Tips for Startup Weekend Olsztyn newcomers

For those of you who will visit Olsztyn for the first time, here are some useful information about the city and its features.


  • If you’re looking for some place to sleep during SW Olsztyn here are some propositions:

Short distance:

Apartament Warszawska Centrum – from 74,00 zł per person per day

Kortowo – from 50,00 zł per person per day

Good quality:

Apartamenty 4sleep – from 129,00 zł per person per day

Belwedere apartment in the center of Olsztyn – from 81,25 zł per person per day

Low price:

Hotel Wysoka Brama – from 37,50 zł per person per day

Pokoje nad Miętą – from 50,00 zł per person per day

Classic hotel:

Hotel Wileński – from 115,50 zł per person per day

Hotel Warmiński – from 132,75 zł per person per day


  • Too much work? Here are some places where you can relax:


House Cafe – Stare Miasto 11/16

Herbaciarnia Zen – Okopowa 23

Słodycz tej Krainy – Kołłątaja 23


Handmade – Kołłątaja 8

Pomarańcza – plac Jedności Słowiańskiej 1

Przystań Kortowska – Heweliusza 28

Sznaps – Okopowa 15

Pijana Czapla – Górna 1

Carpenter Inn – Stare Miasto 3

Rakor – Kanafojskiego 1

Antałek – Oczapowskiego 9

Mięta – Św. Barbary 9


  • Since you’re already in Olsztyn, you should definitely do some sightseeing!

Muzeum Nowoczesności

Dom Gazety Olsztyńskiej

Ławeczka z Mikołajem Kopernikiem

Wysoka Brama

Katedra św. Jakuba

Zamek Kapituły Warmińskiej


And some guide in English. See you soon!

5 reasons why The Startup Weekend is different

There is a plenty of events in the startup world. Most of them let you listen to the stories of others. But only a few give you a chance to be heard. This is just one reason which makes Startup Weekend different. Check for more below.

  1. Your involvement is essential – you need to be:
    1. Prepared
    2. Focused
    3. Open minded
    4. Ready to work hard
    5. Remember. It’s not a conference – you’re not an observer.
  2. Pitch matters – craft one.
    If you have a business idea, prepare your pitch well. Base on them the participants will decide what to work on.
  3. It’s all about team work.
    Either if you don’t pitch or your idea is not selected you cannot stay alone. Find people with complementary experiences to team up. Your skills are irreplaceable.
  4. Mentors are to be used
    They are here not to deliver speeches and gather attention. Despite they are stars they are not here to shine, but to help and work with you. Be ready not to give applause but take advantage of their experience and knowledge.
  5. Show what you’ve done.
    The aim of your 54 hour work is to present its outcome. Since the very first hour, remember the result of your team’s work will be present to the audience. Everything you’ve done, must be good.

Two weeks left. Must-read tips for Global Fashion Battle Startup Weekend.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Get focus and be ready for Startup Weekend. Check, what is important to know about our event, before arrive.

1. Think your business idea through

During the Startup Weekend you will work on a specified business idea.  If you  prepare well beforehand, it will be easier to convince others to join your team. Do your research. Check what you can find about your idea online. It may help you to pitch it better.

2. Get your friends involved.

Share your idea with friends and convince them that the Startup Weekend is a great chance to succeed. Invite friends and bring your team. It will boost the odds that your idea is selected.

3. Craft your pitch.

This is a crucial point. The participants will decide what idea to work on, based on these pitches. It`s not a joke – you have only one minute! In order to sell it best you need to have it well-thought. These 60 seconds can determine your future.

4. Be ready to network.

Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to meet new people. Bring business cards, have your linkedin profile updated. Be sure you can mingle easily.

5. Google our mentors.

Each of the mentors invited has a story and experience to share. Use it wisely. Learn who the experts are – you will know whom to ask for help.

6. Get rest.

Startup Weekend it`s not a coffee chit-chat, but 54 hours of a hard work. You must stay creative and open-minded. Load your batteries before you come.


3 weeks until Startup Weekend: hostels in Poznań


the clock is ticking! Are you as excited about the upcoming Startup Weekend Global Fashion Battle Poland as we are? 

Only three weeks are left to the Startup Weekend and you still don’t know where to stay? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Below you can find a few hostels close to the Stary Browar. Check them out!


Poco Loco  400 m to Stary Browar

Mandala  500 m to Start Browar

Rosemary’s  750 m to Stary Browar

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask! You can write us an e-mail or find us on Facebook.

Olsztyn – perfect place for Startup Weekend

For those of you who will visit Olsztyn for the first time, here are some useful information about the city and its features.

  • If you’re looking for some place to sleep during SW Olsztyn here are some propositions:

Close to the venue:
Hotel Park  double room – 320,00 zł/night
Fundacja Żak – dorms double room – 130,00 zł/night
Wygodna Chata double room – 25,00 zł/night
Little bit further:
Hotel Kopernik double room – 218,00 zł/night
Dom Andersona triple room – 100,00 zł/night
Apartament Nowy Jork double room – 135,00 zł/night
In the city:
Hotel Wileński double room – 209,00 zł/night
Polsko-Niemieckie Centrum Młodzieży Europejskiej double room – 143,00 zł/night
Hotel Pod Zamkiem double room – 195,00 zł/night

  • Too much work? Here are some places where you can relax:

House Cafe – Stare Miasto 11/16
Herbaciarnia Zen – Okopowa 23
Awangarda Bis – Staromiejska 13
Sznaps – Okopowa 15
Stara Warszawska – Warszawska 29
Carpenter Inn – Stare Miasto 3
Rakor – Kanafojskiego 1
Antałek – Oczapowskiego 9
Tetris – Kołłątaja 1

  • Since you’re already in Olsztyn, you should definitely do some sightseeing!

Muzeum Nowoczesności
Dom Gazety Olsztyńskiej

Ławeczka z Mikołajem Kopernikiem
Wysoka Brama
Katedra św. Jakuba
Zamek Kapituły Warmińskiej

And some guide in English

First SWOlsztyn WarmUp – it was great!

Last year a group of enthusiasts organized first Startup Weekend in Olsztyn (and in the whole North-East Poland). It turned out great, many participants, lots of fun! This time we’ve decided to spice it up a little and make some introduction for people who are interested in SW but still hesitant about their abilities. This is how WarmUps were added to our event schedule 🙂
 1. od lewej A.Sobczak, P.Harajda
First of the two took place on February 2nd in Planeta11. 25 people gathered to learn some new stuff – usefull at SW and in real life. At the beginning, they were introduced with the subject of what actually Startup Weekend is and then it was time for a more literal meaning of the word “warm-up”. Short exercises for awakening the interaction with other people, perception and creativity were led by Katarzyna Jędrychowska – actress of Baltic Dramatic Theatre in Koszalin. There was a lot of applause, laughter and fantasy. When everyone has felt more at ease and stimulated to creative thinking, there was time for the first workshop.
4. Design Thinking A.Sobczak
Aleksander Sobczak (Kreatika Studio) acquainted the participants with a topic of Design Thinking (DT). He described  entire path of inventing innovative products and services, generating ideas and solving problems – where to start, what to focus on, what not to ignore and what tools to use.
5. Business Model Canvas P.Harajda
The second workshop was led by Paweł Harajda (Olcamp). He presented the participants with a useful method of business planning on the basis of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) – a method that allows for illustrative systematization of all the necessary components when we think about a new company or a new product.
6. praca w zespołach
After a short theoretical introduction, the participants were divided into 3 teams. Each of them drew random password (dog, coffee, food) and was tasked to come up with a product (using the principles of DT) and then develop a BMC for it by responding to questions like: target groups, methods of sale, business partners, benefits the product is to bring to customers and so on. After an hour of working together, the groups have seconded one person to present their innovative product and business strategy. Fortunately, it was purely workshop and not competition, because it would be hard to pick a winner: home washing station for dogs, portable mini coffee machine or maybe deglutenizer of dishes?
 7. praca w zespołach
Everyone had great fun so the ones that hasn’t been there should get envious. But good news is that there will be WarmUp #2 soon! Stay tuned and follow posts on our funpage.

Saturday party @ Startup Weekend Space Gdansk!

With so many aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, and developers signed up for Startup Weekend Space Gdansk, the sheer number of faces can be overwhelming for newcomers and veterans alike.

Instead of wasting those precious first hours getting to know the guest list, attending the our awesome party is a great way to familiarize yourself with attendees and relaxing into the almost 72-hour whirlwind.

This party of Startup Weekend Space Gdansk a will be held at PARTY BUSES, where we’ll visit and look around interesting places in 3city (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia). During the trip we’ll be drinking beer, drinks and eat tasty snacks! Cooooooool! 😀

The party starts Saturday at 9 p.m. from GPNT.

What places you will see?

1. Gdansk center: The Granary Island, The Old Town and its beautiful architecture.
2. Gdynia center: Gdynia Harbor.
3. Sopot center: Monte Cassino, Sopot Pier (longest wooden pier in Europe) and the party spot.

Who wants feel free to drop off at Sopot and continue party. If you prefer to get back to work/sleep you can go with us back to gdansk (GPNT).

Hope you all enjoy this time! 🙂

A nice trip for event participants!

We know that you all love suprises <3 that is why we organised exclusive trip to deep water container terminal located in Gdansk where we will see satellite navigation in sea transportation & logistics! How cool is that? 😀 Prepare your cameras, smartphones, GoPros, Instagrams or anything else! 😀


After event registration.
Friday, 02-10, 3 p.m. @ GPNT

About DTC:

DCT Gdansk is Poland’s largest and fastest growing container facility, and the only deep-water terminal in the Baltic Sea Region having direct ocean vessel calls from the Far East. Located in the heart of the Baltic in the Port of Gdansk, DCT is the most Eastern facility in the Gdansk – Le Havre range.

The concept for the deep water container terminal located in Gdansk began in the late 90’s in order to address the ever growing potential of the Baltic’s deep-sea trading routes. DCT Gdansk was selected by the Port of Gdansk to design, construct and operate a new independent deep-sea container port that was aimed to be the largest of its kind in the Baltic.

DCT was the first terminal that attracted direct calls from Asia to the Baltic Sea and is today the destination for the largest vessels in the world departing from China, Korea and other Asian countries. This process initiated a split of the most important shipping trade-lane in the world, Asia – Europe, into Asia – North West Europe and Asia – Baltic.

Can’t wait! See you in GPNT!

Accommodation – few important details!

Are you planning to take part of Startup Weekend Space in Gdansk but you don’t know where to sleep during the event? Here are a few important details with a nice discount 🙂


We can provide you with discounted stay at in the center of Gdansk (250m from the main train station & bus stops) for only 50PLN/person/night 🙂
Use SWSpaceGDN code during booking your stay there. 

The Price includes:

  • breakfast in form of smorgasbord in the morning;
  • hot dinks for 24h;
  • 24h reception with tourist information at your disposal;
  • WiFi in the whole building;
  • acces to computers and common room with TV;
  • fully-fitted kitchen;
  • PlayStation, pool and table football for free;
  • renting of towels, umbrella, iron, ironing board and hair-dryier is also free of charge;
  • 3city Hostel is equipped with electrically-closed doors, metal lockers in every room under the beds and 24-hour monitoring system;
  • You can pay by credit card

3 city hostel is located in the center of the old town, only 250m from the main railway station, SKM and bus stations.

More info here.

Main prize for winners @ Startup Weekend Space Gdansk

Who is still not decided should be convinced right now!

We reveal that the main prize in Startup Weekend Space Gdansk is a trip to Berlin with Blue Dot Solutions representatives to Satellite Masters conference and Awards Ceremony of Galileo Masters competition.


Explore cutting-edge space applications at the second Satellite Masters Conference, which will take place from 20-22 October 2015 in Berlin. The event will feature an outstanding blend of conference sessions, workshops, and roundtable discussions centred around leveraging satellite-derived data and other space solutions for business and society.

The Satellite Masters Conference is much more than just a networking event: It is a unique marketplace for sharing ideas on space-based innovation and connecting with the world’s leading network for downstream satellite business.

The event will cap off the joint Awards Ceremony of Europe’s major innovation competitions for space applications – the Copernicus Masters and the European Satellite Navigation Competition.

The conference is geared toward all those looking to benefit from the emerging satellite applications market, from start-ups, SMEs, and researchers to investors, institutional stakeholders, and industry entities.
See you on 20th of October in Berlin!

Last Startup Weekend Space tickets still avaiabile here.