SWHNL Summer 2015 Edition – Recap

From the start of Startup Weekend Honolulu (SWHNL), 15-year-old Liam Clive’s maturity and self-awareness gave his competitors two to three times his age a run for their seed money. The annual entrepreneurship competition, sponsored by Hawaii National Bank, took place over Father’s Day weekend in Kakaako with more than 100 participants and guests.

Clive took home first with his winning idea and newly formed startup team Mentorship.link, while Anna Kimata, another 15 year old was part of the 2nd place team Grumble. A total of 12 teams were formed out of rapid-fire pitches, chosen through MeetingSift’s mobile-activated voting system. On pitch night, eight teams presented their pitch decks at ProtoHub Honolulu with the help of Empowered Presentations after 54 hours of nonstop work at BoxJelly. The winners were handpicked by four local judges: Peter Rowan, most recently the corporate vice president, New Ventures of Coinstar, Omar Sultan, managing partner of Sultan Ventures; Steve Haumschild, serial entrepreneur; and Ben Trevino, president of Bikeshare Hawaii. The winning startups are:

1st Place: Mentorship.link – A subscription-based online platform that acts as a marketplace of internships and apprenticeships for high school students. It enables students to create a portfolio of professional experiences and skills for the real world as a supplement to their education.

2nd Place: Grumble – A social platform where users can “grumble” or make complaints about anything with a backend for analyzing patterns in complaints to generate potential product ideas addressing common user pain points.

3rd Place: All About – The “Tinder” of babysitting, this online marketplace for parents and babysitters handles background, transactions and reviews. It even includes a real-time update feature for parents to know what their kids are up to while they are away from home.


Startup Weekend HNL – GSB 2014 Follow Up / Major Announcement

Aloha Startup Weekend HNL Peeps!

It has officially been two weeks since our awesome weekend and there is still buzz going around about the event. Just to update everyone on the MAJOR announcement from Darius “Bubs” Monsef. He is still paying close attention to the 12 teams that pitched Sunday night as he is looking to make the $25K investment. To learn more about this opportunity please see the quote below:

“In an effort to support the local startup community and to motivate the SWHNL teams to keep hustling after the weekend, I and Seraph Group (SeraphGroup.net) will give one of the SWHNL teams a $25k investment term sheet on Dec 16th.  The term sheet will go to the team that shows the most traction in the 30 days post SWHNL.  Traction will vary depending on the company, but generally it will be measured by the growth in user acquisition, product development & revenue.  The investment terms that will be offered will be comparable to typical tech accelerators. In order to receive the term sheet the company will be required to have incorporated as a C-Corp and have a company bank account.”

For additional information or would like to reach out to Bubs personally please email honolulu@startupweekend.org.