Teams of #SWS15

Southampton SW TEAM – DEMO LIST!

Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Southampton 01/2015. * Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a demo ticket here at

Hope to see you there!


A service which guides college students on how to get where they want to be


NFC to object mapping, to allow you to control the action


Real-time Meetup: find all socials in your local area, check in & discounts


how to’s in gif format

Food Recycle

app to automatically collects the use-by date and helps reduce food waste


Intelligent bike lock, alarm, and GPS tracker

Safety Pebble

Enhancing Safety, Saving Lives

Talking Toy – ‘Peachy the Piñata’

The Toy can talk the fairy-tails & read audiobooks controlled from the App




Meet a Silver Sponsor…..Pebble


Three years ago, Pebble was made possible by 68,929 Kickstarter backers who supported our vision. Since then, we’ve grown to over a million, with many of you creating custom watchfaces , charging stands, watch straps, watch wraps, and more for the community. Thank you! We’re glad to have made a product that so many have supported.

We have grown a lot — from one founder, to nine employees, to a team somewhere around 130 (depending on who is out sick). But we still make the same watch we thought was cool back in 2011. It is used for more things everyday and big and serious companies are partnering with us. But we are still Pebble. We are making a watch that people love using everyday.

Tickets & Info:

Lets Support People in Nepal


The Nepal candle lighting event last night was beautiful. It makes us smile to see people go out of their way to support others in distress. So, this inspired us to do something to help the people that are living in fear, after the massive 7.9 Richter earthquake on Saturday.
So what we suggest: The next 10 people to buy Startup Weekend tickets will get their tickets for FREE with the condition to donate £25 through this link to help people of Nepal:
Your donation will be match funded (doubled) so this will give £500 towards helping people in Nepal.
To get the ticket for free contact Callum ( or Ali ( to get a special code and promise us that you will donate ASAP-We take your word for it!
You are not alone Nepal.

Meet a Silver Sponsor…..ECS


In Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), we have created an environment that has inspired an extraordinary level of achievement. ECS is one of the best places in the world to study electronics and electrical engineering, computer science and IT. ECS is regarded by the IET as having the “biggest and strongest department in the UK in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.”

Founded in 1946 by Professor Erich Zepler. It offers 23 undergraduate courses (in computer science, Web Science, electronic engineering, electrical and electromechanical engineering and IT in organisations), 11 MSc intensive one-year taught programmes and PhD research opportunities.

Innovation and creativity make ECS a great place for students to thrive. Excellent facilities, key partnerships with major industries and a world-leading research base ensure that your time studying with us will be productive, challenging, enjoyable and will set you on the road to future success.

More Info: Startup Weekend Southampton Website


Meet a Silver Sponsor…..Creative Tim


Creative Tim stands for everything a designer looks in his work: clean, functions interfaces for great products. He loves design, no matter the software it was created in, but at the moment he has a soft spot for Bootstrap. That is why he decided to get together a group of designer friends and create content for this particular software that would help you enjoy its benefits. Tim symbolizes the creative spirit inside of each and every one of us. A designer by trade, he enjoys making the World Wide Web a more beautiful place and helping others do the same. He promises to put all his time and effort into providing you with handcrafted content that you will fall in love with and that will have you come back for more every time you start a new project.

Being a startup itself, the team at Creative Tim strive to support startups.

More Info: Startup Weekend Southampton Website

Meet our GOLD sponsor….Bloomberg

Bloomberg blog

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg LP ​quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

People from the Bloomberg Grad Team will be available at the event for you to chat to them in a friendlier manner than Graduate fairs and most other grad related events. #SWSoton

More Info: Startup Weekend Southampton Website


Startup Weekend Southampton – Uni Edition

Startup Weekend Southampton
May 1st, 2015

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Startup Weekend Hamburg recently finished and their awesome video is hyping us for the 4th Startup Weekend Southampton. 1st of May is almost here and your organising team has planned so many amazing things for you. You should not miss this event. HackaSoton is known to organise the Craziest Startup Weekend in UK and we are finishing this year with a BANG! Be sure that you will have the Best Coaches, Awesome gadgets, coolest prizes, yummiest food and most importantly the best time…

First thing first: Discounted early bird tickets finish at 9pm on Friday 24th of April. After that you can buy tickets at their normal price. Buy your tickets now to qualify for the discount.

Second thing second!? : We are co organising Startup Weekend with the Dragons’ Den event ran by ECS Entrepreneur. As a Startup Weekend Attendee you can attend the Dragons’ Den as a spectator or to pitch your idea for real money in change of equity. If you want to pitch at the Dragons’ Den you need to send your (short) application here by end of Friday 24th of April.

Third thing third: If you cannot attend the whole weekend (What can be more important!!) but still want to experience how amazing Startup Weekend is, you can become a volunteer and help the event run during the weekend while meeting amazing people, Playing with great tech and eating mega awesome food. Just apply for a Free volunteer ticket.

Who you’ll meet at Startup Weekend:

Startup Weekends attendees’ backgrounds are roughly

  • 40% technical (developers, coders, designers).
  • 40% business (marketing, finance, law).
  • 15% Non-technical (Here for the awesome experience).
  • 5% volunteers (Help at the event).

Why people come to Startup Weekend:

29% of Startup Weekend participants attend an event to network,

20% attend to develop/build a product

13% attend to learn how to create a new venture.

27% attend to try something new

11% other reason

After the conference is over, roughly 80% of attendees plan on continuing to work on their startup after the weekend.

What you’ll get out of Startup Weekend Southampton:

  1. Education: Startup Weekends are all about learning by doing, whether you’re learning a new skill or a new way of thinking.  Don’t just listen to theory, build your own strategy and test it as you go.
  2. Co-Founder Dating: The people who come to Startup Weekend are serious about learning how to build and launch startups.  Create relationships that last long past the weekend.
  3. Have fun: During the weekend working alongside awesome people who share your ideas. Startup Weekend is meant to be fun and entertaining so enjoy it.
  4. Solve local problems with your ideas. Do you think that one of your idea can change your town or have a positive impact in your group of people? Bring your idea notebook with you and start making a positive change in your local community.
  5. Build Your Network: Startup Weekend works hard to recruit high quality, driven entrepreneurs- like you!
  6. Learn New Skills: With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or give marketing a try.  With nothing to lose there’s no reason not to step outside your comfort zone.
  7. Learn How to Launch a Business (and Actually Do It!): Startup Weekend is the epitome of Lean Startup Methodology.
  8. Mentorship: Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends and give feedback to participants. Interact with the movers and shakers in your community.


So come to the event to gain invaluable skills and experience. Also get yourself in a getting work done mood just before the exam season. All while having the awesomest time.
More info Check our links
See you there


Music and Literature Industries Ripe for Disruption?

Startup Weekend Sheffield
June 26th, 2015

Pause your playlist. Fold the corner. And other ‘hold the phone’ analogies as well. You heard us right. The next Startup Weekend Sheffield will be the first IN THE WORLD to attempt to launch startups who disrupt the music and literature industries with technology.

FIRST IN THE WORLD. That’s pretty cool.

And we’ll be bringing you a kick-ass set of coaches, mentors, speakers, and judges to help you take your startup from concept to launch… and beyond. This event will also welcome some amazing new sponsors for Startup Weekend Sheffield, and with them come great prizes to help you get a leg up post-event.

There are many reasons you should come to Startup Weekend Sheffield: Music & Literature. But here are some of the reasons our organisers are excited to be part of this event…

Kate Geller
Growing up in Sheffield surrounded by everything from folk to niche I have always been a huge music fan and working at The Innovation Centres I am passionate about the power of startups to drive diversity and innovation. At university I started to research the connection between music and social inequalities, I explored hip hop as a social movement questioning racism, then for my Masters curated a tour of women’s experiences in music for the Sheffield Music Map. For me disruptive technology in music helps to democratize it, for example accessible affordable production software like Fruity Loops and Reason and pirate radio stations run out of bedrooms and garages helped Grime and UK Hip Hop to flourish and created a public voice to a marginalised group. Even artists like Justin Beiber, who started as a Youtube star, are dependent on new technologies. Disruptions in music technology allow music to be made in new ways, allow us to access different types of music and allow musicians and producers to be in control of their own destiny. I’m really excited to see what comes out of Startup Weekend Sheffield: Music & Literature and what potential effect it could have on the music industry.

Elizabeth Shassere
It is a real privilege to be a part of Startup Weekend Sheffield: Music & Literature this June. I participated in my first Startup Weekend Sheffield last November and I got so much out of it, and the people I met as part of it have continued to be so supportive, I am keen to give something back. This unique focus on music and literature also brings together two of my favourite things with the technology I was introduced to and continue to learn since my first Startup Weekend experience, and I can’t think of a better way to widen both the artistic community and digital community’s thinking about the potential of both when we come together. We can truly be disruptive when we share our skills and perspectives, and a Startup Weekend is a fun way to do just that!

Samantha Deakin
I can’t profess to work in either the music or literature industries, but like most other people am a lifelong consumer in both. I have felt the changes the disruptions in these industries have had on the way we experience music and literature. I now carry all of my books with me wherever I go on my Kindle and research what I should be reading next through Goodreads. I listen to playlists on Spotify that I’ve not even had to create. I change my soundtrack every day depending on my mood rather than my music collection. A true Startup Weekend addict, I too am intrigued and excited to discover where new innovations – through tech and entrepreneurship – will take music and literature. It would be awesome if the next big thing were to start right here in Sheffield.

Tickets for Startup Weekend Sheffield: Music & Literature are officially on sale at the incredible early bird rate of £40. Students can get a great deal by entering the promotional code ‘STUDENT’ for a 20% discount (you’ll need to show us your student ID on the door). Prices will go up to the standard rate of £50 from the beginning of June.

Who will take the first gamble on their startup…

Register now:

Twelve Novel Bio-Business Ideas Created in Just Fifty-Four Hours

By Marta Teperek

Nelly and Miguel, Cambridge biotech startup weekend participants
Nelly and Miguel, startup weekend participants

How to create twelve exciting business ideas in just fifty-four hours?

Here is a simple recipe – take:

50 passionate entrepreneurs + 10 expert coaches + an efficient organising team, mix them, and get them to work together.


How did it work?

Friday evening – hit the ground running

On Friday evening fifty-five life sciences budding entrepreneurs gathered at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Everyone started off quite shy and not very talkative, thinking: “What is it all about? Is it for me? I do not know anyone here…Why am I here?” A sudden change happened after Hanadi Jabado, the energetic Director of Accelerate Cambridge put people into pairs and asked each pair to take three minutes to come up with a business idea and a pitch around two randomly allocated words. And the ball got rolling – a sudden creativity burst! “chocolate – truffle”, “tablet – white”, “science – release”, “pyjama – cocaine” – all of these random two words combinations were suddenly turned into potential businesses. Magic!

Brice and Stephen scribbling crazy two-word combinations: ideas for the thirty second pitches!
Brice and Stephen scribbling crazy two-word combinations: ideas for the 30s pitches!

Brains now warmed up, spirits raised, people started to get to know each other… and the real work began. All entrepreneurs with ideas for a startup lined up to pitch for sixty seconds in front of everyone. It was amazing – more than half of the audience went on stage to pitch, one after the other. Everyone voted for their favourite ideas… 10 were to be selected but the choice was so tough, and the entrepreneurs so eager, that in the end, twelve ideas were chosen to go ahead. The next challenge was to find the right team: “Who do I need on my team? What skills do I need? Will we get on well?” – tough questions again and it took a while to form teams. But in the end, by 10PM, the teams were there, the ideas were created, and the teams began to work on their newly formed business ideas until midnight.


Saturday – intense

The teams were tired after working late on Friday night, yet arrived at 8AM at Cambridge Judge Business School in time for a quick breakfast with a cup of coffee. Everyone needed a strong coffee to wake up after the short night and get going. The brainstorming within the teams started: working at their laptops, running into town to conduct interviews, looking up information on the web.

The rapid pace slowed down only slightly over a working lunch with a lecture on business models delivered by Simon Stockley, senior teaching faculty in entrepreneurship. Expert guidance, excellent tips, and a strong but encouraging kick for the teams to further improve their ideas. Hurry! Coaches were to arrive at 2PM and they needed to know about the business models! 

Simon Stockley delivering the working lunch session about Business Models
Simon Stockley delivering the working lunch session about Business Models

Coaching sessions were super-intense – to that extent that no one turned up for the afternoon coffee break, so as not to waste time. The advice from coaches was invaluable… some ideas were turned upside-down, which meant even more work that night. Coaching sessions were followed by a quick break to grab pizza for dinner, and again – teams worked hard until midnight.

Caroline Austin mentoring the team, ‘Supernatural’
Caroline Austin mentoring the team, ‘Supernatural’

Sunday – more work… and the winners announced!

Everyone turned up even more tired on Sunday, but that was the last day to improve business ideas – so everyone arrived promptly for breakfast at 8AM. The coaches also joined from first thing in morning – understanding that it was the last opportunity to provide the teams with feedback. Intense work again, and some ideas had to be re-iterated.

PITSKY Systems mentored by Robert Tansley
PITSKY Systems mentored by Robert Tansley

No rest for the wicked, as lunch on Sunday was also a working lunch, but it was inspiring. Hanadi Jabado spoke on “How to pitch”, “What mistakes to avoid”, and “How to behave when pitching” and then the teams panicked before their final pitch! Everyone rushed to work on their final presentations – everything needed to be ready for 4.30PM for the tech check-up before the final pitches at 5PM.

Hanadi Jabado with Simon Stockley, giving final advice to teams
Hanadi Jabado with Simon Stockley, giving final advice to teams

5PM – the final hour: judges arrived and final pitches began…and what happened was astonishing: amazing quality, unbelievably good, appealing startup ideas created in just fifty-four hours!

Miranda Weston-Smith and Shaun Grady, who together with Alan Barrell sat on the judging panel
Miranda Weston-Smith and Shaun Grady, who together with Alan Barrell sat on the judging panel

In summary: these were all real, rapid stories of success. And here are the winners:

3rd place: nSense – Fight Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) with nanobodies that will guide repair machinery specifically to cancer cells;

2nd place: Zoomph – Chemotherapy and then what? Zoomph’s app will help you optimise your recovery with set of exercise, lifestyle and diet;

1st place: Endotraps – ‘mazing idea on novel therapeutic strategy as treatment of pre-eclampsia by lowering/sequestering the increased endothelin-1 levels in the circulation that would ameliorate pathology associated with increased endothelin-1 levels.

All three winners have secured their place on a 3-month long Accelerate programme to transform their ideas into real business opportunities. In addition to the three winners, the judges gave a special mention to MeDNA Diagnostics, working on a new approach to cancer diagnostics and stratification, who were also offered a place on the Accelerate programme. The people’s choice award went to ULTRUNIQ for their work on an Alzheimer’s cure.

In the end everyone was tired, but extremely happy and satisfied – hard work, a lot of fun, so many new friends, and most importantly – the ideas to work on and teams to execute were there! Everyone happily went for dinner and drinks to the Royal Cambridge Hotel. And everyone kept saying: it was a truly amazing weekend.


What did participants say about the weekend?

Great opportunity to experience almost real journey of a startup weekend in fifty-four hours

said Geylani Can, PhD student and a co-founder of nSense, 3rd place winner, who at the beginning was not even sure if his winning idea was worth pitching on Friday!

nSense receiving their 3rd place award
nSense receiving their 3rd place award

“I was inspired to believe in myself and to believe that if I follow my passion, I can really contribute”

added Helene Fox, PhD student and a co-founder of Endotraps, who won the prize for the best startup idea. Before the startup weekend Helene kept saying that she wants to observe, as she wasn’t sure if that’s something for her.

EndoTraps receiving their first prize
EndoTraps receiving their first prize

So that’s how the startup weekend changes you – from a tiny idea on Friday, or from being unsure if you want to take part, you suddenly create tangible business plans – and all thanks to teamwork and support. It is indeed a truly amazing experience and invaluable lesson for everyone.

 “Really high energy and it’s impressive to listen to them! Their passion is inspiring and I’m learning a lot!”

said excitedly Dr Hitesh Sanganee, one of the coaches at the Startup Weekend. Hitesh worked for fifty-four hours during the weekend, and his coaching sessions were overbooked from the start!

“The enthusiasm and innovative thinking from the teams and productivity over such a high-intensity, creative and fun fifty-four hours, has been a great inspiration.”

summarised Duncan Young, who did two days of coaching in one day (four hours of extra coaching!)

Duncan Young and Hitesh Sanganee listening to final pitches
Duncan Young and Hitesh Sanganee listening to final pitches

And finally: what’s my own opinion about the Startup Weekend?

I have joined the Startup Weekend as part of the organising team. This was an extremely valuable experience and it felt so rewarding to contribute to what was happening there, but from the very start I regretted greatly that I was not one of the entrepreneurs participating in the event! I so much wanted to join them from the first night, go and try pitching, join their teams, brainstorm together, listen to the expert feedback from coaches, be part of the creation and build something great together. I know for sure that I am participating in the next startup weekend, and I am so looking forward to it. The energy is really contagious, and it is incredibly inspiring. I was extremely exhausted after the weekend, but being part of it was so rewarding and satisfactory that I have a huge energy kick that will keep me excited for a long time.

I would highly recommend participating in a startup weekend to everyone – I guarantee that you will not regret it.

Marta Teperek


Read more and see more photos on Storify – all prepared for you by Stephen Parkes – organiser of the Biotech Startup Weekend.

Biotech – An Evolving Sector

Biotechnology — the use of living organisms to develop drugs and therapies – is an area of increasing focus for investors, the pharma industry and the general public for the impact it will have on their lives. In 2014 McKinsey explained: “Investing in biotech R&D has yielded better returns than the pharma-industry average. The current biologics-development pipeline supports an outlook of continued healthy growth.”

Between 2000 and 2010, the number of Biotech companies which were generating revenues greater than $500 million rose from 9 to eighteen. Investors interest in the sector has been increasing. During the first half of February 2015, eight biotech firm launched IPOs in the US and combined raised $500 million. In the past 12 months biotech firm share prices have risen by almost 60%.

Valuations may be, as Linda Thompson head of AXA’s Framlington Biotech fund said in the FT, “substantially stretched”. Stelios Papadopolous, a veteran biotech investor, has been arguing that the increase in share prices is due to more companies delivering on their promises. As a company delivers and puts their drug into the market, they stand to benefit from the drugs being patent-protected which enables confident predictions of revenues

This is, however, an industry which is far from “sure things”. Boston Consulting Group estimate that 90% of the money invested in biotech will be spent on drugs that fail.

For startups in this sector the technical and financial challenges can be daunting. For financing, some large firms finance the scientific work of smaller companies and then takeovers the development once clinical trials are needed. AstraZeneca’s Chief Executive, Pascal Soriot, has explained that they “will do what a biotech would do” to build a development model based on “entrepreneurial spirit and speed.”

There is also the venture capital and fund industry to tap into. One firm making headlines is the new Patient Capital Trust Portfolio being launched by Woodford Investment Management which plans to invest £200 million in start-up and early-stage businesses. The Telegraph has reported that many of the businesses in which they Trust is likely to take “stakes are likely to emerge from collaborations with British universities’ science and medical departments.”

An alternative funding route which is beginning to be tested is crowdfunding. In February 2015 in the UK, Cell Therapy closed a £700,000 round. They are working to advance a heart disease treatment pioneered by the Nobel prize winner Sir Martin Evans. In Scotland, Parkure raised £60,000 for researching Parkinson’s disease, while in France, EyeBrain a medical diagnostics company closed a €1.3m round.

If you want to meet and work with likeminded people from diverse backgrounds and professions on new biotech venture ideas for 54 hours, then join our Startup Weekend which is being held from 20th to 22nd March 2015.

To book your ticket, visit Eventbrite or for more information visit the Cambridge Startup Weekend page. To get 5% off your ticket, use the discount code: Blog5.