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Answer provided by: Daniela Luzi Tudor, CEO of Palalinq and Community Development Manager of General UI. Previous Employment: Recruiting and Account Management for clients that include Microsoft, Union Bank, Warner Brothers and startups. Previous Owner of Soundstrokes. Featured recently at the Bluetooth World Convention 2015.

Attachment-1What are the most important values that you drive at your company and why?

Palalinq is a mobile app and wearable that provides on the go support and rewards to those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The app shares the progress with the person’s support network and loved ones. It measures your mind, body and spiritual activities as they pertain to one’s recovery.

This idea came out of my own journey and struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Once I got into active recovery, I pitched the idea at Startup Weekend Maker’s Edition where we placed 3rd. Just a few days later I embarked on a trip to Necker Island, where I met Richard Branson and a cohort of his friends and upon return I collected everything I learned from both experiences to form the core values of Palalinq.

Our core values allow us to attract the right kind of partners that continue to drive this once a short pitch, into a full fledged service company to help your friends, family members, co workers and the strangers in your community.

*drum roll, here they are*

1. Honesty comes first.
Through honesty with each other, trust amongst the team members increases which leads to increased productivity and reduced errors in the work. If someone is feeling like the work load is too difficult or they hit obstacles, those get resolved quicker by consistently being honest.

2. Always ask yourself “why?”
This value is implemented two fold.

One: we ask ourselves why this work is important. When things get tough, remembering why this work is important allows our members to keep moving forward and puts us in a position to most effectively pitch our business to investors, customers and partners.

Second: We ask ourselves “why” when doing a task, project, or developing a feature. This ensures that we are staying on track to produce the best possible service for our customers.

3. Change is the only constant.
In the world we live in technology is changing and evolving very rapidly, along with the very complex nature of our subject matter, the success of our company is contingent on our attitude towards change. We have to welcome it and expect it in order to always provide the best service to our customers by making the appropriate changes swiftly, quickly and consciously.

Our core values are in place to serve our customers to lead successful and joyful lives and that includes the members and partners of Palalinq.

They’re also pretty good values by which to lead your personal lives…and many of us do!

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