Why This Year's Startup Weekend will be Different than Previous Years

For the past four years, Startup Weekend at Santa Barbara has been hosted in downtown Santa Barbara. These events have catered towards entrepreneurs established near downtown Santa Barbara, and the resulting crowd has tended to be the older and more established demographic. This year, Startup Weekend has moved 8 miles north to the college campus at UC Santa Barbara. This event will be targeted towards the younger, college demographic nearby and will be an amazing opportunity for aspiring student entrepreneurs to network, pitch their ideas and ignite their innovative spirit.

The older demographic is welcome at this event as well, but since the event is officially hosted by the Entrepreneur’s Association of UCSB this Startup Weekend will be first and foremost for the students of the Santa Barbara community. The new millennial generation (or also known as Generation Y) is a constant source of creative, out-of-the-box ideas that take into account new waves of technology and trends that seem to change every couple of days. Tapping into this will lead to profound, out-of-the-box ideas that may turn into its own team. And with the current market landscape favoring entrepreneurs and the creation of new business entities, what better time for people to start then college?

With that being said, many of the more established of the entrepreneurial community will not have their entire weekend open for this event; thus they are encouraged to come as mentors for the event. Mentors come on the second and third days for a few hours each to critique ideas, help give the teams focus and prepare them for the final pitch event for the judges. Thus being a mentor will be a nice change of pace for the more established entrepreneur, being able to guide young and enthusiastic students during the busy weekend. While Startup Weekends are typically global competitions where the top teams from each event compete against each other for further prizes and rewards, this one will have our top teams competing against the top teams from the Startup Weekend going on at the well-known rival of UCSB: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. This will add a nice touch of competition to the event, as well as foster more young creativity and entrepreneurship for the weekend.

Please come to this wonderful, life-changing event!

  • Students, come pitch your ideas and ignite your passion while expanding your network!
  • More established entrepreneurs, come guide a young student on their own path and give back to the community! (Email nbrar0@yahoo.com if you are interested in mentoring)
  • Everyone else, come see and take part in a weekend event you won’t soon forget!We hope to see you all there!
  • Link to the event: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-weekend-ucsb-tickets-19319683694

The Acquisition of Startup Weekend by Techstars


The event “Startup Weekend” was created in 2007 by Andrew Hyde in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009 the brand UP Global was acquired (promoting and financing Startup Weekend) and rolled out as a non-profit dedicated to “…exposing more people to the transformative power of entrepreneurship.” Since then, there have been 1200+ events in 500+ cities in 100+ countries, kickstarting the career of over 150,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2015, UP Global was acquired by the company Techstars; one of the biggest changes this move brought was the fact that UP Global lost its non-profit status. While this was unfortunate, the acquisition was seen by many as a great success. For more info on the acquisition, here’s a great article explaining it and why this move was HUGE for the startup community: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/247416

UP Global Regional Summit Comes to Santa Barbara – Feb 19-22, 2015

santabarbaraWe are excited to be hosting the first-ever UP Global Regional Summit, right here in Santa Barbara, California. This inaugural event will bring together Community Leaders who have organized and facilitated Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Next, and Startup Education around the Western United States and beyond.

We expect 60-80 community leaders, UP Global staff and leadership, and special guests to converge February 19-22, 2015 in Santa Barbara.

Through a generous donation by The Eleos Foundation, housing at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, Ladera Campus, is FREE for participants (while space permits). This beautiful campus offers breathtaking views and scenic accommodations.

The program for the long weekend includes a curriculum of information for community leaders, plenty of networking and getting-to-know-you activities, fun excursion options for the physically active or wine-aficionado, explorations of the vibrant Santa Barbara startup community and successes, and of course a blow-out party with a special surprise.

Register online at southwestsummit.up.co


Santa Barbara locals who want to get involved, sponsor, or volunteer should contact me via twitter (@rongans) or LinkedIn.

Santa Barbara Team Wins in Global Startup Battle

WinnersIt was just a couple days ago when we announced that two Santa Barbara Startup Weekend teams had made it into the finals of the Global Startup Battle.

Teams competed from 83 countries in five tracks. In each track the top 20 or so teams made the finals and from that elite group, the top three track winners were declared.

We are happy to announce that Santa Barbara team LUX Helmet, led by Alex Wynham, has taken second place in the Kind Track. They are in for some great GSB Prizes in addition to SWSB prizes they have already won.

Congratulations to the winning team!

Global Startup Battle Finalists

balloonsCongratulations to Santa Barbara Startup Weekend’s own Global Startup Battle Finalists!

Teams competing during our recent Santa Barbara Startup Weekend had the option of entering a global competition with teams from 250+ cities around the world. Three of our teams entered the initial competition, which was evaluated based on your votes and hand selected judges. Of our three competitors, two have moved on to the final round of judging.

  • Team LuxHelmet has entered the final round for the Kind Thing Track. Sponsored by Kind Snacks, this track recognizes socially impactful ideas, and team LuxHelmet certainly has an idea that can encourage bicycle use whole increasing safety.
  • Team Miyagi has entered the final round for the Education Track. Sponsored by General Assembly, this track is about empowering people to pursue the work they love by providing access to 21st century skills. Team Miyagi does that with its innovated tutoring platform.

Thank you to the community for providing so much support for these teams!

Local Sponsor Offers from #SWSB

A number of local Santa Barbara Startup Weekend Sponsors have offered up some discounts on products and services to help Startup Weekend Santa Barbara participants grow their businesses!

Get a 90 day free trial of GoToMeeting with the promo code: startupcitrix2014

Participants can receive a Basic Account (5,000 contacts,  10,000 emails a month and 1 user seat) for $147.  Interested parties can contact Julia Stanaro at Ontraport.

Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet
Rent a Hot Desk or Cubicle at the 50% off the normal rate for the first 2 months. Contact Doug Lynch.

Easy Way to Support Santa Barbara Entrepreneurs

SWSB4 LogoSanta Barbara held a huge Startup Weekend event Nov 14-16, 2014 and teams from that weekend are competing with teams from 250 cities in a Global Startup Battle.

As part of this battle, teams make a 90-sec video of their experience in a multi-track competition to win Big Prizes.

50% of the judging criteria are votes from the local community in support of the teams. You can help Santa Barbara win. It is quick and easy.

You may vote once per day, per team, per track, through Dec 3, 2014. So vote now, vote early, and vote often. And spread the word.

Vote by clicking all of these links and signing in every day.

Team Miyagi

Team LuxHelmet

Team Lightning Locks

More teams will be added to this post when the information comes in. Please support all of these teams. And enjoy the videos.

Update On Voting Issues: The links on this page are kept updated with the latest and greatest voting links. Please use the links from this page. Click on the thumbs up image so it turns red. Then your vote has been recorded.

SWSB4: Event Winners and Prizes

All of the teams presenting at SWSB4 did a great job. Clearly there was a ton of learning, exploring, and meeting happening over these 54 hours. We encourage every team to explore continuing with their ideas and seeing where they go.

A few teams rose to the top. These are the awards and the prizes that the teams received:

First Place: Miyagi

  • 1 year of GoToMeeting for each team member
  • $500 worth of meeting time at Workzones
  • Opportunity to Present at the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation Awards

Second Place: Wanderluxe 

  • Lifetime Subscription at Ontraport
  • Consulting with Patricia Schwartz

Third Place: Lux Helmet

  • Lynda.com Memberships
  • Legal Incorporation Package at BFAS LLP

Best Physical Product: Lux Helmet

  • Memberships to StartupSB
  • Financial Accounting Package from Bartlet Pringle and Wolfe LLP

Best MVP: MappApp

  • Space at GEM for the team for a Month

Most Impactful: BeeMinder

  • 2 Month Membership in the Impact Hub

Crowd Favorite: Miyagi

  • Growlers from Pure Order Brew Co

SWSB4 Presenting Teams

This is the presentation order for Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4:

  1. Side-Kick
  2. Croo
  3. Whatshapp
  4. Player Too
  5. LotShare
  6. Wanderluxe
  7. Academic Guru
  8. BeeMinder
  9. Conexuns
  10. MappApp
  11. Miyagi
  12. Link Up
  13. SEA of Hope
  14. LUX Helmet
  15. Laundry Pals
  16. Lightning Locks
  17. Hearing Aid Tracker
  18. Charideed

SWSB4 – Working Teams

Here are the teams that made the cut on Friday night. The list of teams presenting tomorrow may vary, if teams change names, teams drop, or any new teams form:

  1. Mappapp
  2. Headlight
  3. Food Viva
  4. At First Sight
  5. The Sidekick
  6. Laundry Alert
  7. Lightning Lock
  8. The Academic Guru
  9. Player Two
  10. Able Age
  11. Power
  12. Remit
  13. Free Now
  14. The Deedz App
  15. Lender
  16. Zap the App
  17. Campus Share
  18. United Renters
  19. Bee Mo