One Man's Startup Weekend Experience

Thank you to Kevin Chick, a participant of Startup Weekend 2013, and a member of last year’s winning team, for writing this blog post about his experience and about how Startup Weekend has changed his life since! Want to attend Startup Weekend 2014? Make sure to register, and we’ll see you on September 26th. – Startup Weekend Hartford team

Almost a year ago, as I was finishing work up on Friday after a long week, I wondered if I really should attend Startup Weekend Hartford. I signed up for it after a friend told me how great it was, but I was really tired. Did I really want to stay up all night with people I didn’t even know? Could I really put a whole work week into the next two days? I eventually decided that I would give it a shot. Maybe this could be the thing that I was looking for.

Kevin Chick - HartfordSo, Friday night I went to the event, met some of the other participants, and we heard all of the pitches. We talked to the people who pitched their ideas, and teams were formed. I joined a group called Special Care and it was an idea of Barbara, a mom of a special needs child who needed a way to help organize all of the medical data she has, which is often on paper. A team of 7 people worked to flush out the idea, decide on the product, and develop the business model. Advisers came in and out of the room challenging our ideas and sometimes challenging the advice of others. It’s all part of the process!

We worked all Friday night, and all day on Saturday. And at some point on Saturday afternoon, it dawned on me that we might be able to win this. We honed our proposal, and Barbara and I were asked to make the final presentation. We would have 5 minutes (and not one second longer) to present our idea to a panel of impressive judges and a room full of people. We must have practiced at least 20 times. But all of our work paid off, and our team won first prize!

2013 Hartford Winners

For our first two or three meetings after Startup Weekend we were riding the high of winning and continued working, but then the reality set in of what it takes to establish a new business. The team changed a bit, and I decided to drop from the team to pursue working on a board that I had been asked to join. But the team is still working on establishing a new company (Quillible) and one of my team members (Nick Parian) is going to be a judge at this year’s Startup Weekend, which is Education themed!

Personally, Startup Weekend triggered something in me. After almost 20 years of working in Corporate America, it was time for a change. This experience helped me put some clarity on where I wanted to take my career. This past July, I left my job as an IT Project Manager and started as the Director of Operations for a small design firm in Hartford called CO:LAB. While we are not a startup, in that we have been business for the past 25 years, we are small and we want to grow.

A lot has changed since I finished up work that Friday afternoon a year ago, and I wonder what would have happened if I decided to sit it out. I’m glad I didn’t find out.

SWHartford Info Session – 9/16

If you’ve never participated in a Startup Weekend before, or you have questions about it will be like this year with our focus on Education, then you should come to our Info Session! The session will be held on Tuesday, September 16th from 6-8pm at reSET’s Coworking Space at 99 Pratt Street in Hartford.

We’ll answer all of your questions, give you information about what pitching is like, how teams are formed, who your mentors will be and how the judges will be grading the teams at the end of the weekend. We’ll also do a short, fun activity to get you excited about the weekend!

Please RSVP on the Facebook event or email Caitlin at We’re ordering pizza, so RSVP’s are needed so we have enough for everyone!

Startup Weekend Hartford: Education Info Session
Tuesday, September 16th
reSET Coworking Space
99 Pratt Street, Suite 200, Hartford

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CEO Boot Camp – Special Offer!

We’ve gotten a special offer to share with all of you! Our SWHartford Facilitator, Derek Koch is partnering with John Seiffer of CEO Boot Camp for a one-day workshop for startups! They’ve offered a discount code for SWHartford – use code HMA to save $25 on the registration fee. Register here. 

Customer Development Intensive Flyer - Code HMA

SWHartford Venue – CL&P

Much of the success of a good Startup Weekend has to do with having a great venue. You need a venue that’s large enough for teams to spread out, good light to keep everyone alert and working, and a large room for when the whole group gets together. All of those things have come together for us this year in the CL&P space on Sheldon Street in Hartford. Check out the photos, register for Startup Weekend Hartford: Education, and start planning which corner you plan to camp out in!

SWHartford Venue 1


SWHartford Venue 2 SWHartford Venue 3


SWHartford on Ray Dunaway!



Startup Weekend Hartford: Education organizer John Shemo, and past SWHartford winner John Farrell were on the Ray Dunaway show recently!

You can listen to the full clip here. 

John and John talked about the format of the event – pitching business ideas on Friday night, working through the weekend to create the business, and then share their businesses with a panel of judges on Sunday night. Each business is vying to win prizes that will help them get their startup off the ground!

“It was a great experience, and I was just a computer programmer with no entrepreneurial background before Startup Weekend. But then after I did it I kind of fell in love with the whole mindset, with startups, and the hustle behind it.” – John Farrell, Startup Weekend participant and past winner

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