Meet Startup Weekend Speaker, Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson, co-founder of DotCom Therapy,will be speaking at Startup Weekend Madison.

Rachel is a certified and clinically competent speech-language pathologist who has been in practice since 2012. When asked why she became a SLP she responded with, “communication is the most powerful tool we have in this world and through developing DotCom Therapy we are hoping to provide people that power from the comfort of home and with expert therapists not only in the field of speech but in the area of speech you need”. It is Rachel’s hope that DotCom Therapy will become a household name and who you turn to for all of your communication needs.

Therapy for everyone, everywhere™

Read more about the DotCom Therapy mission and journey in these two recent articles from


Meet Startup Weekend speaker, Emily Purdom

Emily Purdom, co-founder of DotCom Therapy will be speaking at Startup Weekend Madison.

With extensive experience in speech therapy provision and educational administration in rural areas, Emily’s role is to advocate for innovation and service excellence across all settings. 

“Parents really appreciate that schools are using innovation to bring the highest quality of speech therapy services to their child; they see that we are the trusted speech therapy provider.”

By removing barriers of accessibility, the DotCom team is eradicating the pervasive shortage of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and mental health professionals. DotCom Therapy was created to connect patients, clients and schools with the best therapist to meet their needs, not just a professional within the localized area.

The highest quality of therapy services provided, combined with ultimate convenience, can lead to industry disruption and improved healthcare access for people worldwide.

Learn more about Emily and DotCom Therapy:

Meet Sydney Lai, Startup Weekend Facilitator

Get to know Sydney Lai, our 2017 Facilitator for Startup Weekend Madison

Sydney Lai is a gregarious community leader passionate about helping people pursue entrepreneurship. Sydney works domestically and internationally building startup ecosystems, leading accelerators, venture funds and community events. As a technical marketer and designer with an award winning background in sales and business development, Sydney grows products and services users want. Her work spans across industries and startups including finance, virtual reality, enterprise, and aerospace.

As a community leader building startup ecosystems, Sydney has worked in accelerators, venture funds, financial services, SaaS, government, virtual reality, and aerospace industries. As a technical marketer and designer with an award winning background in sales and business development, Sydney grows products and services users want.

In March, 2016 Sydney published a LinkedIn article on Linked in titled, “Design Startups That Accelerators Want” and in October 2016 she presented a TedX Talk you’ll want to check out at


Madison 2015 Summary Video

Thanks so much to Pauline for putting together interviews and a great summary the experience last year!

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