How to pitch your startup idea

During the first day of the event, after arriving at the venue and connecting with fellow startuppers, you will be given the opportunity to line up and support your business idea in a short verbal presentation, commonly referred to as the pitch. Within only 2 minutes of time you will be asked to efficiently deliver your startup pitch in a compelling, succinct and effective way, like you would to potential investors. The feedback received afterwards based on your performance, will determine your collaborators and influence the potential of your business idea as a competitive candidate for the final presentation.

As hair-raising as it might sound, delivering a startup pitch is a pivotal aspect of a young entrepreneur’s trajectory and a unique moment when an aspiring individual is asked to pinpoint precisely what their business is supposed to do, how’s that different between competitors and where they plan to take it next. Showcasing your idea not only facilitates in attracting investor capital but also sharing your vision and helps forging solid collaborations with like-minded, hard-working cofounders. Both of the aforementioned elements are crucial to your success, hence sufficient preparation for a business pitch is only guaranteed to yield better results for any ambitious venture.

One proven, rather useful rule of thumb is to stick to the four-point method of pitching; problem-solution-market-business, in order to organize your arguments better and deliver them more coherently.

First, you have to address the problem using simple, common terms and give context to a viable solution that your product or service is supposed to offer. This way, you orient your audience on how your business idea will fulfill a given need by invoking their natural problem-solution thought process. Typically, future customers deal with high costs, inconvenience or inability to achieve certain goals and you have to state those in the most explicit and understandable way. If you cannot identify a very specific problem, think about trends to set the premise for your solution. Reflect on the iPod, a disruptive device that flowed from a social trend; the need to carry digital music everywhere in a fast and inexpensive way. Problems and trends are not mutually exclusive and the latter can be found in technology and economy not just social habits.

Keep in mind that coming up with a solution to a problem doesn’t conclude a business pitch. Ideas are meant to be capitalized and provide value to the ones who execute them (founders), as well as the parties that fund them (investors). Knowing the market that you attempt to enter, you should describe what an average customer looks like (age, gender, lifestyle, daily activities), estimate your market size (how many customers could possibly buy your product or service and how many of them you can reach at any given stage of growth) and also your capability to go after the market and differentiate yourself from competitors by offering unique qualities such as features, services or pricing. Finally, after you identify a market it’s time to describe how to capture it by explaining the business plan to get, keep and grow customers and discuss marketing, distribution channels and partnerships. Bringing a product to a market also entails a viable, long-term scheme of monetizing known as the revenue model. Make sure to emphasize on at least one, primary source of sales and elaborate on the costs that come with it, along with your pricing proposal.

Remember that many audiences including investors hear business pitches all the time, that’s why you have to demonstrate a genuine interest in your idea and communicate your points with fervent passion. Being brutally honest about several key metrics of your business, like market share, profit margins and expected growth rate will boost your credibility and convince the audience about you serious you take your startup journey. Keep in mind that brilliant ideas are pointless without equally exciting teams who would be required to execute them, so make sure to explain your personal dedication to the project and why you are the perfect person for the task.

At any case remember to sit back and relax, enjoying the process is the most notable part of the whole experience, especially the memorable moments you’ll spent at the event along with the new acquaintances you will make. Good luck on your startup pitch!

The prices for the 3 winners of Startup Weekend Athens – Audio & Radio Innovation – Entrepreneurial Journalism

What is happening today in the Radio and Audio Innovation Field?

Blog Post Content

As students in the department of the department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University and part of the Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory we were given the chance to explore the Radio and Audio field a little bit further. Some of us have already been an important part of Panteion University’s Web Radio: Spam Web Radio. Through Spam Web Radio we had the chance to see the hardships and the perspectives that the radio industry carries… (read the full article here)

First Published on Medium by Stavroula Pollatou

The economics of Startup Weekend Thessaloniki

An event about entrepreneurship where anyone can present ideas, network and learn from creative peers! This is what we had in our minds before setting up Startup Weekend Thessaloniki.

Long story short, running this kind of events requires a budget, right? Trying to bring SWThess to life we had to create our projections and calculate how much we’ll need to make it happen. So.. 54 attendees for a full house, 10 mentors, team, and volunteers. This is more than 80 people, it’s going to be kind of hard. Our cost per attendee is €35/person and the ticket price cannot be that high. So, let’s go…

Projected participants
Attendees: 54
Coaches: 10
Team: 7
Miscellaneous: 13
Total: 84

Then we had to project our expenses. We need a global facilitator – this was Katerina – to run the event, feed all those 84 people but ok they are not going to stay all day long so let’s cap it to 70-75, and print what we need from participation cards to business model canvases. So here are the projected expenses:

Expenses Cost Units Cap Total amount
Facilitator(Flight) €250 1 €250
Breakfast €30 2 €60
Lunch €4 2 70 €560
Dinner €4 3 75 €900
Prints €70 1 €70
Marketing €50 1 €50

And here is our initial projection regarding tickets

Ticket Type Price Units Full house income
Blind €15.00 10 €150
Early €20.00 15 €300
Normal €30.00 29 €870
54 €1,320

So we’d started the execution of the event having in mind that we’ll have a loss of €570; however, thanks to each and everyone involved this is what finally happened:

    • Total attendees: 47
    • Mean age: 27,2 (Younger: 18, Older: 54)
    • Diversity ratio: 75(M)/25(F)
    • Ideas pitched: 14
    • Teams formed: 9
    • In-kind Sponsors: 19
    • Cash sponsors: 1
Income Amount
Thess Gala sponsorship €200
Ticket income €940.53
Total €1140.53
Final expenses Amount
Supermarket €115.14
Vegetarian food €36.7
Pizzas €248
Breakfast €15.1
Facilitator €290.35
Welcome bags €40.68
Prints €50
Ticketing fees €91.27
After party €51
Total €938.24
Income €1,140.53
Expenses €938.24
Revenue €202.29

But what’s the deal with Techstars? They help us run the event and get 50% of the revenue. That’s clear from the beginning and in our case this means ~€100 for Techstars. Thus, what’s in the cash desk right now? ~€100! We’ll be using this amount to make SWThess happen once again, but when? Ehhm I’d say this October the 19th (Shhhh! We’ll need some more time for the official announcements)

Ah! I forgot GeekBot’s sponsorship. This is a real connected community case and I love it! As you could recall, last day of ticket sales prices went -50% because of a GeekBot offer. The deal was like this “Startup Weekend decreases ticket prices by 50% and if there is any loss by the event closure, GeekBot pays the difference cash”. No loss at all, GeekBot just owes coach Sakis for a while as we’ll need to fix some designs for the upcoming SWThess 🙂

Wrapping it up, we are a team of volunteers that offer personal time and energy to make this event happen. We’d like to thank every and each sponsor that contributed, we love you all ❤. We still have no budget apart from those €100 but we promise that we’ll be doing SWThess happen again and again!

We’ll see you in October,


PS: In this PS I would like to greet people that were like “Of course, Startup Weekend! Let’s do it, we are sponsoring etc” and never responded to my calls, emails, and follow-ups. Hello guys! Next weekend we’ll be October the 19th, this is enough time to run processes and get in the loop, isn’t it? 😉

Why being honest matters

I don’t hide being an avid Netflix-created content binger. Among those binges, I found this great documentary series called “Dirty Money”. It outlines many dishonest business practices being performed by many companies around the world. The impact of this dishonesty is not only felt by consumers but also the businesses themselves. It turns out that being dishonest can only mean a short-term gain. In the end, we all must pay the piper.

What we have to keep in mind, is that in business, time can slow down considerably. This “slowing down” effect that might leave you thinking that “all is well”, means that you are probably surviving on borrowed time. At some point, past dishonesty will come back “in the now” and will be a critical, time-consuming affair that may impact your business. This could be in the form of losing a valued client, a business partner or damage your credibility as a business.

Being tainted in that way, especially when a business is just starting out, might mean the end of the business. Because when honesty is at stake, there are rarely second chances. Having the courage to own the mistakes and taking responsibility for the dishonest behavior are only two ways to mitigate the results.

As the famous auto industrialist John F. Dodge said: “There is no Twilight Zone of honesty in business — a thing is right or it’s wrong — it’s black or it’s white”. Nothing grey about it.

I hope to see you at Startup Weekend Thessaloniki where we can talk about it more!

This post was originally written by our Speaker and Prize provider Mr. Leontaris.

From an idea to your own business, are you ready?

Changing your style of work and setting off to the unknown can surely be both an exciting and challenging cause!
What will you need to get you started?

A clear vision – You want to create, dream of having your own company, working on your own ideas, changing business in your field. Start walking towards your goal then!

Teamwork – No man is an island, as such without awesome people beside us to share our vision we cannot achieve full results, think in community, stay social, stay helpful and inclusive.

Mentors – Barely anything is more helpful and important than people you look up to and admire in your field of expertise, they will propel you towards faster and smarter routes in achieving your goals!

Location, location, location – Community hubs and lovely places to live, nurture creativity and productivity. Community, workshops – and well, events like Startup Weekend! – test your ideas and skills, they polish them so you stay on track with the market!

Don’t bother thinking about ifs and hows, join us in Startup Weekend Thessaloniki 2018 to live out your ideas in action!


5 reasons you should attend a Startup Weekend!

The work. You get to test and live through the whole process of idea, team and business creation in a direct and hassle-free manner.

The people. You’ll certainly meet lots of like-minded people, mentors and role models that are the key to you stepping up your startup game!

The feedback. Mentors, judges, and companies share their views on your idea and working style so you avoid common issues that set you further away from a healthy business.

The causeCommunity, networking, and volunteering is the best environment to meet your future teammates that you share a common vision.

The fun. An event without fun is clearly not worth it, so join us for 3 excellent days!

What is Startup Weekend anyway?

Short explanation 

A weekend for you to test your startup idea, business plan, and teamwork while meeting cool people and eating delicious food!


Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! 

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

Day 1:

Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees are encouraged to bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team.

Day 2 and 3:

Over Saturday and Sunday teams design and develop business plans while constantly streamlining their startup vision.


On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes, listen to judges’ feedback and in some cities, win prizes.

Startup Weekends are specifically designed for entrepreneurs interested in receiving feedback on an idea, looking for a co-founder, or who want to learn a new skill. We also welcome anyone looking to test the entrepreneurial waters. Startup Weekends are risk-free environments where everyone is expected to roll up their sleeves and dive into the exhilarating world of startups.

Get your ticket now!

How volunteering could help you get a job


Written by Sophie Christakidou


Hey guys! In this article, I would like to talk about how volunteering experience could help you get a job.

But the following text comes from my previous experience as a volunteer and I think it could highly motivate you.  Things discussed here are my personal beliefs and I am convinced that most of the business world share these values. Generally speaking, volunteering has much more benefits than allowing you to just get a job. I think I could write a book about it! You can make new friends, improve your mental health, even burn your stubborn body fat! Yeah seriously working hard on something makes you thinner!


But let’s get to the point now. 


Here are main reasons why being a volunteer raises your chances of getting an actual job. 


You gain new skills

During your volunteering journey, you are going to be asked to perform a bunch of tasks. In order to do this, you need to gain some new knowledge first. The depth of the knowledge you are about to take depends on your duties. If you really want to help your team and get assigned many tasks you are going to learn lots of things. Simple isn’t it?  Also, the things you are going to learn to depend on the nature of the organization you are volunteering. For example, our Organizing Team here in Startup Weekend Kavala used some certain software and applications in order to carry out the whole event. This software is also used by a certain amount of corporations. As you can see we gained an advantage because we know how to use this software now. We have also learned how to make some basic graphics, how to write an article (like this one), how to approach new people, how to manage our relationships in the working environment and how to be consistent. The above things can only be conquered by the implementation. You cannot read a book and be communicative for example or speak in public effectively. You need to adopt the “learning by doing” technique on such topics.


You can show off your pre-existing skills

If you have some special abilities you need to promote them. But when you are in the entry level no one has enough trust on you to assign you anything. People are not going to pay you just because you write in your CV that you are good at Six Sigma or Photoshop. You need to prove this. And the best way to do that is by volunteering. Also when you collaborate with new people you can also promote some particular aspects of your character. You can show people that you are trustworthy,  creative, quick learner, initiative and all good things related to you. But be careful because bad things could also come into surface! Do not promise people things you can not carry out and try to have a good relationship with your partners.


You are able to build a (professional) network

When you get involved in things like that you come across with various people. Some particular tasks have more than one teams in charge and most of the times you are going to need a piece of advice in order to perform them. So you have to communicate, on a regular basis, with other professionals or teammates.This is a great opportunity to cultivate your relationships with these people and build a community. That particular fact can be extremely beneficial for your career. Some people consider connections as the most important aspect of someone’s career. Well, in my opinion, other things also matter, like a person’s skills for example, but your network is also really important!


You become more confident

Your energy speaks for you before you even say a single word! If you feel scared and you shiver every time you have to speak in public you are not very attractive as a person. Managers do not intend to judge you about this. But they want to make their products and services more likable to people in order to boost their sales. And having such an image does not serve that purpose at all! Cultivating your image is a skill. And you can grow that skill by practice. Young people (like me and you) are not experienced enough to promote a perfect presence most of the times. So taking part in such actions and performing even the simplest tasks, such as serving some food, for example, can make you more confident and hireable! In the end of such an action, you get rewarded and your brain feels good about this. So your confidence level raises up automatically!


It is just basic psychology. 🙂

That’s all for now. As you can see volunteering is crucial for your career. In some countries being a volunteer is such a common fact, that is almost compulsory. And of course, people in these places are far more hireable!

So grab this chance now!

Πως να προετοιμάσεις το δικό σου Elevator Pitch!

Κατά την γνώμη μου, όταν ξεκινάς μια κοινότητα, το πιο σημαντικό είναι να ακούς την κοινότητα σου!!  Μετά από πολλές ερωτήσεις που δέχτηκα σχετικά με το Elevator Pitch, αποφάσισα να γράψω για όλα τις σημαντικές πληροφορίες που χρειάζεται να γνωρίζεις, για πετύχεις ένα επιτυχημένο Elevator Pitch στο Startup Weekend Heraklion.

Ας ξεκινήσουμε με τα βασικά,

Τι είναι το Elevator Pitch ;

Μετά από μεγάλη έρευνα, εντόπισα τον ορισμό που ακολουθεί στο . Το “Elevator Pitch” είναι μια σωστή και δομημένη περιγραφή της ιδέας σου, μέσω της οποίας, πρέπει να εμπνέει, ενθουσιασμό στο κοινό. Αυτή η διατύπωση, πρέπει να είναι κατανοητή ακόμα σε άτομα όπως μέλη της οικογένειας και φίλους.


Ας μιλήσουμε για τους κανόνες του Startup Weekend Heraklion.


Έχεις ήδη μια λαμπρή ιδέα, έχεις κλείσει το εισιτήριό σου και χρειάζεσαι μια καλή προετοιμασία πριν από την εκδήλωση, σωστά;

Υπάρχουν δύο βασικοί κανόνες για την Παρασκευή το βράδυ.

Αρχικά, έχεις μόνο ένα λεπτό για να παρουσιάσεις τη λαμπρή ιδέα σου, μπροστά στους πιθανούς σου συνεργάτες. Και κατά δεύτερον, μάντεψε τι… Δεν μπορείς να χρησιμοποιήσεις διαφάνειες, αλλά μόνο λεκτική επικοινωνία. Θα χρησιμοποιήσεις τις ικανότητές σου για δημόσια ομιλία, είσαι έτοιμος;


Σε αυτό το σημείο, θα πρέπει να καταστήσεις σαφή τον σημαντικότερο στόχο της ιδέας σου!

Λάβε υπόψη σου, ότι δεν πρόκειται να προωθήσεις την ιδέα σου μπροστά από πιθανούς επενδυτές αλλά  πρόκειται να παρουσιάσεις την ιδέα σου μπροστά στους πιθανούς συνιδρυτές σου, προσπάθησε να τους πείσεις να συμμετάσχουν στην ομάδα σου.


Φαντάσου τώρα ότι είσαι στη σκηνή. Ας αρχίσουμε!




– Πες το ποιος είσαι !!

Παρουσίασε τον εαυτό σου και το ιστορικό σου σε μια πρόταση. Περιέγραψε τι κάνεις πολύ καλά. Γίνε ξεκάθαρος. Για παράδειγμα, “Γεια σας, είμαι ο Γιάννης. Είμαι υπεύθυνος μάρκετινγκ με προηγμένες δεξιότητες αφήγησης. “Οι δυνητικοί συνιδρυτές σου πρέπει να γνωρίζουν τις ικανότητές σου και το υπόβαθρό σου”.

– Προσδιόρισε το πρόβλημα που επιλύεις !!

Περιέγραψε το πρόβλημα που μπορείς να λύσεις. Ποιες είναι οι ανάγκες των πιθανών πελατών σας; Πες τα με ακρίβεια. Για παράδειγμα: “Σήμερα, οι ιδιοκτήτες κατοικιών δεν μπορούν να διαχειριστούν εύκολα τα διαμερίσματά τους στην Airbnb λόγω έλλειψης χρόνου”.


– Περιέγραψε τη λύση σου !!

Μοιράσου τη λύση σου με τους πιθανούς συνιδρυτές σου. Τι είδους προϊόν ή υπηρεσία πρόκειται να προσφέρετε στους μελλοντικούς πελάτες σας; Ποια είναι η αξία σας; Για παράδειγμα, μια web πλατφόρμα που ονομάζεται flatbnb πρόκειται να βοηθήσει όλους τους ιδιοκτήτες διαμερισμάτων, μέσα απο guest check-in και check-out και από διάφορες άλλες λίστες όπως π.χ λίστα υπηρεσιών καθαρισμού, λίστα ενδιαφερόντων κ.α.

– Παρουσίασε τις ανάγκες σου !!

Αυτό είναι το τελευταίο σου ζήτημα. Πρέπει να αναφέρεις τις ανάγκες σου. Τι είδους άνθρωποι χρειάζεστε για να μετατρέψετε την ιδέα σου σε πραγματικότητα; Για παράδειγμα, χρειάζομαι έναν developer για να δημιουργήσει την πλατφόρμα και έναν σχεδιαστή με επαναστατικές ιδέες για το σχεδιασμό της.


Αυτό ήταν! Πλέον είσαι απόλυτα έτοιμος για ένα πολύ δυνατό Elevator Pitch ! Μην ξεχνάς! Πρακτική, πρακτική, πρακτική! Προετοίμασε  την ομιλία σου και ζήτα τα σχόλια της ομάδας σου! Οι φίλοι και η οικογένειά σου, θα μπορούσαν να σε βοηθήσουν σε αυτό!