I found myself immersed in 48 hours of collaboration and positivity

OverHear Winning Team
That’s me, 3rd from the left!

I first attended Startup Weekend in November 2014, following a suggestion from a friend and previous winner. As an enthusiastic computer science student I had attended numerous hackathons in the past and was immediately struck by the difference in atmosphere. In contrast the highly competitive, 24 hour, energy drink fuelled coding binges I was so used to I found myself immersed in 48 hours of collaboration and positivity.

Startup Weekend attracts a diverse crowd of individuals from a large range of backgrounds, and by the speed at which ideas progressed the advantages of this diversity quickly became apparent. Being from a largely technical background I had little experience of concept validation or customer interaction but the amount I was able to learn about these topics with the help of my teammates was immense.

However, Startup Weekend has proven to be more than just a learning experience for me. I was used to developing software to solve problems that were of interest to me, but following the weekend I had gained insight into how I could apply my skills to produce something meaningful. This inspired me to attend my second Startup Weekend in June 2015 that my team and I won.

Perhaps the best aspect of the weekend is that winning is only one of many indications of success.

Interaction with the coaches as well as the public had not only provided the basis for significant improvement in the concept, but had inspired in us confidence of the real world value in what we had developed.

Events following the weekend moved quickly, and through the contacts we had obtained over the course of the weekend we found ourselves negotiating for the opportunity to be the official provider of mobile applications for Tramlines festival. This provided an entirely different experience, actively seeking out opportunity for our fledgling business. We were successful and over the course of 3 weeks in the run up to the festival we produced mobile applications for iOS and Android that were downloaded almost 3000 times. The enthusiasm we had from our experience at Startup Weekend was vital as we had to dedicate many sleepless nights to development, but the sense of achievement that resulted was incredible.

I think what I managed to achieve in the 3 weeks from the start of Startup Weekend to the start of Tramlines with a team of people I had never met before really is a good example of what the weekend and entrepreneurship generally is about. Working with people you’ve never met before is a very effective way of developing ideas and products to solve problems for people you have never met, and I can’t recommend it enough.

My two Startup Weekends have given me opportunities that would not have otherwise arisen, useful contacts and through my experience following the event an invaluable demonstration of how I can apply my skills (something I have exploited fully whilst applying for graduate schemes). Whether you are at university or not, if you have an interest in gaining experience and progressing your abilities whilst trying to improve the world around you, Startup Weekend is certainly one of the best and most enjoyable ways to get started.


6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Startup Weekend

There is a ton of great reasons why you should attend Startup Weekend. We’ve put together an infographic with our top 6 reasons.

We only have a couple of Earlybird tickets left for this year’s event. Grab yours now.

Why You Should Attend Startup Weekend Infographic

Sponsor Startup Weekend Sheffield






Interested in Sponsoring Startup Weekend Sheffield for Global Startup Battle 2015?

Our November event falls during Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be our seventh Startup Weekend in Sheffield. This year, we’re moving venue to The Electric Works in the city centre just a stone’s throw away from the train station and we’re increasing our capacity to 75.

Startup Weekend is aimed at developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. They are people who love to create and build. They are people who make things happen.

We also engage external support providers in the form of coaches, judges and speakers. Their job titles usually include things like Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Investor, Software Engineer, and UX/UI Designer among others.

This is an opportunity for you to reach and meet passionate entrepreneurs who are either actively working in or on a startup, who are thinking of starting a new business or who have a strong interest in startups and the startup ecosystem. The potential reach is particularly large for this event as it ties into Global Startup Battle.

Global Startup Battle is:

  • The biggest startup competition in the universe
  • More than 250 events and programs over 10 days
  • Where over 30,000 entrepreneurs from over 100 countries rally together in the name of innovation and community each year
  • Recognized as a premier Global Entrepreneurship Week event
  • A life changing event with a legacy of high performing, long lasting teams emerging

A look back at 2014:

  • 236 events in 83 countries
  • 1.5 million hours of work on innovations, companies, and technology
  • 1.425 million tweets in 10 days
  • 1.3 billion eyeballs
  • 1,000 video entries and over 321,000 votes
  • 3,200 new startup teams

2014 Infographic

Earlier this year, we successfully crowdfunded Startup Weekend:Music and Literature in Sheffield, raising £3000 from over 70 backers, including members of the startup community, previous attendees and local and national companies.

Get in touch with Samantha (@SamanthaJDeakin) if you are interested in sponsoring the next Startup Weekend.

Current sponsors include: TechNorth, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, and Electric Works. See full list.

Packages available:

Silver (Meal) – £500 (7 available)
Sponsor either all breakfasts, all coffee, or an individual lunch or dinner meal.

  • Company name/logo listed on the website
  • Public thanks sent out on Twitter/FB and in the wrap-up email
  • Thank you & recognition during the meal you sponsor
  • Thank you during the facilitator presentation sessions on Friday and Sunday
  • Opportunity to display a sign on the food table
  • Hand out materials, swag, and/or other related materials (perfect for companies looking to advertise their job vacancies)
  • 2 free tickets to Startup Weekend Sheffield (November event)
  • Invitation to the presentation evening on Sunday

 Gold – £750 (3 available)

  • Identified in all media materials for Startup Weekend Sheffield
  • Company name/logo listed on website 
  • Public thanks sent out on Twitter/FB and in the wrap-up email
  • Thank you during the facilitator presentation sessions on Friday and Sunday
  • Opportunity to place a banner stand at the event
  • Hand out materials, swag and/or other related materials
  • 3 free tickets to Startup Weekend Sheffield (November event)
  • Invitation to the presentation evening on Sunday

Platinum – £1000 (2 1 available)

  • Custom survey of the Sheffield Startup Weekend community
  • Invitation for a guest blog post on the website 
  • Offer a prize to an individual via raffle/vote. (e.g. iPhone, netbook, software)
  • All benefits of Gold Sponsorship

Premier  – £2000 (1 available)

  • Invitation to address the attendees for 3 minutes
  • Invited to set up a booth for your product/service during the event
  • All benefits of Platinum Sponsorship

Want to reach out but don’t see the perfect package for you? Get in touch and we’ll create something from scratch.

Get in touch with Samantha (@SamanthaJDeakin) if you are interested in sponsoring the next Startup Weekend.

Next Startup Weekend set to be 'Electric'

helter skelter

Startup Weekend Sheffield
November 20th, 2015

Guess what! The next Startup Weekend Sheffield is just around the corner and we have a couple of awesome announcements to make. Here goes…

  1. Ticket prices set at just £35!
    That’s right, this isn’t just the Early Bird rate. This is the only rate going. Due to us raising sponsorship early this year, we’re able to offer tickets at this extremely discounted price. That’s a fantastic weekend-long event with seven meals, access to expert coaches and mentors, the chance to win great prizes and entry into the Global Startup Battle for just £35. Bargain by anyone’s standards.
    Get your £35 ticket now!
  2. Global Startup Battle bigger and better than ever!
    Did someone say Global Startup Battle? Yup. Over 250 Startup Weekends will be taking place during Global Entrepreneurship Week and the best teams from each of these events will get the opportunity to battle each other on a Global Stage for the chance to win awesome prizes. These are yet to be announced but previous prizes have included free trips to Silicon Valley, New York, mentoring from Google and more…
    Check out this year’s Global Startup Battle cities
  3. Startup Weekend set to be ‘Electric’ in November
    For the first time ever, we’re moving out of the Enterprise Zone and into the Electric Works for the entire weekend. As well as just being a really cool, creative environment to hang out and work in for 54 hours, it is THE place to be for creative and digital companies in Sheffield… and it has a helter skelter. And yes, we’ve organised it so you can have a go :p
    Check out the Electric Works and its indoor helter skelter

So what are you waiting for. There’s just three huge reasons to register for the next Startup Weekend Sheffield and that’s before we even get to the fantastic coaches, judges and speakers we’re lining up for you.

Get your ticket now and join the Startup Weekend Sheffield community

Full event info

Why fashion technology is about a wearable future.


We are running Startup Weekend London Fashion & Technology at WeWork next Friday (18th Sep) and lots of people have been asking us what the ‘Fashion & Tech Industry’ is.

Is Fashion & Tech about fashionistas designing garments? Not in our view. It’s about bringing style, utility and the Internet of things (IoT) to the masses and its arguably the hottest market at the moment blending in 3D printing with web APIs, exciting mobile apps and sexy web portals incorporating the best in social media interactivity.

You might be asking yourself how you will manage to create the next connected shoes that allow you to track your daily activities in only 54 hours, right? That is a good question. It is true that we expect you to come up with a prototype of your business idea at the end of the weekend but a clarification needs to be made on the word ‘prototype’. It can mean a basic version of your product, such as a connected shoe but it can also be the first version of your web/mobile app, a landing page presenting your idea or even design sketches and wireframes! Our judges are more interested in hearing about the hypotheses you made on Friday night and how you tested them with potential stakeholder and customers’ feedback.

To help you find inspiration for the weekend, here are 6 hot startups in the fashion and tech industry that are rocking it:

1. Vinted


Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania

Secondhand clothing marketplace Vinted has raised $32.6 million from Insight Venture Partners and Accel Partners, most recently in a Series B round in January 2014.  Founded by Justas Janauskas and Milda Mitkute, Vinted is a peer-to-peer marketplace for girls and women to buy, sell and swap clothes that also serves as a social network by allowing users to chat. The startup began in 2008 as a small community for Lithuanian girls, but now has over 7 million users in eight countries and is handling over 200 million requests per day.

2. Miinto


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Miinto, based on an idea by high school entrepreneurs Konrad Kierklo, the other co-founder, and Mike Radoor, aims to do for clothes what Just Eat does for food, bringing its fashion-hungry customers in four countries more than 200,000 items of clothing (and other “fashion products”) from 1,300 shops.

3. LIFT12


Headquarters: Singapore

The company, which raised $560,000 in a 2013 seed round, uses Web crawlers to scrape data about fashion trends, pricing and sales from fashion labels and retailers. It uses this information to design what it has determined customers want, in the form of its Blake & Co. womenswear and its 9fountains menswear labels. New collections are released every six weeks, allowing LIFT12 to react quickly to new trends – whether that means restocking popular items, designing variations of it, or stopping to sell items when they go out of style.

4. Poshmark


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California (U.S.)

Inveterate shoppers always looking to add one more thing to their closet have a problem: Their closets don’t usually expand just because their wardrobes do. Mobile closet swap Poshmark allows women to empty some hangers, fund their next shopping spree and go on said spree all in one place, which they can access through the company website or their phones or iPads. Poshmark also has a social element: Posh Parties, as the company calls its themed, which are real-time sales. It takes care of postage and says it refunds payments if an order doesn’t arrive or the item doesn’t match the description.

5. Showroom


Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Founded in 2012 by Michal Juda, Jasiek Stasz and Nick Sergeant, Showroom is an e-commerce platform that facilitates clothing purchases from independent fashion brands and designers from Central and Eastern Europe, with the designers uploading photos and posting descriptions of the items themselves and consumers buying straight from the designers. In 2012 Burda International, publisher of Elle and nearly 300 other magazine titles, took a 25 percent stake in Showroom after an undisclosed investment. The startup has used Facebook to its advantage, tripling its traffic on the social media site in 2012 and doubling its turnover after users were asked to “like” their favorite products – except that Showroom called it “wow!” instead, Goal Europe reported.



Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

High Fashion meets High Tech: WonderLuk gives confident, style-conscious women a destination where they can purchase customized avant-garde 3D printed fashion jewelry and accessories. All products are made to order near the customer, avoiding overproduction or waste. The company is based in London and was founded by Roberta Lucca and Andre Schober in 2013 before it was launched in April 2014.


In short, why not spend your weekend being part of a global disruptive movement acquiring the new skills of tomorrow. Join Startup Weekend and be a part of it! For those registering between the 12 to 13th of Sep use the 50% discount ‘SALE50’.



– http://careermash.ca/careers/career-profiles/fashion-and-tech

– http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/236010

Startup Weekend 2015 Judge Announcement: David Hieatt


We are thrilled to announce that entrepreneur David Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Demin and the DO Lectures, is a judge at this year’s Startup Weekend Swansea.
David left school at 16 and opened a market stall before joining Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency aged 21.

In 1995 David and his wife Claire founded Howies, a sports clothing company which was sold to Timberland before it was bought back in 2012.

David went on to create Hiut Denim, a jeans company based in Cardigan. In 2008 started the DO Lectures, inviting creative people to give lectures on business and ideas.

Startup Weekend Swansea 2015


Each year we strive to make Startup Weekend Swansea bigger and better and, like The Clash’s London Calling, the Nintendo 64 or The Matrix Revolutions (okay, maybe not), third time’s a charm and boy, do we have a great third year lined up.

This year’s event, as always, will take place on the final week of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2015. This means that teams formed over the weekend not only have the chance to meet amazing people, form a new business and win some great prizes, they also have the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle.

2014 saw two teams get through to the finals; Innovo in the Do the KIND Thing Track and Kaboogle in the Startup Women Track and in 2013 Adlet won the Women’s Circle.

Here’s three reasons why you should attend this year:

1. You meet the right kind of people

Everyone attending a Startup Weekend is there for the same reason – they want to start a business. If someone is willing to give up their weekend (and crazy enough to spend 54 hours working on a concept with people they only just met), you know they’re the sort of people you want to have around on your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Get validation for your idea

So you’ve got a great idea for a business, now you need to know that it’s something others are going to buy into and a Startup Weekend is a great way to validate.

  • The teams are formed on the Friday night based on the pitches that were the most popular, so you’ll know from the off if your idea is good.
  • On the Sunday the top 3 teams are picked by the judges based on various criteria (something we’ll cover in another post). Making it into the top 3 tells you other business people think it’s a winner.
  • You have the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle…if you make it through to the finals or win one of the categories you know you’re really onto a great idea!

3. You get a such buzz

Startup Weekends are such an energising place to be. Everyone is so focused and its amazing to see what you and other can create in just a couple of days. You’ll leave on the Sunday night buzzing with energy and totally inspired, ready to take on the world.


Earlybird tickets for Startup Weekend Swansea 2015 are now available and, at a third off the the standard price, are selling fast. If you think you have what it takes to launch a business in just 54 hours and want to meet new people, learn new skills and have the chance to win prizes worth over $10,000 click here to grab your ticket..


Participants Experiences & Learnings of Exeter Startup Weekend July 2015

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Exeter Startup Weekend Infographic July 2015

Startup Weekend Infographic

VoiceLab wins Exeter's 1st Startup Weekend with one great Voice

And our Winners are:

After an amazing 54 hours of pitching, mentoring, customer validation, business model canvas, fantastic food, highs and low’s, our eventual winners are:

1st Place

VoiceLab – A voice analysis app that helps to identify a healthy voice and give tips for improving the quality of voice projection 

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2nd Place

Team A beautiful MapA Beautiful Map – A beautiful map that provides rapid access to information for Movers.




3rd Place 

Team AgogTeam Agog – an app that lets you know how sustainable a product is.




All three of these teams had solid presentations, got out of the building and spoke to their potential customers and users and built something workable that people would not only want, but would pay for. They offer real value propositions that solve real problems and meet real needs in the music and literature industries.

Other ideas pitched:

WebrowzeWebrowze – An app enabling simultaneous live, social web browsing with others.





UO-EyjJxiANeRDoEIlnXVirdDe0ZeAB2eJTOFiz1xtILos Latinos – Building an interface to allow the creation of Virtual tours





Dartmoor TurkeysDartmoor Christmas Turkeys: An Ecommerce website for Dartmoor Christmas Turkeys.