Startup Weekend "Disaster Preparedness and Response"

The Respondr

Group Members:

  1. Cheney Tsai (Lead)
  2. Kelly Cox
  3. Jenny
  4. Chloe Alexandria Mayer
  5. Shishir Poudyal

About The Respondr: Develop an easy way for people in Nepal to report infrastructure issues for data to be aggregated, to quicken response time.


Keep Nepal In The News

Group Members:

  1. Stacie Chan ( Lead)
  2. Chris Lee
  3. Akash Manandhar
  4. Rupa Maharjan
  5. Kelly Mason
  6. Elizabeth Bylor
  7. Mainsha Panta

Keep Nepal in the News
About Keep Nepal In The News: Create an easy way for international audiences interested in what’s happening in Nepal to stay updated and committed to rebuilding efforts.


Community Act

Group Members:

  1. Ankur Sisodia (Lead)
  2. Anup Pokhrel
  3. Yub Raj Panta
  4. Shashwar Mehta
  5. Ali Glenesk
  6. Sandip Agrawal
Community Act

About Community Act: Develop a website connecting volunteers, funders, to campaigns in an effort to rebuild Nepal.


Pictogram Reference Card

Group Members:

  1. Bernie Telles (Lead)
  2. Sharad Katwal
  3. Sonal Agrawal
  4. Eva Lotta Lavin
  5. Lonathan Reed

About Pictogram Reference Card: First Aid reference cards will be  done in pictures and sold to hospitals as a means for reducing hospital visits for small problems/injuries.


Bring Tourists Back To Nepal

Group Members:

  1. Romain Perrier (Lead)
  2. Tina
  3. Sagar Chalsie
  4. Jared
  5. Sailesh Awale
  6. Bipin Bhetwal
  7. Raj Kumar Shrestha
Bring Back Tourists

About Bring Tourists Back To Nepal: Create a beautiful website that’d convince people to come back to Nepal, by giving them super easy, factual trip recommendations and safety facts.


Revolutionary Radio (Demand & Supply matching platform for radio and web)
Group Members:

  1. Megan Stevenson (Lead)
  2. Amit Bajracharya
  3. Sailendra Dhungal
  4. Bishruti Siku
Rev Radio

About Revolutionary Radio: Revolutionary Radio is an online platform that produces high-quality, user-driven content for producers of radio programs, connecting need from local communities to industry experts.


Network for NGO (Platform for sharing disaster information between NGOs ,locals and the Government)

Group Members:

  1. Jonas Heyden (Lead)
  2. Paul Rossmaw
  3. Rostislav
  4. Nikita Acharya
  5. Barun Thapa
  6. Ben Pilzer
  7. Sumier Phalake
  8. Michael Olson
  9. Moline Dastr
Platform for Disaster MGO

About Network for NGO: Network for NGO is aiming to provide reliable, fast and demand-driven data for disaster zones. Data is provided by locals and NGOs and aggregated by our platform to show where and what help is needed.


We-connect (An app to connect people and people and exchange information using MANET, SMS or data)

Group Members:

  1. Christina Kang (Lead)
  2. Suman Awal
  3. Manish Dangol
  4. Saujan Maka
  5. Scot Frank

We Connect
About We-connect: We-connect is an app which enables users to share their status or select information with other app users, either by MANET (mobile ad hoc network) or via data /sms. It could be used on an everyday basis — to connect seller and buyers, facilitating trade and transactions, or during emergencies — to connect people in critical condition with people who might be able to help.


Raise Your Voice (A platform to show videos and take action (donations) buying products.)

Group Members:

  1. Kirsten Soong (Lead)
  2. Sneha Pradhan
  3. Rojesh Shrestha
  4. Susan Joshi
  5. Shyam
  6. Nadia

Raise your voice
About Raise Your Voice: Raise Your Voice is a website/platform to showcase impactful videos that expose the horrors of sex slavery. It engages viewers connecting them with ground reality and raising much-needed awareness.


Start the Conversation (Mental Healthcare in Nepal)

Group Members:

  1. Aswin Chandrakantan (Lead)
  2. Jordan pierson
  3. Brandon Woolf
  4. Tim Clarke
  5. Redouan Cherkaoui
  6. Eric Wulff

About Start the Conversation: Build a scaleable efficient service model for mental healthcare in Nepal (and beyond).