Albedo Sets Light on Beauty and Mentors

Albedo: The albedo of an object is how much light it reflects. A perfect reflector such as a mirror would have an albedo of 100, the moon has an albedo of 7, and the Earth has an albedo of 36.

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, it takes talent to enhance looks and create unicity using just some clicks and lots of imagination.

Silviu Runceanu is an experienced UI/UX designer who has spent his last 12 years on learning and actually doing appealing design for various purposes.

His latest goal was to become an expert in building sites. If it is to evaluate his accomplishments, we would give him a 100 in an albedo scale.

As a Startup Weekend Timisoara mentor, our precious Albedo will help you put the spotlight on your idea. He’s also a startup mentor and a serial entrepreneur, so he’s just doubled up his skills: designing for business. Oh, and he likes sweets. Make it triple!

Wait no more, meet him at Startup Weekend!

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7 Questions to Ask If You're a Startup Weekend Participant

Startup Weekend is, by definition, an event based on experiential education. This0318_sb_readerquestions_630x420 means that we’re more into learning by doing. However, there are some guidelines that can help you have a better understanding on the game rules.

1. What kind of ideas can I pitch at the event?

Although Startup Weekend events are focused on building (some) tech products, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. We welcome all the creative and out of the box ideas that can be turned into businesses. But of course, any business needs at least a website, doesn’t it?

2. How do I pitch the idea, if I don’t have enough experience in presenting?

If you are not an experienced public speaker, that is not a problem. We will offer you guidelines to make sure you transmit all the necessary information when pitching. Before the demos, Startup Weekend mentors will be there to get you through pitching, marketing and design to help you put an awesome presentation together.

3. What if they steal my idea?

Out of millions and billions of ideas, we’re pretty sure that no one would actually try to steal your idea. After all, it’s the implementation that makes an idea a total hit.

4. Is this Startup Weekend for me?

According to UP, Startup Weekend attendees’ backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). From what we’ve experienced, the one thing unites all attendees is a common interest in entrepreneurship, interested in working with like-minded, motivated and skilled people to develop a product during a weekend.

5. Why do I have to pay?

The 7 meals, snack & drinks surely attract some bills. Actually, in most of the cases, the ticket doesn’t even cover the costs. But we’re lucky to have our supporting sponsors: Everseen, Telekom Romania, Save Patatoes, Casa Automata, Symme3D, Techsylvania and Mentagram.

6. What should I bring with me?

You should bring everything that fuels your work and creativity: power cord, business cards, phone, mood for work, etc. We’ll get sure that you won’t get out of coffee!

7. How do I prepare?

We advise you to do some research before coming to SWTimisoara no.4. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you polish your idea and have a better understanding of what Startup Weekend truly means. Moreover, you should also rehearse your pitch; try to make the most of those 60 seconds to conquer both the audience and determine the best tech skilled people in the room to join your team.

If your questions are not on this list, you can also watch this video on ‘Startup Weekend First Timers’ or drop us a line at

This New Venue Will Conquer You For Good

There is this one place in Timisoara where magic happens.

No, really.

You know that feeling when you go somewhere nice, where all the nice people go and you wake up a couple of hours later, wondering if time flies?


Well, that’s Ambasada.

Reputed as the latest-cool-place-for-cool-people-in-town, Ambasada is the place where not only magic happens, but also creative and fun stuff, too.

Concerts, movies, crafting workshops, uber-productive meetings of Startup Weekend Timisoara organizers, yoga classes and many more interesting activities to get people together to spend quality time.

The co-working space upstairs for crafty & artsie people welcomes all the creative people, whether with artistic skills or not. We will be spending most of our time at Startup Weekend in this place.

Downstairs, a large space filled with coffee scent and chillout music makes room for friendly talks and leisure hangouts. The meeting room in the left is usually booked for more serious matters, such as debating on what colour your T-shirt should have at this edition.


Many have asked us what’s with this new place after three editions hosted in the same welcoming co-working space of Timisoara Startup Hub. The truth is that we wanted to embrace the startup culture and be spontaneous in our approach. Their motto is #dream #create #enjoy: we consider that this is the proper attitude for the next Startup Weekend experience, too!

Not to mention that the staff at Ambasada is made out of friendly and open-minded people who really know how to make awesome coffee. And it’s for non-smokers, which makes it even cooler.

You don’t have to take our word. You can pay Ambasada a visit whenever you want, during the week. But one can truly feel this vibe we’ve been talking about at Timisoara Startup Weekend 4th edition.

About that One Million Dollar Idea

There was this cloudy Saturday when we thought it would be a nice idea to get out and try to have meaningful conversations with people on the streets of Timisoara. We’ve asked 12 people to imagine what it would be like to have a 1 000 000 dollars business. When we asked them about the thing that got them there, they’ve had the same answer: AN IDEA.

The most curious thing was that almost all of the people that we came across have had a business idea. It is still a mystery to us why they haven’t done anything about it. Yet.

You see, whether you have that rocket-science idea or not, you can still get to that 1 million dollars. Attending Startup Weekend can be a good start to get you in that journey.

Well, wait no more. Startup Weekend Timisoara is just around the corner!

Meet Proton, the positively-charged tech entrepreneur

Proton: The center of an atom is made up of one or more protons. It has a positive charge.

Călin Brandabur is  a Senior Software development engineer which excells in software architecture and management, business analysis and project management. You see, he has the quite some the core knowledge that can help him build a startup in IT (which in this case, would be the atom). When he realised that, he became an entrepreneur. The result: he has bootstrapped several start ups all over the world, mainly United States of America.

Just like a Proton, he has a positive charge: his enthusiasm allows him to take all his know-how and build things from scratch. A home automation project and a 3D printer are his latest projects that have stirred both questions and admirations from his fellow workers.

He will join Irina, the Gamma Ray, at our pre-event tonight to tell you more about the perfect balance between knowledge and passion which can lead you to conquering the world with your startup.


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Gamma Ray, the Marketing Captain at SWTimisoara

Gamma Ray: extremely short-wavelength and energetic electromagnetic radiation.

Ladies and gents, in the well-known playful tone we introduce you another extraordinary skillful Startup Weekend Timișoara mentor, Irina Marinescu!

Rumour has it she has endless energy when it comes to her biggest passion, the ever-changing Marketing field. Her deep comprehension of the subject has been powerful enough to introduced her into several spatial dimensions: Marketing Strategy, Serial Entrepreneurship and Startup Mentorship.

When on Earth, cats and coffee lift her up to space and back. Another rumour: she turns into a cat whenever possible.

As a matter of fact, she plans to have a stopover at our pre-event to let you know what’s the deal with space & startups. On the 26th of March, at the inspiring Ambasada, of course.


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#SWTimisoara 4th edition: The Universal Facilitator is Here!

Binary star: a star which is actually made up of two stars orbiting each other.

Meet Dwight Gunning, our binary star. Why is that, you may ask. Well, we’ve attributed that specific Universe element to him because he combines both tech and entrepreneurship expertise. Just like two specialists in one.


Dwight has a special role at our 4th edition: he’s our event facilitator. Facilitators a core part of the Startup Weekend model, as every Startup Weekend event must have a Certified Startup Weekend Facilitator to help ensure the event is run successfully.

Dwight is an Australian software engineer and entrepreneur currently based in Amsterdam. A technologist at heart, he has launched several web and mobile companies in the fields of transport and education. He has also been active as a Startup Weekend organizer and facilitator since 2010.

You can meet our binary star at the 4h edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara!

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Meet Planetary Nebula, Our Rocket-Science Mentor at SWTimisoara #4!

Planetary Nebula: a nebula of gas surrounding a star.

We have attributed this cosmic element to Alejandru Roja, our mentor at Startup 462561_272083406262108_1902287747_oWeekend Timisoara 4th edition. According to the legend in the kids’Astronomy dictionary, a Planetary Nebula is the soft surrounding blanket on a powerful planet. Well, the same is Alex in this context: he is the closest and the friendliest to the wide and bright science of entrepreneurship.

Alexandru is a PhD in Management and Lecturer in various startup-core subjects such as strategic management, business administration, strategic analysis, enterprise development strategies, managerial and entrepreneurial simulations at West University of Timișoara.

Not anyone gets to be as easy-going in matters of business without deeply knowing it first. Thus, Alexandru has done various research on innovative and entrepreneurial potential in the IT industry and the development of strategic organizational capabilities to cope with the complexity of the current business environment.

Moreover, he is the developer of Envisioning project analyzing the relationships between economy, technology and society for a smart strategic development, anticipation and understanding of the main global trends.

You can benefit from his wisdom by being a part of the 4th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Hurry up, book your seat to get aboard!

Startup Weekend Timisoara 1st day: the pitches

Friday’s pitches at Startup Weekend Timisoara

The competition has been running up tight this evening, as almost half of the participants have pitched their startup ideas which have proven to be highly creative, challenging and most of all, courageous!

There were 15 brilliant ideas, but only the most brilliant of the `brilliantest` have managed to gather valuable professionals around them and form multi-specialised teams.

By the evening, 8 nice and happy teams were exchanging ideas, each and everyone contributing with its unique startup vision to this Startup Weekend extravaganza!


Stay tooned to find out which teams will launch startups with promising perspectives!






Startup Weekend Timisoara has officially begun

Ladies and gents, the much-awaited, deeply-desired long weeking is finally HERE! The 3rd edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara has officially begun.

We started this awesome ‪#‎SWTimisoara edition by warming up with pizza, drinks and chats .
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Right after this, ‪#‎SWTimisoara talks have begun with the welcoming presentation of our host Adrian Pica and the inspirational talk of Professor Ambrahamsson on startup challenges.







What we learned? Build stuff that matters!