Startup Weekend Sofia 21-23 November 2014 GSB

Vivacom Art Hall, hosting the 7th Startup Weekend Sofia, is buzzing and filled with fresh ideas and entrepreneurial spirit again. The motivation is visible on the faces of all 75 participants – some of them SW regulars and some newbies to the creative environment.  After 23 pitches last night 14 teams managed to work their way up and continue working on their start-ups.

The projects vary in team size and target group. This weekend Sofia’s perspectives will bring to the world interesting hardware and software products. Easy connections seems to be the trending theme of this weekend, solutions to all kinds of problems are delivered: Here is a list with the teams and what they do:

Incredible Doctor – instantly connect patients and doctors

Law Guide
Law Guide – Mobile app for legal help

Lawyer Me – no worries if you’re abroad and need a lawyer – this team helps people like you to find lawyers who speak your language


4two – It’s all about love. Your love.

Pbx2mobile – will provide you with company service lines for mobile phones;


The Off Switch will disconnect you from your social networks, so you can reconnect to your physical one.

5684-568318_th2 – connects doctors and patients


Different gadgets that might be found on your wish lists are being developed as well:

Teletouch brings to you all-in-one mobile gadget for controlling variety of devices and will save you time looking for the right controller every single time

Power Tube PowerTube is water-pump and electricity generator based on Stirling engine that is connected on the pipe where energy is lost anyway.

Look back

Look back Safety rear view camera for bicycles

5659-565808_th2 – protect and improve the selling performance & selling trust of our users in their selling platforms


ProtoSketch – Professional graphic design and prototyping software.

Transformable clothes

Transformable Clothing – Design studio for clothes that can be used in more than one way

Rechetalo – for people who look for an interesting game to utilize their free time.

If these creative teams have by any chance inspired you somehow, make sure you look into

Guide Idea – a platform for evolving ideas


It’s for sure that our 5 judges will have a hard time choosing a winner at tomorrow’s presentations and we wish good luck to all our devoted innovators.