Startup Weekend Sobre Rieles Santa Cruz


Startup Weekend Sobre Rieles Santa Cruz (on Rails, because it was carried out on a train), happened from June 8 to 10, 2018. 41 people were involved including organizers, mentors, judges and 24 participants.

It started on Friday, June 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in Empresa Ferroviaria del Oriente (Eastern Railway Company) in Santa Cruz, where Angel Sandóval (Eastern Railway) welcomed us and spoke about the role of railways and the development opportunities of the region.

Omara Suarez, from the Government of Santa Cruz, presented the process of creation and the current use of the Santa Cruz brand (Marca Santa Cruz).

Later we started with our Facilitator Fernando Espínola from Paraguay. Participants were encouraged to present a business idea in 1 minute; 15 ideas were presented and in subsequent voting, the 6 most voted were selected, which formed 6 teams.

Later we boarded the train from Santa Cruz to Puerto Quijarro at 13:20. In the train the teams were organized and with the help of the mentors, they defined their ideas, developed their business models with the help of the Startup Weekend Canvas methodology and validated the assumptions that formed their projects.

After a stop in San José de Chiquitos and then a longer one in Santa Ana (station before reaching Carmen Rivero Torrez) we arrived at Puerto Quijarro at 4:00 pm.
The event continued in the conference room of El Pantanal Hotel Resort, where the teams completed their prototypes, initiating the final presentation of their projects before the jury from 20:30. After the presentations the jury deliberated and defined the most outstanding projects. Later we had a closing dinner in which we shared among all, closing the event.

On Sunday there were tourist activities in Corumbá (Brazil) and in Puerto Suárez (Bolivia), returning to Santa Cruz on Monday at 6:00 a.m.

About the teams

Rural Host Bolivia (First Place)

It is an application to sell tourism experiences in BoliviaTeam: Paola Andrea Quiroga Arce, Esther Adriana Poquechoque Gutierrez, Paulina Lourdes Alejandro Riera, Liliana Graciela Suarez Hoyos, Regin Nicolas Medina, Liset B. Miranda Bias

World E (Second Place)

University for entrepreneursTeam: Johnny Rodriguez Aysama, Nizzme Valeria Rodriguez Urquidi, Oscar Vargas Chuve, Andrea Antezana Canelas

Tuti SC (Third Place)

Application to provide complete information on public transport in SC
Team: Valeria Yarima Ferrufino, Pamela Boutier Vaca, Bianca Salomon Kadima, Huascar Escobari, Alvaro Daniel Chambi Tito

Chochis Cloud (Mention)

A tourist guide for the Bolivian Southeast
Team: Gonzalo Arteaga Gamarra, Adela Nagashino Vaca, Norma Serrudo Sanabria, Maria Lizzeth Moscoso Duran

Ethernal Friend (Mention)

Post Mortem service for pets
Team: Pablo Cesar Coimbra Gomez, Maria Luz Fuentes, Enrique Arzabe, Karen Nohely Rospilloso Ramos, Jose Antonio Siles Cruz.


Facilitator by Techstars Startup Weekend was Fernando Espinola Prieto, from Paraguay.

Organizing Team was: René Salomón (Fundación Trabajo Empresa), Rosario Morales (Fundación Trabajo Empresa), Fernando Chávez Gomes da Silva (Zoftco), Henry Saucedo Vaca (Zoftco), Jesús Miguel Hidalgo Herrera.


Ana Lucia Golin (Federal University Mato Grosso Pantanal)
Luis Delgadillo (President CAINCO Germán Busch)
Juan Alex Góngora (RSE ITACAMBA Cement)
Marianela Ortiz (Director of Tourism Municipality of Puerto Suarez)
Oscar Alvarez (Sernap OTUQUIS Protected Area)


The mentors who accompanied the teams in the development of their projects were:Jurij Suárez (Bolivian Catholic University)
Omara Suárez (Governorate of Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz Brand)
Kely Encinas (Tourism Professional)
Ramiro Javier Chuquimia Ticona (Web Consultant in Confianet)
Ana Maria Montaño (Private University Teacher Santa Cruz de la Sierra)

The event is organized by Hub Santa Cruz, with the support of Ferroviaria Oriental, the Fundación Trabajo Empresa, the Autonomous Departmental Government of Santa Cruz, Zoftco, Hotel Pantanal, Itacamba.

Some numbers of the event:

27 hours on train
640 km by train, 632 km by bus, 37 km by taxi, 11 km by boat in the pantanal.
15 ideas presented
6 teams (2 teams merged and 5 final presentations)
41 people at the event (5 organizers, 1 facilitator, 1 presenter, 5 mentors, 5 judges, 24 participants)
63% female participation.


This is a video of the best moments of the Startup Weekend Sobre Rieles Santa Cruz #swsobrerieles (3 minutes)

Check out the movie we created with the footage of the event (23 minutes)

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