Why entrepreneurship is the next big thing

“[In] the last century [the thinking was], if you wanna grow, you should find a good
opportunity. But today, if you want to be a great company, think about what social problem
you could solve.” – Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba
Today more and more people are choosing the path of entrepreneurship. Rather than the
road less traveled, entrepreneurship seems to be something that everyone wants to give it
a try!
Why is that so?
The most important thing in becoming an entrepreneur is that you must be ready to hear &
accept a new idea! Yes it does take time for people to accept the new ideas but you can
always give them some hints & clues that will help them to come around to your way of
thinking eventually.
Entrepreneurship brings a new solution to old human problems. An Entrepreneur is the
visionary and solution provider who not only has the power to solve the crisis but to create
an amazing business model.
As technology continues to enable innovation, and passionate people around the globe are
able to connect and create, lot of good things are in the realm of entrepreneurship. People
choose to become an entrepreneur to explore all of their interests & share their skills with
the world.
According to Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Centre for MIT
Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have the 4H Club characteristics : heart, head, hands
and home.
To be an entrepreneur you have to have heart. You have to understand what the process is
and you have to be willing to fight through the hard parts you inevitably will face.
You also have to have the head, the knowledge and framework for your idea. But having the
head and the heart is insufficient if you can’t put it into practice.
You need to use your hands and make it work.
Ultimately, it’s the last “H”,that is about building a community."
So there is a huge mass of crowd in the world with these characteristics who take up
becoming an entrepreneur. They are the folks who discover what’s missing in the market,
they take risks, they show drive & initiative and most of all they identify such group who can help them achieve such goals. Statistics reveal that there are more than 2 million start-ups
in our country.
Every person wants to be creative and want to come up with a better idea. Look at this at an
environmental perspective. Good ideas generally come by collaboration between smaller
hunches. It often happens that the thing that turns into a hunch in a real breakthrough in
one’s mind, is another hunch that’s lurking into somebody else’s mind. So, you have to find
a system that allows these hunches to collaborate and come up with something bigger.
That’s why we have this program Startup Weekend , where they created the space where
ideas could mingle , swap and create new business models. This place is full of energy &
possibilities. They promote & encourage entrepreneurship in real sense.
So Entrepreneurship is the next big thing because it brings in tremendous amount of
creativity, learning, freedom & accountability. They believe not in changing the lives of
people, but to change the world!!

Author- Nisha Kotecha

Startup Story: Muffin Man- The Coal Gaadi

A warm cool village, dredged up never before in the city. The muffle, unclear and not so wise; but it’s the muffin man you look for, a cup cake, to see a cup cake seeded over your table. A lose bale bottom pant and hairs long and speckled hastily over loud noisy colours of his shirt. Running over thin slippers, catching shadows as a wise wild child. The muffin man has a story, I am here to tell.

In those eyes, dreams in streams blows, “GAUTAM BHAGAT” is what they spell to call, the muffin man. It’s the muffin, it’s the muffin. Like a breath alive and living. But now, the young mustache over the face, shaved and sometimes dusty, drops of sweat falls, as gentle as muffin.

Walking over the dead weed and leaves, he turned to me to speak; I cared less for him. Nothing on the face of God’s great earth impresses me, if not legacy. Holy Grail must be a quest, but the Muffin man turned down all the systematic chaos and chose to walk alone for the cups of cake. Brushing his hairs, the glitter in his eyes had its own plan. He rubbed his palm twice or thrice maybe, and kept them over his eyes, to feel the warmth. Rolled down few stones from the stone he sat and sing.

They then one day, when the bell used to rang; teacher said:” you can’t have muffin if you can’t eat your meat, jhad jungle ka ladka(boy from jungle).” I thought Mougli was a hero”, said the boy and laughed. Sand of time got empty in no time. The boy turned out to be a Muffin Man. Life, my friends, is more sarcastic than any mock epic.

In the kitchen of his own, in the woods where no path can take you for a walk, he walked alone. He got the ingredients and made few friends and shared honey while making muffin. Then it was dawn, and dusk was a night away. The wolves bite, and the muffin man was about to die.

Sages foretell, the wounds heal. They healed but changed the muffin man, he grew his mustache , and time made him wise. He opened his secret box and took out his wisdom again. Muffin was again on the table, he thought to take it to the city and share with the ones he love.

Time has got wheels; the dusk bows, if you think you can make muffin, you can! Says the Muffin man.

Revolution! Revolution! They all exclaimed, as the words passed to different eyes and ears. The dread world of “coal and corruption:, got a face to fear. The time they are now a-changing, they say in fear. Coalgaadi.com was born. But it was the muffin.

The idea behind coalgaadi.com is to bring the age old outdated “road sale coal business” to online platform. He once, to my surprise, said; “I am twenty five years old having thirty years of experience, so he did at many other platforms; its family business he meant, fearless and wise at the same time of course he is. Rajrappa, a holy land, by Goddess’s grace he, the Muffin man shares his cups of cakes with twenty five other individuals. The company did business of one crore rupees this 2017 February, it was the first month of business.

Some people like to have a cup of cake; he chose to make his own muffin, over the roof above the mountain, a home of hope and dream, he built and feeds her every day. The Tomorrowland awaits with its wings wide open, he takes his flight up above in the sky. But it’s the muffin that makes the muffin man.


P.S. This post was originally written by “Vijyata Singh” and it was unpublished.

How to Find a Mentor In The Beginning of Your Career

As I think back to my own career, I see how mentorship has played a big role in getting me to where I am. Sometimes it was really formal mentorship like a coach. Other times it was literally learning from my friends and colleagues. My point is this: I’ve always had someone to guide me. Okay, maybe not always. But definitely for at least half of my career. The question then becomes how to find a mentor from the very beginning.


As much as you may try, finding a mentor can’t always be forced. In my experience, you’ll know when someone is meant to be your mentor. They typically know too.

Unfortunately, I often times get questions stressing about not having found a mentor yet. They know it’s important and they want to find one almost immediately. I usually respond by telling them to calm down. First, because they’ve got time. Second, because if they do everything I’m going to detail in this post, they’ll find a mentor.


A great way to find a mentor is to stop hiding out at home and start attending industry events.

I found one of my mentors by joining a local startup networking group. I’ve had friends find their mentors at industry parties. For example, a few of my entrepreneur friends have found their mentors at startup events.

I even found one of my mentors at a smoking lounge when we both happened to be ex-employee of a common employer. We hit it off immediately and he has been teaching me about business finances ever since.

The reality is potential mentors are everywhere. You just have to go outside to find them.


Another way to find a mentor is to start working on finding them online. Now, I don’t mean stalking someone on LinkedIn and sending them a message (though that could work), I mean start following thought leaders and bloggers in your industry and build a relationship with them.

In my experience, when I started taking blogging and social media seriously, I naturally started finding other people in the industry. Eventually, these people became my friends and mentors.


As I already mentioned, mentorship isn’t always formal. Some of my best mentorship has literally come from friends who were really good at an area of business where I struggled.

For example, one of my friends is really good at Information Technology and its implementation. Me, not so much. He’s having a conference and a boot-camp in November where he’s going to be teaching people how to set this up for themselves. I immediately booked a ticket for that very event. Another example is a friend who is fantastic with affiliate sales. As soon as she published a course on the topic, I bought it.

While neither of these examples in the sense we’re accustomed to, it’s still mentorship. You’re still learning from an expert in the industry. It counts.


The ability to find a mentor doesn’t need to be as complicated or stressful as people make it out to be. If you follow these tips, you’ll get the mentorship you need without all the stress people place on it.

How to Improve Your Startup Management

All startups need to think about the team and management early on. They need to start early because they set the culture. A culture is going to form whether you like it or not, and if you pay attention to it, you can craft something that makes the company stronger.

What startups should be concerned with from Day 1

As your small business begins to grow, you start making decisions about who you hire, how you hire, how you distribute payment, and how transparent you would like to be. You are taking time to study and learn new things but it’s somehow still the last priority, well behind when you are trying to get funding or to get customers.

The most common reasons for why startups fail is fighting among founders and lack of teamwork.

The thing most investors are looking for is a strong team, that has vision and can properly scale a company with good management skills.

How to Delegate to Team Members

You can’t do it all yourself, but who can you trust to do it?

  • what decisions you would like to centralize, what to make locally, what only founders should decide
  • list what are the main decisions at your stage of managing the startup
  • how do you make those decisions today and where do you want to be in the future

How to be a Transparent Company

Use the delegation board as a way to spark discussion on how they decide who to hire and who to bring into the business for a partner. How will they decide who gets paid what? Will they publish this anywhere?

How to Create Vision

To understand your company’s vision, why you are here, and why as a team you are working together. Use these values as part of an overall exercise to create a Mission Statement f0r each of these essential areas:

  • For your company
  • For your hiring process
  • For your customer service

How to Motivate your Employees

Moving Motivators is a great way to identify the differences among team members. It can actually put on the table that one partner actually likes working in a structured environment, and another partner really loves freedom and remote working.

How to Foster Self-Organization and Authorization

Learn how to create a team agreement to create a work environment that works for your whole team. Also called Team Contract, Team Ground Rules, Norms, even Values, it is mutually agreed upon by the majority of team members who all sign into the non-binding agreement covering how the team will:

  • communicate – are expected to report how often
  • where they will work, how to handle remote work (many startups can’t afford office space)
  • tools they will use
  • focuses on their values
  • concerns, fears
  • consequences
  • roles
  • time – by when

How to Give Credit Where Credit is Due

A module on how to offer valuable Project Credits and how to write compelling (and accurate) Job Descriptions. Learn how to stay away from rigidity and have people contribute where they can and where they take interest, not just in the box where they were hired.

How to Scale Your Product

When a startup grows beyond one product, it’s interesting to experiment to discover new ideas. This module helps you determine the right mix of experimentation for your team and business, how to go about failure, and how to celebrate learning.


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Startup Weekend Rajkot Youth edition 13-15th July 2018

Young OrganisingTeam


Startup Weekend is all about sparking your imagination. It is an action oriented program in your community that would power every step of the entrepreneurial journey. A diverse group of people passionate about making a positive impact in the entrepreneurial world get together.

Meet the organizers of the 2nd ever Startup Weekend Rajkot Youth Edition happening in India.

Palak Desai

Having done her schooling from SNK in Rajkot, Palak has a come a long way in building a strong portfolio at a very young age! She is a National level Squash player! Currently she is an Organizer of Second edition of Startup Weekend Youth.

She attended the first Startup Weekend at Gandhinagar. It was an eye opener for her in context of knowing the real business world and the startup ecosystem.

At Startup Weekend, she came in contact with Jatin Kataria, who mentored them at the event. Post the event, under his guidance she decided to get associated for organizing startup weekend youth edition. This youth edition was happening for the very first time in India. It was a very proud moment to be a part of an organizing team of this unique youth edition.

As her 12th grade had begun, there was a lot of pressure handling things and managing time. Yet she decided to do her internship with WE Group. Her passion sparked! She wanted to do something and achieve lot of things in life. She believed in herself, learnt lot of things, took up the challenges, dug deeper into her love area and kept going!

Her passion and hard work took her to become TGES TEDEd Club Leader and a speaker as well in the same year. In spite of many roadblocks, her determination helped her resolve things!

Though having her 12th Boards, she took up to organize various events in this region at a very young age. Palak’s attention to detail, creative imagination, curiosity, determination and contagious enthusiasm have earned her a reputation for unparalleled excellence as a youth. She executes each task flawlessly while maintaining a pleasant, calm and helpful demeanor to ensure an amazing experience for the community.

Palak believes in giving back to the community through volunteering and creating standards of excellence, thus raising the bar of professionalism. It is also proud to know that she is the Co-Founder at Alumni Achievers, which is in planning stage.

Dhrumil Dhanesha

Dhrumil Dhanesha, a student and Founder of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies, cracked the code to success at the age of 13 years.  His expertise, connections and vision to lead his goals helps him exceed his expectations.

He was born in Gujarat, after which he shifted to Mozambique with family. Right from the age of 5 years, he only had gadgets to play with! He felt that the gadgets were solely made for him.

Becoming extremely user friendly with technology, he went on to explore more about gadgets then from the age of 6.He developed an interest to develop a game  and from the age of 9, he mastered that art of developing games and applications At the age of 12, he went on to explore making webistes.

His Mentor, Mr Jatin Kataria, suggested him to register his company and now he has his own venture in the name of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies. This company provides IT support like app and web development and chatbot development. This is surely an achievement that made him beam with pride.He set his goals which was the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Talking about his startup journey, before participating at Startup Weekend Rajkot Youth Kids edition in 2017, he was unaware about the entrepreneurship world. After attending it, he got to know what entrepreneurship actually is in real world, what marketing strategies, business ,models, finance models are etc. This event helped him boost his venture and fortunately his team was the second runner up at Startup Weekend youth kids edition at Rajkot. The best part was that he got to work with his age of people.

It was truly an awesome experience because he came with an empty mind and gained a lot more than he anticipated!!

Harishree Khunt

Everyone’s path to success is different. Born and brought up in Rajkot, there was a time where Harishree was unable to stand and address my classroom. Considering the fact that you grow with time,5 years from then, today she is able to address the crowd, irrespective of the number of people present.

They say that you measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you need to overcome. Having a fear of public appearance and stage fear initially, she overcame her fears with determination and courage. She has overcome the ability to handle a sudden change without making it a distraction.She has rushed the fear of what people think and then participate in Startup Weekend Youth edition ,Rajkot in 2017.She was amazed to meet the people of her age. She feels that the age bound created by society are outdated !!

Harishree groomed herself by reading several books and by keeping herself in the place of narrator, she understood the different dynamics of the world! She realized that when you read, the challenges the narrator faces, somehow becomes the challenges that you want to solve. And hence, you resort to deal with different situations. Known as “the percolator,” she listens and digests information. Then her creative ideas are always brewing, giving new energy to every step she takes or plans.

Talking about the startup weekend journey in Rajkot, when she entered she did not have any idea about anything. It’s only after getting the schedule in hand, did she get to know. She was really excited though, she was in a dilemma as well as to which team to choose and be in. With lot of amazing creative ideas flowing around, she had to think through. Once the mentors started coming in, she felt it was not as difficult as it sounded. It was a life changing experience. Everyone had their own perspectives of seeing the problem.

So in all, Harishree feels that you should participate to explore the community as well as the experts in different fields. Interact with them as much as possible and this will definitely help you grow personally.

Harshil Zalavadiya

Born and brought up in Rajkot, Harshil started his journey at the age of 9 years old.

One day he was trying to download a song from the internet and was not aware of the process .He tried to explore the whole day and waited the whole night there was 2G internet service available in those days.

This experience brought him closer towards technology. Through a similar process then, he downloaded few more songs and made an amazing collection. He made up his mind to attend a workshop thereafter. He had a good experience learning about technology. His teacher then suggested to search for more advanced courses. Since then he started learning web and app development.he also learnt ethical hacking, google cloud and much more interesting stuffs relating to technology.

His source of inspiration was Parth Devariya. Harshil got to know about the startup world from him and that’s how he started his own venture at the age of 11 in the name of “Dynamic Solutions” which was a serviced based company providing web support to 3rd party vendors.

Due to mismanagement of studies, he had to close that startup and explore more of entrepreneurial skills. Finally at the age of 14 years, he founded a company called Harshil IT’s solutions which was a completely product based company having multiple verticals.

When he was 15, he founded a company called Space Frontier which aims to focus on developing mobile satellites. So facing lot of challenges, he strived through the up’s and downs and created the ability to think outside the box to solve a problem.

According to Harshil, he would highly recommend students to participate in Startup Weekend Youth edition as it is an energy booster with lot of brainstorming for 3 days! With the expert knowledge, precise communications, and problem solving techniques, an extensive network of community can be established through the Startup Weekend team.

Krishna Babani

Committed to producing high quality design work in a timely manner. His creativity, flexibility to help clients helps him excel in his work.he is adept at responding quickly to change.

Krishna Babani is a Founder and CEO of inSpace. Born on 25th of July, 2003, he is a  geek and designer. He got a diploma in graphic designing at the age of 13 at Little Panther. He was inspired from Steve Jobs at 2011 after he left the world. He got more inspiration from his Book – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. His goal or his life follows the path at the Apple Campus and the wish is to become Apple CEO. Krishna’s dreams and aspires to become an apple employee one day.

 From there he got an inspiration to start his company inSpace. inSpace is an app development, web development and graphic designing company. Handled by two geeks -Krishna and Dhrumil Dhanesha (His Business Partner). They earn but earning doesn’t  matter to them a lot, as they mainly focus on experience and producing the best quality is what they strive for. And that’s how inSpace was been found on 1 April 2017. Their main message is Work Hard, and Talk Less. No doubt they also have fun but not at the time of work.

 Experience at Startup Weekend Rajkot Youth Edition –

He really enjoyed the journey that took him to this age. Initially he was pretty shy that he wasn’t even interacting with anyone, not even his relatives .But first time he experienced how to work in a team and what product do they bring in market to do their startup. Those 3 days changed his life when he met mentors, facilitators which helped to get opportunities in future. These 54 Hours were not only the event to launch a startup but it gave him lots of learning with small small bricks and finally a building. He faced ups and downs when he was forming a team. Mainly his goal was to figure out how he can reach people and can get benefits and also can give benefits or some major plus points.

We learnt how to complete the work which was been allotted. We also worked like the real startup world the way seniors and their parents do.

He feels attending Startup Weekend is a must as it will bring your talent out of your creative mind. Second you would know how a team is formed. Third is the work given to you will let you know that you are capable for it or not. Fourth is how to interact with everyone and build new contacts. Last but not the least, you will have fun, learn and if Foodie (Delicious Food)

These young organizing team set a benchmark by meeting the expectations of the participants and the program as a whole successfully. The remarkable result was the commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort  individually and as a team.

PRIZES – Startup Weekend Hyderabad Emerging Tech !

In about 40 hours we are going to witness a complete madness at Techstars Startup Weekend Emerging Tech at Microsoft Garage, Hyderabad. You must be wondering what would be the takeaway by attending Startup Weekend, but we know you do not participate in the prizes, but Well, we always make sure our participants get rewarded.

Check out our below prizes for the Techstars Startup Weekend Emerging Tech.

1. IIIT-H Seed Fund 5 Lacs* + 6 months of incubation

2. MTW supporting startups for Rapid Prototyping & becoming a technology partner to build the product

3. Microsoft – Access to Microsoft products like Azure credits & other products. + Special workshop for all at Startup Weekend

4. 91Springboard – 3 months free co-working space

Hold on! There is something more 🙂

Google is teaming up with Techstars Startup Weekend to help developers and entrepreneurs launch new startups. Google Cloud Platform is offering all Techstars Startup Weekend participants $300 in credits to help build web and mobile apps! To receive these credits, click here, click the “start your free trial” button. With Cloud Platform you can access the application, compute, storage and significant data services. You’re now building on the same infrastructure that powers Google.

.CO is the domain name of choice for innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world. From startups and small businesses to big brands and multinational corporations, CO is where big ideas belong on the Web. We are proud to offer all Techstars Startup Weekend participants access to a free.CO domain. Get more information at go.co/startupweekend.

Community Perks and Discounts
Take advantage of perks and discounts offered to all Techstars Startup Weekend participants at www.startupweekend.org/perks

But the best prizes for you folks are going to be

& Startup Weekend Hyderabad team to give away as a spot prize during the weekend & goodies

Well, We cannot wait to see who grabs the ball and runs with it.HEAVE!

Startup Weekend Hyderabad Team

Startup Weekend Hyderabad Emerging Tech: Marching Towards The Future

These days technology is driving our daily lives; Either you wake up with Amazon Alexa or Google home vs Apple homepod, and you hit the gym with your smartwatch, and it goes on till you hit the sack.

In other words, Smart technologies have infested human interventions. Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain / Smart Contracts, AR / VR, UAV / Drones, Agri-tech, Nanotechnology are disrupting the entire world. Welcome to the new world where technological innovation is touching lives, and perhaps this is an era which is going to change the world entirely.

These emerging technologies opened the pandora’s box, and through open innovations, we can bridge the gap between the humanity and the real issues like hunger, climate change, modern day slavery and many problems. Each technology has a unique proposition to the world.

The straight line which is connecting the technology to the humanity is non-other than our rockstar startups. A massive shout to all the entrepreneurs who are working harder and harder to solve some serious problems. Our responsibility is to nurture the breed of the entrepreneurs through community building.

It’s paramount to have the startup community grow in every city, district, the village in all over the world.

Most of us have different ideas, but let’s ask ourselves one question. Have we ever thought of taking the concept to the next level? Nah, then Startup Weekend is the place where you got to be.

What is Startup Weekend? Sounds interesting?

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, idea owners, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic designer, and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening to the jury. It’s a unique opportunity to validate it & I would say the biggest takeaway would be networking, discover, learn and start & loads of fun.

Techstars Startup Weekend brings you Startup Weekend Hyderabad Emerging Tech. This May 25-27th we are going to witness some crazy developers, designers, idea owners and last but not the least some insane ideas at Microsoft Garage. For more info check out: www.swhyd.in.

Are you ready to be part of the future. Stop thinking and just startup.

We’re a bunch of mad community builders, and our only mantra is #GiveFirst. See you all at the venue.

#Startup #Entrepreneurs #ArtificialIntelligence #Blockchain #AgriTech #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #

Team Startup Weekend Hyderabad

A Demon called Organizing

A long long ago (around a month ago), the entrepreneurship Gods came to the earth to tell us that we have to organize a startup weekend in Aurangabad. Those who were present went berserk, to say the least! They were happy that change will begin, that the idea-fairies will come and people will fly away with them. It was raining enthusiasm in the lands of Marathwada. Little did the people know that there was a demon waiting their arrival, the demon called Organizing. This demon was known to create havoc when a community decided to do something great. This demon was against change and therefore he attacked a small group of students who were drenched in the rains of enthusiasm. As is the case with rains in Marathwada, they stop! Thus enthusiasm stopped and the heat and humid of dread attacked. The demon had started making an army of Drear, Stigma, Attendance, Money and the Gods of entrepreneurship had no tools left for the small group of students to fight this war except one, the swords of willpower.

The war broke out and the small group of students stationed themselves into bootcamps. These were the safe places where they could shield themselves from the enemy and create an army of their own. They realized that the entrepreneurship Gods needed their help and they were willing to put everything in line for they believed. They believed in the power of entrepreneurship and the swords of willpower. They started distributing these swords. But the demon was cunning! He asked Money to attack the bootcamps. Money had access to everyone! Money became big, the group of students cut him in half. They started reducing the influence of Money and they managed to slowly but steadily recruited an army of 57. They now had two armies. One army, army of The Students, will attack the demon of Organizing and reduce his power. The other army, army of Startups, will use the swords of willpower to try and bring about change. The demon of Organizing keeps increasing his power by influencing people in the community and breaking them. He positions his army in such a way that the paths of The Students is blocked.

The group of students have fought valiantly, the power of the demon of Organizing is low. He keeps coming back but they have managed to keep him at bay. Due to this achievement, the group of students are being hailed with a new name, The Organizers, those who could tame the demon of Organizing. It is now up to the army of Startups to bring about change and make the Gods of entrepreneurship powerful again. The war is still being fought, today the community sent Mentors who would study the strategies of the army and help them with some firepower of execution, design and finance. It seems that the war will end tomorrow. Come around to see who wins!

Begin again!


STARTUP WEEKEND AURANGABAD August 2017 kicked off with a big start!

At the onset of the first day of the second edition of Startup Weekend Aurangabad, Startup Aurangabad family was geared up for the new beginnings!

The first day has brought some splendid experiences in the basket of this Startup Weekend Aurangabad community.

Started with hustle and bustle of ideas, the day witnessed vivacious spirits of the ‘would be’ entrepreneurs. For ‘being’ in a network, one has to map up and ‘build’ the strong network. And that is how the networking has really made these participants look into others mind and this is where you complete your major task! This was followed by fun ice breaker and pitching.

Planning and building the entrepreneurial edifice is cumbersome as well as fun task. It’s like the Pandora’s Box where we are uncertain about the upcoming things. But the vivid difference is that we become way clear about the things which have to be worked as a solution. And by looking at the start of this event, we can clearly decipher the mysteries of this box.

Blend of amateur, evolved, confused, excited minds and collection of ‘Oh shit!’ and ‘Eureka!’ experiences would balance this voyage like no one has ever experienced before!

August 2017
Startup Weekend Aurangabad
Day 1
keep Ideating!
Day 1
Pitching session-Day 1
August 2017
SW Aurangabad
Day 1
Organizing team

Is Participating in Start-up Weekend Varanasi worthwhile?

Being in a start-up, it’s a rough road, filled with nibbling obstacles, your bones hurt, your mind is tired and every single part of your conscious tells you to quit but the one to pass all these hurdles is amidst the one in the hall of fame.
The hardest part of starting up is starting out. And the ideal platform for your startup magic to happen would be Startup Weekend. “Startup Weekend is a 54- hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new
startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening”. Well, that is how Wikipedia briefs about the Startup Weekend. Read on to know our version.
In those thrilling 54 hours, you will experience every nuance of bringing up a business model, every high and low and every bit of pressure to be handled to begin a startup. What all do you think will be the benefits of being a part of this “magical platform”? Let us walk through!
There are some pretty smart people out there!
The most important advantage of participating in such an event is you get to connect yourself with a lot of people. You get to meet and get personalized mentorship from founders and co-founders of various ventures, and successful entrepreneurs. Who knows you might even end up meeting the investor or
co-founder of your startup!
You get to know where you belong in just three days!
This event will be the right platform to judge your position on the path to become a successful entrepreneur. You will leave the place knowing the next steps to take on your road to the sunshine!
Just 3 days?
The experience of creating something new in just three days will help you realize how much is possible with limited time and resources. The compressed time frame drives action and puts the focus on building, measuring and learning, unlike a typical brainstorming session or planning meeting.
That’s pretty much it! But will these explanations suffice? Are these enough to bring you to the arena? We don’t think so. Let’s discuss two companies which didn’t exist till a Friday evening but got onto the list of startups just two days later.
Divshot, a team that came together at Startup Weekend Kansas City, built a prototype in its first 48 hours of existence, three months later it went on to win a Los Angeles pitch competition. The next month, it entered San Monica startup accelerator Launchpad LA. As soon as graduating from the accelerator,
it announced it closed a $1.1 million seed round. Boasting more than 40,000 users, Divshot is an interface builder for web apps that allows users to drag and drop components onto a canvas and export. It could be called the cleanest HTML and CSS users have ever seen. This is a satisfying, isn’t it?
Let’s just have one more!
Four strangers meet at Startup Weekend Phoenix, go through Arizona State University’s first Rapid Startup School class, and launch an app – FindMyTrain. Adam Mann is a Phoenix designer who has done work for Seed Spot, Urban Beans and Sit Stay. Of the 51 ideas pitched, his idea was voted to the top 10. A team
formulated around FindMyTrain – an app that tells when to expect the next Valley Metro light rail train and the team secured the second position in the end. Today, FindMyTrain is a product, and it has launched. You can download it from the App Store for $1.99.
Elaborated enough, we think this will be sufficient to see you as a participant in our event – Startup Weekend Varanasi scheduled from August 25th to August 27th, 2017.
Get ready to write your name in the hall of fame.

Vetri Selvan