Startup Weekend Cluj 2019 in Review

The 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj has just come to an end. It was a 54 hours ride, in which the 14 participating teams had the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace the most important steps for developing a business and receive real-time feedback from mentors.


Meet the teams

During the weekend, 14 teams were formed, all aiming to a startup idea with a business potential. Meet the teams, in no particular order:

  • First Kid – an SaaS app aimed at pediatric clinics;
  • VibesMap – an app that wants to make reviewnig fun, engaging and rewarding,
  • UniCars – all the local rental cars brought together in one place;
  • listabit – helps people create shopping lists and get notification on price drops;
  • Meritera – a merit-based  platform for finding independent professionals;
  • Mating Call – a dating app based on voice calls, a sort of a Tinder with voice;
  • codemark – a market place for written code, aimed at developers,
  • ShapeUp Cluj-Napoca – a fitness app that teaches its users how to correctly perform exercises, in order to avoid pain;
  • Go NGO – a match-making and project management tool for NGOs and volunteers in tech;
  • Startup Bunnies – a tinder style feedback & connection platform for startups
  • TimeTravel – the easy solution to plan a trip, it sets the entire itinerary + food, within only 5 cliks;
  • Plantr – a web platform that brings together people interested to fight air pollution;
  • ARKKA – a centre for leisure and self-development;
  • Wave+ – helps people to meet sport buddies based on their location.


Meet the winners

The 3 winning teams of the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj are:  

1st place: ShapeUp Cluj-Napoca;

2nd place: ARKKA;

3rd place: Meritera.

We are profoundly honoured to have had an amazing crew of mentors join us & giving their valuable input into the developing of startups ideas:

Anca Bundaru, Product Marketing Manager @Bitdefender, Stefan Neagu, Co-founder &, Cristian Orasanu, Co-Founder @ Paybilla & Strategy Director @ Techcelerator, Jürgen Boekholt, Managing Director at METRO SYSTEMS Romania, Jag Singh, Managing Director @Techstars Berlin, Gabriel Dombri, CEO @Tapptitude & Acceleration Partner @Spherik Accelerator, Adrian Enache, CEO & Board Member Angels Den Funding / Founder @Omniperform, Andrea Kurucz, Freelance Business Development Consultant, Mihai Frentiu, Product Owner @ Tech’n Trade HUB, Mircea Capatina, Co-Founder & Biz Dev Manager @Smart Bill, Bogdan Gavrilescu, Senior Product Manager @Tapptitude, Lorena Macnaughtan, Health Innovation Advisor, Director.


The event was facilitated by Kateryna Degtyar, office director @WannaBiz accelerator and Chapter Director @Startup Grind Kyiv.


This year’s edition was possible with the support of our sponsors: Telenav, Metro Systems, Tapptitude and partners: Tech’n’Trade, Betfair Romania, Activize, Spherik Accelerator, Smart Bill, Techstars Berlin, The Next Web, Pioneers, How To Web, Techsylvania, IT Days, Silicon Forest, Cluj Cowork, ClujHub, that dev space, Creative Tim, Squirrly, Daisler,  whom we are extremely grateful to.

The #SWCluj2019 organizing team was: Cristina Juc, Mircea Vadan, Andreea Bercan, Larisa Pop, Flavia Tiloiu, Andrada Todea, Alex Salajan.

Thank you & see you next year!


Startup Weekend Cluj: 15th-17th March 2019


Between 15th to 17th of March, the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj is taking place. For 54 hours, people working in IT, business, marketing, design, and not only, and wanting to start a business, meet to validate their business ideas and learn from experienced mentors.

The seven previous editions gathered over 700 participants, who formulated 220+ business ideas, 90+ of which reached the final stage. A total of more than 80 mentors have been assisted by the participants, who have provided their knowledge and professional experience.

Entrepreneurs and new technologies are expected and encouraged to participate. Startup Weekend Cluj is the perfect environment to meet new people from different industries and with the most diverse expertise. One of the advantages of the Startup Weekend experience is learning. For 54 hours, participants have the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace the most important steps to develop a business and receive real-time feedback from mentors – entrepreneurs and people with vast experience in various fields.

Confirmed mentors for the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj include Anca Bundaru – Product Marketing Manager@Bitdefender, Stefan Neagu – Co-founder of and, Cristian Orasanu – Strategy Officer@Techcelerator and Paybilla Founder.
Early Bird Tickets, with a 50% discount, are available until January 31st.

About Startup Weekend Cluj
The Startup Weekend concept appeared in America in 2007. What was initially a group of people who shared their experience and helped each other evolved over time into a global community of entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Hundreds of cities in 135+ countries have borrowed this idea for tens of thousands of people to start their business at a Startup Weekend event.

The eighth edition of Startup Weekend Cluj will take place on March 15-17, 2019, at TELENAV Romania, Bd 21 December 1918, Cluj-Napoca, The Office Building.

More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page, and tickets can be purchased from the Eventbrite platform.


#10 common questions and answers about Startup Weekend

What can be more important when you take a decision that being informed? Due to Techstars Startup Weekend experience with more that 2.9k events organized all around the world, we could answer to the most #10 common questions.

What should you know?

If you are interested in entrepreneurship the answer is most likely yes. Techstars Startup Weekend attendee backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, if you are motivated to build a product or startup and open to new ideas you’ll fit right in.

Apart from Organizers, selected Coaches, Speakers, and press, everyone who attends the event is expected to participate all three days. This is important not only to preserve the ‘vibe’ of the weekend (“no talk, all action”) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for working teams. However, if you feel curious about the Sunday Presentation, check the registration page for Sunday pitch ticket.


Please see our ticketing page at for all tickets type. Please note the different ticket types: Business, Designer, Developer and Industry expert.

Business ticket: This ticket type applies to business, marketing & PR, and anyone looking to learn how to launch a product.

Designer ticket: This ticket type applies to anybody with a background in design (graphics, UX/UI, etc.) or creative in any area and is interested in learning to how work together in an interdisciplinary team.

Developer: This ticket type applies to software engineers/coders/developers – in short, anybody who can and will write code and want to learn how to build a validated product.

Industry expert: This ticket type applies to anyone who is a subject matter expert in their area. To give you an example. you can be an expert in an industry (like beverages, health, sports , entertainment), a technology, (AI/VR/AR, blockchain, biomechanics, electronics), or a theme (education, law, video games, pets, youth, etc).

Everyone who attends the event as an attendee is expected to participate on a team. This is important not only to preserve the mission of Techstars Startup Weekend (teamwork!) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for all working teams.

Pitching is open to every attendee! We recommend you purchase the ticket that best represents your skill set.

Attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation and lodging (if needed). If you are traveling and unfamilar with the location, reach out  team to ask for nearby recommendations.

No, but we encourage you to! You can pitch an idea you’ve been thinking about for years, or something last minute you think of during the event. It’s a great experience and invaluable practice for public speaking.

You can find the schedule on the event website.


  • Laptop
  • Business cards
  • Camera – take pictures and video!
  • Optional: A second monitor, keyboard, etc…. set yourself up to be productive!
  • Lots of creative energy!


  • Do some research. Market research and background information will give you a better understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Practice your pitch. You’ll have 60 seconds to persuade other attendees to join your team. Make it clear, concise, and convincing!
  • Get familiar with our tools for the weekend, head over to
  • Get some rest.
  • Bring a friend! Events are better with good company.

#SWCluj2018 – The Winners

And it’s a wrap up! During the weekend of March 2-4, 2018, Startup Weekend Cluj has reached the 7th edition. The energy and enthusiasm shared in the last 3 days by young entrepreneurs and innovators, was truly inspiring.

From 87 participants that have joined us, 26 have pitched their ideas and, after the voting process, 11 ideas were selected to the next stage. Meet them all below (in no particular order).

NeedIN’Mars – a mechanism for data aggregation, which will be used to generate a set of needs for living on Mars. The B2C component is a mobile app game, that aims to help people prepare for their journey.

Team: Simina Dinca, Mihai Costiug, Andrea Aczel, Valentin Geanta; team lead: Adrian Bona.

Reshare – a platform for tech companies to collaborate with content creators and influencers in order to generate entire marketing campaigns. It will help measure feedback & ROI..

Team: Cosmin Pruteanu, Christian Lang, Roxana Eftene, Sonia Baglio, Elisabetta Trovato; team lead: Victor Motogna.

Muffi – an educational app for kids and their parents, with quality interactive content, that has the purpose to teach children about different topics, through games and other .

Team: Paul Buciuman, Marius Ardelean, Andrei Vasilescu, Cosmin Harangus, Alexandra Pop, Teodora Ciont, Darius Cupse; team lead: Silvia Sanda Oprea.

Engage – have teambuildings everyday through a mobile application. Employees receive diverse challenges from fitness to cooking, in order to increase their engagement towards the work environment.

Team: Andrei Rat, Calin Tamas, Daniel Irimie, Farcas Bianca, Despina Maria Donca, Robert Miklas; team lead: Paul Chirila.

True Self – a “guided thought diary” mobile app that helps students who are about to finish university find a fulfilling career and create meaningful personal and professional relationships by supporting them to discover their true self through difficult questions, created by professional therapists.

Team: Diana Boca, Andreea Popa, Valentin Radulescu, Marius Ilie, Ludovica Bella Monica, Paolo Piana; team lead: Madalin Craciun.

Biop A.I. – an AI based automated cancer identification software.

Team: Hao Wang, Mihaela Raulea, Elimelec Burghelea, Cristina Vadana; team lead: Benyamin Matei-Dediu.

PlayTime – a platform that connects early & middle aged artists with event organizers, promoters and talent scouters, in order to generate gigs & other types of collaborations.

Team: Marius Cocis, Horia Gruita, Sebastian Muresan, Sorin Tufa, Claudiu Ignat; team lead: Cristian-Daniel Rusu.

People like me – helps cancer patients’ families find shelter near the hospitals and offers them opportunities to get away (for a little period at least) from their problems.

Team: Florin Ionita, Cristina Poputea, Adela Morosan, Stefania Isaila, Andreea Porumb; team lead: Alex Pausan.

Haystack – a matchmaking platform that connects lost pets with their owners.

Team: Sergiu Marcus, Alexandru Bodea, ; team lead: Anca Ungureanu.

Out Kat – a platform to discover crazy and interesting activities do to in the free time, nearby. Random, one at a time suggestions, with the possibility to rate & review each one.

Team: Ovidiu Stupariu, Adam Kiss, Ciprian Anton, Nicu Timofte; team lead: Tudor Stupariu.

Virtual Spaces – an aggregator for event locations, aimed at event organizers, which will offer virtually guided tours and have

Team: Demirel Ali, Monica Zara, Alex Balas, Cosmin Morarescu, Alexandru Comaniciu, Iulian Iancu; team lead: Alexandru Molnar.

The Winners of Startup Weekend Cluj 2018 are:

1st place: Engage

2nd place: Out Kat

3rd place: BIOP-AI

Some very special people have joined this edition as mentors. Our teams have learned from Sebastian Campos Groth – Program Manager @ Techstars, Bogdan Iordache – Partner @ Gecad Ventures, Mihai Rotaru – Founder & CEO @ Clever Taxi, Gabriel Dombri – CEO @ Tapptitude, Agata Kukwa – Communications Director @ Saule Technologies, Cristian Dascalu – Partner @ GapMinder.VC, David Trayford – CEO @ Wow Media, Rumen Iliev – Partner @ Launch Hub, Botond Székely – CEO @ Halcyon Mobile, Vlad Gliga – CEO @ Rubik Hub, Lidia Betoaea – Program Manager @ Rubik Hub and Florin Muresan, CEO @ Squirly. The event was facilitated by the amazing Tetiana Siianko.

This year’s edition is possible with the support of our sponsors: Telenav, Halcyon Mobile, Life Is Hard and partners: Clever Taxi, Hosterion, Cluj Hub, Cluj Cowork, Techsylvania, Creative Tim, Cluj Startups, Fresh Blood, Aries Transilvania & Daisler Print House, whom we are extremely grateful to.

The #swcluj2018 organizing team was: Andrada Todea, Alexandra Peculea, Andreia Zota, Larisa Bejan, Adriana Pieptea, Alex Selejan, Feri Salamon, Alex Burciu, Mircea Vadan, Titus Ardelean, Onisim Gabrian, Adrian Pica. Cristina Juc.

Thank you & see you next year!

SWCluj2018 – The Prizes

In less than a week we’ll meet at Startup Weekend Cluj, 2018 edition and it’s about time to let you in on the prizes. This is what we have put together for this year, so far:

1st Place Winners:

2nd Place Winners:

3rd Place Winners:

Special prize for an #ehealth startup idea:

  • 3 months FREE mentorship & consultancy from Fresh Blood

Alongside a few other surprises from Aries Transilvania & some other partners.

In order to test and validate your idea, find some amazing team mates and receive valuable feedback from a team of entrepreneurs and other industry professionals, join us at the beginning of March to the 7th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj. We provide you with the context, the resources, the food and all the coffee you can drink(!), so you can focus entirely on working towards your goal.

Some very special people have joined this edition as mentors. You’ll get to learn from Sebastian Campos Groth – Program Manager @ Techstars, Bogdan Iordache – Partner @ Gecad Ventures, Mihai Rotaru – Founder & CEO @ Clever Taxi, Gabriel Dombri – CEO @ Tapptitude, Agata Kukwa – Communications Director @ Saule Technologies, Cristian Dascalu – Partner @ GapMinder.VC, David Trayford – CEO @ Wow Media, Rumen Iliev – Partner @ Launch Hub, Botond Székely – CEO @ Halcyon MobileVlad Gliga – CEO @ Rubik Hub, Lidia Betoaea – Program Manager @ Rubik Hub and Florin Muresan, CEO @ Squirly.

This year’s edition is possible with the support of our sponsors & partners: Telenav, Halcyon MobileLife Is Hard & Daisler Print House, whom we are extremely grateful to.

Get your ticket today and start the adventure.

The First Steps For Building A Startup

Oftentimes, the beginning can be the hardest part of an endeavor and that’s the reason why most people don’t even start. To ease things up, Startup Weekend Cluj has evolved other the years into the best place to validate, test and START building a startup.

So How Do You Start?

The Idea

It all starts with an idea, which should be a solution for a problem many people have encountered. What are some common struggles a certain category of people have? How do they solve those problems? How can you offer them a better solution? If you can find an answer to these questions, then you have an idea to begin with.

The idea itself doesn’t have to be unique. Sometimes the implementation matters even more. Before you begin, you must find ways to validate your idea and see if there is really a need on the market for what you want to offer and if your solution is something people would use. You may find an even better idea along the way. Always be ready to adjust and change your solution in response to the feedback you receive.

The Team

One of the most important factors for a startup success is the team. It’s important to make sure that you are compatible and that each one of you is 100% committed. There are going to be a lot of decisions to be made and if you’ll spend time arguing with each other rather than working on the product, you won’t go very far.  

As for the skills, you have to be ready to constantly be learning because the more skills you have, the easier it will be to understand what you’re doing. Even if you’re a great software developer or a marketing specialist, that won’t be enough. With the right vision, you’ll still have to learn whatever skill is needed to implement and then sell the product.

The Resources

In order to start, you don’t really need any money. Some of the most successful companies have started out as side projects. What you do need is time, commitment and a vision.

These are the first steps of starting startup. Choose your team thoughtfully, start with an idea that represents a solution to a problem and then work towards making it happen.

In order to test and validate your idea, find some amazing team mates and receive valuable feedback from a team of entrepreneurs and other industry professionals, join us at the beginning of March to the 7th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj. We provide you with the context, the resources and the food, so you can focus entirely on working towards your goal.

Some very special people have joined us as mentors. You’ll get to learn from Sebastian Campos Groth – Program Manager @ Techstars, Bogdan Iordache – Partner @ Gecad Ventures, Mihai Rotaru – Founder & CEO @ Clever Taxi, Gabriel Dombri – CEO @ Tapptitude, Agata Kukwa – Communications Director @ Saule Technologies, Cristian Dascalu – Partner @ GapMinder.VC, David Trayford – CEO @ Wow Media, Rumen Iliev – Partner @ Launch Hub.

A few more tickets are available @ Get your ticket today to start the adventure.

What will you win at Startup Weekend Iași 2018

We all know that people do not participate at a Startup Weekend for the prizes, but at the end of the day after a grueling 54 hours of madness it is nice to be rewarded for your efforts. This year we have some pretty cool prizes (the list is not complete) for successful teams.

Prizes for every attendee

From us and our partners

To start, all of you will receive access for 5 days at The Grape, for your team to continue working on the idea after the final pitch, a on-sight workshop on building the Business Model Canvas with Bogdan Codreanu and one on How to Pitch with Adrian Pica. Yael Rozencwajg is also offering her unconditional remote help to any team interested in blockchains throughout the weekend.

From Techstars Startup Weekend

Google Cloud Platform is offering all Techstars Startup Weekend participants $300 in credits to help build web and mobile apps and we are proud to offer all Techstars Startup Weekend participants access to a free .CO domain.

Crowd favourite prize

  • consultancy for setting up your company covering all the paperwork & legal aspects and one month of accountancy, from our generous partners at ExpertCont;
  • Creative Tim’s big bundle package: 19 awesome products that will help you develop faster and easier.

3rd prize

2nd prize

1st prize

Let us know if you have any other prize ideas and we can try to get them for you :).

We hope that you will all enjoy the benefits of being part of Startup Weekend Iași 2018.
Feel free to invite your friends and let’s make your ideas come true. See you!

Prizes and challenges from EO Climlab at Startup Weekend Timisoara

For this edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara we’ve done a partnership with EO Climab and Aries Transilvania, to bring an exciting challenge, cool prizes and an opportunity to the participants from Timisoara.
As at any Startup Weekend event, you can pitch and work on any idea that you have. This time however, you can make your idea bigger and use the data and the tools provided by the European Space Agency through their EO Climlab project, implemented in Romania by Aries Transilvania.

EO Climlab is a one-stop shop-access to a range of data (including space observation data), free software & data processing tools, to develop new applications. It’s a cloud-based collaborative environment for rapid prototyping of innovative Earth Observation products and services to enhance climate resilience of our society and economy.

EO Climlab

To qualify for the prizes, you can come up with any idea and use the EOCLimlab resources, but here are a few possible applications of this technology:

For agriculture you can create a mobile application that sends farmers forecast info and contact info for advice on planting, fertilizers, irrigation, helps them choose the best crop based on existing data, sends them allerts, compare crop data, or create a small robot or IoT device aiding agriculture, farming.

For the environment protection, build an app that identifies polluted areas and areas that can be used for green spaces, to cope with the pollution or create mobile application that send forest damage detection alert to Local authorities. Corelate deforestation to pollution data in the area. Or, do an app that predicts fire/flood evolution based on precipitation, wind, elevation.

To make Timisoara a Smart City, determine air quality compared to city/country/Europe average levels. Find the best breathable cities in Europe or crowdsource data using a mobile app or social media, to build an interactive imagery set/inventory of urban green areas. You can even localize lines of increased transport activity in the last ten years. Project data for the next five, and define the influence of the transport increase change on the change of the environment, health issues of the citizens.

You can be creative and provide an artistic interpretation of climate change specific data (maps, presentations), that make scientific data more appealing or more impacting for the masses; this challenge should make climate change and its impact easier to understand.

In the health sector, develop an app that uses satellite data (weather, pollution, elevation models, OSM data) to recommend running/tracking tracks – best for your health and condition or develop an app that uses existing data to identify dangerous conditions for people with specific problems to go out (smog, acid rain, high CO levels, low oxygen levels). Another thing you can do is to assess air quality data and correlate with existing pollution factors/companies.

Improve tourism by creating an artistic map of Romania that presents it from 2 perspectives: on one hand tourist attractions (sites, castles, tradition, costumes) on the other hand climate change observed over the last 50 years temperature rise, deforestation, land use, present species, water levels, weather conditions, air quality). Or you can analyze snow levels and temperatures in mountain resorts across Europe; create interactive applications with historical evolution and eventually multimedia content.

If your project will be in any of these area, whether it’s your own idea or one that we have suggested and you can use the technology provided by the EO CLimLab project, you can will additional smart prizes and take advantage of our mentors that will be there on site to assist you.

Awesome mentors for an awesome event

There are only 2 days left until the beginning of the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara and because of that, we would like to present you 5 of our mentors.

Alexandra Bondareva
Alexandra is the greatest IT project manager. She is working at IMB since 2013, before that, she was the owner of Mosaic Media, an online agency helping its clients get the most from their online presence. Currently living in Bratislava, Alexandra is helping her community to develop.

Florian Gheorghe
Florian is the business lawyer wizard and entrepreneur by passion, with experience in USA and CEE. Represented venture capital funds in CEE. He has a vast background in US Government work. Currently working at AXOSUITS which is at the forefront of high-powered and affordable exoskeleton development.
Florian advises startups on business and contractual modeling, funding, and exit. So if you have trouble with the legislation part, Florian is your guy.

Stefan NeaguStefan is one of our amazing partners who makes things happen. He was preparing to be a priest but eventually, ended up working in the banking industry, working for ABN Amro and RBS, taking care of IT Infrastructure. Stefan is the Romanian ambassador of Lisk, a company which enables developers to build applications and deploys their own side-chain linked to the Lisk network, including a custom token. He is an Innovation Enabler for Societe Generale Shared Service Center in Bucharest.

Milan SteskalMilan is Co-founder and CEO at Mentegram, author of Idea To Funding, mental health advocate and a lean startup fan. Part of our prizes is his awesome book which we hope you will enjoy. Mentegram was born from the void created between care providers and people suffering from depression, substance abuse and other mental illnesses, to make sure that those people never have to face their conditions alone. His book, Idea To Funding, helps founders understand how to get the investment for their startup. It is a compilation of his wins, fails and lessons learned.

Judit BoszanovicsIdealist champion and project campaigner. Judit is enthusiastic about working together with creative minds and to redesign services of today & tomorrow by merging traditional values with technology-driven innovations. Recently she has become the Innovation Manager at Sparklab, a non-equity, mentorship-driven and task-based startup incubator brought to life by NN Insurance Hungary. Judit, is the Co-founder of EXQUIS Business and Technology Solutions.

They are just a part of the amazing team of mentors that will help you develop your idea, so, hurry up and buy your tickets to this awesome summer’s event.

Cowork – not a place, a community

For an amazing event to take place, besides creative participants, enthusiastic mentors, coming in handy partners, we also need an awesome venue. Cowork Timisoara will host this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Yet a young coworking space, Cowork Timisoara was founded by three entrepreneurs committed to the local community, with a vast experience in startups. As the special place for freelancers and startups, Cowork Timisoara is the perfect space where you can grow in a healthy environment.

“Members of our community can now work in a creative space and can connect with other freelancers but also with companies that we’re partnering with. We’ll be organizing a series of workshops and training programs, hackathons for startups focused on digital innovation.” – Andrei Firoiu, co-founder Cowork Timisoara

Working here comes with a lot of cool benefits like a modern space open 24/7, a clean desk, Wi-Fi high-speed internet connection, coffee and tea, access to a small kitchen area and amazing colleagues.