Startupweekend Fianarantsoa – with 54h the biggest challenge is about CHANGE

Give First / Community First & Enhance Diversity

Following the success of the three previous startupweekend (two general editions, one changemakers ) in Antananarivo, a new edition for Fianarantsoa was announced in August 2017. In 2018, Malagasy startupweekend ecosystem steps forward with fresh new editions, giving the opportunity to other provinces to grow their startup communities. Startupweekend Fianarantsoa 25-27 May 2018 is here. We believe that a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem must have 3 main things : a strong community, huge diversity and various partners.

As a host of the Antananarivo 2018 Startupweekend Edition, Etech Consulting a local tech company, encourages entrepreneurship events and will host the first press conference of this new edition. It will be an occasion to discover the startupweekend concept. Often called the biggest incubator in the world startupweekend is a 54h format event with unique organization and participation rules.

“I decided to organise a startupweekend (in Fianarantsoa) because I deeply believe that there is an urgent need of sensibilization about innovation and entrepreneurship in my hometown ”

Pierre, lead-organizer of Startupweekend Fianarantsoa

This edition is an occasion for the Malagasy diaspora to participate. JPM France (Juniors pour Madagascar) supports all the Malagasy entrepreneurs around the globe, they also support this edition by allowing people from the diaspora to support local entrepreneurs by buying their ticket through the initiative JPM Parraine un participant SW and its chatbot.

A strong collaboration with various parners is a key to build an ecosystem :  economic leaders, NGO, governement institutions, launched startups, SME’s and others. Major actors such as Axian group  promotes the development of entrepreneurship in Africa  supporting projects such as Lamakoo or Salama Care at the previous Startupweekend Paris dedicated to Madagascar. Yes, there are new startups such as Hamac or Paika who are passionnate about developping  the ecosystem and Governement initiatives like the “Unité d’Incubation Entrepreneuriale et d’Emploi” and NGO that are contributing to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.


A strong presence of IOT for the following Malagasy editions

In a world becoming less virtual and more connected, IOT has its place in every startupweekend. For this startupweekend, a partnership is made between Obconnect an IOT ecosystem marketplace, Obconnect is developping a project of funding 1 million of connected devices mainly health related in Africa : ONEMILLIONIOT

Meanwhile, ODI community regoups IOT developers and IOT passionnates with activities such as ODI Kids. ODI Kid organizes coding goûters, an activity to sensibilize and encourages children to learn code and robotics. The new trend is now to use the digital to connect real world “things”, and Madagascar is on the bucket list.

“In the future, you will buy connected things like you buy a shirt or shoes, our consumption habits are already changing, and we are responsible of building this future.”

Abdoulaye Sy, founder of Obconnect – Startupweekend Fianarantsoa mentor

New upcoming challenges

Organizing a startupweekend in Fianarantsoa might be harder than in Paris. Indeed, there are less probabilities of food, electricity or internet incidents. Anyway, the more problem there are, the more opportunities there is. The main challenges that are met in Madagascar revolves around basic needs such as Health, Education, Energy, Food, Connectivity and Water access.

“Organizing a startupweekend is a challenge for all of us. We do not expect it to be easy. We decided to launch this edition just after the changemakers in the capital (Antananarivo). Why ? because we believe in CHANGE and the best place to foster it was there (Fianarantsoa) ”

Ricardo, co-founder of Otwoo and co-organizer of Startupweekend Fianarantsoa

This initative is not alone, startupweekend Mahajanga will be launched by another team in April in the warm beaches of Mahajanga and more events are expected to occur in other cities like Startupweekend Nosy-Be, Toamasina, Tuléar so keep in touch.

Interested in participating or becoming a partner ?

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Startup Weekend comes to Fianarantsoa

A big step, Startup Weekend comes the first time in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

The following article is written in Malagasy …



Akôry aby o !!!

Faly izahay mampandreha anareo fa vonona izahay hampitondra ny firaisankina amin’ny mpandraraha manerana ny Madagasikara amin’ny alalan’ny Startup Weekend izay miverina eto Madagasikara ka ho avy ao Fianarantsoa.

Startup weekend ? Hono oa, inona no atao hoe Startup Weekend ?
Ny Startup Weekend dia fotoana iray tsy manam-paharoa mba hitsapana ny hevitrao na hitsapanao ny traikefan’ny fandraharahana. Startup Weekend dia hetsika maherin’ny 4.000 nokarakaraina tany amin’ny firenena mihisa 150 nanomboka tamin’ny taona 2009. Azo antsoina matetika hoe “incubateur” lehibe indrindra maneran-tany ny Startup Weekend! Afaka mamorona na misafidy ny ekipany ny tsirairay ary ny tanjona dia manangana orinasa ao anatin’ny 54 ora. Rehefa avy niara-niasa nandritran’ny roa andro ny mpandray anjara dia manolotra ny tetikasany eo anolohany mpitsara, mpandraharaha sy “investisseur”.

Startup Weekend dia te hizara ny filozofia hoe “No talk all action” na hoe tsy misy kabary, tsy misy resaka fa tonga dia hetsika. Raha manana hevitra ianao dia tsy voatery manam-bola amin’ny voalohany. Rehefa mahasarika mpanjifa 100 fotsiny dia azo atao ny miheritreritra fangatahana financement. Aza matahotra manomboka tetik’asa tsikelikely, tadidio fa i Nelli Studio, Hamac, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Airbnb dia nanomboka tao amin’ny garazy na efitra kely.

Mpianatra ? Mpaka sary ianao ? Developer ? BizDev? Injeniera? Mpahay siansa mpanara-maso? Mpisolovava? Mpanao hosodoko? Mpivaro-kena ? Simia? Agribusiness? … Na iza ianao na iza, dia hanana ny toeranao amin’ity hetsika ity ianao. Tsy misy fetran-taona, fahaiza-mamorona, niaviana. Na manana tetikasa ianao na tsia, raha vonona hianatra ho mpandraraha na vonona hampivoatra an i Madagasikara, dia tongava !

Fanontaniana miverina matetika :

Matahotra aho fa hisy hangalatra ny hevitro – Tsia:
– Tsy misy lanja ny hevitra iray :, maro ny olona manana hevitra mitovy aminao
– Teo anoloan’i facebook dia nisy hevitra tokana sosialy mihisa 150 izay tsy nahomby : matetika ny hevitra efa nisy nanana taloha
– Tsy voatery hanolotra hevitra na tetikasa ianao ao amin’ny Startup Weekend fa afaka mianatra fahaiza-manao vaovao na manao “networking”.
– Ny hevitra tsy misy fahaiza-manao na tsy misy ekipa na tsy misy mpiara-miasa dia foana : Raha manana hevitra ianao ka irery na tsy hainao ny manao azy dia afaka zarainao amin’ny olon-kafa

Ireto sarimihetsika mampiseho ny fihetsika momban’i Madagasikara mialohan ny Startup Weekend Fianarantsoa 2018 :

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Written by Mino.R





Startup Weekend is Back in Madagascar


After a few years in standby, thanks to Google For Entrepreneurs, Techstars and the entrepreneurs community, Startupweekend is back to Antananarivo, Madagascar 🙂

For its 10th birthday, StartupWeekend comes with new and fresh design so we also want to bring fresh ideas with this new ChangeMakers edition that will take place 11th,12th,13th of August 2017 at Etech an IT company located in Antananarivo.

Madagascar, the beautiful island is sometimes known outside as a the country of “Moramora” where everything follows its own slow pace. With local potical and economical issues, the country was ranked among 7th lowest GDP (PIB) according to the IMF (International Monetary Funds).

Dear malagasy changemakers, startupers fellows, with this initiative the organizers aims at gathering alltogether all small entrepreneurs in Madagascar and bring change.

For most startupers, the real problem  in Madagascar is not investors (dont forget that google, Apple, Facebook started wih a few guys and few computers). The real issue is the lack of support and help. That’s why this year, the Startup weekend wants to emphasis this by making strong partenrship with local and international startups such as Bridge For Billions or Entr’up, companies that can help startupers stay on the line and succeed.

Lets join forces and bring changes !!!!

The Startup Weekend Antanananrivo Team –  by Mino.R

You can follow the event at  : or