Startup: The What and How

What exactly is a startup, you ask?

Well, a startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner.
There are people with exquisite sense of notions that works for them, while some need to refine them to reach the masses and attain success.
For facilitating your ideas, your burning desires to change the things around you with your entrepreneur skills, Startup Weekend holds 54-hour startup creation events, bringing together entrepreneurs from engineering, product, design, marketing and business backgrounds.

Participants gather on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon, they launch a company. A startup that can prove its potential may be able to attract venture capital financing in exchange for giving up some control and a percentage of company ownership. People have ideas, enthusiasm and the skills but lack the guidance to execute their work in a requisite manner and inexplicable things hinder their success.

This is where the idea of Startup Weekend comes into the picture.


What A Start to Startup Weekend Bangalore @ NUMA

Startup Weekend Bangalore @ NUMA was off to the rocking start yesterday!

We were very happy to see an amazing bunch of people register for the event.

  • We had people from ages 14 to 45!
  • International participants!
  • People who drove overnight from Hyderabad to be in Bangalore for this event!
  • Lots of women entrepreneurs!
  • Ideas ranging from changing India’s democratic system to General AI Bots for image processing!

Anurag Maloo was very gracious to step in to facilitate the event. All his experience in facilitation came to the fore during the Half Baked Game and encouraging the pitches.

Hatim Baheranwala, the founder of Truss, inspired the attendees with stories from his life journey, the pivots, the ups and the downs, which only a self-made entrepreneur can do.

We had a 95+% pitch conversion ratio i.e. 95+% the participants pitched their ideas. It was awesome to hear the ideas. The areas included were computer science, artificial intelligence, weddings, travel, services, psychology, art, behavioral science, virtual reality, food-tech, geospatial mapping, med-tech, etc.

A night to remember!

IMG_5177 IMG_5179 IMG_5180


Judging Criteria

ca. 2000 --- Keeping Score for the Team --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The Startup Weekend judging criteria is broken up into three sections. Teams are judged according to the following 3 criteria (weighted equally):

  • Business Model
    • How does the team plan on making this a successful business? Have they thought about (either solved or identified problems) competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, their revenue model etc?
  • Customer Validation
    • Are teams building something that people actually want? How well does the team understand their customer and their customer’s needs. Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers?
  • Execution & Design
    • Have they established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimum set of features to be able to start collecting data. Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Were they able to demo something functional?

Rise of women entrepreneurs


“Because you are a girl!” – end of talk, end of discussion, end of opportunities and end of dreams. A harsh crude reality for many women in India, who have the wings of dreams but are not able to take flight. But in this flock of feathers, there are some bravehearts who not only pan the skies, but also carve out new paths. And these torchbearers are the hope for our further generations.
These are the newly emerging women entrepreneurs, who are breaking the moulds of the society and setting their own trends. Fighting against all odds, they aspire to bring about a change and are victorious in their effort. Women are slowly gaining a stronghold in the entrepreneurship sector, with increasing participation and worthier positions of responsibility. But all this has not been child’s play. Fight for equal pay, equal rights in workplaces and equal levels of respect still ensues in many sectors of employment.
In a recent talk on entrepreneurship, a women panellist described her ordeals as a married woman, striving to make a mark in the male dominated industry, to bring up her company. One of the major setbacks, she said, was when people chose not to recognize your ability and plainly refused to believe you, simply on the grounds that as a woman, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to sustain and manage yourself. Such rudimentary mindset needs to be revolutionized to bring about that drastic change which we wish to see in the business sector, wherein women will hold key positions and will be respected for their job.
Not everything is dull though. A quantum of change has already been initiated with the government promoting start-ups and business ideas, and preferring women to come forward and take the front seat in planning and decision making. Examples of successful women entrepreneurs and their inspiring success stories are also a huge factor for the motivation of budding entrepreneurs. For the same reason eDC IIT Delhi is offering discounts for women to participate in Startup Weekend, IIT Delhi.
So come out of your cocoons young ladies, and dare to take that first step to success! As Ganon Baker said, “Stars can’t shine without darkness. To be great you will have to work. You don’t always see the results right away but keep fighting. You are shining.”

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The new age entrepreneurs

Student Entrepreneurs

With the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates who on the quest to follow their hearts set to tread on the ’road not taken’ at an early age and strike it rich when they were college students, the trend since has always been on the rise. In India, as the government is coming up with schemes like Make In India and Start Up India and earning a degree becoming more flexible, starting up is no more the cliched risk but a very viable option for those who want to be independent.

Talking about the Ritesh Agarwal whose awe-inspiring story of Oyo Rooms’ rise, which completely revolutionized the hotel business in India, offering predictable and affordable rooms across India. Ritesh started his business when he was seventeen, overcoming many challenges, imitators, skipping college, learning along his journey to build an immaculate business model.

Universities and college environment adds up to the enthusiasm, with entrepreneurship cells and incubation centres coming up inside campuses students can make the best out of the available opportunities being in a safe environment.

Realising that it’s the youth that can imagine and innovate to change the way we live, and set out early unfettered by the fear of failure, eDC IIT Delhi is offering discounts for students to participate in Startup Weekend, IIT Delhi where students get their first exposure towards the Entrepreneurial World where they blend in with other entrepreneurship enthusiast for various backgrounds.

Coupon Code: STUDENT


Startup Weekend Bhubaneswar – At Sri Sri University

The world is buzzing with new ideas. With the growing technology, the service providers aim at making people lazy and creating a value proposition, where in they can provide the service and charge a hefty amount. So, with the motto of boosting the entrepreneurship spirit and providing a platform to experience what a Start Up is all about, Google Start Up Weekend was hosted by Srinovation – the Entrepreneurship Cell of Sri Sri University.

It is really worth mentioning that Bhubaneshwar, the quiet city of Eastern India had 80 participants who were drenched with the zeal and passion, to have their own start up. Contrary, the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai have engaged with mere 40 participants, previously. The 54 hours, brimming with 56 ideas and a plethora of actions, were more about creating a community where people share their Business Ideas. The participants, mostly students, got the real feel of owning startup about the challenges and the difference between idea and idea implementation.

The round one had 56 ideas, out of which 14 got selected through mutual voting and consequently, the team leaders convinced the people why they should work on a particular idea, which lead to the formation of 14 consolidated teams. These teams need to prepare the complete Business Canvas plan with revenue model, web application design, website and validation check. On the last day, they will be getting just 5 minutes to pitch their idea to the sponsors, who can provide the budding entrepreneurs with the capital.

Most of the ideas focused on leveraging the power of growing popularity of the application based services and the ease of usage which they provide. The brain stormed ideas – some with a consistent flow of actions and ideas, some just on table, created with coffee, sleepless nights – filled with the rigor to make things happen and how to implement them practically, are summarized as follows:

  1. Burn Out – Refer to these guys who have formed a network with the local Garage people and can provide you a 24@7 service to help you in case of tyre puncture or vehicle malfunction in any area
  2. Cool Techie – You can ping these guys when you are hit with panic because of your computer breakdown. They make sure that any problem with your computer is dealt with Home Service with reliable and safe hands.
  3. Waste Master – These guys plan to work with recycling the waste products. They realized how difficult it is to implement such an idea and practically what are the challenges faced.
  4. Liszto – They are creating an online app based platform for the music lovers. They were guided by the industry mentors to brainstorm over all the legal issues/copyright issues.
  5. Maid is easy – Their idea is inspired by the problems our mothers face when the house maid does the tantrums, takes leave without informing, asks for salary hike every month, etc. They believe in providing a new maid every day. This will greatly help the home makers but difficult for these guys to tackle.
  6. Parcel Bhejo – Intra city logistics to give birthday surprises, say congratulations, etc. These bunch of students changed their B plan twice, within 10 hours, because every opinion, idea and action matters.
  7. My Travel Planner – The travel encyclopedia. The idea stuck a girl since saw five years and saw her dad struggling to collect the contacts/discounts, etc. This B plan aims connecting the travelers, allowing them to plan a trip together online. The people don’t have time to come and meet each other. A better option is they meet online, plan and get the best deals. B2C and also customer to customer connect is there.
  8. Re-medics – It revolves around recycling the medicines. The enthusiastic team seemed to have fun with the hectic schedule.
  9. Smart Helmet – The fresher’s from non-technical background brain stormed about the practicality of this product through interaction. Their idea is to make a helmet with sensor and coolants. The idea is to make a helmet with sensor and coolants.
  10. Geo-play – This idea will make sure that the people can meet through GPRS to play the sport they want to. Cool idea to capture the techie lovers who cannot play a game because they neither have friends nor the grounds, in the new city.
  11. Innovative farming – Still being developed, take care!!
  12. We Socrates – It is an app which connects all the teachers so that they can share, chat, discuss and do some research, aimed at the highest benefit of the students.
  13. De-Rubics – To connect the skilled unemployed people, and use the best use of opportunities with the growing air lines!
  14. Free food – A platform for collection of excess food and its distribution to the needy.

More Business Plan related actions and every moment new strategies being made. That is the culture which dominated the day 2 of the Google Startup Weekend, Bhubaneshwar.

Human Circle & Startup Weekend Delhi Social Innovation

Startup Weekend New Delhi

Social Innovations

November 27th, 2015












Startup Weekend Social Innovation New Delhi will bring together some of the brightest minds in the social innovation space. We have some amazing entrepreneurs causing some serious disruption in the way people come together to solve problems or add value in the lives of people. Be it, edu-tech, food-tech, green-tech, socio-tech, waste management, sustainable habitat, urban planning, road safety, crowd funding and many more.

Human Circle Logo

The social and the tech space are merging faster and faster and today we have more innovators than ever before, who are committing themselves to finding new solutions. Join us and connect with thought leaders coming from diverse communities. No talk, all action. 54 Hours! It is an opportunity for you to take your idea or startup to the next level.

Human Circle has been at the forefront of catalyzing this entrepreneurial shift and has been driving the #DoWhatYouLove movement to inspire and enable more and more young people to discover and follow their passion. Now it is collaborating with Techstars to organize the next Startup Weekend in Delhi. Techstars is a global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses. It is a pioneer in empowering game-changing ideas and runs programs like Startup Weekend, Startup Next, Startup Digest, Startup Week and Educations Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs across Borders.


Human Circle is the prizing partner for this three-day event wherein the winner gets an ‘Enlightened Minds Program’ (EMP) Scholarship comprising of 2 business and life coaching sessions (3+3 hours) by international experts. First runner up gets one 3-hour session and the second runner-up gets one 2-hour session. All startup weekend participants also get a 50% discount on business and life coaching sessions.

Human Circle is a community of people driving the #DoWhatYouLove movement globally. Students, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, mentors and everybody else to believes that the only way to be truly successful, rich and happy in life is by doing what we love. This simple wisdom is translated by our ‘happiness team’ into experiential physical and virtual platforms like hangouts, seminars, workshops, conferences, retreats, masterminds and festivals.

baby e

Techstars and Human Circle together bring to you Startup Weekend, an opportunity to test new ideas, make new connections, and find new team members and potential investors.

No talk, all action. 54 Hours!

To know more visit:

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No Talk. All Action @

Startup Weekend New Delhi

February 5-7, 2016

Get Your Tickets –

From more than three thousand startups in 2014 to a projection of more than twelve thousand by 2020; this is certainly not a passing trend. It’s a revolution. Monotonous offices, wooden boxes all around surrounded with yellow pages in a dusty file hovering on the head to communicative environment, open common working spaces with comfortable and innovative infrastructure is not just to break the mundane life of an employ; rather it’s the new life of a professional enthusiast.

  • Techstars and CoworkIn have collaborated for Startup Weekend Delhi. Startup Weekend celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurial communities in cities across the globe and this time we’re organizing this three-day event in Delhi.
  • Our mission is to develop and support thriving communities wherever they may exist. The best way to do this is to bring entrepreneurs together in a way that they can connect, share and bond. Speakers from the community, and outside it, are brought in to share their story to motivate and inspire the entrepreneurial community.
  • After Startup Weekend, participants find that they’re more connected to their community and no longer feel alone in their efforts.



Prize Partner

  1. CoworkIn is the prizing partner for this three-day event wherein the winner gets 45 days of workspace and other facilities in CoworkIn network. First and second runner up gets 30 days and 15 days of working space and other facilities respectively.
  2. CoworkIn is the largest chain of co-working spaces in India with spaces across Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh with upcoming spaces in Jaipur and Bangalore. CoworkIn connects freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, startups and SME’s together. CoworkIn believes in providing you a place where you can bring in an idea and scale at the earliest.

Techstars and CoworkIn together bring to you through Startup Weekend, the opportunity to put the best foot forward and lead into the network constituting best communities in their respective fields and get started to chase the horizon.

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Prizes for Startup Weekend + Global Startup Battle on 20-22 Nov.

Prizes for the Startup Weekend Hyderabad + Global Startup Battle @ T-hub Hyderabad

  1. 91 Spring Board

For Winner: Coworking pack with 100% fee waiver for a 2 month’s duration. Three one-on-one mentor sessions of choice with the hub’s expert mentors. (Limited to a 3 member winning team)

2. BW Accelerate

For Winner : Giving opportunity and select a Startup for BW Accelerate program directly for the next upcoming batch.

3. Exotel (

For winner : GOQII For 1St winners. & goodies of Exotel

For participants : INR 5,000 in Exotel Credits to each participant.

Exotel allow the participants to use our Call and SMS APIs for Free

4. The August Fest (

For Winners : Free tickets to Campus fest

5. The Angel Summit )

For winners : Free tickets to winners

For women Founder : Direct Stage to pitch in front of Investors .

6. Cloudboost (

1st Prize Winner: $500 free credit

2nd Prize Winner: $350 free credit

3rd Prize Winner: $200 free credit

Participants: $100 free credit per team

7. Magikminds ( )

For winners : Free tickets to the Initiative for Spatial Startups

8. Takeoff (

Free minutes to all the Winners & Participants.

9 . Payumoney

For winners : Free Payment Gateway, and TDR at 1.9% for the first 3 months.

10. Amazon Web Services 

For winners : $500 credits of AWS

$100 credit vouchers for all attendees

11. Google Cloud credit

Participants: $300 for all participants

12 .Co

Participants: Free domain name subscription for 12 months


Startup Weekend Hyderabad

The Global Startup Battle 2015


As you might be knowing about Startup Weekend , now let me tell you how you are a part of Global Startup Battle 2015. where you can explore yourself upto the entire world just on the basis of your startup.

Global Startup Battle(GSB) was created by the community and for the community. It is the your chance to compete against teams from across the globe! First you take part in the Startup Weekend at JALANDHAR and then the winners will be contesting against those in the region of Asia Pacific, and then globally! In the GSB you represent your city/region and bring home the startup glory, joining the legacy of the GSB winners!


GSB has several themed tracks that offer different prizes, sources and judges! These tracks are as follows:


  1. Champions Track– The best of every city/region.
  2. Great in the Making(Made great by Mr.Coffee)– Products, technologies and solutions that improve the lives of others in one or more areas – Home Life, Work Environment, Transportation, Organisation, Convenience.
  3. The Innovators(Powered by .CO)– For all Startup Weekend teams launching their brilliant ideas on a .CO domain.
  4. Disruptors and Big Ideas(Powered by Transpose)– For inventors and entrepreneurs who naturally think outside the box, pushing innovation forward by tackling industry wide problems, not just small scale solutions.
  5. Mobile Growth Track(Sponsored by Branch)– Mobile Apps that have Branch’s SDK integrated, dashboards collecting data with links team’s create and with sharing switched on.
  6. Open Track(Sponsored by The Company Corporation)– For teams outside GSB Startup Weekends, unlocking and providing the benefits and value of GSB to all.

Startup Weekend Jalandhar (GlobalStartupBattle) will be held on 20th – 22nd of November, 2015 at Lovely Professional University. To participate, please buy your ticket at