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ask and entrepreneurAnswer provided by:  LaDante McMillon, Founder & Creative Director of LDM Film Perspective

Past Employment: Production Trainee for the National Basketball Association, New Media Intern at Fission Strategy, and Production Intern at Brookline Interactive Group.




Understanding the influence a creatively told story can have on an audience is why I started LDM Film Perspective.

Everyday, I craft and articulate brand narratives through photography, animationfilm and graphic design in hopes of better connecting companies with their target customer. Through relationships with fashion companies, non-profits, and tech entrepreneurs, I have seen the need for creative content that enhances a brand’s digital and social presence.

My first projects under LDM consisted of producing music videos; from that experience I grew into developing short-form, branding content, specifically, videos less than five minutes long.

Short-form content is consumed quickly. Examples include things like short videos, photographs, gifs, infograpics, and memes.

Below is one video of a ten part series specifically created for Instagram that celebrates the history, present, and future of the black community. See more from this #blackhistory collection.  

Black History #9: Raising the Bar from LaDante McMillon.

People’s attention span is only a matter of seconds, it’s important to create concise, targeted, and useful content. There are numerous uses in which a startup can utilize a short-form video: the launch of a new product, a how-to video, an “about us” video explaining company origins and vision, or simply a creative video that generates curiosity. Short–form video content is easily shared and has no boundary in the amount of individuals it can reach.

Entrepreneurs should look for creativity, quality, and a strong sense of direction within a film company’s work. It’s vital to ensure the process is a collaborative effort and one that incorporates the vision of both parties.

Before approaching a video production company, having a clear vision of what you want accomplished and who your target audience is, will save you time and money. I always ask founders to have their personal and professional stories ready for when they come in.

Remember, you must have a strong team narrative to create an effective call to action!

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