If you seek change, you are an entrepreneur and Startup Weekend Evansville wants you.

“While the news is full of stories of business geniuses and technology gurus who build multimillion-dollar companies seemingly overnight, being an entrepreneur is a journey.  Do you see a problem and have an idea for an innovative solution?  Be it in the realm of the arts, education, engineering, health care, and beyond, your desire to create change makes you an entrepreneur” – Startup Weekend: How to Take a Company From Concept to Creation in 54 Hours

You may be an entrepreneur and not even realize it.  If you resonate with the aforementioned, you are not alone.  Even if you have never launched a product, service, or started a business.  Entrepreneurship is more than the explicit startup.  Entrepreneurship is a mindset.  Entrepreneurial mindset development involves connections.  Multiplicities of connections abound at Startup Weekend.  The first step is connecting with likeminded individuals that allow you to be and think the way you do.  The ethos of Startup Weekend Evansville is openness to new ideas and acceptance of all perspectives.

Startup Weekend Evansville helps harness the raw power of creativity and human potential by empowering individuals and teams to build and validate the solutions to the opportunities and problems they see and feel every day. Through Startup Weekend Evansville, people are able to pursue their passions and find the people they need to transform their vision into reality, while providing opportunities to learn how to succeed not only on a local level, but with the ability and potential to become a high-growth venture. We at Startup Weekend Evansville are confident these opportunities will influence hundreds and ultimately thousands of entrepreneurs and contribute to an infrastructural change and cultural movement that will positively impact our communities and ultimately our economy.

54 hours can change your life and potentially, the world.  Come play with us!

-Bryan K. Bourdeau – Co-founder Startup Weekend Evansville