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What’s it like to find your path of authentic service in the world? What if you could use the pain of the past, a pain of not knowing where you fit in, of not knowing where you belong to propel you toward work that makes a difference? What if you could create a place of belonging? Well, it might look a lot like what Tanisha Robinson is building with Print Syndicate.

Started just 2.5 years ago with 8 people, Print Syndicate now has over 140 employees and will generate more than $20M in revenue this year. But the company isn’t just about shirts and home goods, it’s a place where people, including a black, gay, woman from a Mormon family of 7 in a small town in Missouri, have a place to self-identify and a place to belong. As Tanisha shares with Jerry Colonna in this episode of the Reboot podcast, running a company fueled by your passion to make the world better is both exhilarating and heartwrenching.

“Caring and connecting with a sense of deep purpose creates an enormous amount of energy.” – Jerry Colonna

Creating a company to develop a sense of social identity and a sense of belonging isn’t just a business opportunity, but is rooted in a greater sense of purpose. For Tanitia, her purpose in being an entrepreneur is having her company be a lever for impact. Caring and connecting with a sense of deep purpose creates an enormous amount of energy and passion.

By reaching back into our pain and shadow we actually access creativity and spontaneity that come from accessing the wholeness of who we are as a human being and bringing that forward. Much of the success at Print Syndicate stems from the fact that they have been accessing disenfranchisement, and dislocation, then utilizing love and humor to connect with that.

This greater sense of purpose can be an amazing driver for success, but not without challenges. The problem with caring so much is that it actually increases the stress because you think about what happens if you fail? To survive this thinking, Jerry encourages Tanisha to practice the art of being a CEO.

You have stepped into the practice of being the CEO. – Jerry Colonna

The CEO of a company has three jobs: to hold the vision, to build and maintain the team and provide the resources the team needs to succeed.

Jerry shares that it is critical to accept the role of the CEO as a practice, there is no endpoint which Tanisha, or any CEO, will ever achieve. To be resilient as a CEO is means to accept this, and to strive to practice better.

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