SWSB4 Pitches

SWSBHere are the pitches made last night. Thank you to all those folks who  had the guts to stand up in front of 300 people and pitch their idea:

  1. Robert Hann – Folks To Phone
  2. Gabe Bryant – Disco
  3. Julie Scotland – Able Age
  4. Pablo Valladares – Global Marketplace
  5. Keanu Angle – Roy Koy
  6. Carrie Segal – Sidekick
  7. Michael o’Boyle – Laundry Alert
  8. Brandon In – Food Viva
  9. Andrew Pang – Lender
  10. Jeremy Williamson – Brewhub SB
  11. Taylor Sun – City Tour
  12. Magen Land – Garage
  13. Brendan Whiting – Bike Share
  14. Danette Wallace – Pitch Board App
  15. Leeron Azoulai – local learn
  16. Ajesh Bhojwani-Ball busters
  17. Oliver pihlar – Zap that app
  18. Reed mullanix – mappapp
  19. Stephen Maldonado – United Renters
  20. Nicholas Cunningham-Blind Brains
  21. Chris Springer-facebook Votes
  22. Reid peterson-tsukuru
  23. Charlene Sansone-gems finders
  24. Ryan guardino-Jogging Stroll
  25. Tyler Dorfman-Function
  26. Evan Bender-hearing Aid Tracker
  27. Walter Wood-Mind Sculpture
  28. Chris Eriksson-no tone
  29. Lucia Masarova-Auto Go
  30. Alex Saade-Campus Share
  31. Connie Alexander-Academic Guru
  32. Kelton Tembly-Bee Mo
  33. Christopher van Vleit-Smarter Toys
  34. Caleb Franzen-Wearable Pager
  35. Zachary Walker – Mo Time
  36. Alex Lobba-Flow of Leadership
  37. Mark Peterschick-The Maestro’s Baton
  38. Daniel Zynn- At First Sight
  39. Scott Ross-Garden Cube
  40. Mark Weeks-Remit
  41. John Pagano-Player Too
  42. Dillon Cao-Lightning Locks
  43. Evelyn Cui-Students Engaged in Actions of Hope (SEAH)
  44. Eugenia Plamadeala-Quick Lock
  45. Ricardo Hayes-The Deedz App
  46. Ricardo Haynes-Daycation
  47. Harry Hanssen-Free Now
  48. David Campos-Power
  49. Nate kirchhofer-Sport Power
  50. Donald Perkins-Connect Us
  51. Elliot Nounou-Simple Cuts
  52. Grant Pfund- Food Groupie
  53. Nicky Singh-Split Up
  54. Holly Vu-Barter
  55. Jason Singe-Undress Me
  56. Jeff Rawlings-No More Mortgages
  57. Derick Bowdell-Pure Critique
  58. Eva Sinha-Touch Share
  59. Thomas O’Boyle-Swim Cap
  60. Alex Wyndham-Head Light
  61. Jesus Salgado-Trip Advisor
  62. Kyle Bahneman- Stock Trade League
  63. Sunjay Dhama-Talk
  64. Sven Brueggemann-Smart Window
  65. Sam Sperling-On Time
  66. Jenny Roberts-No Ad Space
  67. Ryan Williams-Snap Chall
  68. Seed Amir-Park Share
  69. Matt Turner-Santa Barbara Hustlers

What's the impact of Startup Weekend Santa Barbara?

This year marks the fourth Startup Weekend in Santa Barbara! We expect high energy as our community comes together to build on previous years. Check out this infographic (click on image) that highlights the impact of Startup Weekend Santa Barbara.


Pitching your idea on Friday Night (some tips and thoughts on what you can pitch)

After running the bootcamp last week, the organizing team thought we’d share some of the content we shared at the event.

Let’s start first with the question we’ve been getting asked a lot lately…

Can I pitch an idea that I’ve already been working on?
No, you can’t.  If you’ve done some market research, and maybe bought a domain name, that is fine.  But, if you’ve built anything… a website, a prototype, a team, a team of outsourced help, an advisory board, an email list, a prospective client list, a mobile app, a logo, a business plan, a business model (ok, hopefully you get the idea)…. this is not an idea that should be part of Startup Weekend.  Meaning… you CAN’T PITCH THE IDEA.

Ideas need to be new!  Or at least new to you!
Think of it as an incredible opportunity to finally get started, and launch, that idea that you’ve had in the back of your head.

Cool?  Great… As the organizing team we’d rather spend our time answering other questions and giving you more tools to succeed with that idea you’ve always wanted to work on!

So here are some tips, in easy to consume list form ;), that will hopefully help you pitch the idea and get it picked to continue over the weekend.

6 Elements of a Good Pitch

  1. Focus on the problem you want to solve
  2. Mention how you think the problem should be solved
  3. Talk about your secret sauce
  4. Tell us what you already know
  5. Showcase your winning personality
  6. Show up with an idea that does something meaningful

    More on the 6 elements at go.up.co/6elements


Pitch Pitfalls

  • Don’t go into too much detail about how your solution works
  • Don’t spend too long on your personal background, this pitch is about the problem you’re solving
  • Don’t be boring, make people remember you and make sure you seem fun/good to work with
  • Don’t leave the stage without naming your pitch/idea! Something people can remember later

Anatomy of a Pitch

A pitch should be unique to you, but some structure never hurts as a place to start.
A simple template may look like:

[10 sec] Introduce and sell yourself
[20 sec] Describe the problem you want to solve
[20 sec] Describe your solution (e.g. explain the product)
[10 sec] What do you need to be successful during the weekend?(people, skills, tools, etc )

Hope these tips help… and GOOD LUCK on Friday Night!

Of Makers and Mentors: Santa Barbara Startup Weekend Gives Makers a Chance to Create Something New


Now in its fourth incarnation in Santa Barbara, Startup Weekend returns to the Central Coast November 14th-16th (full schedule and list of locations can be found here).

Startup Weekend has always embraced Maker culture in all facets and forms, and this year is no exception; not only will the event feature multiple 3d printers, but Arduinos, motors, and multiple types of sensors will also be on hand for folks to experiment with and use throughout the weekend.

While it can admittedly be difficult to come in with a blank slate and create a prototype or designed object in 54-hours, fortune favors the bold, and there will be no shortage of awesome mentors to help you go from brainstorm to breakthrough:

Mike Bales
Mike “Swiss” Bales – As the founder of the Santa Barbara Hackerspace, Mike’s interests and abilities seem to be limited only by hours in a day. He learns it, he builds it, he improves it. He is a natural leader with interests in electronics, robotics and many other impressive “ics”.  If your idea involves 3d printers, microcontrollers, computers, radio control – heck, if you’re planning on making anything – Mike should be one of the first folks you ask for advice.

Robert Ramey – Robert Ramey has been developing software in the Santa Barbara area for over 20 years; he developed widely used open source libraries such as the Boost Serialization Library (www.boost.org) and licensed proprietary software such as the Postman’s Sort.  With vast experience in prototyping, planning, developing, and testing software applications both large and small on hardware platforms that run from PCs to PIC microprocessors to the Nintendo Gameboy, Robert’s vast development experience and expertise with both hardware and software platforms benefits coders and makers alike.

Nick Winters –  Formerly specializing in web, desktop, and mobile business development, Nick now spends most of his free time building 3d printers; he also modifies 3d printers to do things other than 3d printing (such as the ZAR plotter drawing machine).  Beyond working on 3d printing hardware, Nick also has experience creating and modifying 3d models to better suit them for printing, so feel free to run any final tweaks and design changes through Nick before printing your product!

Bob Kryczko – Bob has owned businesses, managed IT and software projects, and conducted thousands of customer interviews throughout his career.  This is Bob’s second Startup Weekend; his recent focus centers around biofeedback and the idea of the Quantified Self, so seek Bob out if your interests match his.

Mack Fixler – Mack Fixler is an experienced Maker with a strong background in 3D printing and design.  When not teaching at a local private school that implements 3D printing across all grade levels, he’s running summer camps for kids on 3D printing, robotics, coding, and circuitry.  Having Mack as a mentor means being able to get help and have things explained and broken down in an easy to understand manner.

This is but a small sample of the mentors available to all participants during Santa Barbara Startup Weekend 2014.  For the full list, please head to our website!  Feel free to sound off on who you’re most excited to work with in the comments.

Rise of the Designer: How and why designers should get involved in Startup Weekend!

Startup Weekend Santa Barbara
November 14th, 2014

Despite filling pretty much every role in tech, at my core I am a designer… I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for numerous companies and startups and love working on creative projects.  Even now, the most enjoyable part of creating companies and getting ideas off the ground is the design of the brand and user interaction.

So what turned me on to Startups, Entrepreneurship and Startup Weekend?
The fact that designers can make a HUGE impact on the success of a business or startup.  This impact is really magnified in the 54 hour event that is Startup Weekend.

At Startup Weekend designers become Heros.  It’s really obvious which teams don’t have design help.   Case in point, I’ve seen presentations and ideas improved by the hand drawings of a 9 year old.  On Sunday morning the team had spent no time on the brand, and the courageous son of a (very creative) judge, jumped in to help.  His time and efforts were MUCH appreciated!

You don’t have to be great, you just have to be creative… (and of course the ability to work fast helps too!)  It’s a great time to grow your skills as a designer… or, if your current career doesn’t let you scratch that creative itch, Startup Weekend most definitely will!

Check out the video below that highlights the importance of designers at a Startup Weekend…. Designers (Web, Graphic, Product, UX, UI… whatever your speciality…)  we’d love for you to join us at Startup Weekend Santa Barbara #4 on November 14-16.
New to design?

Again, Startup Weekend is a great place to get in to the profession, or improve your skills and learn from great design mentors such as Jacob Tell (Founder and Creative Director at Oniracom) and George Bradshaw (Co-Founder of Creative Butter) as well as event participants that work in design!

Kyle (Organizer, Facilitator and Designer)

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Startup Weekend on Your Phone!

eventjoyWe happy to announce that once again, Santa Barbara Startup Weekend event information is available at your fingertips. You can get direct access to the schedule, mentors, judges, speakers, and sponsors from your phone. You also get easy access to the SWSB social feed, which is important as we compete in the Global Startup Battle twitter competition.

We will be using EventJoy for communication during the event, so get it on your phone now. You don’t want to miss important announcements, such as “Lunch is Ready!”.

Since SWSB is one of the best networking opportunities in town, you can create a personal profile to share your skills and let people know you are attending. You can check out who else will be attending, start thinking about people you might want to team up with, or figure out the name belonging to that familiar face.

SWSB is partnering with EventJoy to bring all of this to you completely free. Simply download the “EventJoy” app onto your phone, search for “Santa Barbara” under events, and select “Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4”. Then share on twitter using the hashtag #SWSB to join the conversation!

Looking for Rock Stars!: Volunteer for Startup Weekend #4

Rockstar Volunteers






Hackers, hipsters, hustlers and makers are descending on Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4 from November 14-16. Last year, Santa Barbara received global attention due to its Maker and Technology Startup Weekend, and rivaled other cities in the Global Twitter Hashtag Battle. This year, we are looking for volunteers to help us WIN the Global Startup Battle by convening the largest entrepreneurial event in the Central Coast.

We need volunteers who are available for a minimum of three to four hours during the weekend of November 14, 15 and 16. Volunteers will have an opportunity to assist us in every aspect of Startup Weekend, from set-up, to execution and celebration. We are looking for volunteers who are committed to the success of Startup Weekend.

Volunteers also get the benefit of attending Startup Weekend at no-cost, and learning the behind-the-scenes of orchestrating one of the largest entrepreneurial events. Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with the Santa Barbara Startup Community, along with tech and startup leaders, inspirational speakers and entrepreneurs. In short, volunteers have an opportunity to meet new contacts for future employment and internship opportunities.

Our Sunday, November 16th volunteer opportunities are the most in demand as that is when we all celebrate completing 54 hours of hard work–so sign-up quickly! If you would like to volunteer, click: http://goo.gl/forms/RXFck2enzm

Santa Barbara SW #3 Recap (November 2013)

The crowd listens to pitches at Santa Barbara Startup Weekend.
The crowd listens to pitches at Santa Barbara Startup Weekend.

As we prepare to unleash Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4 (November 14-16, 2014) the highlights of our amazing SBSW #3 come to mind. If you were not there last year, this is a taste of what you missed:

  • We completed against 200 other cities in the Global Startup Battle.
  • 135 Team Participants pitched 62 ideas and formed 20 teams.
  • Keynote speeches by Patrick Vlaskovits, Kevin O’Connor, and Chad Newell.
  • 300+ people attended our Friday night blowout kickoff at Avelina Wine Company in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, with live music entertainment.
  • Over two dozen expert mentors helped teams get their projects moving.
  • Terrific food from vendors throughout town kept our teams humming at Workzones all weekend long.
  • Sunday night team competition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, with winning teams Next Mover, GearUp, TouchStone, My Custom Cookie, and My Parking Spot.
  • A who’s who panel of judges: Klaus Schauser, Jon Funk, Sean Malarkey, Mary Anne Masterson , Matthew McCall, Judy Bruton, JD, MSW, and Kevin O’Connor.
  • Santa Barbara blowing away much larger cities in the Twitter Hashtag Battle.
The "Fire Department" band provides entertainment for the gathering Friday night crowd.
The “Fire Department” band provides entertainment for the gathering Friday night crowd.

Santa Barbara has established a national reputation for gathering a large number of participants, drawing top tier mentors, judges, and speakers, and offering “maker” experts at our events. Are you ready to help build an even bigger and better event this year? Join Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4!