Saturday’s workshops

We have awesome news for you. On this edition, we added sparks in the program. On the 16 th of April, which means Saturday, will take place 2 workshops.

Business Model Canvas

“The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.” -Wikipedia
In order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to organize top-notch your  startup ideas.

Check this link for further info:
Prepare your Pitch

Everyone has the “stage fright” and gets nervous during a presentation. That’s why the second workshop helps you to “Prepare your Pitch”. It’s difficult to explain a startup ideas in half an hour, so try to do it in 5 min.’s hard but not impossible.

Here is a good read to find out what is a good pitch and how should it look like:
LIVE.OTCrevWe want you to be glamorous during the final presentation.

Catch you later, SWTimisoara Team


Awesome facilitator for an amazing event!

Amazing people, we have a big surprise for you, on this edition we’ll have an awesome facilitator and she is Kathleen Fritzsche. A facilitator is a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need.  This means that she is the Superwoman.

 Kathleen Fritzsche facilitatoris from Germany and she has interests in various fields such as: marketing, social media, foreign languages (she knows 6 languages) and sociolinguistics. From her interests in marketing and management, she co-founded Accelerate Stuttgart, the first accelerator program for startups from Stuttgart. She has also been active as a Startup Weekend organizer, speaker and facilitator since 2013.

On the 2nd of March, she’ll be joining us, virtually, from Stuttgart for the pre-event.
For more info about the pre-event, check here:

If you wanna see her awesomeness rock on stage, join us for the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara!
You can book your seat here:

Feedback, feedback everywhere!

Hello again,

We’ve analyzed your feedback and we’ve learned that the venuewe choose is important as well as free waterand coffee. These 2 are almost essential for “working” over the weekend. food is not that salient because the studies has shown that a living being can resist without  food  at least 54 hours.

We found out that T-shirts  and swag are not that significant as the prizes are. The mentoring sessions with international mentor are really important. They bring bling blingin the contest.

Most of you didn’t know about the  pre-event  and the ones who knew considered them useful. So, we figured we’ll just shout here. The first pre-event will be about what does Startup Weekend mean and what are our plans for April. This pre-event will be on the 2nd of March at 19:00.
For more information about this pre-event, you can enter here:

Also, the average price of a ticketsshould be around 30-35 Euros.

Did we get it right?
Let us know 🙂
Feedback matters

Very early bird tickets!

Hello you, yes you,

We proudly announce that the very early bird tickets are available. They are limited seats and can be found until the 22nd of February. There are 3 types of tickets: one for the techies, one for the creative types and last but not least, one for the amazing non-techs. 

So, “put your skates on” and get them here:


For those of you who are new here, at Startup Weekend Timisoara, we provide you with all that you need throughout the weekend from the boring things such as good food and drinks to the super-fast internet, legendary mentors, great networking…and #swag.

#SWTimisoara team over and out!



Guess who’s back?

Long time, no see!

The 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timişoara is coming to town this spring. We have many tricks up our sleeve, but first things first, the event will begin on the 15th of April up until 17th of April. Other surprises will come shortly, so save the date!

Because the event is near, your help is needed. We want your feedback for the previous Startup Weekend editions because we want to improve the quality of the event.

Here is a link for the form:

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Remember, we’re only one Facebook chat away (come and say “Helloooooooo!”):

Stay tuned for further updates 😀
SWTimisoara Team



#SWTimisoara: The Jettison

Jettison: to cast (cargo, supplies, etc.) overboard or out so

 as to lighten or stabilize a vessel or aircraft in an emergency.

Payload_fairing_jettisonWe’ve had quite an enthusiastic liftoff on Friday evening at the opening of Startup Weekend Timisoara 4th edition. As you would expect, a rain of information fell down on everyone; names, terms, faces, ideas–it poured on us. All for the best: we got connected, we’ve shared our 1 million dollars ideas and most of all, we’ve learned by doing.

Saturday came with the speed of light. Breakfast, coffee, chit-chat, then off to work. The 9 teams were still trying to figure out their way through. The business model canvas was still a headache generator. Some have migrated to other groups; most have polished their initial ideas and managed to implement bits of it.

It was time to jettison the bad and incorporate the good–they needed a serious mentoring session. The 9 mentors have advised the teams in marketing, tech and design issues. They have even challenged them to get to customer validation without having the product ready. And some of the teams succeeded: GoLivery has actually earned money!


The outcome of the mentoring session was easy to observe. The venue at #SWTimisoara has also contributed to this. Ambasada feels like home–you can either focus in a corner of the room, join the team work or have a chilled conversation outside the terrace.

The evening was booked for entertainment. A dinner on the Bega river bank  and a stroll in the city center prolonged our quality time together. But of course, it wouldn’t have been a true Startup Weekend experience without a party! Some beers and 80-90s remixes have concluded a productive day.

It’s Sunday, so this means we’re getting closer to the end of our journey. Stay tuned to find out how the story ends!

SWTimisoara #4: The Liftoff

After months of coordinated preparations, crafting stories and organizing info sessions, running after deals and contracts, but most of all, trying to make a journey for the upcoming startup adventurers, it’s finally here: Startup Weekend Timisoara is ready for the liftoff!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.29.17

Timid faces waiting in line at the registration desk, wondering whether the M size for T-shirt or the ‘non-tech’ tag fits them, energetic future entrepreneurs, skilled pitchers, mature professionals, bright minded students–these would be the words for the people we’ve met on the first day of our event.

Yet, they all possess one special trait: the thrive for new experiences. And they sure do a delicious mix!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.40.21Our Binary Star facilitator, Gwight Dunning has introduced them in the science behind Startup Weekend. In the attempt of entertaining and informing at the same time, he has managed to keep things on the right track.

Another vivid presence on the scene was Josef Dune, who shared some weighty startup lessons from his personal experience with Babelverse.

Half Baked was quite some fun to watch–and even more fun to explain. As you can see, the keywords were less than ordinary. Nonetheless, it was both an energizer and a think outside the box exercise. All credits go to our awesome facilitator for that!

We think that the pitching session was one of the most rewarding parts of the evening. Almost 20 pitches have fed the curiosity in the room, ranging from grocery purchase and delivery to job recruitment and medical history apps or online streaming platforms for coders. Of course, the ‘Uber for’ and ‘Siri-like’ ideas were not missed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.44.41

However, only half of the intial ptiches managed to form teams around them. They have gone from ecstasy to agony and back in trying to tailor their startup idea according to their resources and team brainstorming results.

At around 10 o’clock, three teams were still trying to fill in the business model canvas. Downstairs, a squat was deliberately cleaning their vocabulary and imagination during a Cards Against Humanity session that lasted until closing. Outside, the terrace offered room for philosophical debates & jokes. Ambasada surely had plenty of room for all of us!

And let’s not forget that all of these wouldn’t have been possible without our supportive sponsors and partners!

This would sum up the first day of our journey. Stay tuned to see the outcome of Startup Weekend Timisoara 4th edition story!


Zenith to Guide the Upcoming Startup Adventurers

Zenith: point directly above your head in the night sky.

Since the ancient times, people have always perused the sky, whether for orientation, future predictions or simply a bench they could relate to.

Josef Dune, mentor and speaker at the 4th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara is constantly looking for and providing benchmarks in his career. He is the co-founder and CEO of Babelverse, where he aimis to bring seamless communication between all languages.

Currently based in London, Josef follows his professional pursue, exploring user experience and accessibility, which, in his opinion, is something that should be at the forefront of any decision.

On a daily basis, he enjoys travelling, meeting and experiencing new cultures, cooking and experimenting with cuisine, throwing himself down a mountain on skis or a snowboard and overall just enjoying himself and living the mysterious journey of life.

He will be sharing his exotic startup experiences this weekend at Startup Weekend Timisoara. Get inspired, build stuff that matters!


Latest Updates to Get You Yearning for More



What would you do if you could buy only one of these three icecreams to satisfy your appetite for an entire summer?

Just try to imagine yourself drooling while running, vividly grasping it with your hand and almost sensing the texture of a sweet, cooling, low-fat desert.

You could save each drop of that smooth, bittersweet strawberry flavour if you’d be on time.

Hurry up and get your last minute ticket because this is the only Startup Weekend Timisoara edition this year! 

We’ll be meeting on the 8-10th of May at Ambasada, which means that you only have a couple of days to save all that awesomeness from melting away.

Your ticket is here:


Virtual Creation Comes to Life at #SWTimisoara

We have recently told you about Proton, the tech savvy and entrepreneur that will be mentoring at Startup Weekend Timisoara 4th edition. His name is Calin Brandabur and he is known in the local community due to his ambitious project for home automation and many other hardware experiments.

Uniqueness has always raised interest. On this special occasion, Calin’s brand new project Symme3D has allowed us to take that trait a little bit further: we have 3D printed trophees for the most challenging projects at #SWTimisoara!

Trophee 3D printed (1)

And that’s not all. We will also exhibit the ‘maker’ at our event!

His various experiments have proven that the promising printer executes unparallelled fast and accurate designs for home use. Moreover, the purpose of the 3D printed products vary from motorcycle components to jewelry. Well, that’s what you call a useful household appliance!

Don’t miss the chance to taste a bit of the Startup Weekend Timisoara experience, get your last minute ticket here:

Are we there yet?