Resources and Support Startup Weekend Saarbruecken

A key part of every Startup Weekend is the valuable advice and assistance provided by the event’s speakers and coaches. In the spirit of “No Talk, All Action” we try to keep talks short and sweet, focusing on practical issues (i.e. “how to give a persuasive pitch”, “best approaches to customer validation”) that can actually help you and your team better achieve your weekend goals. Mentors – community experts in various fields ranging from entrepreneurship, software development, marketing, finance, law, and more – dedicate their time to providing advice and actually rolling up their sleeves and working with teams. Coaches will be in on Saturday from 2 – 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm. There will be sign-up sheets for your team to choose when you want to work with specific mentors. Quick tip: sign up for mentors fast!


In addition to the most valuable resources at the weekend (the people), we’ve also put together a list of some of the most useful resources in all startup-related fields, for both before, during, and after the weekend.


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Roadmap Startup Weekend Saarbrücken

Startup Weekend Saarbruecken
May 8th, 2015

Startup Weekends are designed to provide superior experiential education. The weekend events are centered on action, innovation, and education. We want you to be as prepared as possible and have scripted some details and recommendations for you in the next lines.

Weekend Roadmap


Participants arrive at 6 pm, begin networking, and eat dinner. After a short introduction by the facilitator, the “Pitchfire” will commence: anyone intending to pitch will have 60 seconds to give his or her best pitch. No presentations or props needed for Friday. It will just be you and a mic. After pitches are finished, all attendees will vote on their favorites, using these votes the top ideas will be selected to be worked on over the weekend. Teams will form organically, consolidate, and begin working.

Action items:

  • Map Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Identify customers
  • Agree on weekend deliverables


Teams will work all day, with the occasional breaks to eat or listen to one short talk. Coaches will be circulating to provide concrete advice in the field of their expertise for those teams that want it.

Action items:

  • Refine MVP
  • Make market research
  • Start building the MVP prototype
  • Do customer validation
  • Collect graphics + info for your presentation


Teams will work from morning until mid-afternoon. They’ll begin wrapping up their product/prototype and/or presentation around 3-4 PM to do tech-checks and practice their demonstration. After all Judges have arrived presentations will begin: each team typically has 5 minutes plus 3 minutes Q&A from the jury.

Action Items:

  • Validate business idea
  • Collect more customer feedback
  • Define rollout strategy
  • Outline business model
  • Finish building the MVP prototype
  • Craft a pitch and start pitch practice


CosmosDirekt Smart Insurance Challenge

CosmosDirekt Smart Insurance Challenge (for German please scroll down)

For all those of you, that have innovative ideas on the topic of „smart insurance“ and „personal financial management“ CosmosDirekt sponsors your entry fee to the Startup Weekend. We will as well be taking part in the Startup Weekend to discuss and develop your ideas together. Great ideas will be supported even beyond the Startup Weekend.

Every German holds on average 5 Insurance products and pension plans. Despite the vast size and relevance of this market, products are often falling short in usability, flexibility and mobile solutions.

CosmosDirekt as the leading German Online-insurance is in progress of changing exactly that. At the Startup Weekend South West, we wish to develop new ideas on everything about insurance and financial management, but especially on digital consultation as well as digital distribution channels.

If you have fresh ideas on these topics that you would like to pitch at the Startup Weekend, we are happy to sponsor your entry fee. Send us a brief description of your idea to – the first 10 to write to us will get their tickets sponsored.

Irrespective of whether you registered for the challenge in advance or decided spontaneously to pitch an idea for our challenge, we will be there to discuss and to develop your ideas with you.

Besides, if your idea has potential, we will support you beyond the Startup Weekend to help make your idea ready for the market:

After the Startup Weekend took place, teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to our experts and functional heads. If they see potential for customer delight and/or acquisition of new customers we will be very happy to offer a Pre-Incubation-Program: You will be provided with office space, a laptop, a small salary and intense feedback and access to know-how. If there is a fit between your solution and our business model, we can offer financial Investment and access to over 1.7 million customers.

We are looking forward!

The CosmosDirekt Team


CosmosDirekt Smart Insurance Challenge

Für Teilnehmer, die innovative Ideen rund um die Themen „Smart Insurance“ und „Personal Financial Management“ haben, sponsert die CosmosDirekt Freikarten fürs Startup Weekend. Zudem möchten wir während des Wochenendes in den Austausch mit Euch gehen und gemeinsam an Ideen arbeiten. Für frische Ideen bieten Förderung über das Wochenende hinaus.

Jeder Deutsche besitzt im Schnitt 5 Versicherungs- und Altersvorsorgeprodukte*. Trotz Marktgröße und Relevanz der Produkte für jeden von uns, liegen viele Bank- und Versicherungsprodukte in Usability, Flexibilität und bei mobilen Anwendungen hinter ihren technischen Möglichkeiten.

CosmosDirekt als führende Direktversicherung möchte das mit ihrem Fokus auf Online-Versicherung ändern. Beim Startup Weekend möchten wir gemeinsam mit Euch frische neuen Ideen rund um Versicherung und Financial Management in der digitalen Welt entwickeln, insbesondere im Bereich digitaler Beratung und web-gestützte Vertriebskanäle.

Wenn ihr spannende Ideen zu den genannten Themen habt, sendet uns vorher eine Kurzbeschreibung an

– Stichpunkte genügen. Die ersten 10 Einsender bekommen Tickets für das Startup Weekend von CosmosDirekt gesponsert.

Egal, ob ihr euch vorher für die Challenge angemeldet habt, oder nicht, werden Sachexperten von uns vor Ort sein, um mit Euch gemeinsam in Informationsaustausch zu gehen und Lösungen zu erarbeiten.

Außerdem möchten wir Eure Ideen auch nach dem Startup Weekend fördern:

Herausragende Teams bekommen die Möglichkeit ihre beim Startup Weekend erarbeiteten Ideen im Nachgang vor Fach- und Führungskräften der CosmosDirekt zu präsentieren. Sehen unsere Experten Potenzial zur Neukundengewinnung oder zur  Kundenbegeisterung, bieten wir ein 3 monatiges Pre-Inkubation Programm: Wir stellen Räumlichkeiten, PCs, sowie ein Praktikantengehalt und gehen in intensiven Austausch – alles mit dem Ziel die Idee in drei Monaten zur Marktreife zu begleiten. Bei einem Fit der Idee mit unserem Unternehmensmodell bieten wir Kontakt zu unseren 1,7Millionen Kunden und finanzielles Investment in Euer Projekt.

Wir freuen uns!

Das CosmosDirekt Team