#SWKE 2015: Want to join us for the final pitches?

#SWKE 2015: Want to join us for the final pitches?

If you want to join us for the final pitches but you can´t come personally, just click on the following link and watch our live stream starting at 3 PM CET (15:00).



#SWKE 2015: What´s going on – a mid weekend check out

#SWKE 2015: What´s going on – a mid weekend check out

For those who could not be here this week we bring little insiders info. 64 attendees, 13 mentors, 9 judges, special guests and organizers. Total of 105 people. Lots of pitches, 12 voted ideas, eventually 11 teams. Those are some raw numbers.


Couple more facts – our facilitator is from Netherlands, and we have attendees from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Germany and even Nicaragua – but don´t worry he didn´t travel all the way from Central America, he was already in Europe, close to Slovakia. Even though one of Slovak attendees travelled all the way from Denmark to get a chance and present an idea they have with friends.

Right now teams are teasing our mentors to get all advice they can and apparently the coaches could use a little break, as they joined us in mid-morning and are wearing off. Unfortunately, the plan is to speak with every team so they better get another coffee and continue the marathon.

Otherwise the atmosphere is friendly, everybody is chatting, working, typing something on the computer – they apparently don´t realize yet how short a weekend can be. Hopefully everybody will finish on time. Check back tomorrow to hear more about our judges and winning ideas.

#swke2015: Fpt Slovakia knows how to support young talents

Fpt Slovakia knows how to support young talents

Starting this initiative as RWE IT Slovakia, Fpt Slovakia continues to support young talents in their endeavor to stun the world.


Every year Fpt Slovakia creates space where for one week chosen students and graduates (and last year even teachers) are invited to join in creative teams and work together on new startups. They are undergoing the whole lifecycle from creating a new idea, thru business model and solution development to validation and presentation of the ideas. This eventful week is also enriched by morning warm-up meetings with IT celebrities and it is called Fpt Slovakia Summer School.

fpt logo s podpismi-02

As one of the last seasons products new social media app was created which will soon be field tested. Not only this, but such initiatives lead to new cooperation, for example with the Technical University of Košice, and also open new opportunities for young talent to get discovered and supported.

Unfortunately, offering a week of Summer School apparently is not enough for this company. Now they are also claiming our Startup Weekend and they are ready to bring the best practices to out event. You can meet them at the venue and get to know the company as well as their new awareness campaign “Play IT a Presaď sa aj Ty” in case you didn´t hear about it (which I deeply doubt). So meet Jozef (Dodan) Vojtko as one of our judges or win the amazing Vouchers for consultation services with IT developers and project managers.

#swke2015: Stronger momentum with a new partner

Stronger momentum with a new partner

You have known this company for years, even though you might not recognize it now. But with a new partner comes new energy and this organization shows its potential with a whole new enthusiasm.


It´s almost a year now that RWE IT Slovakia turned into Fpt Slovakia. Curious what happened? Since 2004 RWE IT Slovakia was providing software development, SAP implementation and maintenance, as well as testing and quality management of IT services in the energy sector. Steadily expanding to other European countries and broadening their service portfolio to business applications and intelligent living, RWE IT Slovakia started to be limited by the current market and its possibilities. Then a new partner came along, the Vietnamese FPT Software, one of the strongest IT players in the global market and a TOP 100 outsourcing company. And so Fpt Slovakia came to existence as a European IT company with offshore (Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia) capabilities.

fpt logo s podpismi-02

Just like the new partner brought fresh air into the lungs of this Slovak company, we are sure, that Fpt Slovakia will be a great addition to our partners and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.

#swke2015: The startup and investors Crowd will get crazy about this Berry

The startup and investors Crowd will get crazy about this Berry

Fresh and delicate, just like the berries from your mom´s garden. You get to enjoy them. CrowdBerry is a new equity based crowdfunding platform that can connect you with private investors. You will have the opportunity to meet them face to face on one of private CrowdBerry sessions in Bratislava.  Estimate and negotiate their share and receive necessary funding money, know-how and potentially new market access. Anything between 100.000€ and 5 Mio€ is possible, you are approaching few hundreds of investors simultaneously in a structured and effective way.


After a pre-selection process you get the access to the platform where private investors may pledge  their capital to your company in exchange for particular share on your company. Moreover, you might be invited to regular VIP events where you can meet potential investors. All of our investors are clients of a leading Private Banking institution. You can share your pitch on-line, report on your accomplishments and get feedback. And you also receive consultation services from world-class counselors in order to get prepared.


Need some more information? Patrik Horný, Venture Partner and co-founder of CrowdBerry is one of our awesome judges. Meet CrowdBerry at Startup Weekend Košice on April 17-19.

Coming to Košice?

Coming to Košice?

There are many interesting facts about Košice. First, it´s the metropolis of East Slovakia. Also, it´s pretty old and multi-cultural.


In the 13th century after the Mongol invasion, Hungarian King Bela IV invited Germans to settle in depopulated areas around Kosice. It was the start of the region becoming a melting pot of Eastern Europe with Germans, Slavik tribes, and Hungarians living side-by-side. Today, many foreign students come to Košice to study at the universities and colleges in town (7 altogether, with 3 schools having detached institutes in the city).


In the past 100 years the town changed its citizenship 5 times – first it has been part of the Austria-Hungary empire, then became part of Czechoslovakia after World War One, then became part of Hungary from 1938-1945, and then became part of Czechoslovakia again until the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully split in 1993.

The city is kind of megalomaniac. It has the biggest church and oldest continually operating hotel in Slovakia, the biggest zoo in Central Europe, and the oldest marathon in Europe. Only 2 years ago they were the Cultural Capital of Europe and now they are running for the City of Sport 2016 title.

But most intriguingly – there are 20,000 registered businesses with only 240,000 citizens. Statistically that makes 1 of 12 people a business owner. Don´t you like these numbers? Come to Košice, enjoy its spirit and meet the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend Košice, which is by the way held under the patronage of the Mayor Richard Raši.

#swke2015: Creativity in Startup World

Creativity in Startup World

Do you have hard time coming up with a new business idea? I did. I even tried to take some Coursera courses to get inspired. Many nice examples, case studies, information, theory – and that´s it. But after some time it hit me – creativity is the key.


You want to get inspired? You need to get creative first. Let´s do some exercise. Just hold still for a moment and start to observe the world – the colours, the sounds, the energy. And then – change it! Imagine the world in whole new colours, in different universes, with new technologies and happier people.


Still being pessimistic? Luckily Košice is an awesome place to live with many creative people who are ready to bring the passion and the energy to you. Just check out the web pages of Košice 2013 and Creative Industry, the offspring of Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013. They have lots of events – all kinds of art, dance, music, even cooking. Events for kinds, for professionals, for public or small dedicated groups.


Meet new people, get to know their troubles and look for new ideas and inspiration in the least probable places. But certainly get to know Košice and its spirit. As it happens they are running for European City of Sport 2016. Any idea for a sports startup?


#swke2015: Heads up for our new platinum partner – Promiseo

Children Entrepreneurs is Old News in Slovakia


When you come to Startup Weekend Košice don´t be surprised to see some very young attendees. Children entrepreneurs fill the pages of news more and more often. But having children businessmen is no big news in Slovakia. Peter Šoltés started at the age of 13, quite some time ago. Now he is the owner and CEO of Promiseo, a company specializing in all things around online-marketing and web analysis.


As they say today, Promiseo is more than just a project. It is a team of young skilled experts. They are located in Košice and work mainly in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The list of their clients consists of companies working in the fields B2B or B2C and includes several international companies, start-up companies, new or running e-shops and web projects. Their solutions are tailor – made in order to meet demands of clients by combination of online marketing, IT and product evolution. Nonetheless, it took some time to get to this point so don´t hesitate too long.

We are very proud that we can co-operate with Peter and Promiseo. Thank you very much for your support and we are looking forward to meet you at the event.

#swke2015: Your Studio at KPMG

Your Studio at KPMG


KPMG is one of the world´s largest professional services companies in the world and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY and PwC. They provide companies with audit, tax and advisory services. And the best thing – this giant is part of Slovak market since 1991 and since 2014 you can find their offices in Košice, too.

Bez názvu

This company knows how important it is to invest in the future of local communities. We are very thankful that for the second time KPMG are going to support Startup Weekend Košice. They also help to build new strong companies via their Startup Studio. They will work with you on your presentation and leadership skills to make sure you become the next shining star. You will receive a lot of advice, know-how and services. They will connect you to investors, corporations or other individuals and you can meet them within the nice comfy space of the Studio so there is no need to pay rent for an odd office space. KPMG simply knows how to make business and build up the future.

Looking forward to meet them and find out more? At the Startup Weekend you will also work with their mentor, Anna Filippova. Once more, thank you KPMG.

#swke2015: People are the key and Slovak Telekom knows that

People are the key and Slovak Telekom knows that


Slovak Telekom has been around for 25 years now. Growing, changing, partnering and growing some more. Their key to success? Sure, this company knows how to do business. Today they are the largest telecommunication company in Slovakia. Their diverse services are tailored for different customers. But there is more to that than this.


Slovak Telekom receives awards on a regular basis, such as Effie, SuperBrands or Via Bona Slovakia. How comes, you ask. Because they care about their people! Slovak Telekom is one of the top employers in Slovakia and they also belong to the top contestants of the Healthy Company competition.

They are a great Slovak example of corporate social responsibility for well being of their employees. And not only they care about their own people, they support individuals and communities as well.

Thanks to Slovak Telekom we will make this years´ Startup Weekend Košice better than the previous one – just like this company makes changes and grows for better every now and then. Thank you.