What and How of Startup Weekend


It was in the summer of 2007, in Boulder, Colorado that some 70 young enthusiasts, creators and future leaders sat together driven by a common passion to create something, a startup specifically, in just 54 hours. Led by Andrew Hyde, began the journey of what would become over the course of a decade, the leading organization that both leads and is led by the creators of the world.

With their motto: “Build Community. Start Companies. No Talk. All Action”; Startup Weekend has grown into a global organization with presence in over 150 countries, and has a flourishing base of above 210,000 entrepreneurs

Startup weekend, a part of Techstars family of programs powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, essentially constitutes what is called a start-up community. It is a 54 hour weekend event during which people from a rich profusion of varying backgrounds come together to pitch ideas for new start-up companies and work to develop a prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening, principally in teams that are formed on the very first day of the event.

In addition to attendees, referred to as “Weekend Warriors”, attracts coaches, speakers, panellists as well as various sponsors and company representatives.  With presence of notable names in the local tech industry and well respected members of the local start up community, you get the privilege and opportunity to connect with people driven to build something new.


After a weekend of brainstorming and launching projects, a good share of teams keep the momentum going and work together, beyond the Startup Weekend itself, to build a fully operating start-up. Over 36% of all Startup Weekend teams still go strong after three months.  Others take with them the boot camp experience which teaches you more than what any other resource could offer. Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their teams or startups after the weekend. “Rich and diverse talent is a Startup Weekend staple”, and you get to walk away with the wealth of a newly acquired membership of a like-minded yet diverse network- like minded owing to the common passion to create, and diverse owing to the varying fields that their skills and talents environ.

Since the program having been found, 3500+ such events have been held in 150+ countries over the globe. Once you have joined a Startup Weekend, you’ll become part of a global community with over 200,000 alumni.