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It’s the final countdown for the announcements out there. Stay tuned for all the funky swag&prizes related announcements we’ve got installed aaand until then we interrupt your regular mentor-sponsor shouts to let you know that we’ll have plenty of food and sweets to keep you energized and up&going within the weekend.


All of the above means that the drinks are on you 🙂

This year has been a little harder in terms of the budget and we’ll be looking into improving this for next editions.

Also, let us know if there’s anything we can help with before the event. An e-mail will go your way soon with all the details, locations for non-loco attendees and things you can browse before the event.

SWeeTM Team over and out!

Startup Weekend Timisoara: Mentor Ciprian Man

As the main event is approaching, we’re proudly announcing another super-mentor for this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Tatatadam… Here comes Ciprian Man, the man who’ll amaze you next weekend at the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

He’s the Country Manager at UnifiedPost and also a partner of EBIG, a marketing company.

UnifiedPost is a company that simplifies critical business processes by fully exploiting digital technology, giving businesses the freedom to focus on what they do best while also enabling them to expand their business and EBIG is an outstanding marketing company founded in 2005.

When he’s not working, he is volunteering at Save the Children in Timiş, and because of his passion and dedication, he is now a board member and a superhero in the organization.

Because of this awesomeness, we call him, “The Man”!

Welcome to Lucian Daniliuc as Mentor for Startup Weekend Timisoara

Lucian Daniliuc
is another one of our awesome mentors who will share his experience at this edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. He will be there to answer all your questions regarding your startup.

Lucian was the development team leader for one of the largest real-estate portal in Romania, He also developed which monitors services that check the customers site every minute, from all around the world and instantly notify them when an outage occurs. We also found out that, because of his hobby of photography, he has founded Evive, a calendar of artistic and cultural events that will occur in Timisoara and surroundings.

Welcome, Lucian!


Mentor in a box

Grega Potokar mentor SWTimisoara#5
The mentor announcements continue with
Grega Potokar, an amazing person who will be present at this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.
We are thrilled that Grega will be also present on the 14th of April at
Startup Coffee, a monthly meeting where are discussed different entrepreneur topics.
For more details, check it here.

He comes from Slovenia, with a lot of enthusiasm, to share with you his experience in startups. Being passionate about business development in startups, Grega is the Startup Manager and Co-founder at ABC Accelerator.

ABC Accelerator is the largest private accelerator in South Eastern Europe with technology-specific programs. They help startups and new businesses to grow by offering mentorship and training sessions, investments and office places. ABC Accelerator’s goal is to implement the acceleration program on the future generations, comprised of 8-10 startups.

His super powers consist of: business development, team management and business planning.
Grega is eager to meet and talk to all of you? Are you too?

Brilliant. Cool. Delightful.

We have such amazing partners who are always giving us a helping hand in order to prepare stunning events. One of our partners at the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara is Blue Couch Digital.

Blue Couch Digital is a technical digital agency that delivers online solutions using a delivery approach. Their main focus is on mobile, content management system or CMS implementation and custom developments across multi-channels.

Blue Couch Digital sponsor Startup Weekend Timisoara
You can find them on Facebook just by clicking here.

We cherish all of our partners because without them, Startup Weekend Timisoara couldn’t develop as it is today. Find out 
here more about paying in forward and support the local entrepreneurship community.

Keep calm and buy one ticket get one 50% off

We come with awesome updates which will send a shiver down your spine. We have a special offer which you can’t refuse.

You can invite another enthusiastic friend, who always wanted to be part of Startup weekend but he never had the chance, because now you can buy the first ticket full and the second one is 50 % off. You’ve heard correctly, 50% off. How amazing is that? Now, all you have to do, is to call your friends in and join us for the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.
Tickets SWT for friendsHow to do this? It’s fairly simple, go ahead and book your combo ticket here.
Special tickets at Startup Weekend Timisoara #5


We consider good internet as one of the most important factors of a successful event. And so we’d like to introduce and thank our internet partner for bringing yet again an awesome connection at the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

We welcome Telekom onboard our Startup Weekend journey and would like to thank them for partnering up with us yet again and helping out so that we can rely on a powerful internet connection.

If we scroll down memory lane, last year’s speedtest looked like this:


We’re curious on how it will all work this year and there’s only one way to find out: be there!

Our first partner

We’re always grateful for the support offered by the community and by it’s members. We’re even more overwhelmed when the support comes from outside the community. This is why we proudly announce Telenav as the first partner for this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Telenav’s mission is to help reduce stress, improve productivity, and make life more fun for people on the go. They develop personalized navigation services that help people make smarter decisions about where to go, what to do, when to leave, and how to get there.


You can always be up-to-date with their work by following them on facebook.

Partners help make Startup Weekend Timisoara what it is today and help us have a continuously developing and growing community. Read more about partnering and supporting #SWTimisoara here

Why your idea won’t succeed at Startup Weekend

We had a go at the 5 why’s to attend a Startup Weekend event here. We are asked a lot about what ideas, projects and teams succeed to “graduate” from Startup Weekend. Here are some, and what we’d like to add to this that Startup Weekend is more than an event where you can start your next Facebook. Startup Weekend is an educational event that will actually teach you how to transform an idea into a business any time in the future.

That’s why we thought about coming up with some reasons about why your idea won’t succeed at Startup Weekend and why that’s quite OK. 

  1. You’ll learn how to pivot, and thus your idea will change.

The learning experience is off the charts. The best way to learn something is to actually do it. And this is what we focus at Startup Weekend. We’ll teach you how to identify your customers and then go to ask for real feedback to see if your product really is useful to them. Many times, it will turn out that what you thought is not what your clients want. And that’s quite ok, based on what you learned, you can pivot – keep parts of your initial idea that work, change and adapt what’s not ok.


  1. There will be The Team you’ll want to join and drop your idea

At the end of the day it’s all about the team. We strongly think that if you’ve got the proper team you can pretty much accomplish anything. You’ll be working in teams (no less the 3) and you are also going to understand how startup life is. And it won’t be about one being a CEO and the others doing the work 🙂

If you manage to find the people with whom you clicked from the first minute you’ve met, the idea don’t matter that much – with the perfect cofounder you can move mountains, so don’t let them go.

  1. It’s only a nice dream but not a business

It might be the case you’d notice that there’s no way you can monetize your idea. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s just that you can make a business out if it in that state. And is a lot better to realize that early so you won’t spend your energy, time and money on something with little chances to succeed. Better to get over it and focus on the next big idea.

  1. You’ll be talking to all those awesome people and won’t have time to work.

    Being a community is all about interaction and meeting everyone. There’s a pretty cool line-up of mentors at Startup Weekend that are there to help and guide you. All of them have really great stories to tell. Make sure you balance your time in order to talk to the mentors and organizers. More important, mingle with the other participants outside your team.

Tip: before the event starts & lunch times are usually the best for networking.


  1. Don’t just have an idea.. And keep it for yourself. Share it with the world!

You’ll miss the chance to pitch your idea, thinking it’s not good enough or somebody else will steal it.

Usually ⅓ of the participants at a Startup Weekend pitch an idea. We encourage you to help increase that ratio. No matter how crazy your idea is, no matter what it is about, pitch it! You’ll learn a lot more if you do and you won’t have to wonder what would have happened if you’d have pitched 🙂

giphy (1)

This is not a blogpost that wants to make you not believe in yourself, but to help you realize there are a lot many other opportunities out there and it’s up to you if you want to take the value out of them. Remember, we’re all about entrepreneurship and education at Startup Weekend Timisoara. We will encourage you and we’re here to help.

Awesome mentor is awesome

Steven Sudy Startup Weekend Timisoara#5
Because we like to keep the blood pumping,
we’ve continued the mentor interview series with Steven SĂĽdy the co-founder of Laborom. He has shared his thoughts with us on startup world and beyond.

What’s your background in the startup world?
Steven: I launched, worked in, consulted and mentored numerous startups in the last 6 years. Currently I’m a co-founder and CMO of Laborom, which is a patient centric mobile medical data organizer.

What’s your opinion regarding startup environment in CEE?
Steven: There is a lot of buzz in the CEE startup ecosystem, but this is a cliché that everyone keeps repeating. In the past few years more and more people started seeing entrepreneurship as an alternative lifestyle to working in multinationals or in the public sector. Or even to waiting in bars and restaurants. This is really great progress. However, I see two problems why startups haven’t flourished as much as they could have in the region. First being education. I talk to many (probably around a hundred) startups every year, and the returning issue is that they still have very little knowledge on how to create a business from scratch. Sure, they can build a service or a product, they can establish a company, they may be even able to market it, but there is so much more to introducing a new product to the market that they are not aware of. This is why Startup Weekend is a great initiative to help startups achieve success. The second issue I see in the CEE startup ecosystem is the lack of seed funding. This is a huge gap that needs to be filled. Many startups can bootstrap until they reach seed stage, but once they reach that point it can be very hard to scale without proper financial backing and good connections, which an ideal investor can provide.

How did you came with the idea for Laborom?
Steven: I wasn’t part of the original founding team. My two friends of 15 years started Laborom 2 years ago and they asked me to jump on board last July. My friends have a lot of experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry. They founded the Association for Sustainable Healthcare with which they organised prominent healthcare conferences and meetups. A returning topic was the issue that people are not in possession of their own health data. If I need to see a doctor in London the doctor needs to question me about my whole medical history. This takes a lot of time and can be inaccurate and insufficient for proper solutions. My two co-founders, Botond and Levente, decided to build Laborom to give to people their medical data.

Tell us a funny story about you 🙂
Steven: When I was around 11 years old my class prepared a song for a Christmas celebration at the school I was attending. We came up with an adaptation of “Twelve Days Of Christmas” for our school. Everyone had to sing the verse they wrote. I wrote the first verse. At the Christmas celebration in the auditorium filled with 1200 people I drew a blank. I couldn’t remember a word from my verse; I just stood there in silence in front of more than a thousand people.
Because of this I hated talking in front of people for many years. Now I do public speaking and presentations regularly, and have tremendous success with pitch coaching. 🙂

Do you have any advice for Startup Weekend participants?

What are your superpowers?
Steven: Pitch coaching, content marketing, customer discovery