Squamish Is My Office!

We told you that Squamish is a beautiful and inspiring place. But don’t take our word for it!

We spoke to over 30 local entrepreneurs who have chosen to make Squamish their office. We wanted to know what inspires them, how they work, where they work. Their responses were varied and rich, and we once again discovered how exceptional Squamish is as an entrepreneurial community.

We uncovered great new ideas for unique places to pull up the laptop in town. We discovered tips and tricks to surviving as a startup. We celebrated the successes of our local peers, but most of all were reminded of why we live where we do, and how exciting it is to be living in Squamish at this time, as the town’s entrepreneurs are rapidly on the rise.

We hope you enjoy the insights and contributions of these amazing men and women who are helping to shape and strengthen our entrepreneurial community. Join in the conversation and post your own #squamishismyoffice story!