Countdown has started! Next batch of mentors announced!

There are only 3 days left until the big event!  Let me introduce you to the next batch of cool mentors that are going to help you get your startup up and running!

f7b1b897928441d49c46250873fcac36Silviu Runceanu
Visual UX+UI Designer

Visual UX+UI Designer with more than a decade of experience. Works with countless Startups all over the world.


8f4091084305429e89e4965aece935e8Irina Marinescu
Marketing Strategist

Irina has 9 years experience in Product & Marketing Strategy and worked with Top 3 Internet Goods companies.

3ce313296b13983379aa65b8f4eafc97Marius Mocian
Head of Sales @ HipMenu

Marius is head of sales at hipMenu, the marketplace for food delivery at you office and home. They are present in Cluj-Napoca and just launched in Timisoara, planning to expand in all Romania and beyond. He is an active member of Cluj-Napoca’s startup community, mentoring different startups in the region. He can help you with sales, business development and business strategy.

5ef8bcbf8c5a4d78bb2e45293ba281a4Grigorios Chatzikostas
Business Development Manager in BioSense Center

Grigoris works as a Business Development Manager in BioSense Center, trying to set up win-win collaborations among researchers, ICT companies and end-users. His experience includes writing (sometimes successful) proposals for EU funding and coordinating large-scale projects for the introduction of ICTs in agriculture and environmental monitoring. In the past 12 years he has managed projects of total value of ~30 mEUR. If you meet him in person, he will immediately start pitching about his current project, FRACTALS, an accelerator for SMEs and startups, which offers 50-150 kEUR (equity-free!) to teams with the best ideas for apps in the agrifood domain. He dreams of a world where geeks and farmers speak the same language…

b313800660d44b639d9a982a50ba25e9Calin Brandabur
CEO and Founder

Entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, senior software architect, software development workflow analyst with over 15 years experience in software industry, working with several fortune 500 companies, bootstrapped several start ups all over the world mainly United States of America.

So? Did you get your ticket?

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First prizes and GSB

Pretty cool prizes are up for grabs at Startup Weekend Timisoara!

Besides an awesome team, a crazy ride down the experience lane and tons of applauds, here is a glimpse of what one of the winning teams will get their hands on:

– one Alcatel One Touch Pop C5

– one Alcatel One Touch Pop C7


This is not all! Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at Startup Weekend Timisoara, this moves you into the Regional Round of Global Startup Battle! Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s how it works:  This year attendees have the opportunity to compete in themed tracks that offer different prizes, resources, and judges!


Champions Track: The Champions Track will showcase the best of every city and Region. To compete in this Track your team must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at your local Startup Weekend. Learn more.

Startup Women Track: We’re honored to support building diversity with a Track focused on women entrepreneurs and highlighting their work and talents. The Startup Women Track drives participation at all levels by accepting teams that have a female founder, led by a woman, or consisting of 50% or more women members. Learn more.

Education, Empowered Track: From improving the way we learn to increasing access to education, we’re looking at you to join us in creating a world where everyone is empowered to be a thinker and a maker. Education, Empowered Track is sponsored by General Assembly. Learn more.

Do the KIND Thing Track: Bring your socially impactful ideas to Do the KIND Thing Track. With commitment to social entrepreneurship with impact, this Track focus is to make the world a little kinder, one act or idea at a time. This Track is powered by KIND Healthy Snacks. Learn more.

The Innovator’s Track: The .CO Innovators Track is calling all Startup Weekend teams that are launching their brilliant ideas on a .CO domain. Prizes for this Track include a trip to Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Festival – the best place to launch your startup, raise money and learn about starting a company. This Track is powered by .CO. Learn more.

Stay tooned to find out more!

All there is left do to now is for you to get your ticket. And as you remember, we’ve got limited tickets.

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Meet the breakfast and Startup Weekend Timisoara have prepared for you  four delicious recipes  for breakfast. The  mixes are called premium because each sachet contains 60% fruit, seeds, nuts or various walnuts and 40%muesli.
This way, each mix has a delicious and unique fruit taste, energy offered by seeds / peanuts / nuts and fiber provided by cereal flakes.
The four mixes are :

10801834_713551988720394_823711208592481224_nYummy Berry (with strong flavor of strawberry, blueberry and cranberry),

Morning Fresh(with intense citrus flavor, and the energy of aloe vera),

Tropical Delight (pineapple, papaya and goji)

Power Nuts ( intense flavored berries, almonds and cashews).


Check our page and remember to register:


#SWTimisoara Mentors Update

Our mentors list is getting bigger and better! We doing our best so that you can enjoy the Startup Weekend Timisoara experience; therefore, we are trying to bring together high-profile professionals who can lead you in the process.

7d13904ea97b44cdadbeefdb1f66972aPekka Abrahamsson
Full professor and Dean of Computer Science faculty at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Can help you with: Lean Startup, business Modeling, Rasperry Pi Hardware Projects

Working as a full professor and Dean of computer science in Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy. From my professorship in University of Helsinki, Finland.
Former Chief Scientits of SINTEF. Lean Startup fan.

Adela Cristea 431c60e92e8f4f5ba341874a3ee53375
Managing Partner Ascent Group

Adela is the co-founder and managing partner of Ascent Group, a consulting group of companies with headquarters in Romania and 7 offices in 4 countries within Eastern Europe. Adela studied both Economics and Law and also attended various scholarships abroad, in the USA, Germany and Belgium. 10 years ago, after 8 years of working in multinational companies and international consulting firms, Adela decided to move to enterpreneurship by launching a consulting group of companies that is advising entrepreneurs and managers who are starting new businesses or relocating business in the region. Her group of companies is providing legal, tax and HR consulting services for start-ups, but also business developement and training services for major companies. Over the years Adela advised more than 100 business start-ups and business developments in countries likee Romania, Moldova, Serbia and Bulgaria, in various fields of activity, such as: manufacturing, logistics, banking and financial services, IT services, trade, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity of getting mentorship from professionals with valuable experience!

Register here!

Black Friday

Guys and girls, Black Friday deals are here!

There is only one more week left until #SWTimisoara and the clock is ticking. So, whether you are a developer, designer or non-technical, today all tickets are only 35euros! We want everyone to come and express their ideas for Startup Weekend Timisoara, and build up their startups in 54 hours.

Tickets are limited, so hurry up and get your ticket NOW!

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To beard or not to beard?

Movember is here, everyone!

Prepare yourself because the place you want to be on 14-16 Movember is at Startup Weekend Timisoara! And this is why you should attend:

– uber-cool mentors

– most awesome venue

– great participants

– it’s weekend, have some fun


Here are some awesome facts about beards:

– Beards make you 63% more likely to win staring contests

– Fits on your face

– Science has shown that beards rarely sleep

– Stroking of beard increases creative power

– Quadruples handsomeness

Tickets for you and your beard here!

New #SWTimisoara Mentors Coming

It looks like our uber-cool mentors list has no end!

We’ve got another three names for you to bear in mind for this #SWTimisoara edition: Josef Dunne, Mayel de Borniol and Kumaran Veluppillai.

wosfvj6w4sc8i7og3lpr Josef Dunne
Co-Founder/CEO @ Babelverse

Co-Founder/CEO of Babelverse (Startup Chile, 500  Startups & SV Angel have backed Babelverse somewhere  along our journey!) He is currently based in the  international and truly Babelverse city that is London (also  his hometown).
Very experienced in user experience and accessibility, it’s something I think should be at the forefront of any decision. If we’re to take the web forward its capabilities must be accessible to all members of society.

Mayel de Borniol186f94fd29104cb8bd1e603be95a9430
Co-Founder & Architect @ Babelverse

He’s been hacking together websites, apps, and online communities since the mid-90’s, and building startups for almost 10 years. The Babelverse team are real adventurers, award-winners (LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt), with experiences over multiple continents which include but are not limited to: flying to Silicon Valley with no return ticket (and no money to buy one), crashing on random people’s couches for months on end until near-homelessness, and finally getting an investment from one of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley.

cba317157a944da99afad7f774d3c49aKumaran Veluppillai

Product + Marketing Geek. Co-organizer of Lean Startup London.




All being said, we hope we’ve convinced you of theirskillfulness and about the valuable input that they can bring into the process of building the startup of your dreams!

Don’t forget to register on Eventbrite & be part of our event!

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Startup Weekend has a great partnership with If you never heard of them, they print to the highest standards and set the bar really high for the business cards printing service. is offering 15% off to all Startup Weekend Timisoara attendees.

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What are you waiting for? Get your special business cards on!


Girl Power!!

Here’s a shout to all the girls who wanted to get their #SWTimisoara ticket but weren’t so sure.

We love our women in tech and to prove that, we have an offer they cannot refuse! Tickets for Startup Weekend Timisoara will be 30% off for the first 10 girls willing to register!

So hurry up and get your #SWTimisoara ticket from the 27th of October –  until the 29th of October, and benefit from the awesome discount! 

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Read all about our cool mentors!

Things are shaping up for us here at Startup Weekend Timisoara. We’re confirming more and more awesome mentors for you guys to have a chance to meet and talk face to face with, and our sponsors are preparing some awesome freebies, so stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates!


otilia-t-sqOtilia Otlacan

Otilia specializes in advertising operations, web monetization and tech PR. She is the founder of RightFit Media, an ad tech boutique consulting firm, and is currently serving as international advertising consultant for reddit inc. Previous employers include Google and Facebook, as well as digital music and gaming startups.

Evgenios Skitsanos 1150843_10151593332140894_887082371_n

Being software developer since 1992 and establishing in four years later his first web development company, today Evgenios runs multiple software and hardware design companies that serving big names like Electrolux, DHL, BMW, Toyota and some others. Evgenios has a lot of experience in software architecture, applied programming, noSQL databases, hardware and when it comes to non technical things you can reach him regarding running multinational and multicultural development teams worldwide, product design, business modeling and business development, forming and operating companies, new venture opportunities.