54 Hours Later, & The Winners Are… #SWDub

Like everything that comes to an end, it’s time for the final curtain to fall at #SWDub.

No doubt the judges had their jobs cut out for them, but after all is said and done, here are the winners at Startup Weekend Dublin – Summer 2016 edition.

An honourable mention was given to PacePal


… And the winner of the 2016 Summer edition of Startup Weekend Dublin is:

HomeGrow Hero


The winning team gets to walk away with All-Access VIP tickets to UPRISE Startup Festival taking place in Dublin in October 2016. 

Congratulations to all the teams and participants this weekend. Many thanks to all who made this happen – volunteers, organizers, mentors, judges, sponsors, facilitator, host and guests.

See you soon!

Signing Out.

Hey #SWDub! Meet Your Final 12 Teams Pitching On The Big Stage

As we get closer to the 54th hour of the Startup Weekend, pulses are raising again and the excitement is through the roof.

Ideas have been shared and validated. Teams have been formed. Mentors have given advise and now it’s up to the judges to select the winning team for the big prize – All-Access to Uprise Startup Festival.

On Friday night, 54 ideas were pitched and 15 were selected to be developed through the weekend. As expected, we had some liquidations (3) as well as pivots (6). In the end, here are the 12 teams that will pitch on the big stage tonight:

  1. PacePal – (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Things hardware solutions for rowers
  2. CamouFleet – wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online
  3. HeyStack (formely Incumate and then workmate) wants to help conference attendees swap skills
  4. Koffee (formerly Skillcloud) wants to connect idea generators to implementors
  5. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you’re interested in
  6. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends
  7. People For Purpose wants to enable charities to accept help from experts
    People for Purpose
  8. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight
  9. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from restaurants and chefs
    Allergy Awareness
  10. Hippostate is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete
  11. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on “what you like” and not “what you look like”
  12.  HomeGrow Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables

There you have it folks! These 12 teams will be pitching later tonight to win the audience, the judges and the big prize.

May the best team win.


[VIDEO] Day 1 Recap Of #SWDub As Captured By @RedEyeProd

Thanks to the amazing @RedEyeProd you can get a recap of the Day 1 of #SWDub in less than 2 minutes.

Yes, that’s me busting out my dance moves at the end of the video.

That’s all folks (for now) as we get back to the hustle. Don’t forget to stay updated with @SWDub / #SWDub.


15 Startup Ideas At The #SWDub Start Line


The first day of Startup Weekend Dublin ended up with 15 of 54 ideas getting the most votes to be worked on for the rest of the weekend. Teams of made up of developers, designers, and business heads have now been formed around these ideas.

While we foresee lots of pivoting, rebranding, merger and acqusition, and sadly liquidations as the weekend rolls on, here are the 15 ideas at the starting line of this edition of #SWDub.

  1. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you’re interested in
  2. Workmate (formerly Incumate) wants to create a network of incubator type airbnb spaces for entrepreneurs
  3. Camoufleet wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online
  4. People For Purpose wants to enable charities accept help from experts
  5. Home Grown Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables
  6. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from chefs
  7. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends
  8. Skillcloud wants to connect idea generator to implementors
  9. Hippostate.com is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete
  10. PacePal (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Intelligence hardware solutions for rowers
  11. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight
  12. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on “what you like” and not “what you look like”
  13. Screaming spoon wants to design cultery that scream when not returned after use (CLOSED SHOP)IMG_5495
  14. Confident R is an app that allows you build confidence-on-demand (CLOSED SHOP)
  15. Experience is an online content repository where experts can share their knowledge (CLOSED SHOP)

Many of the teams are now hitting the streets to validate their ideas and will be engaging mentors later today. We’d be sure to keep updated on their progress via twitter – @SWDub and #SWDub.

Many thanks to @RedEyeProd for the amazing photos.




6 Years Strong, 54 Hours Long – Time for Another #SWDub

Dublin is set to host another edition of Startup Weekend and it is going to be EPIC!

Having gone from being a participant 3 years ago to organizing and mentoring at Startup Weekend Dublin, I have had no regrets getting involved in the 54-hour long events that see creatives, developers and business heads come together to birth ideas, build products, solve problems, make connections and even make money in just one weekend.

Although I came on the scene only in November of 2013, Startup Weekend Dublin has been going strong for 6 years now, and so I can only imagine the amount of impact it has had on the local ecosystem. While some participants have gone ahead to build great companies, others have stuck around to help build people into entrepreneurs.

And so, the next 54 hours will see more than 80 participants converge to share ideas, form teams, build products, work with mentors, validate markets, pivot a lot, develop partnerships, make sales and of course pitch to rock-star league of judges on the big stage for amazing prizes.

Many thanks to our sponsors including Bank of Ireland, Google, MTT, The T-Shirt Company, Domino’s Pizza, for helping to make this happen.

Do keep up with live updates from our twitter handle – @SWDub and the hashtag #SWDub.


Let’s do this!

Will you be the next big thing in #FoodTech ?

Galway is hosting the first ever Food and Technology Startup Weekend in Ireland! This is a fantastic opportunity to combine your love of technology and food, build a team, and launch a startup in 54 hours. This week, we are going to talk about 3 successful food start-ups in Ireland to inspire you guys in the lead up to our first ever food & tech startup weekend on the 8-10th April.

[Tweet “Will you be the next big thing in Foodtech? Get inspired by @foodcloudire @Dropkitchen and Nuritas! #SWGalway”]


So as mentioned by Olivia in last weeks blog.  Dublin, Ireland-based startup FoodCloud is making waves globallybeing named as one if the top 10 FoudTech companies worldwide!! What a shout out to these amazing Irish female co-founder’s Aoibheann O’Brien and Iseult Ward who came together in 2012 to create #foodcloud when they were just students!

Aoibheann and Iseult were named Ireland’s top young social entrepreneurs in 2014 and went on to the Google Adopt a Start-up Programme in 2015, this highlights the interest in #foodtech and why we should not be ignoring the potential for #FoodTech companies in Ireland! So what are you waiting for – have an idea? Want to be part of a team? Get your tickets here.


Drop is a physical product – an iPad-connected kitchen scale shaped like a drop – and the recipe platform Harris mentions. Where it really gets clever is in the many ways you can interact with it while you cook or make cocktails.

It is incredibly difficult to create a hardware start up that comes out of Ireland but that is exactly what Ben Harris, Jonny McCauley and Jack Phelan have done with their connected weighing scales. Any company that can get their product stocked in Apple retail stores is onto something massive.


Founded by Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas is creating controversial waves in the food scene by combining artificial intelligence with molecular biology.

Nuritas is building a food database to identify peptides — certain types of molecules in food products — that could be used as supplements or new ingredients.

This isn’t just adding protein powder to a shake. Instead, Nuritas is identifying various peptides that can change how a food reacts to the body. For example, in an interview with Tech Europe, its founder Dr. Nora Khaldi envisioned a cereal bar designed to control Type 2 diabetes, or a cream with added anti-aging ingredients discovered by the company.

We love being inspired by Start-ups especially the ones in FoodTech!  We would love to know which FoodTech start up inspires you!


We are excited to see what happens when you put techies, foodies, designers and business development gurus into a room together for 54hours! So get your ticket to the first ever food & tech startup weekend in Ireland.

Tickets are available here.

Find out more about Startup Weekend Galway at:http://www.up.co/communities/ireland/galway/startup-weekend/8220.

What can you do in 54 hours?

(Previously published in the Galway Advertiser ‘Startup City’ section)

The Local Enterprise Office in Galway is headed up by an entrepreneur, Breda Fox. One of the initiatives they run is the food academy programme. Last year, 10/10 of the companies on this made it through to the shelves at SuperValue. That’s aside from the ongoing events like the one last Monday in our Michelin starred restaurant Loam, where 30 high quality local food producers met everyone there is to meet in the food industry.

We also have the likes of Cait Noone and JP McMahon bringing 40 world famous chefs to Galway to speak over a two day symposium at Food On The Edge. All speakers are chosen for their innovation, passion and influence on today’s food culture and it shows in the impact the 2015 event had that lead to bigger plans for this year’s event.

There’s something happening with food, and with Galway, and with the great startup ecosystem we have. That’s why I’m so delighted that Bank of Ireland are powering Ireland’s first food and technology startup weekend, supported by LEO and hosted in SuperPixel Labs.

The weekend is happening from April 8th — 10th, and although we have some free tickets in the workbench, most tickets can be gotten on the website, or through Twitter or Facebook at ‘galstartweekend’. The registration of €45 covers all food and drink for the weekend, mentorship and many creative surprises.

Startup Weekend Galway is owned by local community leaders who run this in their spare time, in this case, Ashlee Chin of IMS, Erika Miklos of Ex Ordo, Keith Farrell of BiteSize, Oggie Hollywood of SCCUL Enterprises and Olivia Lavelle of LingoHost. The goal of Galway Startup Weekend is to build connections among the startup community and the food experts in the region, providing the space and time for collaboration on innovative projects.

Here’s how it works:

On Friday you come in and meet the organisers. We get you some great food and give you a shirt with a colour for designer, developer, or general. We generally do ‘Half Baked’ then, where we give everyone random words and you pitch an idea that forms from those words and the brainstorming of the group. Then it’s onto the real stuff and you pitch the idea you want to work on in 60 seconds (this part is optional). Using super techy sticky notes, votes happen on the best ideas, the best 10 pitch again and then teams are formed with different skill sets.

On Saturday we bring in some great mentors across tech, design and business. You have all the support you need to build, build, build which leads us on to Sunday. Sunday is more building and then pitching to a panel of judges, winning some great prizes and finally celebrating a great but challenging weekend!

In terms of ideas, go as big as you can. When the BOI innovation team dropped by London’s food Startup Weekend, ideas ranged from better ways to label food, to finding restaurants that suit allergies, to ‘FoodWizard’ which makes your fridge smart to help you know what’s in there and what delicious meals to make.

I’ve organised 4 startup weekend’s now and facilitated one. It’s not about coming in on Friday and running a startup on the Monday, although you will have more than likely built a product, it’s much bigger and much longer term. The first mentors I had at Startup Weekend Dublin for that short weekend in 2013 have stayed with me over the years, and I can quite confidently put the majority of good decisions I’ve made since down to them.

You absolutely will not regret attending it, and if you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and drop by for an hour or two. Last year, Ogie did that after seeing the updates on Twitter and he loved it so much he’s co organising it!

Startup Next Demo Day Dublin – VIDEO

After 6 weeks with mentorship, awesome speakers and lots and lots of pitching, our delightful Startup Next Dublin cohort number two were ready for their demo day!

In total 6 teams demoed on the day (with one video pitch put in to the mix from a team that was overseas getting new customers!).

If you would like to apply to our next program then just click HERE to find out latest Dublin program or programs located near you around the world.

You can check out the video below to learn more about Startup Next and our band of burgeoning startups from Startup Dublin Cohort 2.

Startup Next Demo Day Dublin image


Top 9 Idea To Be Developed At Startup Weekend Limerick

41 pitches later, participants go their 3 post-its to go vote. I gave one of my vote to 60-minute a delivery service which looks to reduce carbon footprint in logistics, and a second vote to Maternal Care, a one-stop shop and information center for expectant and new mothers.

The last vote was meant to go to Hello Granny, a smart-house app that allows the elderly connect to their children an grand-children through audio messages placed strategically like ‘Good morning Granny‘ for wake-up alarm and ‘Welcome home Granny’ on returning from the market. Sadly I couldn’t find the idea owner and so my vote went to Color Me Happy which went on to make the final list.

Here are the 9 ideas to be developed during the Startup Weekend in Limerick:

1. Color Me Happy is tinder for hairstyles where you can see what looks good on you and then get connected to a hairstylist.


2. May Borrow allows users find and borrow tools like can-openers, lawn mower, etc. from neighbors.


3. Love Guru makes you a match maker in a tinder-type environment, letting you win points and gain credibility for successful matches.


4. Big Red Button wants to disrupt pension by allowing customers save money via premium SMS, coupons and vouchers.


5. Beer Friends is a social network connect for people with similar interests to arrange meetups and themed events.


6. WeTravel wants to enable people travel in groups to drive down prices.


Cute Ideas

For the first time ever, Startup Weekend Limerick had 3 kids under the age of 10 pitch ideas and then went ahead to use all of their cuteness and creativity to hustle votes to make it into top 9. They include:

7. The Sit Hair Chair is a machine that allows you wash you hair while riding a motor chair.


8. Stick-Shirts wants to fix return in fashion retail with smart stickers.


9. The Listening Watch allows kids record moods via emojis on smartwatch with an option to share with teachers and parents.


No doubt the last 3 ideas show how creative and entrepreneurial kids can be and it is even more impressive to see older folks rally around them to work with them over the next 54 hours to bring those ideas as well as the remaining six ideas to life.

Making it all possible – Premium and Gold Sponsors

Startup Weekend Limerick like all of its other sister events is a completely non-profit event only made possible by the hard work of a small, voluntary organising team.

Besides the hardwork, these events need financial support to cover food, clothing and printing costs and without the kind help of our generous sponsors, Startup Weekend simply wouldn’t be possible.

In this post I want to thank Bank of Ireland and Nexus Innovation Centre for their very kind support.

BOI logo

Bank of Ireland
A distinguishing feature to Bank of Ireland’s engagement with startups is through a multiplicity of events including; mentorship programmes, meet-ups, weekends and hackathons, in addition to its sponsorship of key initiatives such as Start Up Weekend Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway and the inaugural Start Up Ireland event which took place from October 5th to 10th.

Their support goes much further than finance as Pat Carroll, community manager at the Bank lent his hand in preparations and Tracy Keogh of BOI Galway will be facilitating.
They were even kind enough to lend us the expertise of Sean Byerly, Neville Burke and the legendary Liam Sheedy who takes to the hot-seat as judge, jury and executioner on Sunday evening.

I caught up with Pat Carroll just before this post was written and asked him Why Bank of Ireland likes to support Startup Weekend?‘Just as Startup Weekends are supported globally by Google for Entrepreneurs, we are delighted to be the main sponsor for Startup Weekends in Limerick and around Ireland, as we say, ‘for small steps, for big steps, for life’.

Nexus IC

Nexus Innovation Centre

The Nexus Innovation Centre, UL forms the main hub of Startup Weekend. This contemporary venue with functional break-out areas, bean bags and bright open work-spaces is ideal for what we wanted to achieve for Startup Weekend Limerick.

Nexus continues to develop member-focused services that enable startups to accelerate their development in a highly connected and open environment. Leveraging knowledge, research and experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology and management.

Centre Manager Gert O’Rourke who has played a pivotal role as organizer for Startup Weekend Limerick said “Nexus are delighted to sponsor startup weekend Limerick. It’s a whirlwind weekend of opportunity, networking, community, hard work and constructive criticism. A perfect fit with Nexus and its objectives”

We were also very fortunate to have Simone Power lend a hand to ensure the small details were adhered to ensure that this weekend will have all the bells and whistles.

As well as venue sponsorship, Nexus have been very kind financially covering costs such as clothing, cleaning and security.

Here is a video from Simone Power, Administrator at Nexus Innovation Centre.

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Thanks for reading. Sharing  really is caring.