Vote for Allergy Manager in #GSB2015

Allergy Manager are taking part in the Global Startup Battle and need your help! They have entered the Disruptors and Big Ideas Track, ‘for the entrepreneurs setting out to change industries with visionary ideas.’

We are obviously bias, but we think they have a great idea and the ability to change the way people cope with allergies. Voting is open until Friday 4th December and you just need to create an account or login with Facebook to vote for them.


The GSB2015 Hashtag Battle Has Begun!

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If you have been to either of our previous Startup Weekends, you will know all about the hashtag battle.

All of the Startup Weekends taking place over the two weekends around Global Entrepreneurship Week have the chance to take part in The Global Startup Battle and a friendly, (but very competitive!) part of this is the GSB Hashtag Battle.

This is your chance to help us show the world what we’re up to and what a great community Swansea is!

What is the Hashtag Battle?

A friendly competition between cities and a way for everyone in the community to get involved while teams at Startup Weekend build away on their new startup.

When is it happening?

The battle begins Thursday, 12th November at 8am PST and will end on Tuesday 1st December.

How to participate:

It’s super simple – any tweets you send out to/about Startup Weekend Swansea, make sure you include the hashtag #SWS2015

Keep on eye on how we’re doing by heading over to the Hashtag Battle page and see where we rank and follow the greater global conversation.

This year you can also view where we stack up against other Startup Weekends taking place on the same weekend.  We are competing with some major cities, including Lyon, London, Toyko and Paris.

Anything else?

Yes! We will be closely watching who is helping us rise up through the ranks and there will be a token of gratitude (read: awesome prize) for the person who is the most prolific user of the #SWS2015 hashtag.

Why not click on the button below to get started…

Tweet: I’m cheering on @swanseasw to win the #GSB2015 hashtag battle! #sws2015 -


Important Notes:

  • Please be a good citizen and don’t tweet nonsense just to drive up numbers.
  • Be aware that we will experience bot attacks throughout the battle, if you see this, please send the offending handle to and we will blacklist them.
  • If you don’t see your event on the Hashtag Battle by Regions, it’s because we don’t have a hashtag on record for you. Please contact your Organizer and have them reach out to so we can get an official hashtag on file for you.
  • More than anything, this should be about a lively global conversation, please ask yourselves “Does this tweet add value?” before you send it.


  • No paying for tweets in any form. Organic content only.
  • No paying for people to tweet for you
  • No Twitter bots, if any bots or automation is used, we may remove your city from the competition
  • Nothing automated whatsoever!
  • Tweet content must be related to GSB and your Startup Weekend event (no useless content just to get a tweet out)

Startup Weekend 2015 Judge Announcement: Debra Williams


With just over 3 weeks to go until Startup Weekend Swansea 2015, we are delighted to announce our fourth and final judge, Debra Williams.

Debra is one of Britain’s leading businesswomen and an expert on comparison websites, having been Managing Director at both and Tesco Compare.

She built into the UK’s leading web-based aggregator site with some 60,000 hits a day. She is a powerful communicator, and sits on a variety of advisory boards.

Debra has experience at the highest management level having started her career as an Underwriter at Lombard North Central, before moving on to the Britannia Building Society and the data company NCR.

Debra was Welsh Woman of the Year for Innovation in 2006, and was recognised as one of the UK’s top 200 business women by the Queen in February 2007.

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Eventbrite - Startup Weekend Swansea 2015

Startup Weekend 2015 Judge Announcement: Dina Henry


With just over 3 weeks to go until Startup Weekend Swansea 2015, we are delighted to announce our third judge, Dina Henry.

Dina is highly experienced in the banking industry, providing banking services to personal clients, business and charity accounts and implemented various systems and efficiencies in operations and client service areas.

She was previously a Visa UK Board Director in 2013/14 representing member banks and also served on strategic committees at Visa Europe, considering the future of payments and new card and payment technologies.

She is currently the COO at CAF Bank, which helps people and businesses support the causes they care about, and for charities, provides simple and straightforward day-to-day banking and fundraising services, freeing them up to concentrate on the real work of making a difference.

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Startup Weekend 2015 Judge Announcement: Anna Bastek


With just over a month to go until Startup Weekend Swansea 2015, we are super excited to announce our second judge, Anna Bastek.
The director and co-founder of Swansea based translation company Wolfestone arrived in Wales from her native Poland in 2004. Since then she has grown a highly successful international company whose clients include NATO and the BBC.

A multi-award winning business woman, Anna has been named as Winner of Women of the Future awards: UK Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 and made The Sunday Times list: 35 Women Under 35.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Startup Weekend

There is a ton of great reasons why you should attend Startup Weekend. We’ve put together an infographic with our top 6 reasons.

We only have a couple of Earlybird tickets left for this year’s event. Grab yours now.

Why You Should Attend Startup Weekend Infographic

Startup Weekend 2015 Judge Announcement: David Hieatt


We are thrilled to announce that entrepreneur David Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Demin and the DO Lectures, is a judge at this year’s Startup Weekend Swansea.
David left school at 16 and opened a market stall before joining Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency aged 21.

In 1995 David and his wife Claire founded Howies, a sports clothing company which was sold to Timberland before it was bought back in 2012.

David went on to create Hiut Denim, a jeans company based in Cardigan. In 2008 started the DO Lectures, inviting creative people to give lectures on business and ideas.

Startup Weekend Swansea 2015


Each year we strive to make Startup Weekend Swansea bigger and better and, like The Clash’s London Calling, the Nintendo 64 or The Matrix Revolutions (okay, maybe not), third time’s a charm and boy, do we have a great third year lined up.

This year’s event, as always, will take place on the final week of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2015. This means that teams formed over the weekend not only have the chance to meet amazing people, form a new business and win some great prizes, they also have the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle.

2014 saw two teams get through to the finals; Innovo in the Do the KIND Thing Track and Kaboogle in the Startup Women Track and in 2013 Adlet won the Women’s Circle.

Here’s three reasons why you should attend this year:

1. You meet the right kind of people

Everyone attending a Startup Weekend is there for the same reason – they want to start a business. If someone is willing to give up their weekend (and crazy enough to spend 54 hours working on a concept with people they only just met), you know they’re the sort of people you want to have around on your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Get validation for your idea

So you’ve got a great idea for a business, now you need to know that it’s something others are going to buy into and a Startup Weekend is a great way to validate.

  • The teams are formed on the Friday night based on the pitches that were the most popular, so you’ll know from the off if your idea is good.
  • On the Sunday the top 3 teams are picked by the judges based on various criteria (something we’ll cover in another post). Making it into the top 3 tells you other business people think it’s a winner.
  • You have the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle…if you make it through to the finals or win one of the categories you know you’re really onto a great idea!

3. You get a such buzz

Startup Weekends are such an energising place to be. Everyone is so focused and its amazing to see what you and other can create in just a couple of days. You’ll leave on the Sunday night buzzing with energy and totally inspired, ready to take on the world.


Earlybird tickets for Startup Weekend Swansea 2015 are now available and, at a third off the the standard price, are selling fast. If you think you have what it takes to launch a business in just 54 hours and want to meet new people, learn new skills and have the chance to win prizes worth over $10,000 click here to grab your ticket..


The Impact of UP Global in 2014

2014 saw the return of Startup Weekend Swansea. Like the first event it was a huge success, with another nine teams formed over the weekend. A weekend full of excitement, networking, collaborating (and blood, sweat and beers!) saw Skippr taking the 1st place, with Delegator 2nd and Innovo 3rd.

We also saw three teams enter the Global Startup Battle, which was previously won by Adlet. While Innovo made it through to the finals, the competition was very high and 2014 sadly did not see Swansea do the double.

Startup Weekend Swansea has a fantastic success rate; of the 18 teams formed over the two events nine are still trading, well above the overall Startup Weekend continuation rate of 35%.

While we are starting to plan this year’s event, we thought it would be nice to share UP Global’s 2014 Impact report which provides a look into the work of the community and highlights the numbers and stories from around the globe that made this year special.

Hopefully these stories and figures will inspire you to join us at this year’s Startup Weekend and help us continue to show the UK and the rest of the world why Swansea is one of the best places to create your startup.



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.51.05 PM


In this report

  • View the growing numbers of our powerful community
  • Relive the UP Global Summit in Las Vegas
  • Read how entrepreneurship is thriving in Syria
  • Learn how Community Leaders are providing everyone access to Startup Weekend
  • See our programs’ latest numbers – including funding raised by Startup Next alumni
  • View the incredible number of Startup Weekend events in 2014
  • Check out how Startup Week rocked it’s first year
  • Read the White Paper we created with Google to foster thriving startup ecosystems




This report is dedicated to the hard work and passion of the Community Leaders who are committed to supporting, building, and sustaining entrepreneurship in their own backyards. They are the leaders of the entrepreneurial movement and the basis of the world’s largest network of innovators. Congratulations to our family of Community Leaders on another awesome year! Thank you for all you do!

Global Startup Battle 2014 in Wales for Global Entrepreneurship Week

If you want to launch your new business globally in one weekend this years Startup Weekend in Swansea is the only place in Wales to do it. We are again part of the Global Startup Battle

The prizes last year were in excess of $10,000 and the PR was amazing. Last year the womans circle was won by Swansea business adlet

This year every team at the weekend in November will get a professional pitch video to enter the global battle 2014 with. The team can then use that video on their website and in any other way to promote their business.