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An exclusive sneak peak profile at our mentors Maker Edition Startup Weekend Georgetown. Come and meet them personally coming this Friday. See you there!


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A Look At Mentors – Douglas Khoo

Douglas was born in Malaysia but we won’t hold that against him. He has had an illustrious professional and entrepreneurial career across a number of Asian markets.

Douglas began his professional career in an advertising agency named Ogilvy & Mather back in Malaysia. He thought it was hilarious to be paid well to have fun. Shortly after that, for bad behaviour, he was banished to Jakarta to run the media department of Ogilvy & Mather. He languished there for a few years before being exiled to Beijing with J. Walter Thompson. He soon ran the Beijing office of MindShare as the powers that be thought he was capable! After four years, he was exulted to the position of Regional Managing Director based in Hong Kong, developing and rolling-out the digital arm of MindShare across the vast empire of Asia Pacific.

Douglas led a dual life. While in Beijing, he co-founded a number of internet start-ups. The first being, a sports portal, which was sold to Lee Ka-Shing controlled in 2000. His last venture was a meta-search engine,, which Baidu acquired a major stake in 2010. The company has since been listed on the Nasdaq (QUNR) and has been a phenomenal success.

These days, Douglas spends most of his time travelling, piloting planes, racing classical cars and photography. He occasionally spends time mentoring start-ups, at least the ones that he thinks has a modicum of chance to succeed.

Catch Douglas at Startup Weekend Georgetown 2015 this weekend @ Wisma Yeap Chor Ee!


Our Judges – Dr Hor Poh Jin

Dr Hor Poh Jin is a co-founder of Dream Catcher Consulting Sdn. Bhd. The company provides training and development solutions in order to help develop the local engineering talents. Dr. Hor also served The Electric Engineering Technical Division, IEM in various capacities as Hon. Secretary, Deputy Chairman, Chairman and Advisor. He also served as member of study board for a number of universities and colleges.

Starting from 1998 – 2001, Dr. Hor started his career as a lecturer in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Universiti Sains Malaysia. He then joined a MNC in the year of 2001, took up a pioneering role as an R&D manager. He continue his career as an Engineering Bandwidth Development manager in a test and measurement MNC after that.

Back at 1994, Dr Hor was a Malaysian Government Scholarship holder and completed his study with First Class Honours in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. He was awarded an industrial sponsorship to pursue research studies leading to the award of a PhD degree from Unilever Research Port Sunlight Laboratory.

Catch the chance to talk to Dr Hor about his experience at Startup Weekend Georgetown 2015 happening this weekend @ Wisma Yeap. See you there!

Our Judges – Johnson Lam

Extremely passionate about Gadget, Cars and Photography. And crazily in love with DIY for almost everything.

Founded a computer company that runs a cyber café and built at Penang-wide service network (by recruiting and training students to be on-site technicians) to fund college tuition fee during the studies. Later climbed the corporate leader in MNCs while starting up and running a few other non conflicting small businesses. Founded KakiDIY, a DIY community that brings Makers, Hobbyist and DIY enthusiasts together to encourage people to DIY.

“Being with the community, recharges my energy and makes me feel young!”

Come and meet Johnson to know more about his company and his passion in making things, this weekend, 16th – 18th October @ Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. See you there!


Our Judges – Charles Tang

Charles Tang is an ecommerce pioneer. He first started selling online in 1997 while he was studying in Imperial College London. He promptly dropped out of college to pursue his first online business,, which took off. Drawing on the success of this business and after being asked countless times to help other people build their online store, he created the InstanteStore ecommerce platform. Today, InstanteStore is a successful ecommerce platform helping merchants in 83 different countries all over the world to sell online.

Charles has an uncanny ability to pin-point ways to hack your startup’s growth using non-traditional techniques. He has the unique ability of amalgating both the technical and marketing side of the business. Simply put, he knows what works and also how to get it to work!


A Look At Mentors – Mei Yi

Mei Yi is the General Manager, Malaysia for Peatix, a global mobile ticketing platform which has hosted 60,000 events and mobilized 1.2M tickets. Currently available in 26 countries, event organizers using Peatix include TEDx, MIT Media Lab, Slush Asia, YouTube FanFest  and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Peatix is a post-Series B startup with investors including DG Incubation, SPH Media Fund, Fidelity Growth Partners and 500 Startups.

Mei Yi is responsible for driving the launch and growth of Peatix in Malaysia to empower independent event organisers in creating unique experiences. She works to increase the adoption of Peatix by cultivating vibrant Peatix communities in tech, the arts, music and lifestyle.

Prior to joining Peatix, she had a progressive career in Marketing, Business Planning, Channel Management/Program Management, Sales and Business Development in Singtel, a listed ICT company in Singapore. In Singtel she was responsible for launching and creating an ecosystem in Malaysia for Shopify, a self service ecommerce platform that went IPO in 2015.

Mei Yi holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from the National University of Singapore where she graduated with a Eusoff College Medal.

Join us at Startup Weekend Georgetown to be mentored and inspired by Mei Yi on her journey in career. Startup Weekend Georgetown is happening this coming weekend, 16th – 18th October at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. See you there!



A Look At Mentors – Shuant Thing

Shuant Thing is currently the Director of Operations in

Shuant is passionate wordsmith who pledge to write for the lifetime, and she aspire to make people’s life and businesses better through words. Shuant has 8 years of writing from technical to commercial industries helping, she is very experienced in copywriting, blogging, and content marketing.

Shuant believes that knowledge is power and hacking growth—personal and biz—is a must in life. She loves to explore and embark on new challenges. Shuant live on her life motto – “Plan like you’re living forever, live like you’re dying tomorrow”.

Come talk to Shuant on her experience on copy writing, content marketing and her passion in life at Startup Weekend Georgetown, this coming 16th – 18th, at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee.

See you there!


A Look At Mentors – Dan Kaplan

Dan is a full stack developer and the 1st employee at SidePrize ( His specialities include Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember, Postgres, and of course HTML/CSS.  

Previously, he worked for Enova where he revamped a monolithic code base into a SOA, created and led a Culture Guild, and worked to Open Source a bunch of the companies technology.

He was also the 1st employee at G2 Crowd ( where he helped build the trademarked G2 Crowd Grid, a dashboard of realtime company metrics, and was the lead developer for the companies SEO strategy .

Dan attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied Economics/Communications and was the founder and President of the DECA Business Club. He came to be a developer via a coding school in Chicago, the Starter League.  He also has participated in a Startup Weekend in Chicago, and participated in the StartupBus (

You’ll be able to see Dan in person in the upcoming weekend, 16th – 18th October, only at Startup Weekend Georgetown 2015. Come join the amazing workshop with us!