Review of past Techstars Startup Weekends in Dresden and Preview for #SWDD 2018

In about one week, the 4th edition of Startup Weekends will happen in Dresden. Since 2014 this format is taking place in this attrctive city, also called “Elbflorenz” due to his beautiful historical city center with the famous Semper Opera and the “Zwinger” right next to the city pallace  and the court church.

All started in 2014 with a small group of six people who came together for making this event happen for the first time. With a quite low budget compared to the last years and loads of improvisation the first version of Startup Weekend Dresden was a phenomenal success for the local organizators, all participants from acros the world and the local startup community. The #SWDD14 took place in the Faculty of Computer Science of Dresden University of Technology which provided perfect conditions for such events. This was possible through the local student entrepreneurship club GründerGarten which is allowed to use a bunch resources from the university for a small budget.

With a gap of one year the next Startup Weekend Dresden #SWDD16 took place in the University of Applied Sciences Dresden which was also a great success.

In the last year the Orga-Team was bigger than ever before. With diverse knowlegde in their rows and all the experiences gained from the preceding years the #SWDD17 was probably the best Startup Weekend Dresden, the city has seen so far. The growing local community was very helpful and a lot of supporters brought in their special knowldege to help making a great event.

Foto: © 2017 Claudia Jacquemin |

With more financial power due to a lot of interested sponsors the organizers could provide an event with a lot of satellite gimmicks such as yoga sessions, a well-known speaker, live musiv in the evenings and a great final event on Sunday evening.

In the video you can get a really good idea of what happened last year.

Backed by the great success of 2017 the Orga-Team of #SWDD18 decided to go one step further and will use a special vertical for this years Startup Weekend – EDUCATION. Based on the knowledge of the world wide Techstart Startup Weekend community, EDUCATION and EDUTECH is one of the most important but also thoughest verticals Startup Weekends can provide both in terms of organizing as well as for the participants. But as most of you problably know: LIFE TAKES PLACE OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE and up to now there is still the same momentum we had last year! So we are really pleased to welcome you for #SWDD18 #SWDD18EDU next week Dresden.

For this year we even created a Pre-Movie to attract the right participants and give understanding about which people are at the rigth place to participate and bring their ideas to the next level in just 54 hours:

So, hope to see you soon in Dresden!

Christian John from the #SWDD18 Orga-Team