Startup Weekend Stockholm Sustainable Revolution – 2019 recap

Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution brought together people with great ideas who experienced 54 hours of intense market research, problem framing, prototyping that ended up with a final pitch to convince the audience they are a prospective startup. 

Like minded people got to meet each other, share their ideas, network and create friendships that will lead to future opportunities and collaborations.

The event kicked off on Friday, with pitching ideas, voting, networking and forming teams. Out of the 65 attendees, 28 people pitched ideas, but only 10 ideas qualified to the next round

On Saturday, mentors met with teams to give relevant and inspiring feedback on their ideas, got them closer to their MVPs, and helped them to pivot and rework entirely, where necessary. The teams worked hard from 9am till 10pm, but the payoff was worth it. Great mentors, speakers and coaches inspired the participants in a counter the clock marathon filled with excitement, hard work, new insights, a lot of fika and coffee. 

On the final day, Sunday, the pressure was roaring and final touches were made by the teams that started working at 9am to validate their ideas, build their presentations and rehearse their pitches – with the support of our engaging mentors. Teams jumped on these final opportunities to ask their coaches questions and to become as strong as possible for their presentation to the judges.


Out of the 10 teams we have 3 winners:

   1. Terra Finance

   2. Skills for climate

   3. Sprouts

Techstars Startup Weekend Stockholm is grateful to everyone who participated, coached, sponsored, or supported this event.

We’d like to give a final thanks to our partners

  • Invest Stockholm
  • Ekskäret Klustret
  • Impact Hub Stockholm
  • Foodloopz
  • Stockholm – the capital of Scandinavia
  • Accor
  • Todoor
  • Shireen’s healthy choice
  • Vinnova
  • TrafikLab
  • Cybercom Group
  • Epson

We received a lot of positive feedback from people attending the event and are looking forward to the next edition.


Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution, Stockholm Edition


June 14th-16th, Ekskäret Klustret, Stockholm

All around the world, more than 50 cities will welcome thousands of people to sow the seeds for a better future. Local initiatives are together creating a global impact – a big movement towards a sustainable world!

Create a worldwide movement on sustainability!
Environmental sustainability has become one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing.
We really believe entrepreneurship is a key to move towards a sustainable society. By encouraging entrepreneurs all around the world to focus on sustainability issues, we can find the best solutions and quickly create a better environment for everyone!
Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution (#GSWSR) is an international initiative, coordinated by a Paris-based team and organized by amazing teams located on all five continents. 
Our benevolent action hope to change the world with the collective strength over 2 weekends: June 14-16 and 21-23, 2019. Here in Stockholm, we will host the event on June 14-16th!
More than 50 cities around the world are in the starting blocks to spread the movement all from Sacramento to Bangalore, with a huge detail; All cities are committing to put a zero waste organisation in place. This makes the movement the biggest sustainable entrepreneurial celebration around the world!
With the global mindset, a final contest is prepared to take place on social network in July, 2019. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned!

Encourage disruption for a better future
Startup Weekend is a worldwide community for entrepreneurship and therefore a perfect way to reach this goal. By spurring Startup Weekends on sustainability worldwide: we can gather communities of entrepreneurs and other people interested in it, and thus engage people on positive impact projects.
This edition will reunite thousands participants led by the will to create, step up, inspire and be inspired. Furthermore, it will also give them the opportunity to realize that they are all change makers.
During these 2 weekends, we will invite participants to develop solutions around the major challenges proposed by #GSWSR
– Build eco-conceived products & reverse planned obsolescence
– Upcycle
– Substitute the disposable by the sustainable
– Foster local production and local distribution
– Reduce food waste
– Build a sustainable agriculture and a sustainable food industry
– Build highly energy efficient products and systems
– Produce sustainable energy
– (Re)Build sustainable buildings
– Design resilient, smart and inclusive cities
– Design Fintech for inclusive sustainable finance and markets
– Build the future of sustainable transportation
– Foster education on sustainability

Local Partners:
Global Partners:


Practical information, to keep posted, follow us 🙂
Event tickets:
Event information: Global Sustainable Revolution


About Techstars
Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to live. With dozens of mentorship-driven accelerator programs and thousands of community programs worldwide, Techstars exists to support the world’s most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey, from inspiration to IPO. Techstars provides access to tens of thousands of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners, allowing entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation and do more faster. Techstars supports every stage of the entrepreneurial journey – from early stage grassroots community development to more formal opportunities that provide education, experience, acceleration, funding, and beyond.

Find out how an investor helped Christine idea grow!

Christine Osasuwa is a developer and came to Stockholm from the US in July 2017 and shortly after that, she signed up for Startup Weekend. She had been involved with the tech industry in Baltimore, where she is from and knew that the tech community, in general, are always welcoming. It was a good place to get familiar with the city.

How would you describe your experience?

So it was a fantastic experience. It was really, really great to see what the turnout was like, there were so many people from all over the place. There were women, old, young, different nationalities all brought together to work together on these projects. What was really nice was that on the first night everybody was encouraged to pitch their idea so even people that seemed a little shy by the end of it they were in line to pitch their idea too. We heard from a myriad of voices that I don’t think we would. I think that the Startup Weekend culture made people get comfortable with each other really early on starting on the first day. It was a really good way to start things off. Then from there Saturday and Sunday, there was so much work. We worked so hard but we felt really accomplished with what we did at the end of it and we had mentors there to help us out. And also the free ice cream helped! But it was a really great time and I really enjoyed myself and my teammates.

What new skills have you learned?

Being part of the event was really exciting because I got to pitch. I’ve never had a startup before. I’m comfortable with speaking on stage in general but I’ve never really had to pitch an idea or a product so it was something new and interesting that I had to bring to the table in this situation. I still use that regularly at my current job because I’m always developing new products and I have to tell people about them constantly and explain to different groups of people that may not be an expert in the exact thing.

I guess the thing that’s also quite valuable is after we pitched our final presentations. A VC approached me and our team which was really exciting. I had never had a VC approach me, as I said never had a startup before and she was interested in us as a team in terms of what we’re going to do, how we’re able to talk to people. These were people that one I had just met two days prior to the event and the other one I had only known for a few months. Someone that was willing to perhaps give us money to work on our idea full time was really exciting and really new to see how quickly things can go from zero to a hundred if you work really hard and put a lot of effort into your project.

Why Startup Weekend?

I’ve been to a lot of networking events in Stockholm. And I always hear founders say “Oh what’s the worst that could happen?”. And I always think a lot of bad things can happen if decide to leave my job and start a startup right now. But Startup Weekend is different, it’s only three days, but you can do so much in three days. You feel comfortable with the idea, feel comfortable talking to people, meet people that can help you in your project. It’s a really good first step if you’re looking to try something new or if you’ve never tried anything new in your life. There is nothing you can do to fail in this situation, everyone comes out with new friends, with new people, new contacts, new experiences.

I recommend it because sometimes you can say I made a whole company in three days versus I played video games or something all weekend long. One thing that was really nice was that everyone pitched their ideas on the first day so even if their idea wasn’t picked you still got to find people that have just an interest that you may be interested in. We heard from people that worked in fashion, that worked in data, that worked in web development, that worked all over. And you may never even encountered those people if you hadn’t come to this event.

I don’t think there is anything to lose so why not give it a try!

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Sweden needs more female founders!

On September 8th it is time for FemTech Startup weekend at SUP46! We can barely wait. We are looking forward to meeting talented women from all over the country, that come together for a weekend to share ideas and create startups that might become the next global success. We have met Berit Behring, the country manager for Danske Bank Sweden to ask her about Danske Bank´s engagement in FemTech.

Why do you think it is important with these kinds of events for female entrepreneurs?
– Last year we started TheHub, a digital platform where we connect ideas and capital, job seekers with startups searching for competence and talented people to find a co-founder.

We have noticed that the Hub attracts more men than women and with the engagement in FemTech Startup Weekend, we hope to encourage more women to make the reality of their ideas and discover the benefits of theHub. Sweden needs a lot of startups to create jobs for the future. Today a majority of all startups are founded by men and research shows that men get access to more risk capital than women. That has to change!  It is 2017 and it is time for women to take their fair share, says Berit Behring and continues:

– I am pleased that Danske Bank is the co-organizers of FemTech startup weekend. An event for women by women. This is an opportunity for women to take the chance to realize their dreams and broaden their professional network!

Currently, Danske Bank has a competition where five women can win a ticket to Femtech, tell us more about it
That’s right, five women have the chance to win a ticket to the event. Just publish an image on Instagram and tell why you want to join FemTech and don`t forget that your account needs to be open and tag @danskebankse #IamTheChange so we can find your contribution.

Meet the Norwegian entrepreneur, Magnus Øgård Meisal on Startup Weekend Travel!

Magnus is the co-founder and Chairman of Innovation Dock. He shares his true passion for visionary and innovative thinking and leads Innovation Dock to become the no. 1 hub of innovative growth companies in Stavanger. Read his thoughts about travel industry and being a mentor! 

What are the things that your are the best in?

Find exciting projects and make them fly. Im definitely a starter. I have a driving force for work in a chaotic environment. When the startup phase is over, I let others take over.

What is your favourite way of travelling?

By foot with others. Boat in the summer.

What are you working on right now? 

Im delivering a safehouse for tourists going to the Pulpit rock in Stavanger. Check out our FB page:

Which traveltech areas are the most promising in your opinion?

Exploring the nature of living in small micro houses with smart infrastructure; powered by solar panels and other sustainable solutions.

What was the funniest moment in your professional life? 

When my partner fell of an imaginary air balloon and broke his toe while wearing Oculus VR.

What is your motto?

“There is always time to do what you can not miss!”

What is the biggest challenge in travel industry right now?

Not destroying nature! Many are traveling to the same spots and too few regulations affect the experience. If you are on a great hike, do you really want to be bombarded by sellers that push you all kinds of crappy stuff?

Why is it fun to be a mentor?

It is extremely satisfying to help others follow their dream and see them succeed. 

Why Innovation Dock is the coolest innovative growth company in the world?

Because we ramp up the construction industry by redefining how you work and connect in the office.

Meet Marcus at Startup Weekend Travel! Get tickets at!

Meet Marcus Hølland Eikeland, facilitator of Startup Weekend Travel!

Marcus is the Advisor and Scout of Katapult Accelerator in Oslo, Norway. They are constantly looking for brave startups to join them!
What was the funniest moment in your professional life?
When we were hosting a group of Nordic business leaders and had forgotten to book a hotel for ourselves in the middle of a Salesforce conference week, and had to spend the night in the Norwegian seaman church….in a closet. What is even more funny is that we became great friends with the minister and stay there every time we work in San Francisco now.
Which traveltech related startups have you worked with?
I’m actually doing my own. -> The home away from home for remote workers. Vacations are limited, workcations are endless.
What is your motto?
Be the change you want to see in this life.
How do you imagine treveltech in 10 years?
In 10 years travel and transportation will become ridiculously efficient, cheaper and safer.
It will change our lives in ways that are impossible to imagine, but I think traveltech in general will accomodate people’s desire to combine lifestyles, or even create fundamentally new ones.
What would you change in today’s travel industry?
I would change it so that travel enriches the many, instead of the few.
I would make platforms where value is created among people – peer-to-peer.
What is cool in being the mentor of Startup Weekend?
To connect with the most awesome people on this planet.
What is your favourite place on Earth?
How do you like to travel?
Private jets and tuk-tuk boats. I like contrasts.
How do you help the world understand Digital?
I show companies how startups are running at 10x the speed of light, and if they want to survive the next 10 years, they better embrace digital transformation because no industry is sheltered from the gale-force winds of creative destruction fuled by digitalization
Why is Katapult a cool place to work for?
Because it’s the coolest, most ambitious, and most novel Impact Accelerator in the Nordics to this date. Impact!! Hellz yes!!
Meet Marcus on Startup Weekend Travel! Only a few days to go, so grab your tickets now @!

Lina Edström knows which SJ train to take if you need user testing!

Lina works in the field of business development at SJ mainly in their corporate programme SJ Biz that deals with corporate clients of SJ. She has been working for SJ since 2010 and know everything about customer relations and techniques.

How do you foster innovation at SJ? How can a 160 years old corporation innovate?

Not all people are 160 years old who are working here, so I guess this is something that helps. We are not afraid to change but it surely is not easy as the industry is quite conservative. There is a long way between the traditional operation of a travel company and the adaptation of innovative ideas, but we are ready for the challenge.

We work together with Epicenter in Stockholm – and we try to cooperate with people who have great ideas that we can deploy. There is a lot to do in travel industry and we need to have help from other people who are not directly working in this field so they have a fresh eye for it.

How do you incorporate these innovations?

We get a lot of ideas and we try to go with the great ones. We have a business development department but they don’t handle all the initiatives alone so other departments deal with these too. The business development owns the SJ Labs concept too. We have a few interesting initiatives. For example in March we started to organise SJ Epitrain – it is a train on the Stockholm – Gothenburg line where new technnology and businesses can showcase their ideas and apps on the train. There is wifi, a lot of people and these people have a lot of time while they are travelling, so we can allow them to try new things and help these ideas to grow in the same time. We work a lot to find ideas what could be done during travelling – apart from travelling.

Can startups participate in this and bring their ideas to be tested on the train?

Sure, we had 4 startups on the train from Epicenter last time, so: yes, we are open to the startup communities! We need to do this a lot more and cooperate more with the entrepreneurs and startups. With us they can grow really big on the market.

How do you want to do this?

We have a concept, SJ Labs, where we do this with students. There are trains that can be taken 3-4 times a year where entrepreneurs can come and try new things with us and can apply with their technologies through our app.

What kind of technologies are you looking for?

Now we are dealing with a technology that eliminates receipts and facilitates transactions to buy train tickets and make these completely seamless. The application sees your calendar and offers tickets according to your schedule. So if you have a meeting in Gothenburg, then you get a notification that asks you if you would like to book your ticket now in the easiest way possible. You click yes and the transaction is done.

Also we are working on things to do on the train.

Which traveltech areas are you most excited about?

I am very excited about the hyperloop systems – that you can take this train and go anywhere really fast and safe – it will be really great!

The SJ Biz future customer offering and corporate program are very exciting for me. Also we are working on a biochip project that is really interesting.

Why is SJ a great company to work with?

Because it has a great reach and many passengers. It is a digital frontrunner in the industry and offers a sustainable alternative of travel. It is customer driven and also open for the cooperation with entrepreneurs.

How do you like to travel the most?

I commute with high speed train every day and I would never take the car for my daily trips. I also need to get to the train stations – I would love to take electric cars to do this. I don’t think we will have other than electric cars in the future.

Which kind of technologies would you like to work with on Startup Weekend?

I will sit with my boss tomorrow and will discuss this question. I work with the business part, a B2B platform. We see that the digitalization is ongoing with the B2C customers, but the B2B arena is to be digitized and facilitated by technologies too.

Do you have a favourite travel destination?

I came from the north of Sweden so I love to go there. There is a lot of snow in winter and I love to be there and to calm down.

If you could change anything in the world what would you do?

I would clean the air from toxins. And I would make everyone happy with my smile.

What are the areas that you are the best in?

I have worked a lot with customers – my whole carrier was built upon that. So that is my strength – I know how they think and I know how to be customer driven. That is very important for all businesses.

Why are you looking forward to be the mentor of Startup Weekend?

I think it will be a great fun and I am looking forward to the energy that comes from the co-creation of new ideas that try to change the world. I think this is very positive and it is great to work with entrepreneurs!

I think it will be very inspirational and I’m looking forward to see new ideas. And it will be great to just turn the energy level up and be creative together.

Do forming startups have the opportunity to get in touch with you and work together with you in the future?

Of course, all my colleagues are enthusiastic about it and I am sure we can go on working with startups that have a great potential and could serve good solutions. They can randomly approach us with ideas and we’ll see what is going to happen.  For example I met a few guys at Epicenter with chip implants, they said that it would be so great if SJ would be the first company to launch t ticket on the chip. This really got me excited and back at the office I started working on a solution with my colleagues. Thanks to close cooperation with some of the entrepreneurs and experts in the field that we met through Epicenter, the development has been fast and led to customer friendly solution. We will launch the solution on the 17th of May, but I can’t tell more before the public launch. We will be the first travel company in the world that uses biohacking to replace ordinary tickets.

How do you see the travel industry in 5-10 years?

I think that the biggest change will be that there are going to be more and more people travelling in Sweden and all around the world too. The people will be more and more individualistic and they don’t want to pay extras for additional services.

AI is going to be big in many senses, but these technologies can be used in customer services too.

What is your motto?

I am a very positive person, so my motto is this: “Nothing lasts forever, not even your problems.”

Why should anyone attend Startup Weekend?

The whole travel industry is growing rapidly. Digitalization has started to transform the industry, but in some areas there is still a lot to be done. And we have to do it!

Travel is both fun and important part in many people’s lives, in business, commuting and tourism. We want to make it easier for everyone and Startup Weekend can be a great place to start.

Come to see the light by the end of the tunnel with Lina and hop on their train for user testing! Come to Startup Weekend, register here:!


Sini Hermelin challenges you to find solutions that are feasible in the airline industry!

Sini works for BRA – Braathens Regional Airlines as a Distribution Development Specialist. She is constantly looking for new solutions and manages their cooperation with Amadeus. She acts as an innovation manager/business developer who tries to keep herself up to speed with the trends and keep an eye on what other airlines do.

How do you foster innovation at BRA?

There are a lot of new things coming from the sales department and then I try to fit them into the airline standards. We are constantly looking for new things to sell outside of our core airline business.

How do you cooperate with Amadeus?

We changed our host system from HP to Amadeus about a year ago and I have worked in the airlines industry with Amadeus for the past 17 years. There is a daily connection between us and Amadeus. Working with them requires me to keep up with their developments and novelties.

Do you have connections with startups?

No, not yet. I haven’t worked with startups before, but we would like to incorporate new ideas and cooperate with startups in the future if possible. BRA is small enough to be able to do that.

Which technologies would you like to work with the most on Startup Weekend?

Definitely fares distribution and distribution in general.

What are you the best in? What kind of questions would you like to answer during Startup Weekend?

I’m really good at handling a lot of data, I’m very thorough and a quick learner.

I worked for the airline industry for the last 17 years so I know this area inside out. This weekend is more about challenging the existing systems. I am very much in an „airline box”. So if there would be questions for example like this: „Would this work in the airline industry? How would airlines work with this today? What are the limitations in the airline industry according to the aviation law?” Laws can raise some boundaries for new technologies. Of course I believe that everything can be done… but maybe not today, but in the future.  

Do you like to fly? How do you like to travel and where?

Yes, I still do. I like to fly when it comes to long distances and of course I fly with BRA, but outside Sweden I like British Airways the most.

On shorter distances I prefer to bike.

Me and my husband do adventure travelling, so I have been in Mt Everest base camp twice, on Kilimanjaro and this January and February I was on the Galapagos Islands. So I have had a lot of adventures and I like to challenge myself physically too. I was not a backpacker, but I met my husband and he convinced me to try it and took me to Nepal. And I completely fell in love with it, I’m just longing to get back there constantly.

How do you imagine travelling in the close future?

I’m not a big fan of cars. In Stockholm I think people should bike more, I have commuted to work by bike for years – less stress and good exercise!  More electric cars would be great too. I think the biggest change in airlines industry will be that we move towards environmentally friendly fuels, expand the usage of biofuels.

There are also a lot of new aircraft models that are more quiet and environmentally friendly than those that we use today. In the future they shall be more commonly used than today.

Does BRA plan to expand outside of Scandinavia?

We have flights only inside Scandinavia, but sure we are planning to cover more areas. We need other aircraft types to do that. We do have charters flights e.g. to  Austria and Germany.

What was your most interesting experience in your professional life?

I worked for British Airways for 11 years and one of the most exciting stories occurred when I was flying together with one of the head of engineering from Helsinki. On our way to London he told me what every single sound of the aircraft was for. It was very interesting to understand what the different noises in the aircraft mean. It was great to get into an area that I was not familiar with before.

What are you the most passionate about?

I am constantly developing myself and learn new things. I’m longing to learn more and more. I’d love to do more adventure travelling, more challenges.

Why are you looking forward to Startup Weekend?

This is a new experience and it will be interesting to see people who can think outside the box. We have been working in this industry for a long time, so we are in our airlines box and it is fun to talk with other people who have been out of this world and can think differently.

Test the feasibility of your ideas with Sini on the Stockholm Startup Weekend Travel Edition, 12-14, May! Get your tickets here!


Tony Friede, deputy of the Ministry of Magic is the key person for you if you need an early stage investment!

He is also there for you if you feel like enhancing your acrobatic skills or if you want to get an enthusiastic and instant feedback on your business ideas on Startup Weekend Travel!

What does Vinnova do?

I have been working for Vinnova in the past 6 years and my job is to help fund innovation projects. More specifically: the commercialization of Swedish projects – to help drive sustainable growth in Sweden. There is a very broad range of things that we can do within this space of innovation financing, but we are also limited to investing in projects where the innovation risk is so high that traditional financing is difficult or impossible to arrange. The potential impact of Vinnova can be huge within this area – we could fund the next Spotify, the next ABB or anyone.

Why do people work with Vinnova?

As an entrepreneur I never would have applied to Vinnova. I am an entrepreneur myself, I have had seven companies. The weird thing is that if we think about governmental financing, we worry about very complicated applications, slow processes, people evaluating the applications not knowing so much about the unique technologies and innovations themselves, etc. But it turns out to be completely different in my experience at Vinnova. Oftentimes one could expect it to be too hard to get governmental financing and the even if you get it, the reporting might be too complicated and time consuming to be worth the money that you receive, or you might get a crazy governmental bureaucrat (me! lol) disturbing your business and constantly giving advice you feel you have to follow… but these things generally don’t happen here, which I’m so happy to say.

From a public sector context, we are lightning fast: from the submission deadline to receiving the funding generally takes about three months – only 3 months! I know this can feel like a long time for exciting young startups but even for them it can feel fast, if their strategic planning is right. 3 months is usually within the burn rate of reasonable companies looking to change the world, so we’re totally worth a shot, especially as it’s pretty much a fire-and-forget application.  As we are a governmental institution, all applications must be treated exactly the same.  You send in your application, keep doing what you do and 3 months later you either get the money or you don’t. This can have a really huge impact and set fire to your rocket ship boosters in your quest to change the world. And did I mention that we pay our funding up-front?  Cash is king, as they say, and we don’t force companies to incur costs and then submit receipts to us which greatly simplifies things for the companies.  Not to mention that we also fund salaries, which isn’t always the case with early-stage and seed-level financing.

What is your job?

My job is often to help fund entrepreneurs’ dream scenarios.  These amazing opportunities are often also the best investment opportunities for Sweden so it’s an incredible win-win all the way around.  So as you can imagine, it can be a pretty terrific place to work – especially as my job is essentially to help you become as successful as possible. Sure, some of the entrepreneurs think that three months are too long for our decisions.  They need the money now and can be frustrated from that.  But if you understand who we are, why we exist and you submit a strong application within the theme or that has the effect that we are working to fund – it’s almost unlimited what you can do!

My personal dream is to feel that we are more closely aligned as partners with Sweden’s entrepreneurs, change agents and public and private sources of financing.  I honestly believe that together we can all help build financing strategies that help promising companies and innovations come all the way to market where they can have the greatest impact for all of society and where they can do the most good.  Call me blue-eyed, but I believe in human nature and in the amazing things people can do together.

What are your superpowers?

My nickname is AlwaysHappyTony, so it definitely has to be optimism. I honestly think the best of the world and that something good can be gleaned from just about everything. It is a choice. Whether on the small scale, or large, we can all chose to do something with that. This is why I love working with Vinnova because we have the opportunity to seek out potential and opportunity when others shy away because the risks are too great.  I hesitate to say ‘only in Sweden’, but it does feel like such a Swedish thing to offer faith, support and trust to those who just *might* be able to change the world and to bring about something new.  To all of you who try; my hat’s off to you.

Speed would be another one which is absolutely needed here as we receive 6-7 thousand applications every year so we don’t have time deeply research each of the concepts presented to us.  So we must be able to understand things fast enough to help guide the processes to the best results possible. (And we rely heavily on external evaluators for their specific technology and industry expertise).

Confidence is the third – in working for Vinnova I don’t have an agenda, which is amazing!  Essentially, my only task is to help Sweden and her inhabitants improve as a society and to thrive, using the tools and opportunities provided to us within the ‘innovation system’. Whatever that means for you that is fine, I don’t need you to go one particular direction or another. That leads me to a tremendous amount of confidence. I am confident that my job is to help you succeed. If I would be a consultant on my own, then I would have to constantly work to make a sale. Here I don’t have to do that, so I can literally focus solely on what you need and how we can help you get there. And if I can’t help you directly, then I hopefully might find someone who can. This is where my conversations go basically – to understand quickly where you are and what you need, and to find the resources through my network to help you reach your goals, if at all possible.

Can anyone contact you with their ideas?

Absolutely! If you have a company and an innovation that has never been done before, then Vinnova may be able to help.  See if there is anything on our website that sounds interesting, then call me or my colleagues.

We don’t help in starting up though. We exist to help fill the gap in an innovation being creatively discovered and the possibility to getting it actually to market. We help mitigate the risk in this case. When the risk is high enough, then the financial markets don’t work anymore and you can’t get a loan, investment or any funding that your company needs, but your concept is potentially valuable so it might be a billion dollar business. It is called the Valley of Death, which is the failure of the entire market system – this is the gap that Vinnova aims to fill – to correct the failure of the market system. Later when you actually will have a proof that your business is working, then the banks can fund you, the investors can give you a reasonable valuation, your friends and family can actually jump in for you and so on.

It might be your greatest dream to do this. If you are being rational with your own funding, then you need to make sure to have enough income to pay your rent. You need to make sure that your existing customers are happy enough to continue being your customers. And you also know that if you do your innovation, you might will be able to change travel industry, but you don’t have enough funds to realize that. Let’s say you only have a million kronas in your company and you can only cover the salaries of the people for the next three months with that. You can’t take a huge gamble on that by putting all your bet on your next idea. But we can help you with that, we pay salaries and all the costs that are related to this kind of activity. We literally pay for your lottery ticket.

Get your (lottery) ticket to Startup Weekend here:!