Startup Weekend: How to approach the event and get maximum things out of the weekend


In November 2014, our team Ubrand won Startup Weekend Hyderabad. We were also fortunate to be selected in top 6 ideas in women’s track for Global Startup Battle, San Francisco. The team consisted of 6 members. I am Pawan, one of them. I had been to Startup Weekend Mumbai 2014 too, before this but did not win anything in my first attempt. This time I decided to approach Startup Weekend in a different way and I could see the effect in the result. Startup Weekend has given me so much in my life and hence wanted to return the favor and hence, I decided to write this article.

Generally this is what happens in Startup Weekend: (First day) Everyone pitches an idea, voting happens, teams are formed for the 8-9 top voted ideas; (Second day) Brainstorming, meeting with mentors, customer validation and making the product and (Third day) final presentations and Q&A session and declaration of winners.

The following are my main learnings from my Startup weekends: (Forgive me, the article is slightly extensive but it will give you a feel what it is all about)

Understand your strengths:

The very fundamental thing you need to be prepared with is an understanding of what skill sets you have. Are you a confident developer? Are you good with quick wire-framing? Are you good at presenting ideas? Are you good at planning tasks? Are you good at identifying skill sets among others? Are you good with selling stuff? Are you good at making presentations? Are you good with designing UI /graphics?

It is important to understand that when you are trying to work in a startup ecosystem, you need to bring in some skill sets on the table. For that, first step is to understand what those skill-sets are for yourself and this is where Startup Weekend comes into picture. It is like a microcosm of the startup ecosystem.

It is absolutely fine if you do not have expertise in any of the skill sets but the least you can do is to make them better by either preparing /practicing more on those skill sets or coming to Startup weekend to learn more and get a head start on learning them.

The Pitch

Personally, for both of my Startup weekends, I screwed up the pitch big time. I felt like Rahul Gandhi while pitching the idea. I had no idea of what I was speaking. However, as soon as I finished my pitches, I was mature enough to understand that this is just the beginning. I personally feel the more uncomfortable experiences you have in your life, the stronger you become, the more confident you become. I treated it as one more uncomfortable experience and moved on. And as a result, I was pretty confident in the final presentations and Q and A.

Go with idea which you feel needs you, not which is glamorous

People feel that the first-day pitch is the most important aspect of Startup weekend. I feel it’s about 20 percent important in general (unless your key strength is presenting ideas), the rest 80 percent is you selecting the right idea to work on. If you have been in startup circles for some time, you must already know that no idea is unique nor owned by anyone. Idea is just an energy which some people are able to detect and express it much better than others. It is the actual end product which matters. Hence, be very careful with ideas you choose to work upon. What I always do is make a list of interesting ideas from all the pitches and what I can contribute (from skills point of view) in that idea to turn it into a successful product.

Finally, I decide to select the idea which has

  1. a) Tremendous potential impact and business value (and not just social value or glamor created by the pitch itself)
  2. b) Which is almost new and not worked upon already by the pitch-maker. This will expose you with many new aspects of the product and also, will give you a sense of ownership.

In my first SW, I went for a not-for-profit social product which is still very close to my heart but it could not convince judges especially business aspect of it. It is kind of funny when our business model is the only aspect which gets scrutinized in the final presentation for a product which was not-for-profit. But the fact of the matter is, in order for anything to be successful, it should have a strong business proposition. However, this becomes extremely difficult job to come with one for social ventures. Hence, it’s ok to go for slightly conservative ideas where you can attach an already proved business model.

Honesty with mentors

Mentors are not there to validate your ideas. Stop selling your ideas to them. This is the most general tendency I have seen in other teams. The best way is to treat mentors as your team. Pitch them your idea, ask for their inputs on what is good and what could be improved. The best thing about SW is that the mentors are (at least, 90 percent of them) very experienced with products and so, they are exceptional in asking the right questions and sometimes, even in answering them. And have someone in your team to note all the points which you discuss so that you can prepare for final Q&A round from this set of questions.

 Keep up your enthusiasm

One more thing I have observed is teams lose out on initial excitement and enthusiasm after the first day. That affects the quality of work. It just becomes a competition, a competition of perception of the products and not the product itself. The reality becomes clear directly in the final presentations. (Well, that is also a perception but its perception based on actual work) So, don’t fall in that trap of competition because each team’s approach and stress on various aspects of the product will be different, it’s the end result that matters.

 Do something concrete, quick prototyping

I have seen so many great presentations, great individuals, great teams fail in SW because they didn’t have anything working. All they had is a plan. I also take this opportunity to say that if you don’t build a prototype, your probability of winning goes down by about at least 50 percent. I was fortunate that I had two very talented developers in my team who stayed up all night and finished the prototype in one night. That is the spirit of Startup Weekend. So, pick a developer or at least somebody with wire-framing skills in your team and an urge to do extra ordinary things in extremely less time. Otherwise, it’s going to be an uphill task to win this competition.

 Close as many hypothesis-proof-conclusion cycles as possible

Building something is important, but in parallel, you need to ask all the fundamental questions about the product and its market. Those questions are brilliantly articulated by Startup Weekend team. Answer all of them using some facts or proofs. Those proofs could either be in form of customer validation (surveys or personal interviews) or actual data. Use reliable sources before quoting something. I also recommend taking a deep dive and going through 2-3 relevant research papers (We went through at least five of them). The main reason is you should be able to write what is our hypothesis about what should work, why it should work and then prove it. This kind of structured thinking will help you all your life if you decide to work on products professionally in future.

Customer validation: Half the battle won

What better than customers wanting to use your product before you even build it. We were lucky that we had two clients already ready to tie up with us when we were finished with the prototype. But its not that simple. We almost spent a day in finalizing the core and our market and direct customers. To be very honest, we finalized on the core of our product in late Saturday evening, when most of other teams had started preparing final presentations on Sunday evening. After that, overnight we developed a prototype and went to customers on Sunday morning and generally when they see actual working product, they can actually validate your product.

Take lead and identify traits of team members as fast as possible and distribute the work

As you must have realized by now, making a full android app, going through 5-6 research papers, meeting 50+ potential end users, meeting 10+ potential clients and collecting data and figures etc. is not a work of one extraordinary team member, it’s a team effort. Use team efficiently by division of work. Identify or ask team members what they are good at and which aspect would they like to work on and then clearly make division of work. Also, remember, a wise Guru once said “No one likes to be managed but every one longs to be involved.” Involve all, give them responsibilities and you will see at the end of 72 hours, you would do something magnificent.

 Network with people any way, genuinely

Yes, you are there for a competition. Yes, you have loads of work to complete. But networking and helping other participants is also very important. I remember sharing my past research paper on market analysis to a competing team since they were working on the similar product. We still are in contact because that action was bona-fide and I also remember helping couple of other teams with positioning and product. Also, I had good talks with people from different spheres of life in SW and that became very important part of my learning. And yes, at the beginning it’s very very awkward.

Do not under estimate final presentations – do something unique

Presentations are not everything but if you don’t present good, it will blur all your efforts. So, prepare hard for presentations from Sunday morning. And try to be different, unique. In our case, we were the least impressive speakers among all other teams. However, I did read somewhere that a good presentation is when you know when to modulate your pitch and not to be consistent. That will bore the hell out of audience and none of us very capable of changing pitches. However, we figured out that all three of us had different voice pitch. So, in the final presentations, all three of us presented in a round robin fashion and I think we did pretty good job. We also placed funny images and gifs in between to keep the audience attentive while not overdoing it too. You can do something more unique and get some cherry points for the presentation efforts.

Generally pre worked ideas do not work

I might be slightly inexperienced to make this conclusion but I have not seen pre worked ideas winning this competition. This may be because it generally becomes one man show or teams generally become too much aggressive to defend some aspects because they have worked a lot on them.

For my first SW event, I pitched something which I worked on for more than 3 months and I failed miserably because I could not complete what all things I needed to say in one minute. So, for the second time, I had an idea but I didn’t go very deep into it, just prepared for the pitch for half a day. Though while pitching it was rejected, I found a team with a similar idea, joined that team, and worked on an amalgamated version of our ideas.

 Don’t be selfish

Yes, you have come for a competition. Yes, you want to learn everything. But, you also need to understand that there are team members who might have just joined the team to learn few things. Help them, teach them, show them how it’s done, involve them and I am sure they will never forget you for rest of their lives.

So in conclusion, irrespective of who wins the competition, you get following things out of SW:

  • You learn life in less than 72 hours: The more problems you solve, the more things you will achieve
  • You get incredible opportunities: You may get startup offers or you may get opportunity to continue work on same idea with same team after the competition in the actual world. This can be your entry point to startup ecosystem.
  • Confidence and feel good factor: At the end of third day, you will feel that you are much confident after this experience and you will feel good about yourself and your decision to join the event.
  • You will have one more adventure for rest of your life to tell it to your grand kids

So, in conclusion, the point when you decide to come for Startup Weekend, you are giving yourself an opportunity to change your life forever.

Authored by

Pawan Sevak

Startup Weekend Hyderabad
November 20th, 2015

Prizes for Startup Weekend Hyderabad – FinTech Edition

1. IBM Bluemix

• 1st Prize Winner: Free license valid for 1 year

• Participants: Free license valid for 30 days

2. 91 Spring Board

• 1st Prize Winner: Coworking pack with 100% fee waiver for a month’s duration. Three one-on-one mentor sessions of choice with the hub’s expert mentors. (Limited to a 3 member winning team).

3. Ozonetel Systems Pvt Ltd

• 1st Prize Winner: KooKoo Gold ports (5) for six months, worth Rs. 60,000

Participants: Each team will win KooKoo Silver Egg account, free for 3 months, worth Rs. 7,500. Also, the CPBX One India plan free for 3 months, worth Rs. 4,500. With CPBX you can build a startup in a weekend and get a business phone system for your startup!

4. Stunnly

• 1st Prize Winner: One minute explainer video worth $249

5. August Fest

• 1st Prize Winner: The Winning Team (3 Team Members) from each city will get Complimentary Tickets to The August Fest 2015 – India’s Largest Startup Conference. Complimentary demo pod at The August Fest if product is related to Internet of Things/Wearable/Healthcare Tech.

• 2nd Prize Winner: Complimentary demo pod at The August Fest if product is related to Internet of Things/Wearable/Healthcare Tech.

• 3rd Prize Winner: Complimentary demo pod at The August Fest if product is related to Internet of Things/Wearable/Healthcare Tech.

Special discounted delegate passes to The August Fest 2015 for the SW India Alumni. All paid trip to the winning team The August Fest – India’s Largest Startup Conference, to only One Winning Team (2 Team Members) chosen from all the Startup Weekends happening across India before August 2015.

6. Cloudboost

• 1st Prize Winner: $500 free credit

• 2nd Prize Winner: $350 free credit

• 3rd Prize Winner: $200 free credit

• Participants: $100 free credit per team

7. Startup Studio

• 1st Prize Winner: Introduce to Federal Bank team for winners and help through Startup Studio Acceleration Program.

8. Amazon credit

Participants: $100 for all participants

9. Google Cloud credit

• Participants: $300 for all participants

10. .Co

• Participants: Free domain name subscription for 12 months

Beauty of Finovation !

Kumar, a farmer, living in Eastern Maharashtra sits on a rattling, crowded bus, halfway through his 10 hour journey to the city. He clutches a black strapped bag close to his chest as he is jostled into the corner seat. He knows the dangers of traveling like this, only last month he had seen a man frantically searching under the seats for his bag that had contained all the money he had saved that month. Kumar’s children have gone to the city to pursue their higher education, and perhaps eventually, look for employment there. Every month, he takes a 10 hour bus ride to the city to give them money in the form of hard cash. As a farmer, at a transactional level, Kumar only deals with crops and hard cash. Unlike urban populations, the nearest bank for him is 2 hours away, and even if he could’ve managed that, his cash flow is unpredictable. There are months where he barely makes ends meet, the rest of the time, the money feels safer under his bed than in some far away bank. There are other challenges too: the local money lenders can’t be trusted with cash; his neighbour learnt that the hard way, travelling for 10 hours with loose money in his hand was also a perilous choice, but at least he is in constant vigilance over his saved money.

Kumar is not alone. Thousands of Indians face this quandary on a regular basis, financial security and protection are luxuries that they can only dream of. But what if they could be provided these ‘luxuries’? The answer to that question is no longer hypothetical, because “Fintech” companies like BankingUp are providing services specifically tailored to address concerns like Kumar’s. While BankingUp is limited to the US, its concept is something that could transcend geographical boundaries. BankingUp for example strives to provide lower sections of society (Particularly those without access to a bank account or a credit card) who live in ‘high fraud environments’ the ability to send and receive money electronically, safely.

So what is ‘Fintech’? Fintech – Finance + Technology, is the newest, fast growing business line in the ecommerce space. Indian Fintech start-ups include Policybazaar, Milaap, Jocap and Bankbazaar. More traditional ones include the big powerhouses like Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant. Fintech companies look to change the game in the financial world, it is because of Fintech companies, that we no longer have to travel to the bank to transfer money between accounts or that we can deal with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Fintech industry has the potential to be hugely disruptive and will affect the way society fundamentally deals with transactions and financial mechanisms, that is why global investment in the space has more than tripled between the years 2008 to 2013, from nearly $1 Billion to $4 Billion. It’s projected to grow to more than $8 Billion by 2018. Fintech start-ups are already affecting the financial business. Take for example Pindrop, a company that uses software to detect call centre fraud or Lenddo, a company that allows for underwriting small loans; these companies are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with their finances and the market. The Fintech industry is shifting gear and this year already, Australia opened a Fintech Hub for Southeast Asia in Sydney, while a Fintech lab is being launched in Hong Kong to incubate new Financial Technologies from the region.

The Financial Industry is ripe for a disruptive innovation and Fintech start-ups are the next big thing. Can you get your idea out there?

Anirudh Valluri

Prizes for Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad | Feb 6-8 @ Progress

Prizes for Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad:

Thanks to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, .Co, UPTech Idea Labs, OzoneTel and SERVCORP!

Google Cloud Platform: Offers developers $300 in credit to build their web or mobile apps. Visit to get started and receive credits.

Amazon Web Services: You can redeem $100 in AWS credit! The code will be given during the event and will be valid only over the weekend, make sure you redeem it before sunday night.

.Co offers a free domain name subscription for 12 months. The offer can be claimed at The code will be given at the event and will only be active until the first Thursday following your event. A list of FAQs associated with the .CO offer can be found here: Reach out to if you have any questions.

UPTech Idea Labs

Incubating the winning teams for 12/6/3 months and providing expert technology guidance and mentoring, technical resources, office space, and help in finding talent.


KooKoo is the simplest and easiest way to build telecom applications IVRs, office PBX and outbound campaigns.You name it.You build it. is generously offering KooKoo Goldenports(5) for 6 months, a 60,000 value to the winners. We will also be able to offer all teams a KooKoo Silver Egg account, free for 3 months (worth Rs. 7,500) and the CPBX One India plan free for 3 months (worth Rs. 4,500)! With CPBX, you can build a startup in a weekend and get a business phone system for your startup!

A big thanks to KooKoo and OzoneTel for sponsoring these resources!


The top 3 winners are offered the following (Worth INR 33,000)

1.     Virtual office for 6 months complimentary (rent free period)

2.     3 hours of BL usage every day

3.     5 hours meeting room usage (worth INR 18,000) complimentary for first 6 months


3 months shared office (full time business lounge, 9 hours (cubicle space in shared zone) with a dedicated phone number and address for their new company)

All the other participants can avail a one month free virtual offer (worth INR 5,500)

Startups battling it out at Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad! 59 Participants, 32 pitches, top 10 ideas!

59 Participants, 32 pitches, top 10 ideas
Hyderabad’s first Startup Weekend Education draws to a close!
Hyderabad’s first Startup Weekend Education event opened on 6th Feb with 59 participants from diverse backgrounds. The event is focused on 54 hours of creative chaos and is aimed at launching startups that solve a problem in India’s education industry.
Hosted by Progress, the city’s fast growing tech company, the event has teachers, aspiring edupreneurs, hackers, programmers, students, designers and business guys- creating a perfect space for conversations, brainstorming and collaborations to happen.
Yesterday’s highlight was Naveen, a 2013 Startup Weekend alumni presenting the journey of his company, He spoke about still working with his 2 co founders, people he met at the Startup event. He also shared insights on sticking together as a team, different kinds of schools in the city and taking decisions on pivoting.
These are the 10 teams that are in the fray:
1. Colour me Black
Hardware intelligence for the visually impaired, currently confined to geometrical ideas.
2. Q Assess
They recognize that teachers are often overburdened with assessment work. They the team aims to create an assessment portal for each unit and create pictorial analytical reports for each kid and send to parents and teachers. Therefore, creating qualitative assessments.
3. With Flying Colours
Their focus areas are eLearing, courses with reviewing and incentives.
4. Knowledge Quest
They work on student resources and teacher resources. Murthy, a government school teacher who has been teaching mathematics for 25 years now is a participant at the event and the idea generator. He says, “this was the first time Hyderabad had an education event. I wanted to share my challenges with a peer group and share my views on grassroots challenges that are different from urban schools, which is different. This is what made me apply.” Murthy is also an idea generator and his idea got voted up. He has excited about that. He says, ” I am always teaching, but now I am learning”
Simplifying educational operations.
6. Future Ready Kids (Smart Projects)
Smart projects for kids(5th to 8th grade) to work on their own.
7. Project Prefix
Project Prefix aims to make the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant simpler and Gen Y friendly by embracing technology to provide effective training, 24×7 technical assistance and advisory support for all matters right from the process of registration to articleship training.
8. Moms for Mom
Bridging gaps between Students, teachers and parents. Their tagline is, “helping moms with  the right info at the right time. Seema, a mother with 10 years experience in technology and now an aspiring entrepreneur says, “As a mother I have a good understanding with my child. But when I see a mother and student child there is gap. Once, I was called into a school for a meeting and was told my child has a back log. I was not aware of this it all. Most dads are busy and not engaged in the growing years of the child. A mom in India might face challenges like filling in applications and documentation. My idea is about how moms collaborate”. Seema is also an idea generator whose idea got voted up.
9. Edumaan
An initiative in Navi Mumbai to promote Skill Development (Retail,
IT/ITES, BFSI, Telecom, Security, Spoken English), helping the Urban Poor
individual/ community to be employable, earn respect in the society.
EduMaan’s USP is paying in kind eg., Community Activities(Swach Bharat
Abhiyaan) etc. It is a brainchild of Smedha Sarkar, an engineer, who has
been a TeachIndia Navi Mumbai Skilling for Employability Fellow. She says, “I see that there is so much value locked in the youth. If properly
channelised, the young energy can be used not only for the development in
education but also for Nation building.”
10. Happiversity
Their tagline is, “making learning fun.” They aim to bring a revolution in the way one pursues his or her passion in the form of interactive 2 hour power-play learning sessions. We believe that the best way to learn is when there is a physical interaction in a live classroom with an awesome coach.
The enthusiasm is infectious and the energy is palpable. We’re super excited to see where these 10 ideas go from here. Watch out for the next blog post!

Startup Weekend Testimonials: Here's what some of our previous winners have to say!

Testimonials SW - Copy

The countdown has begun…less than 72 hours to go for India’s third Startup Weekend Education!

In the meantime, have a look at what some of our past Startup Weekend winners have to say!

“I was feeling very great to take part in Startup Weekend Hyderabad. We came in with an empty mind and gained a lot more than we anticipated for our startup!

I remember that we brainstormed a lot while considering the great inputs poured in by our mentors. Finally on Sunday night we were declared winners after our efforts and output were taken into consideration. It was an enthralling experience! Startup Weekend is a great platform to showcase our ideas and improve them further.”

-Pavan Kusuma, Startup Weekend Hyderabad Winner

“I really relished the experience I had at Startup Weekend Education in Bangalore. The whole process was brilliant. We had an amazing set of mentors who ensured that we moved from vague and idealistic goals to realistic and concrete goals. At the end of less than two and half days we had a very good feel for the whole process. This is a must for anyone even remotely considering starting up!”

-Haricharan, Startup Weekend Education Bangalore, winner

“Startup Weekend helped us collaborate with the best talents across different industries, validate our idea with target consumers and most importantly, provide us a platform to start up. I’m currently pursuing an idea which I pitched at Startup Weekend Education and some of the learnings I had there are still very relevant.”

-Saahil Narang, Startup Weekend Education Bangalore, winner

“My friend pitched an idea which we worked on before the event and I pitched an idea which I randomly thought of on the spot. Surprisingly, the latter idea got pitched instead of the former. Startup Weekend is the only platform where we can meet people across all age groups who come together to build their dream ideas over a weekend. It was a great experience to meet and communicate with people from different fields and understand what they were working on. We won the Startup Weekend. All credit goes to mentors. Our talks with mentors made us understand the real problems in the market and we molded our core idea according to that. The best part of this event is its unique environment- where everyone tries their best to get their product out in 54 hours!”

-Vasu T, Startup Weekend Hyderabad winner

If you haven’t registered yet, do so at!

See you there!

Press Release: Hyderabad's first Startup Weekend Education!

The previous Startup Weekend Hyderabad

Startup Weekend:

Startup Weekend is a non-profit, community-building event that brings together entrepreneurs of different backgrounds, including software developers, marketers, designers, and other enthusiasts. They gather to to pitch ideas, form teams and start companies in just 54 hours. The participants that attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch (optional), the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas, and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges and potential investors.

In the past 3 years, 500+ startups have started and 15,000+ entrepreneurs have been inspired by Startup Weekend. Teams have even started to generate revenue during the 54 hours event, and others have gone further ahead to raise funds from Business Angels or Venture Capitalists. None of these numbers take into account the networking, on-going professional relationships and amazing experience that takes place at every event. True to our motto, Startup Weekend is all about “Build Community. Start Companies. No Talk. All Action.”

Startup Weekend Education:

It is a 54 hour event that puts aspiring entrepreneurs in direct contact with the sharpest business coaches, mentors, investors and panel of judges in the Education Industry. It is specifically for participants who have a potential business idea that can solve a problem in India’s education sector. However, one could also be a collaborator – with skills in technology, hacking, business development, strategy, branding – all the skills that a start up needs or a teacher, NGO worker, parent, student, a tech geek or an idea freak!

SW Education ( aims at leveraging entrepreneurship to improve education. It brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, classroom teachers, artists and any person who has an idea to solve a problem in India’s Education Sector.

Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad:

This is the 1st Startup Weekend Education ( in Hyderabad and the third in India. The previous Startup Weekend Education held in Bangalore (August 2014) saw a staggeringly high turnout of 100+ participants. Bangalore’s Startup Weekend Education Event’s highlight was its diversity. Out of all the participants – 60% of them were educators, 20% Business brains, 10% developers, 10% coders.

The three day networking event witnesses the best minds in the startup ecosystem brain-storming for 54 hours and at the end of it walking out with a fully planned startup idea. Startup Weekend Education is a perfect platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to showcase, launch their ideas and compete on a global level. To further fuel the excitement, Progress has agreed to be an amazing host and agreed to sponsor the venue.

With an expected crowd of 100 or so attendees with a mix of hustlers, hackers and designers, 60 odd ideas pitched and around 15 ideas are then voted as the best pitches. A team is formed around each idea with the person pitching the idea as their team leader, these teams struggle, hustle and work for a marathon 54 hours to finally pitch their startups to the judges on Sunday evening.

Startup Weekend as part of Hyderabad Hackers( and along with the support of Telangana Government aims to improve the Hyderabad start up ecosystem.

Some startups that have been born in SWHyd:

StoryXpress – Founded by IIT-Hyd students, an app where one can simply upload pictures, videos and words in a chronological order so that it makes a story and the app will publish it in the form of a video.

Kaddy – Founded by alumni of IIT-Hyd, it is a data analytics company focused on education, technology enables stakeholders in education to make informed decisions and a lot more.

PratyEk – It is a web platform that allows individuals to add value through volunteering for the initiatives of NGOs’ across the country in their free time, in a non-disruptive manner.

BollyStock– BollyStock is a platform that allows people to buy “stock” in Bollywood actors and actresses. It works similar to a stock exchange but trades are made through virtual money.

Event Date and Time:

07:00 PM 6th February 2015 – 09:00 PM 8th February 2015

Event Venue:

PROGRESS (Google Maps Link)

Event Details:

Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad

Mentors and Judges:

To name a few esteemed mentors we have,

  • Prasanna Boni – COO/ Co-founder at Edutor Technologies, Hyderabad
  • Pramod Ponnaluri- Co-Founder at kitki, Hyderabad
  • Pankaj Diwan- Managing Director at UPTEC IDEALABS LIMITED, Hyderabad
  • Manish Kumar- ‎Co-Founder & Country Director at SEED Edu Corp, Hyderabad
  • Sowmya Velayudham – Director, Business Development, Gray Matters India
  • Subba Raju Pericherla – Founder & CEO at CrossBorders
  • Raju Vanapala – Founder & CEO,

Our Judges are

  • Ramesh Loganathan – ‎VP (Products) & Center Head, Progress – Hyderabad Labs
  • Karthik Rapaka – City Director, Teach for India- Hyderabad operations
  • Srinivas Kollipara – Chief Operating Officer, IIIT-H Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Mayur Patnala – Co-Founder & Chief Functionary, Nirmaan Organization

Event Sponsors:

Uptec IdeaLabs, Progress, CIE-IIIT(H) Foundation, SERVCORPOzonetel Systems, dabblr, Educators Collective, Sciensation, UnLtd Hyderabad, TiE, Startup Saturday, Hyderabad Hackers, Startup Hyderabad, Teach for India (Partners)




SWEARLYBIRD – 30% off until Jan 27, 11.59 P.M.

SWDES– 30% discount for designers

STUDENT – 50% off for students, registration can be as a Business Professional or Hacker.

SWWOMEN – 30% off for women entrepreneurs, registration can be as an Educator, Hacker, Designer or for Sunday night demos


The registration includes all 7 meals across three days.


Thanks to UPTech Idea Labs, OzoneTel and SERVCORP!

UPTech Idea Labs

Incubating the winning teams for 12/6/3 months and providing expert technology guidance and mentoring, technical resources, office space, and help in finding talent.


KooKoo is the simplest and easiest way to build telecom applications IVRs, office PBX and outbound campaigns.You name it.You build it. is generously offering KooKoo Goldenports(5) for 6 months, a 60,000 value to the winners. We will also be able to offer all teams a KooKoo Silver Egg account, free for 3 months (worth Rs. 7,500) and the CPBX One India plan free for 3 months (worth Rs. 4,500)! With CPBX, you can build a startup in a weekend and get a business phone system for your startup!

A big thanks to KooKoo and OzoneTel for sponsoring these resources!


The top 3 winners are offered the following (Worth INR 33,000)

1.     Virtual office for 6 months complimentary (rent free period)

2.     3 hours of BL usage every day

3.     5 hours meeting room usage (worth INR 18,000) complimentary for first 6 months


3 months shared office (full time business lounge, 9 hours (cubicle space in shared zone) with a dedicated phone number and address for their new company)

All the other participants can avail a one month free virtual offer (worth INR 5,500)

Queries: | +914030512888

Follow us:


Prizes for Startup Weekend Hyderabad – GSB Nov 21 – 23


1st Prize winner – KooKoo GoldPorts (5) for 6 months, worth Rs. 60,000!

Participants – Each team will win KooKoo Silver Egg account, free for 3 months, worth Rs. 7,500. Also, the CPBX One India plan free for 3 months, worth Rs. 4,500. With CPBX you can build a startup in a weekend and get a business phone system for your startup!


Participants – Get a free .co domain for 12 months along with basic DNS management (or) Register your .co domain free for 15 days and then pay $5/month for domain, website and email service together.

Shoot order

1st Winner: SEO services for 6 months

2nd winner: SEO services for 4 months

3rd Winner: SEO services for 2 months


1st winner: 60 second explainer video worth $199 (12,000/-)

Uptec Idealabs

1st winner: Incubating the winning team for 12 months and providing expert technology guidance and mentoring, technical resources, office space, and help in finding talent.

2nd winner: Incubating the winning team for 6 months and providing expert technology guidance and mentoring, technical resources, office space, and help in finding talent.

3rd winner: Incubating the winning team for 3 months and providing expert technology guidance and mentoring, technical resources, office space, and help in finding talent.

UnLtd Hyderabad

free 2 hour coaching session to the best social venture/idea, annual invitation and access to our events including peer to peer learning and CSR workshops with government and corporate representatives as well as an invitation to an exclusive social venture startup oriented workshop.


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Startups battling at Startup Weekend Hyderabad Nov 21 -23


Our three member team is combination of management, design and web/android development skills.We are developing a platform exclusively for doctors where they can discuss critical cases with doctors of the same specialisation, receive customised updates on medical developments and also report errors anonymously.

2.One Stop Shop

Aggregator service for super markets


Sports oriented mobile social network


Follow.Me! is GPS based app designed for the people who cares elder people or parents, who are not familier with smart phones, sends a route map from your mobile to parents mobile and track their position, whether they are going in a correct way or not.


Search systems for resumes

6.Venture Needs

Online social platform for sounders

7.Auto Chalte Kya

To organize Auto systems and to help the common people to get there travel with 

8.We HQA

Artificial assistant support for company


Baby care center for your bills

10.Fab Boutique

Get local botiques online


Answering Question get a recharge


we do offer all construction related services and also review, suggest, supply building materials .we act as a platform between suppliers and service seekers in construction industry.we sell,serve,supply,suggest on construction services and construction materials.

 14. Smart Bin

How many of us actually think about carbon foot print? How about to monitor your waste bins at home? Did we ever wonder what we are doing to our environment? We have a solution and they are called SMART BINS
It’s a smart waste bin that helps to monitor the food waste generated by us every day. Each Kilogram of the food we waste generates 0.72 kg of methane gas, which is the green emission gas.

My Entrepreneurial Weekend


Sai Kiran, Campus dabbler, Vidya Jyothi Insitute of Technology, Hyderabad

Wow! Where should I start this? I should accept the fact that this was one of the most fabulous weekends I had since ages. Can you guess the time we took to create a prototype for a start-up? We did in 52 hours!So this is how this goes….

Day-1: I reached ISB after the college around 6 P.M. Though I attended ISB before for other events there always that energy you can feel in the campus. I felt the same this time too. The warm people and fabulous food are the incentives you get apart from those informative workshops. A funny event that happened with me before the event began was, I accidentally met a 50 or so aged person and asked him whether he was a professor after some general chat because he looked a lot like one. And, he replied “I am the director here at ISB!” And I was like, “Oh, gosh…”. There were some amazing people and I started to doubt myself if I really belonged here because I could hardly find any student around. All were professionals working in MNCs.

We were given formal introductions and people with ideas were given a chance to pitch their ideas. I got into a group of a current ISB student. Our group had a couple of designers from Ahmedabad, Three programmers (including me),Two MBAs and one from ISB and one from BITS-Pilani. I absolutely loved the idea and got into the team. As Sheryl Sandberg said, “If you are getting a free ride to space, you gotta just get on irrespective of the position.” We stayed in the campus brain-storming the ideas and trying to make the idea better.

Day-2: While the designers were busy pouring on their creativity on the paper and the MBAs busy with strategic planning, we coders were trying to get our bossy CEO(The ISBian) what he wanted, a working prototype of the idea.

We were almost done with the idea except for some tiny issues which were to be polished the next day. The dinner was on our CEO and we had some amazing food and stayed late again for making up the strategy better and making the prototype better. As our CEO said, ISB treats you like Kings and Queens with their amazing hospitality and fabulous food. The student village was indeed off the top. Beautiful rooms, cleanliness and what not… simply speaking, world-class. PERIOD

Day-3: One of our programmers couldn’t make it, because guess what, he too is an entrepreneur and had some issues going on with his product. The minor issues with the prototype were verified and the bugs were debugged. Customer validation was done by the MBAs and our idea really looked promising. I really felt we had chance to win this thing. It was time to present our idea in front of an elite panel. When were done with all of that, winners were announced and we were not the one. We moved into the ISBian room. Me being an introvert didn’t join their party but was just having a good time laughing to the jokes they cracked. We had a long chat varying from academics to social issues and guess what, it turns out our bossy CEO and one of the designers are poets too(I never saw that coming)! They started to share and review their work. We got a free tour of ISB and I saw people all around, playing football at 1:00 in the morning. Ufff…I don’t understand when they sleep.

To conclude this, I really had some great time meeting some great enthusiastic people ranging from architects, MBAs, designers, doctors and other software professionals.