Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Thunder Bay January 15th, 2015!

Lean Textbooks

Lean Textbooks is an online textbook exchange. Students upload their textbook list each semester, and they receive alerts when people post their textbooks for sale, as well as its proximity to you.

Textbook prices have increased 812% since 1978. This product disrupts this expensive aspect to university life.

It’s like Tinder for Textbooks.

Superior Thunder

Superior Thunder connects young learners with resources. It is an online community that provides youth a space where they can engage with resources for youth-led initiatives. These can include project sponsors, funders, mentors, organizations, and our elders.

It offers a collective voice in community pride.


Facebook/Superior Thunder


A cloud storage unifier that unites all of your cloud storage accounts under one drive.

Free version lets you integrate two of your cloud storage services, preview documents, and has basic security.

Premium version lets you integrate more cloud storage services, has enhanced security, a mobile app, drive backup, data management services, sharing between services, and connecting multiple accounts.

No More Wires

A cell phone case that charges your cell phone via wireless transmission. Wireless power transmitter and receiver for cell phones.


BeABetterBlank is all about being a better person. Daily reminders are sent to your phone that will remind you to do things to be better at whatever you want to be. If you want to be a better husband, get creative reminders that will surprise your wife. Want to be a better athlete? Get alerts from an online community on how to reach your next goal.


myDeas is an idea organizer that unites all of your notes, audio, videos, and paint tool drawings under one smart phone app. A great tool for the creative professional, or the everyday user. Categorize and organize all of your content under one source via tagging. Share your files with friends or an online community. Free app for basic text recording, or pay 99 cents for all features (without advertising).



Converting notes to action. Domain experts can leverage the time invested in documentation to do more, faster, and in a measurable way. This desktop application mixes properties of programming languages with professional contextual information to allow the document to be read by computers so that they can take action. Users will store their thoughts in notes in an intelligent editor, and link these notes to the users suite of personal management tools, such as your calendar, email, schedule, forms or personal assistants