Prizes and challenges from EO Climlab at Startup Weekend Timisoara

For this edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara we’ve done a partnership with EO Climab and Aries Transilvania, to bring an exciting challenge, cool prizes and an opportunity to the participants from Timisoara.
As at any Startup Weekend event, you can pitch and work on any idea that you have. This time however, you can make your idea bigger and use the data and the tools provided by the European Space Agency through their EO Climlab project, implemented in Romania by Aries Transilvania.

EO Climlab is a one-stop shop-access to a range of data (including space observation data), free software & data processing tools, to develop new applications. It’s a cloud-based collaborative environment for rapid prototyping of innovative Earth Observation products and services to enhance climate resilience of our society and economy.

EO Climlab

To qualify for the prizes, you can come up with any idea and use the EOCLimlab resources, but here are a few possible applications of this technology:

For agriculture you can create a mobile application that sends farmers forecast info and contact info for advice on planting, fertilizers, irrigation, helps them choose the best crop based on existing data, sends them allerts, compare crop data, or create a small robot or IoT device aiding agriculture, farming.

For the environment protection, build an app that identifies polluted areas and areas that can be used for green spaces, to cope with the pollution or create mobile application that send forest damage detection alert to Local authorities. Corelate deforestation to pollution data in the area. Or, do an app that predicts fire/flood evolution based on precipitation, wind, elevation.

To make Timisoara a Smart City, determine air quality compared to city/country/Europe average levels. Find the best breathable cities in Europe or crowdsource data using a mobile app or social media, to build an interactive imagery set/inventory of urban green areas. You can even localize lines of increased transport activity in the last ten years. Project data for the next five, and define the influence of the transport increase change on the change of the environment, health issues of the citizens.

You can be creative and provide an artistic interpretation of climate change specific data (maps, presentations), that make scientific data more appealing or more impacting for the masses; this challenge should make climate change and its impact easier to understand.

In the health sector, develop an app that uses satellite data (weather, pollution, elevation models, OSM data) to recommend running/tracking tracks – best for your health and condition or develop an app that uses existing data to identify dangerous conditions for people with specific problems to go out (smog, acid rain, high CO levels, low oxygen levels). Another thing you can do is to assess air quality data and correlate with existing pollution factors/companies.

Improve tourism by creating an artistic map of Romania that presents it from 2 perspectives: on one hand tourist attractions (sites, castles, tradition, costumes) on the other hand climate change observed over the last 50 years temperature rise, deforestation, land use, present species, water levels, weather conditions, air quality). Or you can analyze snow levels and temperatures in mountain resorts across Europe; create interactive applications with historical evolution and eventually multimedia content.

If your project will be in any of these area, whether it’s your own idea or one that we have suggested and you can use the technology provided by the EO CLimLab project, you can will additional smart prizes and take advantage of our mentors that will be there on site to assist you.

Awesome mentors for an awesome event

There are only 2 days left until the beginning of the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara and because of that, we would like to present you 5 of our mentors.

Alexandra Bondareva
Alexandra is the greatest IT project manager. She is working at IMB since 2013, before that, she was the owner of Mosaic Media, an online agency helping its clients get the most from their online presence. Currently living in Bratislava, Alexandra is helping her community to develop.

Florian Gheorghe
Florian is the business lawyer wizard and entrepreneur by passion, with experience in USA and CEE. Represented venture capital funds in CEE. He has a vast background in US Government work. Currently working at AXOSUITS which is at the forefront of high-powered and affordable exoskeleton development.
Florian advises startups on business and contractual modeling, funding, and exit. So if you have trouble with the legislation part, Florian is your guy.

Stefan NeaguStefan is one of our amazing partners who makes things happen. He was preparing to be a priest but eventually, ended up working in the banking industry, working for ABN Amro and RBS, taking care of IT Infrastructure. Stefan is the Romanian ambassador of Lisk, a company which enables developers to build applications and deploys their own side-chain linked to the Lisk network, including a custom token. He is an Innovation Enabler for Societe Generale Shared Service Center in Bucharest.

Milan SteskalMilan is Co-founder and CEO at Mentegram, author of Idea To Funding, mental health advocate and a lean startup fan. Part of our prizes is his awesome book which we hope you will enjoy. Mentegram was born from the void created between care providers and people suffering from depression, substance abuse and other mental illnesses, to make sure that those people never have to face their conditions alone. His book, Idea To Funding, helps founders understand how to get the investment for their startup. It is a compilation of his wins, fails and lessons learned.

Judit BoszanovicsIdealist champion and project campaigner. Judit is enthusiastic about working together with creative minds and to redesign services of today & tomorrow by merging traditional values with technology-driven innovations. Recently she has become the Innovation Manager at Sparklab, a non-equity, mentorship-driven and task-based startup incubator brought to life by NN Insurance Hungary. Judit, is the Co-founder of EXQUIS Business and Technology Solutions.

They are just a part of the amazing team of mentors that will help you develop your idea, so, hurry up and buy your tickets to this awesome summer’s event.

Cowork – not a place, a community

For an amazing event to take place, besides creative participants, enthusiastic mentors, coming in handy partners, we also need an awesome venue. Cowork Timisoara will host this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Yet a young coworking space, Cowork Timisoara was founded by three entrepreneurs committed to the local community, with a vast experience in startups. As the special place for freelancers and startups, Cowork Timisoara is the perfect space where you can grow in a healthy environment.

“Members of our community can now work in a creative space and can connect with other freelancers but also with companies that we’re partnering with. We’ll be organizing a series of workshops and training programs, hackathons for startups focused on digital innovation.” – Andrei Firoiu, co-founder Cowork Timisoara

Working here comes with a lot of cool benefits like a modern space open 24/7, a clean desk, Wi-Fi high-speed internet connection, coffee and tea, access to a small kitchen area and amazing colleagues.

Tucano = love + peace + coffee

Since Startup Weekend is all about hands-on experiences, work and starting a business in 54 hours we must have a lot of energy.
Thus we must get our fuel somewhere, right?
That’s why we would like to present you one of our partners at this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara: Tucano Coffee.

Tucano is not only a coffee shop, it’s a place where you can find love, peace and coffee, as their motto says. They started in Moldova, Chisinau and now they’re also in Timisoara delighting us with amazing and creative recipes. Tucano will provide coffee at Startup Weekend Timisoara to keep you alive and kicking while working on your startup.

We are happy that they became our partners and we are sure you will love the Startup Weekend experience. So in order to enjoy a great coffee and attend this year’s edition reserve your seat here.


The Hub – a mobile playground

Today, we want to present you one of our partners: The Hub. They will entertain everyone with awesome technologies at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

The Hub is a mobile playground founded by a group of young & brave people who want to help you create a memorable event. They provide an innovating mobile system for entertaining complete with an Oculus Rift and an HTC Vive. The VR technologies from these 2 headsets are the most advanced available on the market and it is already used in the health system, business, sports and, of course, entertainment.
The playground is suitable for any event as the team will make sure the activities will fit and the attendees will remember the event. You can relax with a movie or hype up with a concert, game or many other activities.

We are glad we have them on our side and hope our partnership will last forever.
If you wanna give it a try for free, get your ticket at the most amazing startup event in western Romania.

Let’s talk about the organizing team

Andrada Olteanu

Andrada is the communication mastermind, always ready to help you and give you creative ideas. She was a proud (exchange) student of Østfold University College and she participated in her first Startup Weekend program in Stockholm, participating in the creation process of an amazing shooter game.
In the last few years, she volunteered in more than 3 associations and she currently works as a marketing specialist for RQM Certification considering herself the jack of all trades in the company.

Andrei Munteanu

Andrei is #allOverThePlace and everyone knows that. If there’s a cool tech event in Timisoara and you don’t see Andrei, something bad must have happened and somebody should call him immediately. He is the one who coordinates this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.
Energetic and ambitious, he is the co-founder and event wizard at Cowork Timisoara, the perfect space for startups and freelancers in Timisoara. Also, he is a global startup weekend facilitator for more than 2 years now.

Dragos Damian

Meet our colleague and friend Dragos, an energetic young man ready to come with the craziest ideas. He is the one who adds the funny stuff in the process.
This creative guy is the master of web technologies, currently working as a front-end developer for a big IT company: NTT Data. In his spare time, he is a CoderDojo mentor, helping kids learn how to code, make websites and, most important, have fun in the process

Madalina Soit

Mada is our logistics lady, ready to make a spreadsheet with new things we have to do or buy.
She is preoccupied about the environment, volunteering for a cause named “Borcanul cu ulei” and, of course, for startup weekend programs. Currently working as a Marketing specialist at VI, dreams of starting her own startup soon.

Alex Bordea

Alex is the man who cold-called and wrote emails to everyone in order to find the perfect partners. He managed to do this successfully and we couldn’t be more proud of our partners.
He is the founder of Digital Mushroom, a marketing and advertising company in Timisoara, where he (and his team) finds solutions for any aspect related to your business image.

Gabriel Minca

Meet Gabi, the down to earth person from the group. He is the mastermind behind our sidekick facebook bot, Wilson. If you didn’t meet our virtual colleague yet, check this out. Gabi is working as an escalation engineer for Toluna, a marketing / IT company. He found out about the Startup Weekend program from college and instantly became obsessed with it. In his spare time, he likes to learn about mobile technologies, especially Android.

Bogdana Zadic

Bogdana is our networking girl. She is the one who always knows a person in every company from Timisoara. Currently, she is a software developer for NTT Data, passionate about books, good movies and travel. Working with her, you’ll be surprised how ridiculously efficient she is and we are glad to have her (and her pug) on our side. And she writes amazing articles 🙂

If you want to meet them and be amazed of this awesome event they created, get your ticket from here. Don’t forget that the early bird tickets will be available only until 24.05 so hurry up!

Meet the Mentors: Eduard Boka

Meet Eduard, one of the mentors you’ll meet at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. His area of expertise includes leadership, marketing skills and knowledge about how to create a better future for ourselves. He will help you find the inner problem you want to actually resolve and make you see the startup from a different perspective. Together you’ll pivot your idea until you’ll be sure you’ll want to spend all your time on it. Also, he will share his experience with failed projects that he made, the importance of those and the experience he got creating products that saved millions of dollars for his clients.

Eduard is the manager of Demoki Interactive, a group of companies united under the same goal: to create digital solutions used by thousands of people. One of the best projects he made is coPrinted, a service that empowers the users to create the most amazing and affordable printable PDF files with ease. The users can select from a variety of designs and add other colors, fonts and pictures to make it personal.

Working also as a web developer for a long period of time, Eduard is the combination of a code machine and a manager with a creative, free spirit. He loves technology, marketing and to explore new ideas in the hunt for the next big service or product.

We are proud to have Eduard on our side, as a mentor and Demoki Interactive as a silver partner.
We are sure you want to meet Eduard so don’t hesitate and book your early ticket while you can.

Meet the businessman, Mihai

The mentor announcements continue with Mihai Mihaiescu, another super mentor at this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timişoara.

He is a business analyst, project management hero and co-founder at Asgard Systems, a company specialized in high-end computer systems for the enterprise environment. Over time, Mihai has implemented over 100 business analysis and process optimization projects in partnership with companies of all sizes. Mihai is a guru in business development, involved with the local community, often having awesome workshops at @Startup Coffee Timisoara.

He will help you better understand your startup idea, validate it and inspire you when you need to pivot. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he’s an expert in business analysis and consultancy, process optimization and information system architecture.

You can meet him in person at Startup Weekend Timisoara #6. Get your tickets here:

Meet the Mentors: Alexandru Ghiura

Another day, another amazing mentor! Meet Alexandru Ghiura, a super-human who will teach you how to visualize your project and design a product that will spark an unknown desire in people’s hearts. 

We chose him because of his experience and skills. One of them is a natural ability to inspire people and make them work flawlessly on a common goal. Also, he likes to break projects to the basics to make them easier to understand and scale.

Day by day, you can find him in a software company, TIBCO, working as a manager – software engineering.

One of his latest creations is a startup named Coderbox where he is a co-founder. The company aims to help people evolve and find their dream tech job. One of the cool way he does this is by organizing meetups with people who are already in the dream position.

If you want to meet him in person and get inspired by him, reserve your seat at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara

It’s just like a festival.. entrepreneurial festival

hey you,

The Startup Weekend experience can be often compared to one of a festival. One that’s made with loads of creativity & ideas, being entrepreneurship oriented and all about the community => You get to validate (or invalidate) your ideas in a safe environment while giving it a go at this whole entrepreneurship thing.

Because it is a community event and because it is a educational event we’d like everyone to take part. It does not matter what skills you master and neither does your background. At Startup Weekend everybody is important, everybody can have an idea (or not, and that’s also OK) and most important everybody can be part of one of the amazing teams working for the entire weekend.


You can find the pricing of the tickets below. To ensure a valuable experience for everyone @SWTimisoara, we’re partnering up with amazing mentors, great partners & a global community. The event is completely led by volunteers and the costs of the tickets goes to making sure you have: mentors from all over (yes, both local & international), great food, swag (who doesn’t love goodies), prizes and so much more.

If you’ve made it this far make sure you get your ticket here.

Feel free to ping us for any questions &/ suggestions.