A Demon called Organizing

A long long ago (around a month ago), the entrepreneurship Gods came to the earth to tell us that we have to organize a startup weekend in Aurangabad. Those who were present went berserk, to say the least! They were happy that change will begin, that the idea-fairies will come and people will fly away with them. It was raining enthusiasm in the lands of Marathwada. Little did the people know that there was a demon waiting their arrival, the demon called Organizing. This demon was known to create havoc when a community decided to do something great. This demon was against change and therefore he attacked a small group of students who were drenched in the rains of enthusiasm. As is the case with rains in Marathwada, they stop! Thus enthusiasm stopped and the heat and humid of dread attacked. The demon had started making an army of Drear, Stigma, Attendance, Money and the Gods of entrepreneurship had no tools left for the small group of students to fight this war except one, the swords of willpower.

The war broke out and the small group of students stationed themselves into bootcamps. These were the safe places where they could shield themselves from the enemy and create an army of their own. They realized that the entrepreneurship Gods needed their help and they were willing to put everything in line for they believed. They believed in the power of entrepreneurship and the swords of willpower. They started distributing these swords. But the demon was cunning! He asked Money to attack the bootcamps. Money had access to everyone! Money became big, the group of students cut him in half. They started reducing the influence of Money and they managed to slowly but steadily recruited an army of 57. They now had two armies. One army, army of The Students, will attack the demon of Organizing and reduce his power. The other army, army of Startups, will use the swords of willpower to try and bring about change. The demon of Organizing keeps increasing his power by influencing people in the community and breaking them. He positions his army in such a way that the paths of The Students is blocked.

The group of students have fought valiantly, the power of the demon of Organizing is low. He keeps coming back but they have managed to keep him at bay. Due to this achievement, the group of students are being hailed with a new name, The Organizers, those who could tame the demon of Organizing. It is now up to the army of Startups to bring about change and make the Gods of entrepreneurship powerful again. The war is still being fought, today the community sent Mentors who would study the strategies of the army and help them with some firepower of execution, design and finance. It seems that the war will end tomorrow. Come around to see who wins!

Begin again!


STARTUP WEEKEND AURANGABAD August 2017 kicked off with a big start!

At the onset of the first day of the second edition of Startup Weekend Aurangabad, Startup Aurangabad family was geared up for the new beginnings!

The first day has brought some splendid experiences in the basket of this Startup Weekend Aurangabad community.

Started with hustle and bustle of ideas, the day witnessed vivacious spirits of the ‘would be’ entrepreneurs. For ‘being’ in a network, one has to map up and ‘build’ the strong network. And that is how the networking has really made these participants look into others mind and this is where you complete your major task! This was followed by fun ice breaker and pitching.

Planning and building the entrepreneurial edifice is cumbersome as well as fun task. It’s like the Pandora’s Box where we are uncertain about the upcoming things. But the vivid difference is that we become way clear about the things which have to be worked as a solution. And by looking at the start of this event, we can clearly decipher the mysteries of this box.

Blend of amateur, evolved, confused, excited minds and collection of ‘Oh shit!’ and ‘Eureka!’ experiences would balance this voyage like no one has ever experienced before!

August 2017
Startup Weekend Aurangabad
Day 1
keep Ideating!
Day 1
Pitching session-Day 1
August 2017
SW Aurangabad
Day 1
Organizing team

Is Participating in Start-up Weekend Varanasi worthwhile?

Being in a start-up, it’s a rough road, filled with nibbling obstacles, your bones hurt, your mind is tired and every single part of your conscious tells you to quit but the one to pass all these hurdles is amidst the one in the hall of fame.
The hardest part of starting up is starting out. And the ideal platform for your startup magic to happen would be Startup Weekend. “Startup Weekend is a 54- hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new
startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening”. Well, that is how Wikipedia briefs about the Startup Weekend. Read on to know our version.
In those thrilling 54 hours, you will experience every nuance of bringing up a business model, every high and low and every bit of pressure to be handled to begin a startup. What all do you think will be the benefits of being a part of this “magical platform”? Let us walk through!
There are some pretty smart people out there!
The most important advantage of participating in such an event is you get to connect yourself with a lot of people. You get to meet and get personalized mentorship from founders and co-founders of various ventures, and successful entrepreneurs. Who knows you might even end up meeting the investor or
co-founder of your startup!
You get to know where you belong in just three days!
This event will be the right platform to judge your position on the path to become a successful entrepreneur. You will leave the place knowing the next steps to take on your road to the sunshine!
Just 3 days?
The experience of creating something new in just three days will help you realize how much is possible with limited time and resources. The compressed time frame drives action and puts the focus on building, measuring and learning, unlike a typical brainstorming session or planning meeting.
That’s pretty much it! But will these explanations suffice? Are these enough to bring you to the arena? We don’t think so. Let’s discuss two companies which didn’t exist till a Friday evening but got onto the list of startups just two days later.
Divshot, a team that came together at Startup Weekend Kansas City, built a prototype in its first 48 hours of existence, three months later it went on to win a Los Angeles pitch competition. The next month, it entered San Monica startup accelerator Launchpad LA. As soon as graduating from the accelerator,
it announced it closed a $1.1 million seed round. Boasting more than 40,000 users, Divshot is an interface builder for web apps that allows users to drag and drop components onto a canvas and export. It could be called the cleanest HTML and CSS users have ever seen. This is a satisfying, isn’t it?
Let’s just have one more!
Four strangers meet at Startup Weekend Phoenix, go through Arizona State University’s first Rapid Startup School class, and launch an app – FindMyTrain. Adam Mann is a Phoenix designer who has done work for Seed Spot, Urban Beans and Sit Stay. Of the 51 ideas pitched, his idea was voted to the top 10. A team
formulated around FindMyTrain – an app that tells when to expect the next Valley Metro light rail train and the team secured the second position in the end. Today, FindMyTrain is a product, and it has launched. You can download it from the App Store for $1.99.
Elaborated enough, we think this will be sufficient to see you as a participant in our event – Startup Weekend Varanasi scheduled from August 25th to August 27th, 2017.
Get ready to write your name in the hall of fame.

Vetri Selvan

“I’m the one who knocks.”

Mark Twain once said, “Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together.” 

Kashi, the spiritual capital of India and the “City of Moksha,” is a place on the banks of the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh state where the golden orb sinks beyond the silver horizon. It is a major religious hub in India.

Ghats here can please your heart and placate your mind. It is the holiest place where you can find the aggregation of diverse religions just separated by a wall- a Mosque and the Vishwanath Temple. The fort on the other bank- Ramnagar Fort, BHU – a legacy that is standing even after a century, hand-woven Banaras Silk, the famous “Paan” and the list continues…

“Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit.” – Aristotle

Are you one of the budding entrepreneurs out there waiting to grab an opportunity to turn your ideas into reality? Then here comes the most incredible opportunity- The Google Start-up Weekend, Varanasi Edition – an initiative by Google For Entrepreneurs where all the young and creative minds will be provided a platform to get close to their start-up dream. This 54 hours (3 Days) boot camp will give you a chance to meet a group of diverse people, holding an expertise in their respective fields, who will be ready to help you out, clear your doubts, show you the most effective way for opening a start-up and will help to build your business from scratch. It is one thing to keep looking for opportunities, and quite another to make use of it at the most opportunate moment for we know time is of the essence. These group of diverse people consists of the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors who will be ready to help the young minds to cradle into something phenomenal. It will be quite an enriching experience to meet and get to learn from these best minds in the country. It’s a golden opportunity to start building your networking right from now. A chance to create something on your own, and we’ll ensure that the process is hassle free. From food to various goodies and merchandise, it’s all arranged. You’ll see, you’ll experience, you’ll learn, and you’ll get started.

All this event needs from you is enthusiasm, zeal to get yourself ready to come up with fresh and creative ideas. It doesn’t matter even if you are just a school pass out, experienced somewhat or not, for we believe ideas are not limited to age. Creativity has no boundaries. Team or no team, it doesn’t matter, just get your ideas ready, and you are welcome. To be able to meet and be a part of consummate peers and be one among them will be an experience of a lifetime.

Get ready to muse, to devise, to share, to present all your top-drawer ideas.

And what better place is there to start-up than Banaras itself.

So, here is your chance to write your name in the hall of fame for the Varanasi Edition of Google Start-up Weekend!

-Reetik Abhishek

Time to act

I studied in VNIT Nagpur and during my time, it was decided that the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) which was supposed to be set up in Aurangabad be shifted to Nagpur. My alma mater hosts the new IIM (that too in my department!). Coming from Aurangabad, it was indeed a major setback for me as I was hoping that we get a premier educational institute in Aurangabad. I was imagining that it would have boosted the industry if such an institute was present in the city. This was a mere beginning it seems. From then till now, lots of news followed regarding companies choosing to invest in cities other than Aurangabad. For instance, Kia Motors chose Andhra Pradesh (1), LG Electronics went to Nagpur (2), Foxconn is being given land in Palghar etc. This string of setbacks was discussed by many and many expressed angst towards the leadership. It was indeed important for the city to get these projects.

I had developed a habit that when something doesn’t feel right, try to find the core of the problem.

So I thought, not having these companies was the problem.

Why was that a problem?
It was important for the city.

Why was it important for the city?
Because Aurangabad is heavily dependent on its industry. The industry gives jobs to the people of Aurangabad. Many people from Marathwada come to Aurangabad for these jobs so that they can earn a living.

It all seems logical till now except, whenever anyone has a problem, they act in some way by which they feel the problem might be solved. What I and many others did as a part of this act was to blame the leadership. This was done in hope that the leadership would recognize their failure and act upon it.

It is very clear that creation of jobs and developing the economy is the major concern. That is the root of the frustration. To blame the leadership for not acting and hoping that things will work out is a very dormant way of solving the problem. It implies more of avoiding the responsibility of creating jobs and blaming the leadership for being inactive when we ourselves are inactive! I asked myself, what have I done to solve this problem? I did not have an answer. If we the people of Aurangabad really care about the development, it is our duty to stand up and start walking. Why can’t we create businesses which then create jobs? Silicon Valley is famous not because the leadership worked hard for its upliftment, they might have. People created business ventures there which now rule the world in way. Come to think of it, we don’t even need Kia, LG or Foxconn. When the world sees that the people of Aurangabad and Marathwada are able enough, they will seek us automatically.

Thus, I have chosen not stay dormant anymore. Educating people on how to start and run a business is a big issue and we have chosen to work on this front. Startup Weekend Aurangabad is one such initiative and the aim is not to have the next multi-billion dollar idea. The aim is to empower people so that they run a business, however big or small and feel that they are helping the community.

थेंबे थेंबे तळे साचे.

Startup Weekend Noida – Introduction

Hello entrepreneurs,

I will not consume much of your time through this blog post. Keeping very short, I will introduce you with everything.

What is Startup Weekend ?

With events in over 400 cities and 110 countries around the world,  Startup Weekend is the world’s bigest educational movement for entrepreneurs.Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! We are on a mission to educate entrepreneurs, empower communities, and cultivate leaders around the world. We are committed to delivering the worlds premier experiential education for entrepreneurs supported by a community of amazing volunteers.

Why Startup Weekend Noida ?

To involve and evolve existing startup ecosystem in NCR, we thought of organising this event. People will come here with different startup ideas, work together and launch their startups. Along with this, you also get to connect people of similar mindset and get yourself mentors to successful entrepreneurship journey.

Organisers ?

  1. Gurpreet Singh, Founder – Escapebot
  2. Ankit Sharma, Founder – Editsoft Digital
  3. Sanjana Gupta, Founder – Woomeniya

What will happen here in Startup Weekend Noida ?

The participants that attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch (optional), the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas, and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges and potential investors.

How to book tickets to the event ?

You can book your tickets to this event here – http://www.up.co/communities/india/noida-noida-india/startup-weekend/10133

I hope this sums it up all. In case you still have any query about Startup Weekend Noida, we are glad to help you. Just shoot your emails at noida@startupweekend.org


Ankit Sharma

Organiser, Startup Weekend Noida.


What and How of Startup Weekend


It was in the summer of 2007, in Boulder, Colorado that some 70 young enthusiasts, creators and future leaders sat together driven by a common passion to create something, a startup specifically, in just 54 hours. Led by Andrew Hyde, began the journey of what would become over the course of a decade, the leading organization that both leads and is led by the creators of the world.

With their motto: “Build Community. Start Companies. No Talk. All Action”; Startup Weekend has grown into a global organization with presence in over 150 countries, and has a flourishing base of above 210,000 entrepreneurs

Startup weekend, a part of Techstars family of programs powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, essentially constitutes what is called a start-up community. It is a 54 hour weekend event during which people from a rich profusion of varying backgrounds come together to pitch ideas for new start-up companies and work to develop a prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening, principally in teams that are formed on the very first day of the event.

In addition to attendees, referred to as “Weekend Warriors”, attracts coaches, speakers, panellists as well as various sponsors and company representatives.  With presence of notable names in the local tech industry and well respected members of the local start up community, you get the privilege and opportunity to connect with people driven to build something new.


After a weekend of brainstorming and launching projects, a good share of teams keep the momentum going and work together, beyond the Startup Weekend itself, to build a fully operating start-up. Over 36% of all Startup Weekend teams still go strong after three months.  Others take with them the boot camp experience which teaches you more than what any other resource could offer. Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their teams or startups after the weekend. “Rich and diverse talent is a Startup Weekend staple”, and you get to walk away with the wealth of a newly acquired membership of a like-minded yet diverse network- like minded owing to the common passion to create, and diverse owing to the varying fields that their skills and talents environ.

Since the program having been found, 3500+ such events have been held in 150+ countries over the globe. Once you have joined a Startup Weekend, you’ll become part of a global community with over 200,000 alumni.


Amrita TBI to Host First Ever Startup Weekend in Kerala

Amrita Technology Business Incubator will host and organize the Startup Weekend Kerala from August 5-7 in Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus, Kollam. This will be the first ever Startup Weekend happening in Kerala.


Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening.

More than 60 budding entrepreneurs have already registered for the event, and the mentor list for the event includes:

  • Roger Kessinger, Founder of Kessinger Publishing LLC
  • Dr. Arun Lakhotia, Professor of Computer Science at UL Lafayette; Founder and CEO at Cythereal, LLC 
  • Sumeet Bahl, Vice President, Global Marketing & Strategy, Amrita Technologies 
  • KC Jagadeep, Managing Director, Offshorent Solutions 
  • Snehal Shetty, Vice President, Amrita Technology Business Incubator 
  • Atul Tiwari, Founder, Careerraft
  • Prashanth Reddy, Founder, StudyOwl
  • Renjith Raj, Co-Founder / CTO at SayOne Technologies 
  • Real Prad, Co-Founder / CEO at SayOne Technologies

The Judging panel for the event consists of Dr. Krishnashree Achutan, CEO of Amrita TBI and Ranjany Sundaram, Director of Amrita TBI.

The Startup Weekend event will provide the participants a real life experience of being an entrepreneur; the ups and downs they feel during the journey to success. It will also help them understand the product-market validation value and how to improvise and iterate the business accordingly.

For more details, visit www.swkollam.in.

Prizes for Startup Weekend Hyderabad – Healthcare & Analytics

Like always, the business ecosystem of Hyderabad has trusted Startup Weekend and recognized it as a way to create new growth stories around its respective businesses, products and services. We would like to announce them, while also expressing our humble gratitude.

  • TBI – BITS

For the first prize winner: TBI has agreed to provide three months of incubation services worth Rupees 1 Lakh, with mentorship. If the team succeeds in building a prototype, then it would be rewarded with a cash prize of Rupees 50,000/- and it also stands to gain further opportunities in seed funding upto INR 25 Lakhs.

  • Ozonetel

Winner: KooKoo Gold Ports (5) for Six Months, Worth Rupees 60,000/-

Participants: Each team gets a KooKoo silver egg account worth Rupees 7,500, free for three months. Also, the CloudAgent Lite One India plan free for 3 months, worth INR 4,500/-. With CloudAgent Lite you can build a startup in a weekend and get a business phone system for your startup!

  • 50kVentures

 Winner: 50k Accelerator is offering one-month Accelerator for free

  • 91Springboard

Winning Team: 2 members of the team would get an access to the co-working space for a period of three months.

  • The August Fest:

The First Prize Winning team will get The August Fest complimentary passes (3 passes + 50% discounted tickets for rest of the team(s)).

First Prize Winners from Startup Weekend India events before September 1st will get wild card entry to Pitch on Stage @ The August Fest 2016. (Provided the team is intact and taking the product to the market).

To encourage startups in wearable, travel tech, fashion, media & entertainment, 3 startups can get continuous mentorship and access to market.

  • Blinkist:
  1. 1 year premium subscription with full access to the whole library – 1st place winner
  2. 6 month premium subscription with full access to the whole library – 2nd place winner
  3. 3 month premium subscription with full access to the whole library – 3rd place winner


We hope for an amazing weekend with you. See you on 26th August at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.




Curtains Closed

Finally, here are our ignited minds who have been working with full charge. This is the time for appreciation of their exemplary efforts.

In three days, everyone has moulded their ideas into perfect working prototypes. These unconsciously conscious minds truly inspired everyone to put their troubled minds together.

Every time when we think of any inception, we love our advantage first; but the social awareness expressed by most of our participants is truly appreciable. They have focused on benefits of small mediators, shops, customers, distributers and the most important – customer satisfaction and comfort.

What our mind is capable of is something we cannot ever predict, this is the thing which must have been insisting these young entrepreneurs for their startup weekend journey. Everyone was involved with such dedication that every time they were pushed by organizers to attend meal times.

Thank you so much for such a big response. We are lucky to have such a big Startup Weekend family.

Great work guys!

The teams who lend their efforts into the 54 hours weekend are as follows:





6 stars



Paper Bricks


Adjustable Exhausts

Thank you so much Mr. Vivek Naik for guiding, helping and encouraging this event throughout the weekend! Thank you to all the mentors : Ms. Aditi Deshpande, Mr. Manoj Kank, Mr. Prasad Takalkar, Mr. Umesh Dashrathi and Mr. Vinay Deshpande for your precious time. We, the Startup Weekend, Aurangabad community also thank Mr. Muktak Joshi for lending his advice on surviving in the startup world.

A special Thank you to our sponsors:

GECA (Venue Partner)

AAGECA (Venue Partner)

Gajanan Oils Pvt. Ltd. (Food Partner)

Expert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Technology Partner)

Yuh Foods (Health Partner)

1 Interface (Technology Partner)

Tidy Homzz (Hospitality Partner)

Sairaj Printers (Printing Partner)

Hyper DesTech (Design Partner)