The Mayor of Banjarmasin supports the Startup Weekend Indonesia Banjarmasin event


BANJARMASIN, infobanua – The rapid development of technology, has also changed the business model. The emergence of startup companies – new companies that are being developed. As a real example. Their presence provides extensive contribution and influence. At present, Indonesia has four startups with Unicorn status, namely Gojek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and Bukalapak.

No exception in the city of Banjarmasin, known as a trading city, the development of startup companies began to emerge. For this reason, the Borneo Startup Community, whose members consist of millennial entrepreneurs, held an audience to Banjarmasin Mayor Ibnu Sina’s official residence on Jalan Dharma Praja, Tuesday morning (12/24/2019).

According to Muhammad Nicko Farizki, the number one audience in Banjarmasin, the Borneo Startup Community wants to collaborate with the Banjarmasin City Government to support the Banjarmasin Startup Weekend activity which will be held January 31 to February 2 2020 at Plaza Smart City Banjarmasin.

“Thank God, the mayor responded positively to the existence of the Starup Borneo Community who will hold a Banjarmasin Startup Weekend activity, in order to grow new young entrepreneurs in the city of Banjarmasin,” Founder Hello Via said.

Nicko said, the activity was open to anyone interested in developing a startup. Starting from students, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and others. Participants will be given the opportunity to present their ideas and give the idea owner the opportunity to find partners to realize them.

“So this event is also open to colleagues who may not have a business idea, perhaps from the presentations they are interested in joining,” explained Founder Amang Ojek.

According to Nicko, Startup Weekend was also designed as a consultation event, there were no panel events or seminars. Mentors and validators of business ideas will come face to face with the participants to help finalize the ideas they bring.

“Techstars, startup accelerator from the United States, together with Kumpul, community platforms and coworking space. Startup Weekend Indonesia, and Google for Startups support curriculum materials for participants during the three-day program. The material prepared has been adjusted and tested in accelerating the process of developing startups, from forming teams, brainstorming ideas, validation, to creating MVP, “he said.

Borneo Startup Community Chairperson Riza Akhyari (Founder of Borneo Trip Application), Deputy Chairperson Adam Nugraha (Founder of Warko Application), Secretary M. Nicko Farizki (Founder of Amang Ojek Application), Deputy Chair of Mmimin Membership Division (Founder of Talenta Banua Application), vice chairman in the field of Media Mahyuddin Noor (Carigawi Application Founder).

Startupweekend Banjarmasin

First Step! Batam StartupWeekend

Batam, once again hosting our 2nd startupweekend, and we are so excited about it! why? there are 2 things that gets us excited :

  1. this time around startupweekend / techstars is moving with the Indonesia startupweekend initiatives and Batam is part of it!
  2. last year, batam has produced 2 potential startup : Parakerja (in talks with Apple for 1st round of investment) and Zeal (incubation stage and in talks with conglomerate group in Batam) and we want to produce more this year

so, Batam! let’s get your first step in creating your first startup! register now here!


SW Batam Teams!


Here are the Teams that are working on Startupweekend Batam on 28 – 30 September 2018! interested in watching the pitches? buy the demo ticket now at

Team Elona

EBook Project

Team ParaKerja

Helping Disabilities to find work and creating opportunities

Team Tyro’s

Platform to find part-time work or internships

Team Property World

Platform for buying property around batam

can’t wait for them to pitch today!

Google I/O and Global Entrepreneurship

My eyes were glued to the Keynote presentation. I quickly scanned the room as Google made more announcements about their global Android expansion, most people appeared disengaged, waiting to hear more about products that would affect them immediately. Android One, a smart phone that would use less cell data with faster speeds for spotty third world networks struck an empty chord with the crowd. However, I grew excited about the possibilities this would bring to areas that lacked true access to the grid.

Mobile GrowthGoogle is truly trying to encroach their software and technology in developing countries to help inspire innovation, by providing as many assets as they can, so individuals can help themselves become entrepreneurs. Many pockets of the world have yet to reach their full potential, areas such as Indian, Indonesia, and the Philippines are experiencing intense mobile growth. Google is ready to take these regions by storm and help individuals modernize their countries with the help of their tech and software. Let’s start by examining Google’s strategy in these developing countries and how one person can become an entrepreneur with just a phone in their hand.

Over 1.2 Billion phones are expected to ship to developing countries within the next year, the majority of which will be Androids. Not surprising considering the cost of an Android is extraordinarily cheap compared to an iPhone. Possession of a smartphone is still considered a luxury in rural areas, where ten percent of a person’s income goes to the phone itself. The technological needs are so great in these areas there are reported businesses where individuals race over to nearby towns with electricity to simply charge phones.

Google’s release of Android One is but a stepping-stone, the software giant also announced changes to its features allowing Maps and Youtube to work offline. Thereby diminishing cell data usage for impoverished users, many of which still rely on SMS. Imagine poor farmers saving videos on agricultural upkeep without economic detriment, or refugees crossing foreign lands using offline Maps to safely guide them to their asylum. The kicker here is that Google and Android will go one step further and give the entrepreneur an online market place and the educational tools necessary to succeed in the global market.

Android Nano Degree, and the Cloud Test lab were also announced at Google I/O. The ramifications of which are enormous. Individuals who aspire to be developers can take a Nano Degree course for $200 dollars online and pursue scholarships if they lack the economic resources. This is an enormous push for online education especially in areas that lack access to human resources that can teach these valuable skills. While the Cloud Test lab allows full-fledged developers to test their apps, without having the device on hand or even phones allowed in the country! The costs in savings are enormous in resource strapped areas.

Google also announced the creation of Developer pages, were people can view apps by person, similar to a market place where people can walk around and see what is laid out virtually by stand. Well what about marketing? Have no fear. Google also announced the Universal App campaign that will automatize the marketing for home made apps. Imagine new developers across the globe creating apps for their people, because access has become easier and supportive. A girl in Indonesia can purchase an Android One phone, take the Nano Degree course online, and within a few months test her app idea in the Cloud Test Lab. If she is successful she can create her own Developer page and have Google market the app for her. Just within the course of a year, she can become an entrepreneur.

Android OneAs much as Silicon Valley continues to praise itself for innovation, very few companies have managed to create substantial change in developing worlds. Change has to come from within. You can create an amazing app in a first world country and transfer it over to a third world, but basic access, resource constraints, and cultural obstruction continue to hinder expansion. Android and Google will pave the way for more and more entrepreneurs across the world to enter the digital global arena in their own terms. If you are someone who lives in a developing country it is worth your time and money to invest in the Android/Google ecosystem. The technology, support, and resources are now available to use and implement. Go change the world. Your world.