Superhero in casual clothes

Yet, another day doesn’t pass without meeting an awesome mentor who will be present to guide you during the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Adi PIca mentor SWTimisoara

Meet and greet Adi Pica, a superhero ready to save startup ideas. He does that by writing about Startups, tech and business in CEE in, a media outlet. He is also a Product Manager at Telenav, a place where he is changing the way people interact with their cars. Since 2013, Adi is a great global facilitator at Startup Weekend and above all Mentor at Spherik Accelerator which was nominated for one of the best supporters for Startups by Business Review in 2015.

He is an expert in MVP creations, lean startups and customer validation. He is going to come on handy and Adi will be more than pleased to help you with each and every area of your startup idea.

Get amazed by this cool bearded man’s energy at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. You can get your early ticket from here:

Meet the Mentors: Vlad Isac

Vlad Isac

For those of you who don’t already know him, meet Vlad Isac. He is one of the mentors that will help you develop your startup in 54 hours at the event.

Vlad is a great support of the startup community in Timisoara with many projects in development, co-founder of hackTM and his own startup, Gesto. Besides that, he is involved in a lot of voluntary activities like CoderDojo Timisoara, organizing the first edition of StartUp Weekend Timisoara and much more.

He is also an online POS solution developer and coworking space owner.

When asked about his startup, Vlad said that: “Gesto is a smart stock control software, integrated with POS and ERP solutions, which leverage complex machine learning algorithms to output predictions for bakeries and fresh food retail, businesses that face a major level of specificity like high stock turnover caused by very short shelf life.”

Vlad will be a great mentor for this edition, and if you don’t believe us check what other people had to say about him:

I know Vlad from the Romanian startup community, we’ve met during How to Web where he represented Timisoara Startup Hub. I think his entrepreneurial experience with Gesto and his community development experience come hand in hand and make him a great professional to work with.

Bogdan Iordache – Advisor at Catwalk15

I’ve known Vlad for some time as a great supporter of the startup community in Timisoara. He’s a smart and highly energetic guy and I’d recommend him for his business acumen and his great entrepreneurial skills.

Philipp Kandal – General Manager EU / Head of Openstreetmap @ Telenav

Follow him on Twitter to find out more and if you want to meet him and be amazed by his creativity get your early ticket from here:

Elena Toscheva – Techstars fairy living in Spain

Today, we want to present you Elena Tosheva. She is one of the awesome peeps from Techstars who helped us to lay the foundation of the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. She is the Regional Manager for Techstars Startup Programs in Europe and works with a community of leaders from 28 countries.

Elena considers herself quite shy but she managed to start her own business when she was only seventeen years old. The business failed but she’s proud that she learned a lot with her team. She believes that the power comes from the people and that education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.

Currently living in Spain, Elena has a vast background in entrepreneurship, business development, leadership and business strategy. Because of her vast knowledge in entrepreneurship, she was a Co-organizer for 2 months at Startup Weekend. Since November 2016, Elena is a global facilitator, always ready for action.

We are thrilled to have her on our side, to work with her and to share the same ideas: #NoTalkAllAction

Elena, we want to thank you for what you do!

Don’t forget to get a ticket and reserve your seat for this amazing edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. You can buy a ticket from here.

Awesome facilitator in the hood!

We have prepared an awesome surprize for you: our facilitator at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara is  Filippos Protogeridis.

Filippos is from Greece and he is always ready to accept new challenges. Because of his creativity, Filippos is a product designer who works for several companies in creating awesome products. His work was featured on AWWWARDS, Abduzeedo, SiteInspire and Behance. He has plenty of skills in web development and web design. When Filippos was still a student, he co-founded the first Student Entrepreneurial organization in Athens, Greece.

He will be our facilitator for this event and will be the person who will help you understand the objectives, make you work in synergy with your team and materialize your startup idea. As usual, the Startup Weekend organizers have designated a facilitator that will contribute to the event in a very active and engaging way, supporting the local movement. This means he is a superhero always saving the world and ready to boost your energy.

Come and join us on our amazing 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara, starting on the 16th of June. You won’t be disappointed.
You can buy your early bird ticket from here.

Meet Wilson, our virtual colleague

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Wilson was preparing to for an important task:

To become our awesome colleague in order to help you to get all the information you needed for the next Startup Weekend Timisoara.

He was trained by the oldest masters to know all the answers to your questions. He has a vast knowledge in Startup Weekend news and he knows everything about the 6th edition of this event.

Let’s let him present himself and his knowledge.

“Hi, I’m Wilson and my main purpose is to come in handy. Here are just a few things I can do for you.
You can summon me by starting a chat with the page “Startup Weekend Timisoara” and press “Get started”. You can always get back to the main menu by typing “menu”, “go back to the menu” or a similar phrase.

I can answer various questions about this event like: is this a tech event? Let’s find out!

Quick question: do you know where this event will take place? The answer is at Cowork Timisoara. I can give you directions in order to be easier for you to get here.

I can answer many questions like:

  • Who can join?
  • Do I need a team?
  • What should I bring?

If I can’t find an answer for your questions, you can always talk with one of my masters by accessing the “Contact us” block.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the ticket section and buy your early bird ticket while is still hot.
See ya all!”

We are back and we have early tickets for you!

Summer is coming which means there are now less than 2 months until we open the doors on the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. As you already know, each year, we come better, faster, stronger, and bring you one of the most important events from Timisoara. It will take place from 16th – 18th of June, so you should save the date.

Another awesome announcement is that the early bird tickets are available. You can purchase them until May 9. There are 3 types of tickets: one for the techie, one for the creative type and last but not least, one for the amazing non-tech. There are limited seats for each type of participants.

So, “be an early bird” and get your ticket from here:

The concept is implemented in over 100 countries. The event has an educational purpose in terms of entrepreneurship and is based on the collaboration of participants with different working areas.

We have prepared plenty of surprises which await to be discovered by you.

Stay tuned for further updates, until then… 😀

#SWTimisoara team over and out!

Everybody is a winner!

We’re interrupting your local announcement to tell you more about what took place this weekend.


Startup Weekend Timisoara #5 started on Friday evening with 16 pitches. All the participants went through organized chaos and figured out that they should be working together within 7 legendary teams: Thumb wars, Money,, Fitzilla, Movie lingua & Smart ticket. Find them on

We’re all about learning at Startup Weekend and we hope that together we managed to grow. We had two workshops on Saturday that helped increase the know-how level with one talking about Business Model Canvas and the other one making sure your pitch will be out of this world.

On Sunday, the pressure started to appear whilst teams were getting ready for the final presentations. They had only 5 minutes to present how their product was validated, how they built an MVP and how they will be making money. The judges were ready, and the teams delivered their pitches with style.

At the end it all came down to figuring out how did the teams perform in relation with one-another. And thus the judges deliberated [drum roll]

Fitzilla – 3rd place

Movie lingua – 2nd place

.. and the winner of SWTimisoara #5 is…. Smart ticket!

We’re here to support all of the teams in their endeavour and to push them forward into working on their projects, learning and then pivoting some more. Make sure you join our Facebook group in order to be able to reach to anybody within the community.

We’re working on uploading all of the media files from the event and we’re really happy that our viewers were able to be present via on-line streaming. You can already find pictures on SWTimisoara Facebook page, Friday pitches on the Youtube channel here.

Stay tuned for more!

SWTimisoara thanks you!

Dear partners,

We really appreciate your support and we assure you it got noticed!

The awesome t-shirts and prizes powered by Blue Couch Digital. The participants, mentors and organizers were really proud to be wearing them & of course, the winning teams were really happy about winning the prizes!


Thanks to Telekom Romania everybody was able to connect all over the world. The internet was super-fast and stable. The participants were able to build platforms & validate via their online access.

Telenav helped us by making sure we have everything we need to run a proper event. They were also the ones who supported us first, and it’s their 2nd time in a row partnering up with us.

We had an amazing array of partners who helped us make a great event and we’d like to thank you all: hackTM, Techsylvania, 150Sec, ABC AcceleratorThe Hub, MemoryStudio, Ambasada, Senneviile, Universitatea de Vest, Ctrl-DAIESECESN & Best Timisoara.

On behalf of the whole community in Timisoara, we’d like to thank you!

Startup Weekend Timisoara #5 is on!

Guys and girls, yesterday was an awesome Friday where we met our amazing participants which had a bunch of great and fresh business ideas. There were a total of 16 pitches. Everything was live streamed.

Here is a link where you can rewatch it on our facebook page.

Let’s have a look at the ideas that were chosen to validate, worked on and presented on Sunday evening. You’ll be able to reserve a spot for the final presentations here.

1. Be more functional – is all about improving fitness experience;
2. Thumb work- is a multiplayer video game on iOS;
3. Smart ticket- want to help improve transportation, make it easier for people; 
4. Language Helper – all about new and fun ways you can learn a new language;
5. Money – these guys want to create an app for managing your money. The MONEY BOT lines in your messenger;
6. Smart Assistant – app that helps you to organize your time;
7. Biro – making bureaucracy easier.

Pitches from Startup Weekend Timisoara #5

You can also take a peek on all the teams which participate here.
We are excited to see what the participants are gonna create during this weekend.
We wish them lots of luck!

Sharing your experience

A few hours left till the big event!
Tell your friends to stay tuned – you’ll be sharing your experiences and ideas as you go full speed ahead on your project. Why? Because Telekom’s got us covered!
Our friends at Telekom have a keen interest in start-ups and technology innovation (obviously!), and so they lent a hand by offering us the best they have – internet connection.
So leave your packed data at home and buckle up – you’ll be sending your updates at 4G speed.