, a shared office space focused on tech startups (and it’s invite only). Previously she has been Venture Cup, where she also worked with helping startups present.

Meet Zenia at Startup Weekend Finance in May

Meet Lasse from Coinify

We have allied us with one of the most knowledgeable people in Denmark about Bitcoins for the upcoming Startup Weekend in Copenhagen. Lasse Birk Olesen, who founded Bitcoin Nordic in 2012 that quickly grew and became very established within the fintech environment. In 2014 Coinify bought Bitcoin Nordic and Lasse became a part of Coinify, where he today serves as the Chief Product Officer.

Lasse is still very much involved with Bitcoins.

  • Coinify develops an easy integration for accepting Bitcoins and trades Bitcoins.
  • Lasse has a blog abut digital currencies with the Børsen (Danish financial newspaper).
  • He is a frequent speaker about Bitcoins and their effect on payments at international conferences, radio and other media.

At Telenor’s Digital Winners conference Lasse’s talk about Bitcoin was the most viewed, and now you can get the advantage of his insight. You can see it here.

You can meet Lasse at Startup Weekend Finance