Here are the winners..


Hi everybody!

Yesterday was the last day of Startup weekend 3 in Dubrovnik and it was a lot of fun.

From 09:00 AM the groups were finalizing the last details of their presentations with the help from our mentors. Just before lunch Mrs. Mira Krneta had a presentation of the possibilities that HBOR offers for financing such projects.  

The pitchfire started at 5 PM. Groups were presenting their projects to the judges : Mr. Renato Totić from HT, Mrs. Antonija Mršić form The Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts, Mr. Don Hudspeth, Dean of RIT Croatia, Mrs. Mira Krneta form HBOR and Mr. Tihomir Luković, Professor on the University in Dubrovnik. Each group had 5 minutes to present and after the judges could ask them questions.

All groups were fantastic but only three could win. Here are our winners :

1st place: „CheckIt“ – an app to use as a system for ticket validation at events.

2nd place: „Legio“– a security app that notifies a specific group of users of possible dangers through an encrypted messaging system.

3rd place: „Transit“– an app that improves the data of transport companies for their users.

All three place got an educational training for their businesses , but only the  winning app will be placed by HT on their ICT marketplace.

After the prizes were handed over and a few pictures were taken we continued to have fun at dinner in restaurant Mimoza…

Thank’s everybody for their participation and support!

See you at Startup weekend vol.4 !

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Second day, Startup weekend in Dubrovnik






The second day started at 9:00 A.M. All  teams worked  hard the whole day developing their ideas into valid business plans at the University of Dubrovnik . This is a very important day for Startup Weekends because sometimes even the biggest ideas can fail if there is not a  good communication in the team.

This is where the mentors can help. They’ve joined the teams in the morning and at the afternoon to give guidance to our participants. Their advice’s completed the missing parts of team’s ideas with useful information.


The second Startup Weekend days was reported also by DuTV  which  took a few interviews with our participants. So if you have access to our local TV you can hear the experiences of the participants.

After lunch, Mrs Antonija Mršić from the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts had a presentation explaining all possible ways of the Ministry to finance a startup.  Later we also had a lecture from Mr. Krešimir Macan explaining how to use PR in entrepreneurship, These lectures provided teams useful insights in order to make the ideas as solid as possible.

After the hard work, teams gathered at Restaurant Mimoza where we had a delicious dinner together.

Tomorow is  the big day! Teams will be pitching their ideas in front of the judges. Stay tuned 🙂

First day of Startup weekend 3 in Dubrovnik


Kayla, who is the facilitator for Startup weekend 3 in Dubrovnik, after presenting herself she made the team do a little game first to break the ice. “Half Baked” is the name of the game where each group of three develops an idea from a word combination previously defined by all participants. For an example, people brainstormed LOLLIPOP and ANONYMOUS, and one group chose that word combination from the board. They’ve thought of a product called “White lollipop” where flavor can vary from delicious to disgusting. So each time you take a risk because you do not know which lollipop you are going to get.

Then Kayla gave a few tips how to give a good pitch in only 60 seconds and after that the pitchfire started. When we heard all the ideas each participant voted for their own three favorites and these were the most ranked : “Chek it”, “CodeRefresh”, “” , “Enum”, “VoxAnon” and “Zagreb nights”.


Last but not least, Mrs. Mirela Španjol Marković gave a brief global view of communication skills explaining to our participants how to present themselves and their product.



Video – Startup weekend

Here is a video that describes in only 2 minute, what Startup weekend is all about. Enjoy!

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Startup Weekend  tim pripremio je za vas, zajedno sa sponzorima, uzbudljive nagrade..

odajemo samo neke od njih.. 🙂


Deloitte d.o.onagradit će zasluženo neke sudionike SW sa treningom  o razvoju poduzetništva prilagođenom pobjedniku događanja, u Zagrebu.  Trening može obuhvaćati razvoj poslovnog plana, osnove porezne politike, prijava na EU fondove i sl. 

Hrvatski telekom će nagraditi jednu od razvijenih aplikacija plasiranjem iste na  ICT Marketplace, online trgovinu poslovnih aplikacija Hrvatskog Telekoma.

Mariviam Succes Academy nagradit će zasluženo neke sudionike sa IPS sistemom live coaching-a prodajne strategije koji se sastoji od VIDEO lekcija 2 x tjedno – 2 sata tjedno “coaching na lokaciji” – članski pristup stranicama – vježbe i zadaci – kontrola zadataka – istraživanje tržišta- MSA success paket.

Vidimo se!!





Startup Weekend Dubrovnik 3 !!


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C ya!

Are you practicing your pitches already?

Pitching is an interesting way of presenting your idea. It can be a little bit stressful due to the amount of time you have which is one minute , but on the other hand it’s very effective for getting someone’s attention. We are not going to explain here again what a pitch is and how to do a good one. You can find many advice’s on the internet and choose the one that suits you most. We are going to tell you that the most important thing that we have noticed that works is that you are relaxed enough to care less if you are going to do something wrong and there’s a pretty good reason behind it. Startup weekends aren’t a onetime thing and startup culture is growing faster by each day so you are always going to get another opportunity to shine. You just have to try many !  ..that can help you feel more relaxed and when you join us this weekend you’ll see that the atmosphere also helps a lot.

Looking forward to meeting you!

SW team

Startup Weekend VOL.3!

Our dear startups!

We are happy to announce that the third Startup weekend in Dubrovnik is ON.  Come and find us this weekend 14./15./16.11.2014. at the same place- University Campus at Branitelja Dubrovnika 41, Dubrovnik .. with brand new ideas!

Register  here!

See you there!! It’s going to be fun like always!