New #SWTimisoara Mentors Coming

It looks like our uber-cool mentors list has no end!

We’ve got another three names for you to bear in mind for this #SWTimisoara edition: Josef Dunne, Mayel de Borniol and Kumaran Veluppillai.

wosfvj6w4sc8i7og3lpr Josef Dunne
Co-Founder/CEO @ Babelverse

Co-Founder/CEO of Babelverse (Startup Chile, 500  Startups & SV Angel have backed Babelverse somewhere  along our journey!) He is currently based in the  international and truly Babelverse city that is London (also  his hometown).
Very experienced in user experience and accessibility, it’s something I think should be at the forefront of any decision. If we’re to take the web forward its capabilities must be accessible to all members of society.

Mayel de Borniol186f94fd29104cb8bd1e603be95a9430
Co-Founder & Architect @ Babelverse

He’s been hacking together websites, apps, and online communities since the mid-90’s, and building startups for almost 10 years. The Babelverse team are real adventurers, award-winners (LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt), with experiences over multiple continents which include but are not limited to: flying to Silicon Valley with no return ticket (and no money to buy one), crashing on random people’s couches for months on end until near-homelessness, and finally getting an investment from one of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley.

cba317157a944da99afad7f774d3c49aKumaran Veluppillai

Product + Marketing Geek. Co-organizer of Lean Startup London.




All being said, we hope we’ve convinced you of theirskillfulness and about the valuable input that they can bring into the process of building the startup of your dreams!

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Things are shaping up for us here at Startup Weekend Timisoara. We’re confirming more and more awesome mentors for you guys to have a chance to meet and talk face to face with, and our sponsors are preparing some awesome freebies, so stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates!


otilia-t-sqOtilia Otlacan

Otilia specializes in advertising operations, web monetization and tech PR. She is the founder of RightFit Media, an ad tech boutique consulting firm, and is currently serving as international advertising consultant for reddit inc. Previous employers include Google and Facebook, as well as digital music and gaming startups.

Evgenios Skitsanos 1150843_10151593332140894_887082371_n

Being software developer since 1992 and establishing in four years later his first web development company, today Evgenios runs multiple software and hardware design companies that serving big names like Electrolux, DHL, BMW, Toyota and some others. Evgenios has a lot of experience in software architecture, applied programming, noSQL databases, hardware and when it comes to non technical things you can reach him regarding running multinational and multicultural development teams worldwide, product design, business modeling and business development, forming and operating companies, new venture opportunities.

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