128 000 – our magic number this year

128 000 is our magic number this year – The sum of Euros collected to spend on the three winning teams of SWHH15.


Your name tag qualifies you for one of our stuffed goodie bags. For getting into the competition: Pitch tonight! Build a team! Join a team!  Get into action!

Prizes worth more than 88000€ are waiting for the Over All Winner. The Best Design will be awarded almost 25000€ and the Best Pitch will win 15000€ worth in smart goodies from our prize sponsors. All will serve to continue building up your startup after this weekend. To name a few gimmicks and services which have been thrown into your lucky award pot:

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, further education with Udemy courses, Jimdo Business, Books by Gardner and O’Reilly, free HQLabs + Workshops, Pidoco Prototyping, Betahaus Credits, Blinkist credits,FastBill Subscriptions, 99Designs credits, tickets to Pioneers Festival,  Marketing Rockstar Conference and Code talks and many more
All award winners will be selected by our high-ranking Jury on Sunday.

XING our Platinum Sponsor is connecting you

Hurray! Startup Weekend is only a few hours away. What should we do without our Platinum Sponsor XING?! This year we are supported and sponsored again by the largest German social network for business contacts- XING. Encouraging the young entrepreneurial scene is a fundamental value of XING as you may imagine.

As the company was founded in Hamburg there is special interest in supporting their home town startup scene to grow. Next to the resources XING provides to make SWHH15 happening there are many advantages to use XING in daily life business:

XING serves as a great source for finding customers for your business, team members and new hires for your undertakings.

The event market section has been renewed lately and apart from SWHH15 you can find many relevant gatherings and offers. There are XING events such as Prototyping Days and Innovation Week which could be of interest of Startup Weekenders and is also encouraging other initiatives to use XING as a networking and event promotion tool.

So if you did not register yet, this is a definite call to action as you will discover many features which will help you in sorting your professional life and connect to valuable business contacts which you can look after easily using this platform.

So, what to do next: connect offline at SWHH15 and get connected online at XING as soon as possible.

Startup Weekend Hamburg 2015

Moin zusammen,

hier finden Sie unsere Pressemitteilung.


How to find the venue

All packed for Bootcamp and Startup Weekend?!

Thats how you get to the venue:


Betahaus Hamburg, Eifflerstraße 43, Hamburg- Only 50m from Schulterblatt in famous Schanzenviertel!

You are travelling with public transport:
the closest bus stops are
“Schulterblatt” for metro bus No. 15 or
“Sternbrücke” for metro bus No. 3
Underground and fast metro train
the closest S-Bahn and U-Bahn station is
you can get any infos for planing your trip with public transport here

or at the Deutsche Bahn Website if you travel from outside of hamburg.


There is a city bike station at the crossing Schulterblatt/Eifflerstraße.

By car, by foot, by canoe:

Everything else you find here at Google Maps.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Our this year’s Gold Sponsor :agile accelerator is energizing your startup

:agile accelerator claims “Develop your idea with us. We bring a lot more than money.” as their slogan and you may take that literally!


:agile started in May 2013 with a strong background from the energy sector completing E.ON’s activities with regard to innovation while nurturing new business ideas.

For each :agile Accelerator phase the :agile team selects up to five ideas. That makes another reason to put all your energy into your project at Startup Weekend, since there is certainly an opportunity to apply for the :agile accelerator program afterwards.

This is :agile accelerator in a lean and brief nutshell:

Once applied and been chosen by their program you will have the opportunity to develop and validate your ideas in a co-working atmosphere in Düsseldorf or Berlin over a period of three months.

:agile accelerator will give specialist support including funding, coaching, engineering expertise, human resources and marketing & sales support to their chosen projects during this time. The first stage ends with a presentation of your project to potential investors from across the E.ON Group who to make an investment decision or include other external investors.

At SWHH15 you will certainly have the opportunity to get prove of concept for your idea and contact points to tie up to your future. So, do not hesitate to drop by!

The Impact Of Startup Weekend Hamburg

Mohamed Chahin was only 15 when he knew that he wanted to run his own business. His  idea was to start a company which provided the technology for renewable energies. In school, everyone laughed at him when he told others about his idea. Even though his idea was vague Mohamed was sure he didn’t want a nine to five job in a company which has no positive impact on people’s lives. He knew he wanted to be his own boss.Mohamed Chahin

About four years later at TU Hamburg Harburg Mohamed learned about the meaning of entrepreneurship and his professor encouraged him to get involved in a startup. So Mohamed attended Startup Weekend Lüneburg where he pitched his idea for an educational startup that helps students with their math homework. His idea didn’t get any votes from the other attendees, which he would have needed in order to implement it. So he joined a group which worked on the idea of an app that should be able to show its users where to get the best food in town. During the Startup Weekend Mohamed not only got to know his future Co-Founders but he learned that it was possible to put an idea into practice within as little as 54 hours.

He also learned about business in general, how to identify a good idea that is worth to be turned into a business, it was not the big technology for renewable energies, what kind of business is viable, it wasn’t math lessons, he learned to read a market situation and last but not least he learned about what the hell scalability of a business model actually means.

Mohamed now travels all around Germany to find new places for his company to grow. He and his Co-Founders met at the first Startup Weekend they attended in 2012. Now they run eatclever.de which is a big delivery service for healthy food.

“Before eatclever became what it is today, we failed several times at other projects, but giving up wasn’t an option at any time. There is always a way to make something happen, you just have to find out how.“

Mohamed’s eyes sparkle with passion when he talks about founding and his business.

Left to right: Marco Langhoff, Robin Himmels, Mohamed Chahin

Mohameds Co-Founder Robin Himmels attended SW because he found lectures at university to be too theoretical. He considers himself lucky having met Mohamed and Marco Langhoff at Startup Weekend, who are now not only Co-Founders of eatclever but also became great friends.

This is exactly what Serhat Kaya, one of the organizers of Startup Weekend Hamburg, tells people when he talks about Startup Weekend. „Startup Weekend is a lot of hard work, the teams work until late. But developers, designers, students and creative people work closely together and some become good friends.“

Mohamed’s Pro Tips on how to start a startup

  1. Team is everything! So it’s important to always be honest and open to your Co-Founders, no matter what bugs you.
  2. Leave your comfort zone!
  3. Do not consider yourself to be too good for something. Show the world that you would do anything to make your dream come true!
  4. A stitch in time saves nine! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, there is no time like the present!
  5. Don’t be afraid of setbacks! They will happen but it’s important to get up on your feet again and find a new way to make something work. Remember: Where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

One of the strenghts of Startup Weekend is that it brings people of different backgrounds and skills together. Networking is important if you are going to start a business. Other important aspects of the event are the mentors and the jury. The teams are coached by experts that help them with their business plans or UX. The tough part is the final pitch in front of the jury. Just like everyone knows from TV shows like “Shark Tank” or the German equivalent “Die Höhle der Löwen” the jury isn’t easy on the contestants. They drill the teams with tough questions which they probably wouldn’t have been able to answer 54 hours before.

Mohamed and Robin Co-organize Startup Weekend. “We want to give back to the community”, Mohamed says. They both are working on their startup fulltime and are looking forward to expand to other cities. Until today it feels somehow unreal to Mohamed that they have made it this far starting at 54 hours of Startup Weekend.

Curtain up for our fabulous facilitator Tetiana Siianko

Tetiana our fabulous facilitator from Sweden is currently cruising and flying all over Europe to support Startup Weekend events. We were so curious about getting to know this power lady, so we asked her some questions in advance:


“You have recently hosted a Startup Weekend in Paderborn and now you are coming back to Germany to support us with Startup Weekend Hamburg. So, it’s not like that you are trying to avoid the German startup scene…

“Yes, indeed. And before that I was in Cologne 🙂  I can say nothing to defend myself – it just happens and I am very happy about it.”

“How do German Startup Weekends differ from the Swedish ones or other European ones?”

“Even though the structure/plan of the event is the same everywhere (Ideas pitching – brain dump – final presentations) every single SW is different and one can hardly compare them. Every time SW in a different country for me is like a Russian roulette – I never know what to expect, human factor is unpredictable.

What I love about German SWs, is that people respect schedule more than anywhere else. It was especially in Paderborn (Cologne was more relaxed). I was amazed by participants’ being 15 minutes before the stated time waiting for presentation/workshop to start! You can hardly see that anywhere else :)))”

“How often have you hosted, organized and participated in Startup Weekend this far?”

“Surprisingly enough I participated only once 😛 on March 1-3, 2013 in Kiev. I remember this date very well since it was a life-changing experience for me. I was working for 150 000 employees corporation that time and I had no idea what a Startup Weekend was and my general understanding of a ‘startup’   you can guess was pretty vague. That’s why I didn’t really appreciate the skype call with Steve Blank (!) that we were so lucky to have during the event. I thought: “who’s the guy?” – and continued drinking coffee.

For me it was incredible 54 hours! Next day after the event was over one co-participant chatted me and we decided to submit the event application. We organized our first SW in 4 months. In total I organized and facilitated 15 Startup Weekends.”

“As we all know facilitators work for free as well, why do you like to host SWs?”

“The answer is quite simple: for 54 hours of the weekend I appear to be on a different planet, where all the people speak the same language, share the same values and have passion in hearts and sparkle in eyes. Sounded very romantic, but it is indeed like that.

If in the world were inhabited only by startupers, there would no war and no tears.”


“What do you do when not spending your weekend hosting Startup Weekends?”

“Since 2013 I develop my startups – that’s why I can travel easily. As for hobbies: I do yoga and jogging (I always travel with my yoga mat and sneakers, being pain in ass for local organizers since I cannot fit everything into hand luggage), dance Argentine tango (I try to visit milongas in the cities where I happen to be), boating and skiing in winter.”

“What will you try to help the crowd with and how can participants help you in return?” 

“As Adeo Ressi (creator of Founder Institute) once said, Startup Weekends is not a hackathon, it is a startup party. I totally agree with him. And personally I try to create one for the participants since fun way is the best way to learn.

I always try to teach participants not to stuck with their believes and views. But on the opposite to be open and listen to people and to learn on others’ mistakes.

Participants give me hope that our world will be a better place in future.”

“What is the most fun part of the facilitator job and what is the most exhausting part?”

“The most fun part is to get to know people and how/what they think. The most exhausting [energy consuming] part is to be oversensitive to what is happening within the teams. Are they progressing? Happy? Agonizing? And try to facilitate painful moments.”

“Thanks for taking the time! We are so much looking forward to meeting you!”

“Me too!!  :)“


Our Platinum SWHH15 Sponsor sends out platinum legal support


Legal matters and questions are mostly amongst the toughest at startup weekend. Luckily this year we got back up support from Stenger LLP.

Stenger LLP is an independent business law firm based in the city of Hamburg which provides legal advice to domestic and foreign credit institutions, corporations and entrepreneurs.

The Stenger LLP lawyers have very broad experience. So the best of all is they are not only supporting Startup Weekend financially this year, they will also send three of their highly qualified lawyers to coach during the event.

Lisa Knodel, Dr. Jörg Brackmann and Britta Liebert will be open to all legal concerns you have operating and founding your startup – be it questions in financial law, transactions, public commercial law or intellectual property or any other business-oriented legal advise.

 Britta 15d002-47-Bearbeitet Lisa 14d003-27-BearbeitetJörg 14d003-284

Additionally Stenger LLP is a member of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC), a global network of law firms, that they use for cooperation and support in international matters.

If you plan to inform yourself about the legal background of your idea in advance check out the key practices section on their website to be sure to ask the right questions and make the most of this mentoring opportunity.

Thanks to nextMedia.Hamburg – our superb medial networking supporter and Signature Sponsor


Service and support has been written in capital letters since nextMedia.Hamburg was founded. Today the initiative is growing a digital ecosystem that differs vastly from classic media landscapes.

There are two common goals that we pursue: the roll-out of Hamburg being a peak positioned community for founders and start-ups and the development of new innovative business concepts.

SWHH15 is not only financially supported by nextMedia.Hamburg but participants of the event will also greatly profit from getting in contact with this top notch enabler, networker and media supplier. You may all have heard about the nextmedia.Hamburg WebFuture Award which is given out this month or maybe even have read about yourself or SWHH in their social media deck.
As nextMedia.Hamburg is a joint project of the Senat of the city of Hamburg, the initiative Hamburg@work and HWF Hamburgische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung (Business Development Corporation) you can expect activities being fun and thereby highly effective. Whether you decide to join a pub crawl with the scouts, boost your start-up by applying for the Webfuture Award, watch Backyard TV to learn from experts or any other of their many activities such like scoopcamp.


We will make it simple to decide for you: join Startup Weekend Hamburg 2015 and meet our nextmedia.Hamburg mentor May-Lena Signus right there at betahaus Hamburg or come to our Sunday night pitches to get into touch.

Cutting edge advise: by Miriam Bundel, from your startup community


For Miriam joining a Startup Weekend has indeed been life changing. Read for yourself 🙂



“I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and worked as a freelancer in graphic design for several startups. It has always been inspiring to me, but I wanted more. I wanted to start my own business.

In July 2014, after I just quit my job I participated at the Startup Weekend Hamburg: A beginning of a new chapter of my life – the startup life.

The first day we had a get-together where we met other participants. It was easy to get in touch while we watched a World Championship football game.

Later that evening it was time for pitching. The creative ideas and brave speakers impressed me. I fall in love with an idea of a platform that connects people who offer space and those who are looking for storage spaces. The demand was high and competitors rare. This was the idea of Shelfsailor – pitched by Stephan Creifelds.

The „richest man alive” idea by Behsaad Ramez – later named „BRAG“ – also made me smile. It’s about a social network for show-offs who don’t give a s*** about their money – so they spend it on Brag.cash to get ranked.

I decided to join Stephan and the team of Shelfsailor. Together with a third team member we started developing the platform. From then on we had 48 hours time to give our best to present our business idea on Sunday afternoon. We were really creative and got into the zone while working on the concept. I designed the website and created the presentation. During lunch and dinner we spent time with other teams. It was inspiring to get to know and learn from each other’s working habits and failures.

On Saturday mentors with a variety of professional backgrounds arrived. We discussed the details of our startup and they helped us to find the right way. It’s always important to be focused on the main idea – it’s not about making something complex but keeping it simple.

I was so nervous while presenting our idea in front of the jury, audience and cameras. We all were. But it was all worth it! It had such a big impact to join this event. I got to know so many new things and built up a network of new business contacts and friends.

Also shelfsailor.com won the award for best design, which helped to work further on our startup.

shelfsailor.com is available in a beta version and we are still working on it’s growth. There are even plans go international as soon as possible! I’m also a member of BRAG and founded the Puncollective UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

The entrepreneurial spirit is like a virus, which spreads the passion to bring your ideas into life.

I can only recommend attending Startup Weekend Hamburg. It’s a great event for gaining motivation, knowledge and network possibilities. It was the beginning of a time where I learned so much. I really loved it.”