Old Products can be Taught New Tricks

Startups can even spring up around old products. Such is the case of Gigmark Interactive Media.

Gigmark Interactive Media took a slightly different path in a tech industry ruled by smartphone apps and social networks. Choosing to push the possibly outdated flash drive to the next level. Which may have seemed like a bad idea, but their sales hit $10 Million in 2011.

What makes Gigmark Interactive unique is the fact their flash drive is interactive. They’ve created an interactive flash drive that is connected to online content management and analytics reporting system. What this does is allow users and businesses to update content on the device no matter who is using it or where it is. One of Gigmark’s clients chose to use the Gigmark drive to replace paper catalogues, and allow their clients to place orders directly via the drive’s built in app. Creating an effective, interactive marketing device.

You can read the full article on Gigmark’s product on Entrepreneur.

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