54 Hours Later, & The Winners Are… #SWDub

Like everything that comes to an end, it’s time for the final curtain to fall at #SWDub.

No doubt the judges had their jobs cut out for them, but after all is said and done, here are the winners at Startup Weekend Dublin – Summer 2016 edition.

An honourable mention was given to PacePal


… And the winner of the 2016 Summer edition of Startup Weekend Dublin is:

HomeGrow Hero


The winning team gets to walk away with All-Access VIP tickets to UPRISE Startup Festival taking place in Dublin in October 2016. 

Congratulations to all the teams and participants this weekend. Many thanks to all who made this happen – volunteers, organizers, mentors, judges, sponsors, facilitator, host and guests.

See you soon!

Signing Out.

Hey #SWDub! Meet Your Final 12 Teams Pitching On The Big Stage

As we get closer to the 54th hour of the Startup Weekend, pulses are raising again and the excitement is through the roof.

Ideas have been shared and validated. Teams have been formed. Mentors have given advise and now it’s up to the judges to select the winning team for the big prize – All-Access to Uprise Startup Festival.

On Friday night, 54 ideas were pitched and 15 were selected to be developed through the weekend. As expected, we had some liquidations (3) as well as pivots (6). In the end, here are the 12 teams that will pitch on the big stage tonight:

  1. PacePal – (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Things hardware solutions for rowers
  2. CamouFleet – wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online
  3. HeyStack (formely Incumate and then workmate) wants to help conference attendees swap skills
  4. Koffee (formerly Skillcloud) wants to connect idea generators to implementors
  5. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you’re interested in
  6. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends
  7. People For Purpose wants to enable charities to accept help from experts
    People for Purpose
  8. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight
  9. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from restaurants and chefs
    Allergy Awareness
  10. Hippostate is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete
  11. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on “what you like” and not “what you look like”
  12.  HomeGrow Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables

There you have it folks! These 12 teams will be pitching later tonight to win the audience, the judges and the big prize.

May the best team win.


[VIDEO] Day 1 Recap Of #SWDub As Captured By @RedEyeProd

Thanks to the amazing @RedEyeProd you can get a recap of the Day 1 of #SWDub in less than 2 minutes.

Yes, that’s me busting out my dance moves at the end of the video.

That’s all folks (for now) as we get back to the hustle. Don’t forget to stay updated with @SWDub / #SWDub.


15 Startup Ideas At The #SWDub Start Line


The first day of Startup Weekend Dublin ended up with 15 of 54 ideas getting the most votes to be worked on for the rest of the weekend. Teams of made up of developers, designers, and business heads have now been formed around these ideas.

While we foresee lots of pivoting, rebranding, merger and acqusition, and sadly liquidations as the weekend rolls on, here are the 15 ideas at the starting line of this edition of #SWDub.

  1. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you’re interested in
  2. Workmate (formerly Incumate) wants to create a network of incubator type airbnb spaces for entrepreneurs
  3. Camoufleet wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online
  4. People For Purpose wants to enable charities accept help from experts
  5. Home Grown Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables
  6. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from chefs
  7. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends
  8. Skillcloud wants to connect idea generator to implementors
  9. Hippostate.com is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete
  10. PacePal (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Intelligence hardware solutions for rowers
  11. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight
  12. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on “what you like” and not “what you look like”
  13. Screaming spoon wants to design cultery that scream when not returned after use (CLOSED SHOP)IMG_5495
  14. Confident R is an app that allows you build confidence-on-demand (CLOSED SHOP)
  15. Experience is an online content repository where experts can share their knowledge (CLOSED SHOP)

Many of the teams are now hitting the streets to validate their ideas and will be engaging mentors later today. We’d be sure to keep updated on their progress via twitter – @SWDub and #SWDub.

Many thanks to @RedEyeProd for the amazing photos.




6 Years Strong, 54 Hours Long – Time for Another #SWDub

Dublin is set to host another edition of Startup Weekend and it is going to be EPIC!

Having gone from being a participant 3 years ago to organizing and mentoring at Startup Weekend Dublin, I have had no regrets getting involved in the 54-hour long events that see creatives, developers and business heads come together to birth ideas, build products, solve problems, make connections and even make money in just one weekend.

Although I came on the scene only in November of 2013, Startup Weekend Dublin has been going strong for 6 years now, and so I can only imagine the amount of impact it has had on the local ecosystem. While some participants have gone ahead to build great companies, others have stuck around to help build people into entrepreneurs.

And so, the next 54 hours will see more than 80 participants converge to share ideas, form teams, build products, work with mentors, validate markets, pivot a lot, develop partnerships, make sales and of course pitch to rock-star league of judges on the big stage for amazing prizes.

Many thanks to our sponsors including Bank of Ireland, Google, MTT, The T-Shirt Company, Domino’s Pizza, for helping to make this happen.

Do keep up with live updates from our twitter handle – @SWDub and the hashtag #SWDub.


Let’s do this!

Startup Next Demo Day Dublin – VIDEO

After 6 weeks with mentorship, awesome speakers and lots and lots of pitching, our delightful Startup Next Dublin cohort number two were ready for their demo day!

In total 6 teams demoed on the day (with one video pitch put in to the mix from a team that was overseas getting new customers!).

If you would like to apply to our next program then just click HERE to find out latest Dublin program or programs located near you around the world.

You can check out the video below to learn more about Startup Next and our band of burgeoning startups from Startup Dublin Cohort 2.

Startup Next Demo Day Dublin image


7 Irish Startups to Make Education and Learning Better

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! Here’s a snapshot of the event with the winners announced.

1st Place: Hello Coder

An application teaching girls to code by creating fashion.

Hello Coder team

2nd Place: NextFuture

A platform for second and third level students to work on real life projects and make better career decisions.

Next Future Team
Next Future Team

3rd Place:  Play Academy

Playful games for companies to improve team dynamics and create high performing teams.

Play Academy Team
Play Academy Team


Kids EduPro is a platform where parents can find expert advice and resources about alternative education.

Learning Mat is a multi sensory interactive collaborative learning for all age groups and subject areas.

Propeller is a platform that gives students a real world experience and companies – an affordable labour.

Learn Log is a solution for keeping track of child’s well-being and creating an interactive dialogue with parents and teachers.


Quality of Ideas

As organisers we were impressed by the quality and a variety of ideas, from lifelong learning, school education to professional development – teams at Startup Weekend Education tackled all problems!

Global Startup Battle

Dublin Startup Weekend Education made it to the top 20 at Global Startup Battle, a competition of 102 startup weekends from all around the world competing during November 13-15.

Join our Community

Startup Weekend Education was the first hackathon for education and learning technology in Ireland, and as organisers we hope it will spark a community of edupreneurs! Join our new meetup group Learning Technology Ireland to continue working on ideas that change the way we learn.

Learning Technology Ireland is a community of technologists, designers, educators and entrepreneurs who come together to share knowledge. We’re creating an open space to discuss problems in learning and education, and brainstorm ideas for possible solutions. Send a message to Ruta, Amy or David if you want to organise a meetup together.

Website: http://www.meetup.com/Learning-Technology-Ireland


Momentum at Startup Weekend Education

Ireland’s first Startup Weekend Education is almost over. Seven impressive teams have battled it out late into the night to get the chance to pitch their products to a panel of judges and special guests.


Nothing was going to stop these enthusiastic entrepreneurs from making waves. Innovative ideas, and coffee, flowed at the Bank of Ireland in Grand Canal Square.


A big thanks must go to Gary (@gary_leyden), our special guest speaker on Saturday. Gary is an investor in early stage tech startups and as director of NDRC LaunchPad, leads Ireland’s #1 tech accelerator.



With so much energy being used, refueling throughout the event was essential and KC Peaches (@kcpeaches) supplied us with a plethora of food!



Tension and excitement started to rise as teams developed, divided and merged as the weekend continued.


Not that it was all work and no play, there was time for plenty of joking!



Teams were guided throughout the weekend by organisers, mentors and guest speakers, including lead members of the edtech, education and business communities.




Teams have been under the eagle eye of Richie (@RichieDonelan) from IrishStartUp.TV.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.01.37

Let’s hope everyone took Nick’s advice on pitching! As CEO of Sprintfire, he knows the tricks of the trade! Here we go… See you on the other side!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.01.25




#StuSWDub, things are getting exciting!

In at 9am this morning, our teams began fueling up on breakfast provided by Google. The smell of coffee flooded the workbenches as our teams got down to work. Check out what some of our fantastic startups are working on right now:

1. Bridal Network– Your go-to guide for wedding planning, where brides can share honest reviews of everything from caterers to dress-makers, what made their wedding special (or terrible) and an outlet to gush about their weddings when nobody else wants to listen.

Bridal Network




2. HeadSpace– A new type of social network program connecting like-minded people, educating, creating awareness and removing the stigma of mental health in Ireland and Worldwide!



3. Banc– a fun and interactive way to teach kids about financial planning through positive discipline.


4. Entify– a platform that connects you with everything and anything you need to plan any kind of event, ‘Event planning made simple’.



5. Seraya– Have you ever needed a taxi somewhere without anyone to split the cost with? Seyai connects you with fellow cab-catchers in the vicinity that are also looking to share a taxi.



6. BandStation– Connect with other like-minded musicians who are looking to form a band!

Band Creator

7. Rosca– Financial app that enables users to borrow or lend disposable amounts of cash instantly.


8. FoodChain– Helping restaurants save their time and money while also reducing food waste.



9. Paroot– A platform that allows you to share your online identity instantly when you meet someone, almost like a virtual business card.



Student Startup Weekend: Student Edition kicks off!

Startup Weekend returns to Dublin once again! But for the first time, in Student Edition. The air here at Google HQ is booming with diversity. International and Irish-based students all crowd the main space, collecting our colourful selection of t-shirts. Our participants enjoyed a free meal from PizzaDog while networking and getting to know others.

Our facilitator and Director of Startup Weekend himself, John Beadle, riled up our students with a big, warm ‘Omaha Welcome’.


First, as per Startup Weekend tradition, we started off with a lively and interesting game of ‘Half-Baked’. The brainstorming begins, from ginger hair dye for Flamingos going through mid-life crises to oboe playing

Our facilitator and Director of Startup Weekend!- @JohnBeadle

for young deaf children.

Next we had the very inspiring Ciara Judge, founder of PurchaseMate and Germinaid, who reminded us to always count your successes and remember how far you’ve come.

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek” says Daniel Kyne, Lead organiser here at Student Startup Weekend Dublin. He is often seen lurking around the place whispering this quote to himself, still yet to emerge from his ‘cave’.

As we progress further into the night, eyes are growing weary but spirits are still high. Our newly formed teams have established their work benches and are discussing their plans for the weekend, the day draws to a close but the journey has only just begun…

B&W photos taken by Tomasz Laskowski from http://www.dayinlife.ie/

Check him out on facebook at http://facebook.com/dayinlife.ie