Day 2 of Kansas City Startup Weekend

The second day of Kansas City Start Up Weekend has been busy for all of our teams. The day started off with announcements from Kelly Tomlinson and Wendy Overton and the teams were off to work, figuring out their business strategies and then heading out to get market validation. The teams that came out of last nights pitches are:

  • Amplifer App – An app that will use your friends phone speakers to play your music
  • Get Unleashed – combines fitness, candy crush, and a cute little dragon to help fight obesity
  • Converse – Curated conversation for the globally minded
  • Donation DoGood – Creating a Nation of Do-Gooders
  • Rent to Me – Turning the rental property industry upside down
  • Daily Deeds KC – Helping people be able to help the community even more
  • Hive – A way to automate your home HVAC system with multiple thermostats and your vents

Also throughout the day we had several of our mentors come through to help these great teams out. We had Chris Brown, who was giving the teams legal help and advise. Melissa Roberts stopped in to discuss marketing with our teams and finding the voice of the company. Carrie Royce has been helping teams out with finding their voice for their pitches and also with whatever the teams need. Rick Vaughn has been influential with providing the teams with information on how the funding process works and what investors are looking for. Chris Cheatham came to help the the teams find that target market for their first customer. That’s just some of what the mentors were helping out with and we will have even more tomorrow helping the teams tie up those loose ends before the end of the 54 hours.

We’re halfway through and already seeing some amazing things so be on the lookout on twitter and tomorrow evening as the teams pitch their amazing ideas!

Friday Night at KCSW #10 (Fall 2014)!

Kansas City Startup Weekend #10 kicked off with a great opening by our facilitator, Wendy Overton. She got the attendees and Friday night pitch spectators going with a rock, paper, scissors championship.

Kevin McGinnis with Pinsight Media+ and the Sprint Accelerator, followed up with an inspirational talk about building relationships at Startup Weekend. He mentioned a number of his friends and business opportunities have come from his multiple Startup Weekend experiences.

Then it was time! The pitches began and went on until 15 ideas had been put on the table. Here’s what was pitched:

  1. RigRPG – Social platform for A/V specialist to post their rigs
  2. Amplifier – Chain links devices to stream same music source
  3. Change for Good – Solution for users to round up their purchases to make a donation to a charity
  4. Percentile Budgeting – Simple budgeting app that leverages percentages to allocate budgets
  5. Rent to Me – Airbnb for renters, brings the landlord to the person looking
  6. Empathy Chat – Tinder for meeting pen-pals
  7. Help Connect – Peer to peer volunteering opportunities
  8. Electric Hooka – Electric based heating element for hooka pipes
  9. Thunderbird Unicorn – Creates a new experience replacing business cards
  10. Unleashed – Fitness app fighting obesity
  11. Seeds – Hybrid seed solution
  12. KC Daily Deeds – Crowd sourcing ideas for charities
  13. Home Connect – Information aggregator for in home climate control
  14. Get the Job – Interviewing practice app
  15. Home Décor – App that provides home decoration suggestions based off of personal preferences and budgets

Let the voting begin! After a bit of mingling time for pitchers to convince others to give them one of their coveted three votes.

With votes tallied, a total of seven teams were formed to take on the next 51 hours of the weekend!

We’ll keep you informed, and come see the final products Sunday afternoon (meal included)! Join us!