‘We are Even More Motivated to Bring this Idea to the Market’ – Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016 was a huge success, converting ideas to reality by involving people who can do intensive work and by providing top notch mentorship to the participants. After the event many team’s appreciated the efforts of organizing team and were energetic to take on the market with the ideas they have worked on over the weekend. Here are views of some of the teams at Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016:

Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016
Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

Mars is still far away, there are enough wonders to explore on planet Earth! This is the vision behind team Mad Hunt and this is exactly how we came up with the idea of Mad Hunt.

Mad Hunt is an amalgamation of real time and mobile gaming. How? Mad hunt is a real time scavenger hunt in which location specific clues are spread throughout your city and there are numerous vouchers hidden under those clues. But here’s the catch. You can only view the clue through our application and once you are present near that point physically. The GPS will guide you know where exactly the clues are placed. All you have to do is go to that point physically, solve our clue and Viola! In this manner solve as many clues as possible and not only increase your chances of winning amazing vouchers but also stay on top of the leaderboard.

You can play this game while coming back from office, during your class break, literally any time when you just want to relax and have a little fun. Also you don’t have to be worried anymore when going to a new city. Mad hunt will be your personal tourist guide wherever you go! So what are you waiting for! Download this game today and experience for yourself the madness that we have to offer:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.codistan.madhunt

Our experience at Startup Weekend was amazing as we got very useful insights on how we can refine our idea even better.  All the mentors were very encouraging and this experience helped give us a huge confidence boost as well and now

with a bang! The organization of the event was also professional, credit goes to Startup Hub, Air university and partners of startup weekend Islamabad.

Team Mad Hunt, Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

I-Matter,2nd Runner up Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

I-Matter is aimed to be a finishing school of business for the transgender community based on the theme of “Learn and Earn”. It intends to provide them with basic education, vocational skills and freelancing skills so that they can earn and stand with the whole nation at the same level. I-Matter believes that considering gender as a binary system makes our views narrow and we lose some of the greatest talents present around us. It also believes that now is the time to refute the social stereotypes of the society to give transgender a platform where they can become successful without any discrimination. Our team members include Muhammad Mujtaba Khan Raja, Maham Johnson and Talha Ahmad. It was a great fortune to be a part of Startup Weekend Islamabad, 2016. The SWISB16 team was very welcoming, cooperative and made us feel at home. The mentors were no less than a magic spell who gave our ideas a touch of perfection and reality. They were an immense source of help and inspiration who made us see the flaws of our project and pushed us to break the confining walls of our minds to think out of the box. These three days gave a new shape and broadened the vision and aim of our project. Being at Startup Weekend Islamabad doubled the level of our motivation, focus, commitment and passion for I-Matter. We are now sure that we are ready to take any challenge coming our way and will leave no stone unturned for the success of I-Matter. The 54 hours spent at startup weekend Islamabad, no doubt, built a pressure on us and were tiring too but in the end it was all worth it. Startup Weekend Islamabad went all fair with the description:”No Talk. All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours.”

Team I-Matter, 2nd runner up

Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

Startup Hub and Air University collaboratively presented Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016 (Sep. 30th – Oct 2nd, 2016) partnered with Plan 9. Startup Hub is very thankful to our collaborative partner Air University for providing support to make Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016 happen. Startup Hub also want to thank all of the participants, judges, mentors and partners to make this event a huge success, and as our tag line suggest “Nurturing Entrepreneurial Eco System”, we are readily available to take these ideas pitched at Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016 further by facilitating them through all our resources.

Group Photo
A group photo of mentors and participants after successful event.

Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon – 54 hours of fast and furious prototype development through to exploring potential markets and pitching. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to build lasting relationships with co-founders; mentors, and investors. The real value comes from taking an idea from concept through to execution using Lean tactics and working under high pressure with the best startups.

Startup Weekend Islamabad was able to create a highly dependable entrepreneurial eco-system for the event where they were able to attract eminent industry professionals, business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, heads / representatives of associations of local entrepreneurs in the form of inspirational speakers, coaches, mentors, judges a well as incubators. The major event partner of startup weekend Islamabad was Plan9. Among other event partners included Team UP, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), ILM 2 Ideas, JumpStart Pakistan, Bookitnow.pk, AU ORIC, Eventual, Careem, Streamkar and Pro Pakistani. Hashim Yasin was appointed by Techstars as facilitator for the event who flew all the way from Karachi to conduct and facilitate a very lively event in the footprints of Margalla Hills.

Other than extensive one on one coaching sessions and intensive work environment, a few valuable workshops were also organized for the participants, including Plan9 workshop on Business Canvas Modeling and Lean Startup Methodologies by Rafi Imran Amjad from Teamup. During Startup Weekend, participants from various academic and professional backgrounds were supposed to transform their business ideas to minimum viable businesses or product in 54 hours. The exciting weekend started on Friday evening with Ice breaking session conducted by Qasim Mumtaz(Trainer/Consultant of Startup Hub), which broke communication barriers between participants, afterwards Helen Kamal told the participant about the prospects of ED-Tech Startup in Pakistan and about vision of Ilm 2 Ideas, followed by  elevator pitching session, later on co-founder dating session happened over dinner, during which different participants teamed up to develop their business venture. During next day and a half, experienced industry professionals and serial entrepreneurs kept joining Startup Weekend as coaches and mentors in order to grill and polish the venture projects of young enthusiasts and guiding them to the right direction.

On Saturday morning Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA & CEO ICT R&D fund joined the event along with VC Air University and Director ORIC AU for a mentoring session and told participants about the opportunities available for entrepreneurs. Chairman PTA / CEO ICT R&D Fund was presented with the souvenir by VC Air University followed by a hi-tea. During the course of the day, Syed Ahmad Masood (CEO Channel 7, Change Mechanics, Co-Director The Founder Institute, Chartered Member TiE), ICT professionals & serial entrepreneurs like , Hammad Khalique, Parvez Abbasi and Rafi Imran Amjad from TeamUp, Saad Hamid from I2I, Helen Kamal, Qasim Mumtaz, Shoaib Ahmed, Asif Ejaz, Syed Rehan Afzal, Agha Hamza, Nausheen Fatima and Khurram Shehzad  were few among so many of the mentors who added value to the event by providing extensive coaching and mentoring to the event participants.

On Sunday morning Mr. Mansoor Malik, Chairman Kamyab Pakistan & Member Board of Governer TiE (Islamabad Chapter), also joined in to mentor startups. Later in the evening, the venture teams were invited to present their working prototypes along with the realistic business plan (including customer validation results, business model, revenue model, unique selling point, business growth strategy etc.) in front of eminent judges, business leaders and incubators / funding agencies. Each team had to face a tough question-answer session by the experienced panel of judges. The panel of judges included Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, serial entrepreneur, Chairman Rastgar Group of Companies, Mr. Faisal Khan (CEO Ovex Technology), Meer Anwar (ICT Specialist & Consultant), Ms. Warda Altaf from Plan9 and Mr. Adeel Sheikh from National ICT R&D Fund.

Almost all of the teams exhibited quality work, which they had developed during last 48 hours of continuous effort. To name a few included, Mobile OK kro, Shop Desk, Turbo Charger, Track n Drop, Android based Home Automation, Exo-Skeleton, Garden Fresh etc. The Winners of the Startup Weekend Islamabad, 2016 were Mad Hunt (1st position), Portable Incubator (2nd position) and I-Matter (3rd position). Idea details of winning startups is mentioned in this blog post. All three were chosen by Plan9 to be given a wildcard entry in their next incubation session, for further incubation and acceleration / funding purposes.

The Event was covered live by Streamkar and event was also covered on social media on Startup Hub’s Official Facebook page, Instagram and twitter, Facebook Event and on Startup Weekend Islamabad Facebook Page as well.

At the end of event the participants were awarded certificates, partners were presented with shields and judges and mentors were presented souvenirs of Startup Weekend Islamabad. After concluding remarks by VC Air University, Air Vice Marshal (retd) Faaiz Amir, group pictures were taken with all the Guests, Mentors and Judges, and the event was formally closed with a corporate dinner from VC of Air University.

Startup Hub highly appreciate the response and support of Local Startup Community. We hope to carry on the mission to nurture the entrepreneurial eco-system forward and be a part of such initiatives in future.

Day 1: Startup Weekend Islamabad 2015

Startup weekend Islamabad 2015 took to an amazing start with some inspiring motivational speakers taking the stage, followed by Haseeb Riaz our facilitator engaging the audience in interacting activities. Next came the half baked pitches; the most fun part of the day. In this session the audience shouted out random words which were noted down. Once there were enough words on the board, everyone was asked to formulate teams and choose a captain. The captains were asked to come up on stage and pick two words. The teams were then asked to work with those two words and create a raw business plan. The idea behind this exercise was to use it as an ice breaker between the participants and help the participants understand how to work with their fellows and turn one word into an idea. The session provided the participants a comprehensive understanding of how a startup works. After this session was over and quite a few teams had come up with amazing ideas, next came the real pitching session. Participants took to stage one by one and explained their ideas. A total of 38 pitches were made and 10 were voted off as best. The voting session was followed by dinner and that wrapped up day 1 at Startup Weekend Islamabad.

Startup Weekend Islamabad 2015 proudly announces LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship as its exclusive partner.

Startup Weekend Islamabad 2015 proudly announces LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship as its exclusive partner. LUMS is one of the prestigious institutions that offer business acceleration and startup incubation services. It is a place entrepreneurs get mentorship and a chance to build business relations. The winner of Startup Weekend will be fast forwarded to the final round of induction process at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship.

TIE ISLAMABAD CHAPTER in Partnership with Startup Weekend Islamabad 2015

Startup Weekend Islamabad 2015 is proud to announce TIE Islamabad Chapter as its Partner. TiE was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. TiE Islamabad is an effective platform that will help the investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to come together and build partnerships. They are here to offer their mentorship to the team who are looking for something serious and aiming to go big.


It’s about ideas ! It’s about making things happen ! If you want to start up something new, do it now, if not, you are going to regret it. Air university and Sha’oor society presents “Startup weekend Islamabad 2015”. A platform where you can pitch in ideas and get a chance to see them get implemented. When an entrepreneur launches his idea, the major hurdle he faces is of raising the capital. So if you are looking for a platform to present your plan then start up welcomes you. It is a stage where you would get help to kick start your new ventures by us helping you get investments and mentorship. It shall be a chance for the brightest of the minds to come forward and do wonders. Air University proudly sponsors Start up weekend Islamabad, providing you with a great opportunity to come ahead, put forth your ideas and have a chance to implement them.