Learn How to Code with Dev Mountain!

We are excited to have Dev Mountain on board as a Startup Weekend Sponsor this year!

DevMountain is an industry-leading coding bootcamp with offices in Dallas, Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. Founded by fellow coders, DevMountain’s expert faculty love sharing their craft, and empowering the next wave of programers and entrepreneurs. DevMountain brings affordability + the highest quality / hands-on education to the tech space.  There’s many ways to get involved on campus including networking events, workshops, part-time classes and full-time immersive programs. 

Volunteer Orientation for North Dallas Startup Weekend

If you are interested in volunteering this year, please read on and follow these instructions:
1. Mark your calendars! The event will be held July 8-10 at NoD Coworking
2. Sign up for a Volunteer Orientation – we have two options in May at NoD Coworking which you can sign up for here: http://doodle.com/poll/e45kfbpg55dzicq3 (All volunteers are required to attend at least one of these sessions)
3. Let us know by which days you can help out (July 8, 9, or 10). This will help us assign shifts ahead of time. (Deadline: June 1)
4. Let me know your t-shirt size! Each volunteer will receive a Startup Weekend t-shirt and a NoD t-shirt! (Deadline: June 1)
5. Register here as a Volunteer by using code “VOLUNTEER” (Deadline: June 1)
Thanks and see you all at Volunteer Orientation!
-Chirag, Kelly, & Carri (NDSW 2016 Organizers)
PS: Tickets are available now, so if you’d like to share on social media, go right ahead: Startup Weekend Fitness, Food, and Physical Education

Announcing The Winners of North Dallas Startup Weekend! #WINNING

North Dallas Startup Weekend
July 17th-19th, 2015

First Place: LL Bev – Ecommerce Safety. Bridging the gap between clicks and handshakes.

Second Place: Take Us Out (TUO) – Can’t decide where to go for date night? Let us do the work for you. We’ll pick you up, take you to eat and to a special event for one unforgettable night. All you need to do is be at your doorstep.

Third Place (Tie): Peeyr – a revolutionary tutoring startup that connects experienced peers to other students.

Third Place (Tie): CoTech


MyStartupCFO.com To Sponsor North Dallas Startup Weekend

We are excited to announce that MyStartupCFO.com will be the Gold Sponsor for North Dallas Startup Weekend 2015!

With offices in Dallas, Frisco, Palo Alto, and San Francisco, MyStartupCFO provides accounting services to startups all over the US.

On their website, they say: “This isn’t just about bookkeeping and taxes. While you run the business, we run the company. A good CFO goes beyond maintenance of clean books. They are a true business partner giving you fact based business advice across the board — advising on business set up, setting up compensation structures, negotiating leases / business contracts, budgeting the precious money in the bank or the limited equity you have to give away to employees, telling you how to pitch your company to investors for the next round of funding, etc. myStartUpCFO brings you all the CFO you need, supporting your business where it’s needed the most, when it is needed the most.:

At Startup Weekend, we will have their CEO, Sandeep Shroff, share his career story and talk about accounting best practices for early stage startups. Here’s his complete bio (taken from MyStartupCFO.com):

Sandeep brings over 20 years of experience spanning finance, investment analysis, strategic planning and technology, including the last decade of leadership experience (as CFO) in fund raising ($100M+ aggregate raised) and strategic and tactical financial management. He has worked with dozens of start ups from pre-revenue to multi-million dollar revenue. He has grown companies from unfunded dreams to sales to Fortune 10 buyers.

As Co-founder at Gridstone Research, he played a leadership role in raising four rounds of funding and grew the company to ~350 headcount. At Infosys he led the US team responsible for investor relations and M&A activity. He was an integral part of the team that ran a very successful $1B+ secondary stock offering for Infosys.

Sandeep has a Master’s in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA in Finance from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Michael Sitarzewski Confirmed As Guest Speaker

The North Dallas Startup Weekend Organizers are thrilled to announce our Sunday “Commencement” Speaker, Michael Sitarzewski!

Around Dallas, Michael is known as a pioneer and leader in the Dallas startup community. He has spearheaded countless initiatives and partnerships to bring the startup community closer together and to raise awareness around all of the great things happening in Dallas. Notably, he played a key role in starting the BigDOCC (Dallas Open Coffee Club meetups), LaunchDFW’s Dallas New Tech event, DSCTA (Dallas Startup Community Transportation Association), and Player’s Lunch.

Recently, Sitarzewski has also started an initiative that is taking a fresh look at the issue of homelessness in downtown Dallas. He recently published a guest piece in the Dallas Morning News describing his plans in more detail.

In 2011, Michael spoke at Ignite Boulder on how to save money and get out of debt. Check it out here. And more recently in 2015, Michael was interviewed by Jason Croft on Startup Dallas.

For those who are new to the startup community and participating in their first Startup Weekend, Michael’s talk will serve as an awesome ‘orientation’ to the startup community: how to get involved with the startup community and how to take your startup to the next level coming out of Startup Weekend!

Founder of SF-based Dating App To Speak at North Dallas Startup Weekend

We reached out to startup founders around the US who had recently raised money from angel investors. We were delighted to get a response from KJ Dhaliwal, the Founder and CEO of Dil Mil. Based in San Francisco, Dil Mil has raised money from an all star group of angel investors who you can read more about on their Angel List profile.

But that’s not even the best part! The best part is that when KJ set out to start his company, he actually met his co-founders by attending a Startup Weekend! Which just goes to show, that anything is possible at Startup Weekend. Here’s a snapshot of KJ’s team (taken on July 1st, 2015 from their Angel List profile page):

Dil Mil Team
Dil Mil Team

Get your tickets today and be sure to catch KJ’s talk during North Dallas Startup Weekend 2015!

[UPDATE] This is the latest update from KJ on their upcoming round of funding:
We’re getting ready to announce our seed round of over $1M, with investors such as:

– Will Bunker – founder at Match.com
– Scott Banister – former PayPal board member & Ironport founder ($830M exit)
– Naval Ravikant – founder of AngelList
– Rich Nelson – former Managing Director for M&A at IAC (owners of Tinder, Match, etc.)
– Tom Fallows – founder at Google Express, cranking at Uber
– Maiden Lane – Institutional backer to the best angels in the world (Gil Penchina and the like)
– 500 Startups – seed stage fund via Pankaj Jain
– Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate – seed fund (investor in 2RedBeans, fastest growing Chinese dating app)

Workin' Hard for the #DSWWE Prizes

The Dallas Startup Weekend Women’s Edition is hard at work producing some great ideas. But ladies (& gents) make sure to take a moment and check out the amazing prizes we have for our teams.

Good luck – 24 hours to go!

1st Prize:
$10K in credit to Softlayer hosting / month for 1 year
3-months free coworking at The DEC and Arlington Penn Station (full team)
Office Hours with Golden Seeds
Interview with Tech Wildcatters
Interview with LaunchDFW editor Raquel

2nd Prize:
Simple Media Pack ($1500 valuation)
Free website on Governor.io ($2000 valuation)
Invite to exclusive Ms.Tech female entrepreneur group
Copy of Startup Mixology

3rd Prize:
1-year membership to LaunchDFW
– 50% Dallas Stars Tickets
– All Dallas New Tech Tickets
– Monthly Happy Hours
– 50% off craft coffee at Urban Blend
– Free massage at Green Lotus spa & 30% off all spa treatments
– Free Launch Swag


How to Win at Startup Weekend – pt 3

In part 1 of our series, we learned what to expect at Startup Weekend. In part 2, Steve Blank introduced some tools to make the best of your weekend. In our final part of the series on how to win Startup Weekend, Steve Blank goes over some examples of customer development.

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5 Reasons You Should Attend Startup Weekend Women's Edition

Startup Weekend Women’s Edition Dallas is just two weeks away – and you should be there. Women (and men!) hackers and hustlers will come together to build startups. Here’s five reasons you won’t want to miss it!

learn1. Learn about entrepreneurship. For 54 hours, you’ll be immersed in all aspects of a startup – development, design, marketing, and pitching. You will pick up new skills and ways to think through your idea as you’re surrounded by coaches, mentors, and attendees who have expertise in all these areas.

GROW2. Grow as you learn about yourself. At startup weekend, you have to be light on your feet!  With the pace of the weekend, you’ll be making lots of important decisions. It will force you to grow in quick decision-making and fast pivots. You’ll learn to pitch yourself. When you are building your team on Friday night, you’ll convey more than your idea, but why, together, you can build something great – and have fun along the way.

connect3. Connect with a local and global community of entrepreneurs. You will make so many kinds of meaningful connections. Locally, you’ll connect with a wide breadth of professionals in development, design, marketing, and more. You’ll connect with the vibrant Dallas startup community. You’ll connect with incredible mentors and coaches who have lived the entrepreneurial experience and will help guide your team. You’ll connect with women who thrive on being in the trenches of entrepreneurship! You will become part of a global entrepreneurial community that wants to make the world more innovative, more prosperous –and believes that starts with you!

collaborate4. Collaboration will drive the weekend. The people you meet and work alongside at Startup Weekend Women’s edition will be smart, motivated, and skilled. You’ll have 54 hours to collaborate, shaping your innovative idea into a business with real traction and a strategy to position it. The collaborative and innovative energy will propel the weekend.

build5. Build a business. This is not an exercise in thinking or dreaming. Startup weekend is the place to validate an idea, build a product, and launch a startup in 54 hours. Real businesses grow out of startup weekend, including local female-led startup, Kinskii (Click the link and don’t miss her pitch to the accelerator they’re now enrolled in – after eating a habanero pepper!).

You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity for women entrepreneurs and innovators. Get your ticket today!

The Advantages of Female Entrepreneurs

Why women entrepreneurs? There are so many assets women bring to entrepreneurship. Check out Danielle Cocanougher’s list of 10 Advantages Women Didn’t Know they Had.

“Plenty of stereotypes get thrown around about why women would be bad leaders – women are too sensitive, opinionated, or only care about going shopping. But many of these so-called “negative” qualities could actually be advantages you never knew you had, and one of the key reasons you’ve got what it takes to start your own company.”

Check out her list here. Then, put all these advantages to work for you at Startup Weekend Women’s Edition

The first Dallas Startup Weekend Women is just a couple weeks away. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate and grow alongside an incredible lineup of women coaches and mentors from around the city. To register, click here.