How volunteering could help you get a job


Written by Sophie Christakidou


Hey guys! In this article, I would like to talk about how volunteering experience could help you get a job.

But the following text comes from my previous experience as a volunteer and I think it could highly motivate you.  Things discussed here are my personal beliefs and I am convinced that most of the business world share these values. Generally speaking, volunteering has much more benefits than allowing you to just get a job. I think I could write a book about it! You can make new friends, improve your mental health, even burn your stubborn body fat! Yeah seriously working hard on something makes you thinner!


But let’s get to the point now. 


Here are main reasons why being a volunteer raises your chances of getting an actual job. 


You gain new skills

During your volunteering journey, you are going to be asked to perform a bunch of tasks. In order to do this, you need to gain some new knowledge first. The depth of the knowledge you are about to take depends on your duties. If you really want to help your team and get assigned many tasks you are going to learn lots of things. Simple isn’t it?  Also, the things you are going to learn to depend on the nature of the organization you are volunteering. For example, our Organizing Team here in Startup Weekend Kavala used some certain software and applications in order to carry out the whole event. This software is also used by a certain amount of corporations. As you can see we gained an advantage because we know how to use this software now. We have also learned how to make some basic graphics, how to write an article (like this one), how to approach new people, how to manage our relationships in the working environment and how to be consistent. The above things can only be conquered by the implementation. You cannot read a book and be communicative for example or speak in public effectively. You need to adopt the “learning by doing” technique on such topics.


You can show off your pre-existing skills

If you have some special abilities you need to promote them. But when you are in the entry level no one has enough trust on you to assign you anything. People are not going to pay you just because you write in your CV that you are good at Six Sigma or Photoshop. You need to prove this. And the best way to do that is by volunteering. Also when you collaborate with new people you can also promote some particular aspects of your character. You can show people that you are trustworthy,  creative, quick learner, initiative and all good things related to you. But be careful because bad things could also come into surface! Do not promise people things you can not carry out and try to have a good relationship with your partners.


You are able to build a (professional) network

When you get involved in things like that you come across with various people. Some particular tasks have more than one teams in charge and most of the times you are going to need a piece of advice in order to perform them. So you have to communicate, on a regular basis, with other professionals or teammates.This is a great opportunity to cultivate your relationships with these people and build a community. That particular fact can be extremely beneficial for your career. Some people consider connections as the most important aspect of someone’s career. Well, in my opinion, other things also matter, like a person’s skills for example, but your network is also really important!


You become more confident

Your energy speaks for you before you even say a single word! If you feel scared and you shiver every time you have to speak in public you are not very attractive as a person. Managers do not intend to judge you about this. But they want to make their products and services more likable to people in order to boost their sales. And having such an image does not serve that purpose at all! Cultivating your image is a skill. And you can grow that skill by practice. Young people (like me and you) are not experienced enough to promote a perfect presence most of the times. So taking part in such actions and performing even the simplest tasks, such as serving some food, for example, can make you more confident and hireable! In the end of such an action, you get rewarded and your brain feels good about this. So your confidence level raises up automatically!


It is just basic psychology. 🙂

That’s all for now. As you can see volunteering is crucial for your career. In some countries being a volunteer is such a common fact, that is almost compulsory. And of course, people in these places are far more hireable!

So grab this chance now!

How to make a killer elevator pitch


Written by Antonis Spyridakis


In my personal opinion, when you’re building a community the most important thing to take into consideration is the concept of listening. Well, after several questions regarding an elevator pitch I decided to write down all the essential elements you need, to have killer elevator pitch at Startup Weekend Kavala.


What is an elevator pitch?

After a lot of digging, I found this short definition on startuprunner.comAn “elevator pitch” is a concise, well-practiced description of your startup and your plan, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm. That description must be comprehensible even by your mother in the time it would take to ride up an elevator. (via

Let’s talk about the rules of Startup Weekend Kavala.

You have already generated a brilliant idea, you have booked your ticket and you need a good preparation before the event. Right?

We have two basic rules for Friday evening. First, you have only one minute to present your brilliant idea in front of your potential partners. Guess what … You cannot use slides, but only verbal communication. You’re going to use your public speaking skills. Are you ready?

At this point, we should make clear the most important goal of your elevator pitch. 

Keep in mind that you arent going to pitch your idea in front of potential investors. Youre going to pitch your idea in front of your potential co-founders. You’re trying to persuade them to join your team.

Imagine now that you are on stage. Let’s get started!


Who you are 


Introduce yourself and your background in one sentence. Describe what you are doing very well. Be clear. For example, “Hello, I am John. I am a savvy marketer with advanced storytelling skills.” Your potential co-founders must know about your skills and your background.


  Identify the problem you solve.

 Describe the problem that you can solve. What are the needs of your potential customers? State them precisely. For example: “Nowadays, flat owners cannot manage easily their flats on Airbnb due to lack of time”.


 Describe your solution  

 Share your solution with your potential co-founders. What kind of product or service are you going to offer to your future clients? What is your value proposition? For example, a web platform called flatbnb is going to help all flat owners with their flat management through guest check-in & check-out, cleaning services and listing management on several platforms like Airbnb, etc.



This is your last point. You must mention your needs. What kind of people do you need to turn your idea into reality? For example, I need one ninja web developer to create the web platform and one designer with colorful ideas to design the web platform.


 You’re completely ready for a killer elevator pitch now! Don’t forget! Practice, practice, practice! Prepare your speech and ask for feedback. Your friends and your family could help you on this!

 Need more inspiration for your elevator pitch? Watch an excellent elevator pitch. 







Seeing the community’s perspective: Story #2 Alex Papanagis

I love a creative challenge, and I am eager to see new ideas be fleshed out, which improve people’s lives, therefore I applied for startup weekend.

For me it is an opportunity to learn, stretch my thinking, refuel my motivation to create, be a part of a stimulating team

I am a graphic designer and hope to be able to add beauty, elegance, ease and pleasure to the use to whatever my team creates

Seeing the community’s perspective: Story #1 Panagiotis Xatziionaou

Startup Weekend is all about entrepreneurship. You come, you meet new people, and you form a team so that you can make a business idea happen in 54 hours. How cool is that? Imagine it like this. You get to see all the steps needed to create a real life venture on your own, without taking the risk of losing anything and at the same time you have the opportunity to make some very useful acquaintances or even get inspired to start working on an idea of yours. This event has multiple benefits for you. At the same time, you will get practical knowledge about business and how it works, the opportunity to let go of your fear of doing something like this, and also advice and guidance from people that have been in the business world for quite a long time. You may still be wondering, why would I ever spend my entire weekend inside a room working full time, while I could be hanging out with friends or going out and have fun? Well, let me ask you a question. Have you ever had an idea that you thought it was awesome, but did you not have the knowledge or tools needed to make it happen? Have you ever wanted to see how it is like inside a business and how all parts of it work together? Or maybe you wanted some inspiration so you can start a venture yourself. These are just some of the many things that Startup Weekend will offer you. So what are you waiting for? Join now one of the most inspiring events happening in Kavala. This is an opportunity worth taking.

4 reasons you should join Startup Weekend Kavala


Written by Antonis Spyridakis



You already know, Startup Weekend Kavala is coming to town on October 13th. Startup Weekend Kavala is the first event in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.  Why should you join this event? We’ll explain the most important reasons along the way. 


Let’s get started!


 The first international event in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace


The event’s special language is English. Are you scared? You’re not. Why? First of all, you are reading an article in English right now. It seems that you’re familiar with English. Right?

 Why English? Startup Weekend started from the United States. Most of the events are in English even with locals. Startup Weekend Kavala is going to host a qualified French facilitator and the most valuable mentors from abroad.  Grab the chance to practice & improve your English in 54 hours. Startup Weekend Kavala gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a multi-cultural working environment. Learn how to collaborate in English and how to pitch your idea in front of potential foreign investors. Think global even, when you’re local!

If I’m not familiar with English? You should start reading English articles, listening to podcasts regarding entrepreneurship & startups and watching videos like TEDx Talks, Startup School on Youtube.


 Our French qualified facilitator

Bernabé Chumpitazi is the official facilitator of Startup Weekend Kavala. He is able to bring the right impact for a well-organized & successful event. Why Bernabe? Bernabe was the official facilitator of Startup Weekend Brno. (Final score as facilitator 8.7/10). A Good score right?  He had the unique way to motivate and help every participant. 

He could help each team regarding idea validation, customer approach & acquisition, business model canvas creation during Startup Weekend Kavala.  Bernabe beyond a qualified facilitator of Startup Weekend is also an angel investor for early-stage startups. Try to persuade him to invest in your startup after Startup Weekend Kavala.  Can you do it? Find out the answer during the event.


The most valuable mentors

 What is the most valuable feature of Startup Weekend? According to participants: “Mentors”. Mentors are well-experienced persons from different backgrounds like marketing, technical, entrepreneurs, and designers. Mentors share their knowledge and help other aspiring entrepreneurs during Startup Weekend. You’ll meet the most valuable mentors at Startup Weekend Kavala. We’re going to host mentors from different industries. Young aspiring entrepreneurs such as Valentine Tzekas, experienced Marketers such as Tasos Pagakis & Leonidas Skerletopoulos, business consultants, crowdfunding specialists & lawyers. They’ll help you turn your ideas into reality. Grab the chance and meet with all of them during Startup Weekend Kavala. Don’t lose this opportunity.


The most helpful prizes for starting your startup after the event

 We don’t organize Startup Weekend for improving our personal reputation. We’re trying to build the local startup-tech community. Our mission is to help potential young entrepreneurs start their own businesses. Startup Weekend is a great way to meet a bunch of talented people and find the right resources for starting your own startup.

We’ve already found the most helpful prizes for the winning teams and the best players of Startup Weekend Kavala. We cannot reveal it yet! Stay tuned!

Are you ready now?

Run and get your early bird ticket here.  

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Startup Weekend Kavala is coming to town!

Written by Antonis Spyridakis



The story behind Startup Weekend

Andrew Hyde started Startup Weekend in Colorado in 2007. He had a “crazy” idea to build a startup within 54 hours. This initiative attracted 70 aspiring entrepreneurs. The single event of Startup Weekend grew up radically. Nowadays more than 4.000 Startup Weekend events are taking place in 150 countries around the world.

150 countries, 193k alumni community members, 2.9k+ events.Apparently Startup Weekend is a worldwide startup phenomenon.

The story behind Startup Weekend Kavala

Everything started in Brno. Antonis as a co-organizer of Startup Weekend Brno lived one of the most international & memorable events. He wanted to spread this experience in Kavala through Startup Weekend Kavala. He is trying to empower young people to take the first step into the entrepreneurship world through notable initiatives & events, such as Millennial Makers, & Open Coffee Kavala.

Well, Startup Weekend is the best place for potential entrepreneurs, students, developers, designers, & marketing gurus.

Startup Weekend Kavala is the first international event in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace. The event is going to take place on 13th, 14th, & 15th October at Kavala’s Cultural Center. Participants are calling to pitch their ideas, find a team, make a prototype in 54 hours and feel the adrenaline in front of the judges on Sunday evening. Startup Weekend Kavala is going to host a qualified facilitator from France, well-experienced mentors & judges from abroad.

The organizing team of Startup Weekend Kavala has the same vision. Their target is to build a sustainable entrepreneurial-tech community in the whole Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

The organizing team behind Startup Weekend Kavala

  • Antonis Spyridakis (Lead Organiser & Community Manager)
  • Maria Dinaki (Co-Organiser & Event Manager)
  • Sofia Christakidou (PR Coordinator & Sponsors Specialist)
  • Christodoulos Ypodmatopoulos (Sponsorship Manager)
  • Christos Sotirelis (Chatbot Ninja) Yeah, we are going to launch a chatbot! Stay tuned!
  • Tina Michaelidou (Instagram specialist)

Do you want to be a part of our organizing team? Don’t hesitate to contact us, on Messenger. We’re always connected!

What about tickets?

Early bird tickets are coming on 5th September. You could book your ticket on

Final Thoughts

Is it your next challenge to build a startup by the sea in 54 hours? Then, join Startup Weekend Kavala & feel the most exciting & memorable event in your entire life. It’s all about learning and networking with optimistic people like you! Grab the chance and join Startup Weekend Kavala. See you around folks, this October.

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Antonis is the Lead Organiser & Community Manager at Startup Weekend Kavala. He is the team leader & at the same time produces content, builds & engages with #swkavala community & attract mentors & judges.