Michiana: A Community of Makers

Being a maker, and being around other makers is incredibly fulfilling. That creativity, desire to help others, unconventional problem solving, and overall positive energy is something that drives me. For more than a year now, I’ve been regularly visiting The MakerHive. It’s a great group of people who all love 3D printing, laser cutting, designing circuitry, programming robots, and anything else that you can imagine. Better yet, we all believe in the open source philosophy and are there to help each other. What an amazing group to be a part of!


That’s also why I’m so excited about Startup Weekend Maker Michiana. We live in a community of creative people who haven’t realized how much of a difference they can make. By simply pitching an idea and working with a team to develop and mature that idea for a weekend, we will make incredible things. People with ideas will become makers, people who already identify as makers will help people that they wouldn’t otherwise have known, and together we’ll solve real problems and truly better everyone.
Do you have a need or idea to pitch at Startup Weekend Maker Michiana? Would you like to learn more about 3D printing and some of the other disruptive technologies that are taking the world by storm? Do you have creative and artistic skills that would help others realize their true potential? Please join us on November 14-16 to MAKE those dreams a reality!

Jim Spencer


Startup Weekend Organizer

Senior MakerHive Member


Inside Indiana Business Features Startup Event

On October 6, Inside Indiana Business introduced Startup Weekend Michiana 2014 to its readers as “an event to boost entrepreneurship is set for next month at LaunchPad in downtown Goshen. Three Degrees of Separation, a South Bend-based business community organization, says Startup Weekend Maker Michiana will bring together developers, coders, designers and engineers.”

The press release that followed is written below:


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – This week Three Degrees will be hosting the official launch of Startup Weekend Maker Michiana, an all weekend event where creatives of all kinds (business people, developers, coders, designers, makers/engineers) come together to bring a start-up idea to life.

Local entrepreneur Eric Kanagy, CEO of RedPost, is excited about having one of the first maker-themed Startup Weekends in the nation to Michiana.

According to Kanagy, “Our region is actually leading the nation in micro-manufacturing, with 3D printers and small batch manufacturing taking over from traditional, capital-intensive methods. Startup Weekend will give us a small glimpse into this massive shift that’s happening right under our noses.”

This year’s Startup event will be hosted in downtown Goshen and will be a little different from past competitions. Participants will be asked to pitch an idea, form a team, and then develop that idea from paper to a real-life object. Judges will be present to choose the winners of the best start-up idea.

Three Degrees of Separation, a South Bend community group, meets Tuesday at 6 PM in the St. Joseph Public Library downtown South Bend.

Three Degrees exists to collaborate and facilitate connections between local entrepreneurs, develop new start-up ideas, and offer resources and support for business development.

Startup Weekend Details:
When: November 14-16
Where: Launchpad, 232 S. Main St., Goshen.
Registration/More info: http://michiana.startupweekend.org/


Source: https://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?ID=67422#middle